Olivia Munn Panty Photo Shoot

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn showed off why video game nerds love beating their controllers to her in a photo shoot with “MYMAG” magazine.

I think Olivia Munn’s sex appeal lies in the fact that she is relatively plain looking. Don’t get me wrong she is attractive, but she is not so attractive that I would chop off my dick and frame it after banging her. In fact I could probably sleep with Olivia Munn. You know if she wasn’t famous… and she was drunk… and I was rich… and good looking… but yeah I could totally nail her!


Olivia Munn Olivia Munn Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn Olivia Munn Olivia Munn

  • daddy

    Daddy Likey!

    • a whitey

      right cause incest is cool. aint that right daddy!!

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    She knows girl power like I know whiskey sour.
    She’s so average. That’s why she’s hot.
    Note to ‘chicks’:
    don’t set your goals so high and you’ll be fine.

  • poplal

    did everybody know that MUNN is in Estonian – d*ck, very hardcore swearing word ;)