Olivia Munn Leaked Naked Pic?

Olivia Munn naked

Completely average looking woman Olivia Munn is something of a nerd icon in the infidel West, because she at one point in her career feigned an interest in video games. Now the nude photo above is being sent around the web accompanied by the claim that the woman in the pic is geek superstar Olivia Munn.

After careful examination of this photograph and it doing nothing for me sexually, I too believe this to be an authentic naked picture of Oliva Munn. Only a plain Jane like Olivia Munn could take a such a hardcore nude photo and have it be completely devoid of sex appeal. She truly is a remarkable talent.

  • Anubis

    I think she’s lifting her left up high like that to air out her snatch.

  • bitchfuck

    she is ssooo hot

  • Yushi Samagura

    Yushi ex-wife have family name Munn. She also whore. Like to show genitalia in photo. Also like show genitalia to boss. She think good career move. Yushi divorce but still have photo.

  • sympatico

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  • Newtype

    Lmao who’s the queer who typed this article? Does he have some personal vendetta against Olivia? Don’t know why he needed to insult and humiliate her but she’s damn gorgeous, and this pic is even better. Maybe the dildo in his ass is getting uncomfortable or something.

  • unholykrusher

    the girl in the pic is NOT olivia Munn

  • bob the builder


  • Ridr

    That’s not Olivia munn!!!

  • SamuraiCowboy

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      brown-eye plow-boy

      Correction…all the infidels who infest this site (including you) are fags and pig fuckers.

  • andrew

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  • cv

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