Olivia Wilde Lesbian Sex Pic Leaked

Olivia Wilde sex

Olivia Wilde thinks it is pretty funny that she is defying the will of Allah and engaging in sinful lesbian sex in the photo above.

She may be laughing now but us pious Muslims will have the last laugh, as homoqueers like Olivia Wilde are an abomination, and will burn for all eternity in the deepest darkest pits of hell.

Olivia’s body may quiver in ecstasy as this girl’s warm moist tongue massages her clit, but that will be nothing compared to the quaking she will be doing when she is standing in judgement before Allah.

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          • John Grande

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      • John F. Kennedy

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    • Cole

      Social Security # 155-84-1267
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  • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

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  • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

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    • Saddam Ihaba

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  • Intellectual’s Message to all People on CelebJihad

    According to my research statistics, this is actually a satire site, more specifically an Anti-Muslim

    site dedicated to defaming the image of Islam with racy articles. Judging the posts made by certain

    people, I guarantee that half of the commenters on this site are fake, posted by the same person.

    You see, if you look at the style of a reply comment, it is started with an insult to the name of the

    person, followed by homosexual and racial slang, and a signature ‘Allahu Akbar’ or ‘KKK’. I believe

    the people Grand Dragon Pete, Abdullah the butcher, Niko Bellic, Otis, Khalid and Hashim as well

    as others are the same person, or somehow related in a conspiring act, because of the same

    style of comment. I agree with the poster ‘Observer’, he was trying to tell everyone this site is a

    fraud. The only Muslim commenter that seems legitimate is the one known as Arcachnar.

    Not only this, but take a look at what these supposed ‘Muslims’ are saying. In Muslim culture,

    women who would participate in such sexual acts would be killed, i.e. “honor killings”. These

    ‘Muslims’ encourage these women, and praise them for doing so.

    Take a look at these pictures. As you can instantly notice, they are fake, Photoshopped. This is to

    make the image of Muslims seem always radical and extreme, and have a strong hatred toward

    America. Not only that, but they are untrue, and sometimes downright stupid. These ‘Muslims’ call

    Miley Cyrus a ‘Muslima’, as if she was a Muslim as well. But in fact she is a Christian.

    Now that I look at it, this must be a KKK owned website, as the dim-witted poster Pete has implied

    all this time.

    I will not reply to the same style comment filled with homosexual and racial slang.

    • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

      Hello, friend.
      I sincerely apologize if this site has offended you. I really hope you don’t give up on us so easily, maybe you could sit down with me and we could talk about how the site could be improved. Perhaps afterwards I could put my finger(s) up your ass and swallow your hot load.
      Please let me know,
      Pete Sr.

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      Of course this site is owned and operated by The KKK. Any moronic homo, such as yourself, could figure this out. We disguise it as a muslim site so the feds won’t put the heat on us, and since President Blackie took over he’s been trying to shut down our operations while coddling the homo community.

      He continues to take credit for killing Osama has-bin Laden, yet you can clearly see that my new pic proves that The Brotherhood captured and executed his man lovin ass……and we banged his wives before killing them. Many queer impersonators come around and want to be a part of our war against coloreds. I’ve even had to change my pic and email because of them……and the feds were putting some big heat on my ass.

      My message to you is shut the fuck up and continue to suck cock, at least until The Brotherhood is ready to execute you.

      Also…..Achy anus works at Anal Abdullah’s gloryhole as head cocksucker.

      Suck it homo


      • Intellectual


        Ah yes, I see now. It all makes sense. You’re probably the one running this site, aren’t you?

        Apologies to the insults earlier, but this whole operation, this… conspiracy. I admit, it is quite

        ingenious. To manage to trick all the mild-minded people into believing this charade. And

        you actually managed to get yourself into the poplar media with this site.

        This scheme is quite elaborate, and now I understand the potential.

        Tell you what. You run this site, don’t you? I’ll make you a deal. You know these imposters

        and other posters bugging you? Well, if you can reply to this under the account of Durka

        Durka, the maker of these articles, I will recognize this as an actual KKK site and reveal the

        truth to you about imposters, and you will have less ‘homoqueers’ bothering you, and I will

        never comment again. I give you my word.

        • Word of wisdom

          Filthy liar,
          You must be one of those mossad agents trying to undermine the strength of the jihad, but nobody is buying it. In the name of the prophet (mhsh), The peshawar hacking squad has probably localized you and will spread the infos on the jihad intel ring. Beware, some readers in lybia may want to share with you their special benghazi style treatment.
          Zionist infiltrator, consider yourself warned.

    • Arcachnar

      @intellectual IF it is true of what you have said (there are a couple who are truly the same person), it definitely would ruin the fun. I truly hate it when people uses a lot of accounts to make others believe that they are different people. It’s quite sad and pathetic. May He forgive them. Legitimate? Thank you, for I am true to my faith. Honor killings? Yes. It still happens everywhere. Not only in my country but elsewhere as well. KKK site? I doubt that.

      • Abc


        You might be real…but you are dumb mate..

        When will you guys understand that KKK is just an attempt at satire against KKK itself??

        Any culture..any sect…that has been portrayed in an arrogant..haughty manner is the one who they are against in the first place!

        This is NOT a KKK website…Pete is NOT KKK

        This is not an islamic website. This is an Anti-islamic website

        Pete and Abdullah and other regulars are actually doing us a favour.

        By pretending to be muslim and kkk members ( both of whom are malevolent..evil ) and abusing other people in their names…thay are inciting hatred that these sects truly deserve (believe it or not..they do deserve it )

        And if anything..you should thank them..for bringing to light…through satire…the maliciousness..malignity of these cultures.

        Anyway…That Pete is a cock sucking faggot nonetheless (LOL)

        Suck cock and die mofo…

        KKK is pathetically gay

        • Arcachnar

          @ABC You should’ve read my post much better. I said that I did not like that ONE person uses MANY accounts to make others think that they all are different people.

          Do you really think that I actually believe that Pete/Otis are of the KKK, that this is a KKK site or that Moshe/Goldberg are truly a Jew? No. Of course not. Too many inconsistencies.

      • Abc

        Yeah I know…I said that not because of this particular comment of yours but because of the generalization of your previous comments.

        • Arcachnar

          @ABC You should know that the most of the time I try to make Pete/Otis understand that I (and the most here. I hope) really don’t believe them being associated with the KKK. Come on. They making it too obvious. Satire against KKK? Idem dito. They try too hard. Moshe/Goldberg? Just as fishy. (Or am I too cynical?) It’s just that I like to discuss about Israel and the Jews. Its NOT that I actually believe they actually are Jews. Besides, History, religions and politics are just very interesting to talk about.

          There are those who actually believe that ALL the Muslims are to blame for the things that have been done in Allah’s name or actually compare this site with ALL the Muslims. No of course not. Only a GROUP interpret the Qur’an as the right to kill and maim non-believers. Not ALL the Muslims.

          Muslims? There are a couple. The rest? What do you think?

          • Abc

            Imperial Retard

            You might wanna get both your brain and eyes tested.

            Look at my text again…my post is not long winded..only ‘appears’ as such to morons such as yourself because I wrote each line separately and not altogether in a paragraph

            If only common sense was common…smh


            It is quite simple…in any other race/religion/sect the ones that cause problems are around say..5 percent of the entire population

            In muslims case however..the percentage is WAY HIGHER..say around 60 percent.(Who are a menace to society ).

            Which is why the general outlook towards muslims and islam is askew

            In such a case…any person discrimining against them..or being prejudiced against them..ceases to be racist and can be termed as rational sane person…and can safely term ‘all’ of them to be terrorists because the sheer percentage..the sheer number of extremists is so high in islam.

          • Arcachnar

            @ABC I do not agree with the fact that you are implying that ALL the Muslims are terrorists. You should know that ONLY those of the terrorist groups (Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Taliban et al) have been behind all the bloodshed against the West and its allies (or even against their own people). The rest of the citizens are innocent and just as victims as those who were killed by the attacks. Many citizens and even governments in the Middle East have protested and condemned against these brutality.

            Have you missed the news of what has happened in Pakistan? The government has taken the steps to find the attackers and brought this girl to safety in England. The most countries are even allies against these kinds of groups.

            Why there are sympathizers to the extremists? Too long to put it here. Short story; there are arguments that these young people radicalized because of the idea that 1) U.S. foreign policy has oppressed, killed, or otherwise harmed Muslims in the Middle East. 2) The Western world’s religious discrimination against Muslim immigrants’; historical justification, such as the Crusades. 3) Western policies and society are actively anti-Islamic, or as it is sometimes described, waging a “war against Islam”.

            Rational sane person? No. It’s the same if you’re implying that ALL the Catholic priests are pedophiles.

        • Imperial Dragon Jimmy Jeffers

          Abc The Roo Rimmer

          Gday Mate If you are going to post on this KKK site please Don’t Be so long winded when you can say the same thing with a lot less words.

  • lafayettelove

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  • Jesus of Nazareth

    Verily, I say unto you this day, that of you be an woman who enjoyeth the taste of the bearded clam, though wilt surely perish in the eternal fire.

    The same goeth for the sons of Sodom and Justin Beiber.

    This is the Word of the Lord.

  • CelebWanker

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    • CelebWanker

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  • The Real Prophet

    It never gets fucken old. lmfao..

    why in the fuck does someone come here and try to explain the obvious and then make stupid ass

    assumptions of course no one is who they say they are every character on here is its own who gives a

    fuck where it comes from we are who make this site what it is. The pictures here are a wish come true

    I for one enjoy insulting and making every single person on here mad or upset or hate me. I could

    could care less what they think on that note.

    Here is a good one for durka durka next time someone post some shit like its not real or its

    Photoshop immediately lock and suspend they’re account before their stupidity infects us all.

    on that note fuck all you homos.

    • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

      Suck my balls and tickle my asshole.

    • Grand Leroy Shinman

      The Real Dipshit

      Funny you should say that…as you are the first one who will be blocked if that happens.

      You are like an ass pimple that just won’t quit

      • The Real Prophet

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        you must of got beat with the stupid stick at birth, and molested by your uncle. the only one that needs banning is your fagget ass since shemales have no room here.
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