Nina Agdal SI Swimsuit Issue 2014 Outtakes

Nina Agdal outtakes

Nina Agdal emerges completely naked from the murky water like some sort of whorish Loch Ness monster in this outtake from the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

As you can see in the other outtakes below, it is a good thing that SI did not publish these Nina Agdal pictures, as no amount of airbrushing could remove the rampant sickening depravity. For not only are Nina’s perky nipples and tight ass clearly on display, but the outline of her blasphemous lady cave can be plainly seen.

Yes SI made a wise decision by suppressing these pics, but us Muslims still must demand that they turn over the rest of the film they have on Nina to their nearest Mosque at once. That should include any behind the scenes shots of her changing bikinis, and any security video of her using the toilet. This is the only way to ensure that this dangerous Nina Agdal filth does not fall into the wrong hands.

Nina Agdal gif

*Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Nina Agdal GIF above instead

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    These starved, 3rd world skanks make my eyes hurt. And because they hang around the beach, these abominations have inspired me to devise a new jihad weapon….the “Ice Chest bomb.”

    Get ready for icy cold justice…delivered Jihad Style….bitches!


  • Imam Abbas

    This Nina Agdal whore is so depraved, that she’s trying to stuff a large stone up her baby-cave (2nd photo down from top, middle column)!

    Obviously, unless SI submits ALL photographs to the Sharia Court as instructed by Brother Durka within 48 hours for my personal (and highly detailed) investigation. Should they fail to do so, this trollop will feel the stones alright – but not in her orifice of choice!

    Allahu Akbar!

  • Come on baby, just the tip.

    You don’t really take the “Celeb” part of CelebJihad seriously, do you? I have yet to see a single fucking celebrity!

  • Abu Abbas

    They tried to have a Camel Sports Illustrated shoot in Saudi but they couldn’t tell the difference between the camels and the swimburka models.

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    I saved all of the SI photos to my iFig laptop computer for extensive review. After my analysis, a few quarts of Gatorade and a shower I’ll issue fatwas accordingly.

    The greedy heeb lawyers at SI will not be left out of my harsh judgement since all Jews are guilty by virtue of being Jews.