Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Bare Breasts

Olivia Wilde breasts

Actress Olivia Wilde flaunts her bare breasts in the disgusting photo above.

Clearly Olivia Wilde is a she-devil who hopes to steal the souls of us Muslim men by drawing us near with her nipples and then bewitching us with her cold unholy stare.

However, the joke is on Olivia Wilde as us powerful Muslim men are not at all attracted to lady tits. For the Qur’an teaches us that a woman’s bosom is an abomination, which must only be endured for the short time it provides nourishment for the next generation of Jihadists.

  • Zohair- The Good one

    Damn….she is one ghastly female shaitan !

    Stones! I demand stones !


      ELLIOTDAVILA dice;aquel que jusga a su projimo se jusga asimismo.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Who is this guy writing in mexican?

        Do you have a donkey, boy? Bring it here because fag Pete would much appreciate its services, if you know what I mean…

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Nohair on nuts

      You claim you’re “quitting” this KKK site, yet you have posted on every article since.

      Do you need attention this badly? Is your daddy not giving you enough cock at your tent?

      What a muslim coward you are.


      • amber


        • Moshe Dayan

          Anal Abdullah isn’t just a split personality, he/she is a fragmented one.

          • amber

            i really am 14 go to the jennette mccurdy pg.

      • Zohair- The Good one

        Yeah it seems you were so busy sucking KKK balls that you didn’t notice Brother Hashim informed me about what had happened.

        Anyway, the one who needs attention is by far the one and only Klan memeber…who sadly, gives his own posts ‘Thumbs up’ multiple times.

        I mean seriously, have you no shame but at all Pete? Are all KKK members this desperate?

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Nohair on nuts

          Fuck Allah…..are you really hanging on to the “thumbs up/down” issue? What a nitwit.

          It speaks to your stupidity that Homo Hashim…..aka you gloryhole daddy……had to explain to you how much of a homoperv idiot you are.

          Go cry in a corner until AA needs a blowjob……or The Klan comes to execute you.

          You remind me of Achy Anus…..he was a real dumb mofo


          • Zohair – The Good One

            Faggot Pete,

            You undoubtedly are the worst Troll on Celebjihad. Trust me, your trolling drives away most of the commenters and us muslims are seriously fed up with you.

            You already drove away Arcachanar and Niko…and its time to put an end to this KKK abomination once and for all.

            Oh and by the way, it is YOU who is hanging on to the past issues…Look above, I was minding my own business until you came back with your lame trolling (like always) trying to goad me to reply to you.

            Stop sabotaging Celebjihad…and get lost…us muslims have better things to do.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Nohair on nuts

          That was a big time homoperv meltdown.

          The Klan expects nothing less from a ladyboy muslim who sucks cock for bread money.

          Your execution will be a great day.


          • Grand Kleagle Otis

            Brother Pete::

            Zohair is a Arachahomo under a new persona.

            His last one finally died of AIDS.


          • Zohair – The Good One

            You caught me Otis…you finally guessed it…well done.

            By the way……when are you and Pete getting married ?

          • Arcachnar

            @Zohair Pete and Otis are the same person. Even though Pete drove Niko away with his imbecilic dribble, I was not. Vacation.

            @Otis ‘Under a new persona?’ Wow. Great thinking.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Well good to have you back, Arcachnar

            If I didn’t know any better I’d say that the Pakistani Govt. had blocked internet access or specific website access these days, which is why you were not able to come here.

            It could very well be, Pakistani govt is notorious for this

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I don’t care what this infidel claims to be…I’ve killed enough pre-op trannys to know one when I see it.

    I just hope a suicide vest wearing Jihadist can get within 3 feet of her/him before he-she joins up with gay pete’s trannyklan and settles into one of their faggy glory holes.

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      If you want to kill one more pre-op tranny……make a noose and throw yourself off a cliff.

      Suck that homo


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay pete

        The only way your comment would make sense, would be if I was strangling you at the same time…and in that case I’d just need to throw your dead tranny carcass over the cliff.

  • County Coroner

    She looks like she is a member of the undead. Just like the women Abdullah takes to “pound town” laying there lifeless and unresponsive.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      County cock sucker

      No Muslim woman would dare make a move or a sound that would disturb a Muslim man when he
      is busy “laying oil pipe”

      Also-Muslim woman ain’t like western sluts: they hate sex, so flopping around and moaning
      like a Jew being tortured never happens.

      Allahu Akbar

      • John F. Kennedy

        Abdullah the faggot

        The only oil pipe you know how to lay down is with your mom, which is who taught you sex. For all we know, yoUr a fat CocK-sucker Yearning fOr a ass whooping yoU asslicker.

        I hope you can read code, motherfucker.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          John Fag Kennedy

          You stupid muthafucka! James Earl Ray (KKK member) did the world a real favor when he shot your ass……you dumb nigga lover.

          Civil rights are for civil people…..and that don’t describe no google.

          Lee Harvery Oswald also did the world a favor when he shot that jigaboo Martin Luth King Cocksucker, Jr.


          • Arcachnar

            You mixed them up. Lee Oswald shot Kennedy and it was James Ray Earl who killed Martin Luther.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          john fag koonedy

          shut up mofo or I’ll fire your mother at the Tiajuana donkey show.

          • John F. Kennedy

            Abdullah the Little Bitch

            Go deepthroat a black mamba you backwards muslim idiot. You can take that anyway you please, but I think I know exactly how you’ll take it. Right up your asshole.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            john fag koon

            your mother is expert on swallowing the black snake and your daddy taught you how to take it up the ass.

  • Jemima

    Dat picshure remind me de next time Tyrones be comin ova I gonna put a fried egg on top of his usual shawt stack.

    • Zohair- The Good one

      How can a picture remind you of something that is going to happen in the future?

      Anyway, how is the cupcake business going Aunt Jemima? I hear you’ve been putting pot in them lately…is that true?

      • Jemima

        Oh lawdy! U gots me confuse wit de Hostess.

        An i always puts de batter in de pot. not de pot ins de batter.

  • Anti

    “Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Bare Breasts”

    Sorry but I didn’t notice she had breast !

    • White Knight

      Koonta Kanti

      The reason you didn’t notice she had breasts, is because you probably couldn’t see past your wide brimmed nose and big floppy lips….BOY!

      • Brother Bobert

        Googles don’t really have hair like actual humans do.

        They have fur… just like other animals.

        Coons can’t even shave like human males. They have to use a depilatory on their faces to make their ‘hair’ behave so it can be shaved off their disgusting, morph-ape faces.


  • Akinfenwha The Tank

    I don’t understand. Everyone says that this Infidel is pretty. All I see is what looks like a cross between my finest Camels arse and Kim Kardashians putrid pussy. Were is a Terrorist with some C4 when you need one?

  • Moshe Dayan

    One HOT Jewess, I tell you,

    The face and body on this girl can even make dough rise, this Jewish princess sums up everything that is superior in the Jewish race. Muslims are cursed and hence see only a cloaked image when they look at a Jewish femalel, in Olivia’s case the image they will see is of Anal Abdullah in a red teddy with crotchless panties, fishnets and 10 inch pumps with a face covered in anal warts and Herpes Simplex X. A Jew will see an image of the beautiful Olivia Wilde seductively fingering her moist pussy for all Jews to admire. Anyone who is normal i.e. not a muslim, sees Olivia Wilde laying back with her beautiful breasts bared. .


    Eat shit and die mofo

  • Word of wisdom

    Brother Durka,
    You know how much I value your work, but sometime, you must have mercy on us. I’m just back from operation in heretic Syria against the christian villages (“happy season holydays”, heathen dogs ) protected by the dictator pig bashar al hassad, and when I’m back, what do I find on my favourite combat blog ?
    An awful disgusting sagging crone-whore ridden with worms nesting in the decay of her barren uterus rotting from decades of encrusted zionnist dead semen…

    How can I enjoy my well deserved turkish delight and goat milk ?

    • Imam Khalid

      The homoqueer problem seems to have been reduced thanks to stonings and public hangings.

      However, a new problem rears it’s nappy, pointy, gorilla like head: googles.

      • Word of wisdom

        It is a problem in america only because they are a bunch of pc homosissies dykes, brother Khalid. Since the begining, islam has taught us how to deal with the abids, because WE didn’t forgot they were cursed by noah.
        It all starts with a good mass neutering, and the funny game “Hand or foot” for the restless ones.
        Soon, they all dance to the “funky” tune of our whips.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Lol, the first tasteful photo ever on celebjihad.

    • Moshe Dayan

      Alissa DiCunto,

      Shut up whore!

      Eat shit and die!

  • Edward

    She’s gorgeous.


    She’s nothing. Cum see me at cluballyssahall.

    • John Frog

      I went to this whore’s website and and sent the link to your comments on this page.

      You are not the real Alyssa Hall/Alissa DiCarlo.


        You’re an idiot. You can’t even spell my name. Its ‘ALLYSSA’ as in Allyssa Hall. I’m also known as Lexi and Next Door Allyssa. Alexis Summers. Do you know who that is?

        • Moshe Dayan

          Alissa DiCunto aka Anal Abdullah,

          Everyone knows who you are, you are Anal Abdullah the arch pedo-queer boy raper. This is AA’s alternate schizoid personality, the one where he gets dressed up in female lingerie and “plays with his pussy” while reading the responses to his slutty comments.

          Well AA, the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows it is you. There is nothing left for you but to put the Glock 34 up your ass and pull the trigger 10 times. Your Husband Homo Hashim will shortly follow you when he extracts the glock from your torn hole and attempts to deep throat it with his thumb on the trigger (dumb).

          Eat shit and die mofo


    Its an interactive site. Ill suck your penis.


    I am clean and seeexxxyy.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Alissa whore,

      You are clean on what? For sure not on your twat, that is more infected than the cum dumpster that Small Worm Pete calls “ass”.

      When Islam takes over America you, and all the hookers, will be stoned to death. Your sinful and debauched life soon will come to an end.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


  • ryuhthtdd

    She is indeed sexy.

  • lol

    this is almost as sick as that fat, black wrestler named Abdullah the butcher

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lol loser

      I hate that name stealing google too and will put him down when Islam takes over.

      • John F. Kennedy

        I plan to release a picture of Mohammad soon, so stand by.

  • Emam KhameneE

    i think after this photo , she had sex with my partner Emam Khomeyni !

  • Midas

    I looked up Alissa C DiCarlo. Says you work for an insurance company in Morristown, NJ called Prosight and that you live or lived in Martinsville, NJ and you left school to do porn but got out.

  • qwerty

    Fuck you muslims all you do is put photoshopped photos on this page and put ridiculous comments in them. You say this, you say that blah! blah! blah! so shut up

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      eat shit and die mofo

  • Umar The White

    Her Udders Are Still Useful To Suckle The Goats Brothers Lets No be All Jumpy With the Stones!

  • Steve

    “…who hopes to steal the souls of us Muslim men…”

    Nice try. Muslim men have no souls.