‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman Naked Photos Released

Octomom naked

The first pics from “Octomom” Nadya Suleman’s porn shoot (see below) have been released and they are as bad as would be expected.

Why the horny infidel masses want to look at any woman’s offensive naked body is baffling enough, but to get off on Octomom truly exposes the men of the West for the sexual degenerates they are.

In the civilized Islamic world fertile women like Octomom are utilized properly. Their eggs are shaken loose with punches to the ovaries before they are pumped full of potent Muslim man juice. 9 months later they squat down in the desert and birth a litter of future Jihadists that will soon conquer the Western world.

While the West takes photos of Octomom’s gaping twat so that their men can diddle themselves while looking at them and wearing their mom’s dirty undies, us Muslims are building an army. Clearly our victory over the West is finally at hand!


Octomom Octomom Octomom
Octomom Octomom Octomom
Octomom Octomom Octomom

  • wes

    i would fuck the shit outta octomom

    • favelad0


      she would adore to be fucked by another dumb brat.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Favelado0,

        This site is infested by BBs (bastard brats). It’ difficult to decide who is the dumbest of them all.

        If there was to be given a prize, the first place of ‘pinheadness’ would be occupied in a tie by several of these impotent idiots. Several honorable mentions should be awarded too.

        It’s a big problem to us pious Muslims because our wise teachings about the supremacy of Islam in this holy site are useless to such a herd of donkeys.

        They only think with their asses, permanently occupied with promiscuous and sinful activities.

        • Lil one

          Nice boobies. But where is the pussy pictures? I want to know if I will fit.

          • NIGH8ER

            more like you take the pipe up your ass like a bitch you are

          • Jack

            She has to keep it hid. It is probably so big, after that many kids, you may just fall in!

      • wes


    • Kahlid

      Less of a Man,

      You are one sick fuck.

      The next ‘hot rocket’ you get at your gloryhole will be an RPG, you homoqueer.

      • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

        cock loving Kahlid you are the only one that praised gloryhole why is that? is it because when abdullah is sucking your tiny weenier he dont know who it is to laugh at you? this is the second post you talk about that site I know you are the #1 cum catcher in iraq but plz keep it to your self
        RPG huh? the only thing you use as weapon is goat shit you put it in your mouth and blow it out when towel head turds dont pay you for services rendered

      • Jack

        You are exactly right!!!

    • ()()()()()()()

      im sorry bu7t u all seem to forget that usa and america have ruled each world war and there is nothing wrong with liking women u homos!

      • Arcachnar

        You do know that the US and America are the same, right? Yes. The army had some hand in the victory against the Germans and Japan in WWII, but with the help of England, Canada and Australia. In WWI everyone had a part of it. Not only the US.

        No one said that liking girls is wrong.

      • Jesiica

        Posted on I vote Not a Fail too. He’s far too cute! Next time, just turn one of the left ears over and VWA-LA: right ear!Your boys sure have a loving mama!Sharon CBL’s last blog post..

    • Jack

      I think she should be forced to have her tubes cut, and have the kids she cannot reasonibly care for taken away from her!

      • Kahlid

        We will stone all the infidels when Sharia Law rules The United States of Arabia.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I look forward to the day when us Muslims find the octomom at her whore house and we greet her with 8 rounds from the AK-47

    • favelad0

      Brother Abdullah

      we should bring eight of us,each one with a AK-47, and each one give her 8 rounds.

      The more she is a bitch, the more rounds she’ll get.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        That sounds good to me.

        Also, I want her stoned after the firing squad and all of her infidel heathen offspring fed to cave bears.

        • bill

          shut up, just because u live in the waste land of the world don’t mean ur big and bad do u remember ww2? no didn’t think so because you pussys never were in a real war.desert storm was a joke u guys gave up in 2 weeks. the only reason u haven’t been nuked is because of the oil and once its gone u can kiss ur ass good bye

        • A non extremist human

          All I’m saying here is calm the heck down sure she is a slut but there is no need to shoot or Fucking stone her calm ur goat pens down

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            soon to be dead human

            After us Muslims stone her fat google ass…you’re next.

          • TBEAR182

            How many udders do think skank has I only see two.

          • TBEAR182

            I forgot to include “that” before skank. Damn rednecks nextdoor playing their music all night kept me awake it sounded like someone murdering ferrets man i’m tired can’t think straight.

    • Jack

      If you do not mind, i’d like to put 8 rounds in her too.

      • Marylouise

        amanda_1981 Posted on It’s not so bad, it’s just not awesome. LOL I have that prbelom all the time. :-\ It’s hard to get ANYTHING awesome out of those dern KK’s. I am more than disappointed with my tubes . I wish I would have bought the long skinny ones instead of the round ones so they didn’t take up SO MUCH ROOM! It’s silly because they’re the SAME THING. Anywho, I agree that it’d kinda be silly to move on if it only holds a milk jug. Also, those handles are just going to pop off if you secure them with the plastic bag yarn. I know; I tried this. LOL Know what I used mine for? Dish scrubbie! It makes an AMAZING scrubber and washer really clean in the dishwasher. :-)

    • sukafatone

      there are some retarded muslims on here!!! It because of dumb goat fuckers such as yourselves, that people walks into your mosques and kill you, your wives and your children. Muslims like you are hate filled and that’s not what Allah teaches. What the hell is wrong with you guys?

  • LOLHead

    I wonder why durka durka never comments

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      He is probably too sickened by looking at these pics up close and personal.

      • LOLHead

        Oh, now i get it. Thanks abdullah.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          You are welcome…young Jihad candidate.

          Know this…..Jihad isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. When you begin thinking like a Jihadist…all things become clear and all questions are answered.

          The wisdom comes from Allah…and the power to destroy the evil infidels comes from Muhammad (PBUH)….and the means to carry out the destruction are us Muslims.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Ass banger Abdullah

            No doubt jihad is a way of life….a homo way of life.

            When you begin thinking like a jihadist…you begin thinking about sucking cock and taking it up the ass 24/7….just like asshole Allah.

            Recruiting jihadists with your homo propaganda ain’t gonna work homo.


          • sirTrollsAlot

            stupid towel head. if you keep thinking like that you might blow up. but oh well i guess when you die you get your 12 virgin men and just because you live in a shitty sand hut and fuck goats doesnt mean you have to hate america and all of our attractive women

    • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

      durka durka is a retarded muslim turd whos photoshopping move fake pics for his terrorist buddies to jerk off to

      • Word of wisdom

        Shut up darkroom whore.
        Don’t you have some beyblade anime to wank on waiting somewhere?

    • Word of wisdom

      I agree his comments are too few, but you have to understand : he is a wanted man, probably in the top 100 of the CIA, and rising.
      He prooved himself a critical asset in the jihad, and they know it. As soon as brother Durka posts something on this holy jihad site of his, he must move fast to elude the ‘murricunts patrols and loose the zionist agents after him.
      His life is in perpetual danger, yet, he delivers strikes on strikes to the great shaitan. You can be sure he’s right now planning some ambush in the valley of the panshir against the us troops.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You are correct my friend.

        Brother Durka Durka is a very brave jihadist and a relentless fighter of the cause of Islam.

        He is a very dear and righteous son of Allah.

  • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

    muslim women are disgusting would even fuck her with Abdullah The camel fucker’s dick

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dark dork dunker

      If you knew the women us Muslims command in our harems…and if you weren’t a fag……you’d be glad to live the life of a Sheik.

      But since you are a homoqueer…Islam has only one thing to offer you. A fierce stoning.

      • Kahlid

        Americunt infidels like hm can’t get away from their gloryholes long enough except to get on here, post some bullshit, wipe the jizz off their faces and lube up for another round to make some crack money.

        • theman99

          I’ve killed many of u Iraqi fucks. And its not hard to do. U guys are fucking retards when It comes to tactical thinking.

        • sirTrollsAlot

          what are all you towel heads doing on the internet? you should be busy working the customer support phone lines

      • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

        but you would glad to stick that 2” clit in that black cum filled hole just to see what pussy feels like since your used to fucking farm animals Sheik? you all are commoners only a select few are allowed to be head terrorist they rest of you like hashit, ahgmud and kallad are low life street rat hahah vagrants doing anything to get by even selling your selves you shame the religion of Islam

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          dark pole pounder

          There you go again, talking that homo stuff.

          You and big gay pete need to go to california and tie the knot…..us Muslims are sick of you two ass-pirates.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Boy fondler Butch

            No way mofo

            California is a ghetto full of wannabe gangbanger negros and filthy wetbacks who are fresh from the border. Not to mention the homo lovers out there.

            Word around the state of Alabama is the once elected, Brother Romney is going to annex the shithole to the muslims so they can have all the coon cock and homo love they want.

            Take that mofo


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            grand drag queen pete

            You are california material and you and dark pole licker will make a happy homoqueer couple…that is until the Iranian atom bomb blows that state to hell.

  • Arcachnar

    Oh. Man. Why cannot she just go? How low can this Octo mom go? Pretty low it seems.

    • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

      cock loving Kahlid is beating his tiny prick to these pics are you type

      • Arcachnar

        Are you type? Huh? What? And that suppose to be English? Wow. No. This kind of girl is not my type.

        • Tyrone shoelaces


          Who cares if da dude wrote type what are you an english teacher cause know one cares what he typed. I should have was you an english teacher you was booted fors molesting young boy students and ent to prison and met OJ and we all know what happened then

          • Arcachnar

            Zzzzzzzzz. Oh. Wait. Was that a brain fart? Oh. Yeah. It was. You are still craving for attention, ah? A lot. Young boy students? Pathetic.

          • Tyrone shoelaces

            Asstarget for homos

            Sleeping off the gangbang butt fucking yous got today from the homo muslims I know now why you put people down for spelling and the way they write You are insecure about something that happened to yous during childhood.was it not enough love from daddy or did mommy spend more time washing yous little pecker in da tub than she should have. or was it your older sister and her friends making you lick there butts that did it? Or was it all da above?

          • Arcachnar

            No. Just being bored with your uselessness. Oh. Look. Sorry that your family is a result of inbreeding and lower than vermin. Why don’t you go bother someone else with your attention seeking behavior? Oh. And that psychologist thing. Just stop. You just have not got the brains for that.

            Insecure? Yes. You are. Or else you wouldn’t be THAT desperate to get an answer from me. You are THE joke of the century and THE most useless waste of oxygen of this world.
            I know. You are just a gay negro who doesn’t know when to stop with wasting the bandwidth. Your parents must be very proud.

  • muledoctor

    howed CJ know that’s what muledoctor wants to see? holy shit you guys are good

  • muledoctor

    now all her babies are all squeezed out we can stop calling her “octomom” to the more political correct “elephant cunt”

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    The person takin da pics made her keeps her pants on to keep as much of her nasty pussy smell from escaping even wit da pants on da pic taker still had to open aal da windows and fan out da room after she left to rid da room of her foul oder.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      tyrone pole muncher

      I hate to break it to you but your ass-pirate friend…big fag pete has left you for that mississippi faggot.
      They have made a tranny-klan love connection.

      Us Muslims may hate fags and googles…but we hate cheaters even more and you have been cheated on. We would all understand if you killed both them mofos.

      good luck on murdering your former ass-banger and his dirty lover

      • Tyrone shoelaces


        I has nothin to do wit dem two kkk dickheads but yous talks about dem alot yous must want to have a threesome wit da two rednecks

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          tired of getting ass-boned.

          I know you have been shamed tyrone by big fag petes betraytal….but if you go ahead and kill your former homoqueer lover….you will feel better and you will have some “glory hole cred” to boot.

          • Tyrone shoelaces

            Abdildo da ass rider

            Yous must be brain damaged from to many BBC’S upside yous head I tolds yous dat I don’t has anything to do wit da KKK rednecks.

            If yous want him dat bad invites him to da glory hole and has him fuck yous up da ass.

  • Jihadist Boy

    She’s had fourteen kids. What do you suppose you could do with that pussy that hasnt been done a thousand times before?

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Jacks off jihadists

      To a powerful klansman, Octo would feel like a virgin.

      That’s how big our aryan dongs are.


  • Mike

    That’s not fair. Not all us western men get off on that whore.

  • necromaster

    Are you people legit Muslims or is this just to be funny because I have to say its fucking hilarious

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      There are us real Muslims (Word, Kahlid, real Hashim, etc.) and then there are fake mofos who are ignorant and then all variety of infidels…from homoqueers to just plain dumbasses.

      But it’s us real Muslims that make this site holy.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Asstarget like dis octo mom bitch he wants her to become his fag hag He is gay but sometimes he like to sniff smelly pussy

  • Arcachnar

    Ok so Iam gay what’s wrong with being gay? @Tyorne I do not like smelly pussy Iam not into pussy at all so will you please leave me alone to post with the other gays on this site.

    • Arcachnar

      @Tyron Wow. You are truly lower than vermin to resort to this.

      • Arcachnar

        @the fake Arcachnar Stop these fake post lies Iam not Tyrone and I said Iam gay end of subject so please stop using my posting namewho ever you are.

        • Arcachnar

          @Tyron Yes. You are Tyron. Don’t do this. It is not funny and cool.

          • Arcachnar

            @ fake Arcachnar Stop with your nonsense Iam not Tyron If by saying Iam gay bothered you that much that you have to post using my screen name and say things that are not true Just stop use your own name.

    • Jack

      Check this out…i am not a muslim, but am respectful of all peoples beliefs. There is not one serious religion in the world that condones homosexuality!

  • Dadude

    I wonder is this Arcachnar person posting as himself and this so called fake? I bet there one and the same.

    • Arcachnar

      Completely wrong. Someone IS using my username to talk about gay stuff. You should have known that the impostor couldn’t even write my name right and has faulty spelling and grammar. Why should I do this? It really doesn’t make any sense.

  • Idiots

    Fucking bunch of monkeys, all of you

  • Crescent

    I think she,s hot. That mouth is a blow job machine.

  • Sharif

    May many such Muslim women expose their body.. it was long seen in Mughal history when daughters used to sleep with fathers and uncles… let the history repeat itself.


    فارخلا مكنم دحاو يأ نع ال ىراذعلا وأ مكهاوفأ نآلا تقلغأ ميظع هلإ انأ!

  • jeff

    love to see octomoms pussy!!

  • arizonakid1


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    o. i will fuck her any day. her boobs are so sexy. nice job babe. im always there for u wen u horny.

  • James

    The prophet mohammed was a paedophile

  • abdullah mom

    Her pussy is almost as loose as mine

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      little gay pete

      Stop your impersonating.

      If you’re worried about your loose asshole…talk it over with gay west or the gay from ga.

      However, you should be worried about the AK-47…that us Muslims are going to kill you with.

      • f.u. from ga.

        Abdullah the camel fucker

        Stop smoking cat turd and eating assholes out it’s making your dumb muslim pig fucking ass think you can hurt someone over the net.you have to be the dumbest donkey fucker on this site,plus being a Muslim you should know the only fag is allah the bitch.

      • Shocked Christian

        It’s funny how the AK-47 isn’t aribic or some shit near there it was a German wepon go make ya own abdulluh(or some random ass name)

  • throwing pennys

    Someone needs to tell that bitch to keep her shit on.i know that huge twat has to be bigger then madonnas now.

  • f.u. from ga.

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fag from ga

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      you send us 500 drachmas and we’ll send you the ashes

  • kissingbanditoxox

    She sure knows how to give a guy a lift.

  • woah

    i would fuck the shit in octomom lol

  • Chief

    She should really think about doing some real porn stuff. Hell I would pay her to be in a movie with her and we both make some good profit!