Olivia Wilde Spread Eagle Pic

Olivia Wilde spread eagle

Actress Olivia Wilde tries to bewitch us Muslim men with her blue eyes and open baby hole in the naked spread eagle picture above.

Olivia Wilde’s greatest desire (like all Western women) is to be bedded by a Muslim man because she knows that Muslim men are the most handsome, have the biggest manhoods, are really good at karate, and have sick dance moves.

While Olivia Wilde is 100% correct on her views of the virtues of Muslim men, she does not know the first thing about trying to seduce us as nothing repulses us more than the sight of a smooth nude woman.

If Olivia Wilde is serious about serving as a receptacle for Muslim seed then she must wear the burka and begin cultivating a lush pubic bush. When her pubic bush is ripe its musty scent will be quite potent arousing our holy Islamic tunic snakes. Only then will we consider thrusting our mighty flesh saifs into Olivia Wilde’s lustful fertile crescent.

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    There is nothing more satisfying than burying my enormous penis in the lush garden of a fine Muslima, feeling my coconut sized balls slapping against her thighs, and our untamed pubic hairs grinding in unison. Afterwards the carpeting in my tent resembles the floor of an American barbershop, but that is for the servants (aka the mexicans) to clean up for me.

  • Mufti David

    Thats how every infidel woman will be sitting in our islamic market place ready to become a concubine of a powerful muslim man. They will be exchanged for goats and camels.

  • Big Pete

    Ya, you muslim queers know how to dance. You fags “back that thang up” right on to a hard cock every single day.

    Sick mofos.

    Oh, and Dicksucker David, you’re a real homo and as boring as the day is long.


    • Mufti David

      Gay Pete

      Obviously your day has to be long when your google foster father is always ramming your ass.

    • aghmed

      Big Pete is actually a Craigslist Party n Play male prostitute who is addicted to methamphetamine. He spends most of his day in a tweeked out trance fishing for John’s to pound his oversized cornhole for a few grams of speed. He comes to our beloved website to pretend that he is his abusive redneck father who no doubt began the assplay with little Pete at an early age.

      Such sordid behavior is commonplace in the trailparks of America. Their only salvation shall be Sharia law.

      • Mufti David

        That explains why he breaks into peoples houses for internet access and lubricants(motor oil & grease) for his ass. Curse the western infidels who fucked googles and produced such worthless, lowlife Hobo-coons.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Aghmed,

        Sorry about the correction but Tiny Pete foster father is far worse than a redneck: he is an Australopithecus Arborensis google that rapes him every night, just before he goes to his KKQueer Orgy Party.

  • Larry

    Photoshopped. Just like a picture of a brave muslim. Fake fake fake. Also she is an American. So she, like the rest of us, cant stand muslims and islam.

  • Anubis

    The skank should close her legs shut because she’s gathering flies. It’s all brown around her big pussy from pissing on herself daily, and probably hasn’t washed in ages like most western females.

    Sitting nude and spread eagle like that goes to show she is desperate in attracting a muslim man. We Muslims know a filthy Kuffar skank when we see one, and wouldn’t risk getting the clap or other nasty things from such a slutty harlot infidel. Only dirty Kuffars like knuckle dragging hairy Larry would jump her sinful wretched body.

    • Mufti David

      Brother Anubis

      I had no much idea why exactly the western whores were so much after virile muslim men until I came across this site:


      As you can see their own men just use them up like the sluts they are and dump them when they are worn out, and prefer middle-eastern women as quality ass-ets for marriage. These whores are now doomed as they have to advertise themselves world-wide to get some real muslim man meat and they can go to any whorrifying lengths to get there hands on us. We muslims spit on their fungoid holes.

      • Anubis

        I’ve read the entire article, and the author really got the western culture down pat. There are exceptions, but in general western females turn out to be brazenly rude, totally egotistically self-centered, unrespectable, foul talking, gold digging, over weight, man hating feministic, two timing filthy whoring skanks that aren’t worth 2 percent of a cultured respectable woman from another culture.

        That is why the divorce rate is so high in western culture. They expect you to pay their way for everything right from the beginning when dating. Then if you marry her and later get a divorce, she often takes you for everything you’ve got with her selfish “me me me” mentality (the kids, money, house, alimony, child support, etc.). The only thing you have left is your good name, which she tries to destroy even that by bad mouthing you forever after that. A female that gives no respect deserves no respect, hence our satirical comments on western celebrity whores and other filthy infidels.

      • jp

        i didnt even bother clicking the link, because know that america is a fine country. now some parts of usa are dirty, dangerous, and perverted, but try looking at all the good little towns. like here where i live in CT, USA. thank u 4 reading

        • Tyrone shoelaces

          JP I spent some time in ct or shulds i say did time in ct at somers dem pig mofos in ct is tuff mofos

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      True words brother Anubis!

      olivia wilde isn’t fit for man nor beast and from the looks of that gappy twat…..she has sat on one too many running chain saws.

      • Kahlid

        Not to worry, with the impending collapse of Western civilization due to the moral and spiritual rot inside it, we will soon rule them.

        Luckily, Allah has blessed us with many heavy stones so that we might smite all kuffars who do not repent and accept Islam.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          I look forward to us Muslims doing a lot of smiting.

      • Big Pete

        Backhand Butcher

        When you take the white cock like Olivia then your bound to have a gaping pussy.

        Its no different than you taking a hundred muslim cocks to the asshole.

        Sick mofo you are


  • The Neutral guy

    You guys are just sick, every woman in are western nations are sick sluts, many who are never have or will be religious, and yet you say they want muslim men? do you understand how you stupid you are letting yourselves onto be? these are normal people, though celebritys they are not sluts, they are not whores, the are actors, singers, they are not whores, sluts, or anything else, they haven’t made sex tapes, they don’t have vaginas that smell like cherry’s, NORMAL PEOPLE, unlike people on this site, who think every one but themselves are whores and sluts and stupid, i rest my case at, you all blame us for things that have been forged photo shopped stunt doubled look alike done, some might be right, some are most definitely wrong!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      neutered gay guy

      shut up dumbass or risk an awesome ass kicking from a pissed off Jihadist.

      • Big Pete

        Little balls Butcher

        A pissed of jihadist is just a muslim homo who didn’t get his fill of cock at the mosque last night.

        The Klan laughs at you butt bangers.

        While you’re a full two inches of muslim cock rammed down your throat and ass, the USA, led by Klan members, is kicking muslim ass and taking names…and doin your women dry.

        Suck on the mofo


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big gay pete

          You tranny-clan homoqueers “lick balls and hump the brown eye”

          Us Muslims are tired of your pathetic comments.
          Go back to the glory hole, where your ass-pirate pals hold daily circle jerks where you are the “center of attention.”

  • Selena sucks

    The Nuetral Gay
    You cock sucka bastards !First you say western pussies arent religiuos .Then you say they are only actresses not whores.Screw you bloody mother fuckers!whats next Lindsay dick sucker Lohan is nun?!Screw you mother fucker and dont come again untill you have reverted to islam and not killed your infidel homemate pussies!

  • Jesus

    Could use a little bleach down in her nether regions, Jesus loves a pretty pussy.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      big gay pete calls his mouth a pussy…… but it is far from pretty.

  • rasheed did your mom

    koofar for mooftar.

  • Odin is my Father GOD

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  • Zeus is the Father GOD

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  • RA is a Father GOD

    Ra will burn Allah as allah is only a man made god by thought he was burned by the will of other gods ALLAHS eyes were purged from his head His hands were taken as gift for stealing what does not belong to him allah is no more RA put down your god Allah anubis is his keeper.

  • Odin, Zeus & RA

    We all fist, fuck and lick each others assholes. The blood that leaks out is our prize, we lick it with pride. At the end of our queer sessions we extract all the semen from our asses, mix it up and it serves a tasty treat.The downside is that we’ll have to face Almighty Allahs wrath and eternity in hell.

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  • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

    Duck! Something’s getting ready to fly out of there!

  • Selena al-Din

    i knew she was a hoe but damm

  • KatyPerry

    I loved that jewish dick shoved into my vagina it felt great



    • Kahlid

      She is a foul, dirty whore.

      Like the slattern that birthed you.

  • nikhil


  • psychoclown33

    Totally fake pik!!! She doesn’t have that big of nipples. And as for u stupid sand googles that fuk camels…hopefully we will be rid of ur slime one day!!

  • daBullGator

    let the muslim below speak, this moron dishonors himself and his people

  • Steve Matsukawa

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