Olivia Wilde Shows Her Nipple Pics

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde best known as “the hot girl” on the Fox TV show “House” and for her upcoming movie “Tron Legacy” decided it would be a good idea to show her nipple in the new issue of Details magazine.

I do not know what kind of smut rag Details magazine is, but if these pictures are the kind of filth they are publishing then they should be banned immediately for crimes against decency.

Olivia Wilde needs to learn that a woman’s nipples are a shameful thing, and must be covered at all times. There is few things Allah finds more offensive then that circular colored piece of flesh on top of a woman’s breast. Unlike a male’s nipples which please Allah greatly for they are hairy and strong.

The only reason Allah gave women nipples was for them to have yet another part of their body to be ashamed of, thus keeping them humble and obedient. Unfortunately Olivia Wilde has no shame and flaunts her nipple proudly in the first picture in this series from Details magazine.


Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde

  • Our Lord and Master

    Normally, I’d do my best to come up with a comedic insult as befitting this site, but this woman is just too pretty…

  • American

    Dude cut the anti islamist bullshit.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Olivia is the offspring of a degenerate communist father…it is no wonder this Godless hussy flaunts her tiny tits whenever possible.

    You are put on notice olivia; convert to Islam and wear the burka…….or face trial in Sharia Court.

  • theheadchimp

    I’ve seen bigger tits on a titmouse.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      michael jackson would have been very confused in the presence of this olivia. Her flat boy chest would have turned him on; and her shaved cooter would have turned him back off.

      He would have been one unhappy homoqueer google!

  • theheadchimp

    So right Abdullah, Little Mikey would have been so confused. Have you noticed that the caliber of the total assholes on this site has fallen lately? Somehow the coons must have posted this site at the welfare office because lately its nothing but dumb ass googles. I ax you, know what I mean?

  • Joke Right?

    This whole site is just a really bad joke right? man i hope so. . . .