Nina Agdal Shows Her Breasts In See Thru Pics

Nina Agdal breasts

Nina Agdal is determined to make a name for herself, so she is going to work hard and contribute something of real value to society… just kidding, Nina is just going to prostitute her nearly nude body for attention like in the see through pictures below.

Yes Nina Agdal is the latest in a long line of infidel women to receive fame and fortune from whoring herself for the base amusement of the degenerate heathen masses.

Thankfully us Muslims have a much higher moral standard when it comes to what a woman does that is deserving of recognition. If Nina Agdal actually did something useful like birth 15 children, single-handedly dig a well, or martyr herself on an Israeli school bus then she’d have our praise.


Nina Agdal Nina Agdal Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal Nina Agdal Nina Agdal

  • muktar ahmed

    yay no first dickheads allah let this day be grate full

    • Paula Deen

      I am tired of all the lies about me.

      I am not a Racist. I just can’t stands Googles!

      • Paula Deen

        I do very much like your Website.

        Do you need a great chef at your website? I’m very much available.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Dear Paula,

          Do you know how to prepare s tasty shaslik or falafel?
          How long do you take to dust a room with 100 square meters?
          Do you get tired after milking 20 goats?

          Please send your picture to:

          Best Regards


          • Paula Deen

            Yes, no and never.
            I’m expensive. However, I’m worth every penny.
            What does the 21 inches refer too?

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Paula,

            It’s part of the formula that gives my massive pecker length:

            SQRT(21)*2= 9.16515139 in

            Note – I didn’t understand your answer on dusting.

          • Imam Khalid

            I would bid 100 dinars for Paula Deen’s services. It’s a better offer than any you’re likely to get with the American’s sad penchat for humanizing outdated farm equipment i.e. googles.

            Yet there is a binding agreement that she must sign to promise, on pain of death, to never disrobe in my presence. I know that women find myself and all Arab Muslim males irresistible but this large woman must refrain.

            There is a passage from the Noble Qur’an that translates from the original Arabic غير البدينات

            The English translation is: No Fat Chicks.

            If it pleases Allah (SWT) and I am sure that it does.

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Khalid,

            Are you so desperate? She didn’t even answer about dusting…

          • Whitefella

            Yes, Khalid IS that desperate. Hashim got that right

          • sandman

            When youve rooted goats as long as hashim and khalid have youd take whatever you can get and paula 21 inches is the size of hashims anal dildo he and khalid are the only transexuals in the world that can take the full length ripleys believe it or not are putting together a show about it

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Piece of shit,

            You are the idiot that doesn’t know how to use punctuation. I remember you…
            Shut the fuck up boy!

          • sandman

            Wow hashim youre right i dont use punctuation nearly as well as you and khalid use that 21 inch dildo on eachother but i just heard abdullah has an Ass King 47inch dildo hes already contacted ripleys believe it or not you and khalid need to push theboundaries of your asses to the limit you can still beat him

          • Whitefella


            While sandman was correct about 21″ referring to the length of Hashish and Khalid BadFart’s shared anal dildo, it also refers to their overall standing height, including turban. Despite their frequent claims of being virile Muslims, they’re actually a pair of cranky, screaming queer little dwarfs which explains the whingeing, tantrums and insults that they spread like runny shit around this site.

            As to how a pair of short-asses like them can manage a 21″ long rubber toy, sometimes they get off by double riding both ends of it together and other times, one will insert it into the other’s bum and keep pushing until it comes out the ‘taker’s’ mouth, at which point he enjoys a simultaneous oral and anal ride.

            Then they swap places.

          • Whitefella

            For the record, Miss Deen: I do like googles. In fact, I LOVE them. Well, at least the males and their massive rubberhose like cocks. My alter ego Team America is an even greater aficionado of the black tube snake than I am!

          • Imam Khalid

            All right everyone, I admit it, I’m the one they call BadFart.

            I know you’ve all had enough of my crappy impersonations of Whitefella, Team America and other folks around here, and I guess I’ve had enough too. I should just realise that anyone with half a brain could easily tell when it’s me making these idiotic impersonations of people, instead of the real person making the comment.

            It’s time I faced up to the fact that I just keep making a complete asshole of myself whenever I do it, as well as outing myself almost every time as a homosexual and a paedophile.

            Please forgive me, Whitefella, Team America, Blackfella and the rest of you. I promise I won’t do it again. I can only blame it on all my hormones going crazy after my sex change operation to become Madam Khalida and the second reversal back to my current self – whatever that is. I just don’t know who I am any more. Maybe that’s why I want to be one of you guys, especially because I look up to you all and admire you so, so much.

            I just wish I was anyone except me. Oh my miserable life!

            Boo hoo hoo, sob, sob. SNOOOORT.

          • Jj



  • F.B.I Investigation #395

    We are shutting this down.Any attempt to make a site like this will result in a large fine.

    • Bob mc youre a cunt

      shut up, fuckwit

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This obvious prostitute deserves a big rock bounced off her huge head and those tits look like she stole them from an ethiopian she-google.

    • sandman

      I think its time you come out of the closet abdullah if you find these pictures offensive you are either gay or a pedophile since when do ethiopian sand googles have white tits im sure theres a gay celebrity site for people like you or you could ask durka durka to post more justin beiber pics

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Fag man

        If you want a pic of that gay Justin, ask him yourself. And the only thing I keep in a
        Closet is the AK 47….which I will kill you with as soon as possible.

        • sandman

          You have an Ass King 47 inch dildo in your closet you may have already beaten hashim and khalids world record for anal insertion call ripleys believe it or not theyll want to document it

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Shut up Mangina. Your gayness discloses your real you.

          • sandman

            Who the fucks mangina ya weirdo anyway did yo talk to ripleys yet

          • Troll


            Your comment is one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve read of this site in ages, and it reminds me of that “Angel of The Douche-Bags” incest-caused mental retardation.

          • Team America

            Abdullah the butt-plug

            Sandman is clearly not Moshe. I think he might be the return of Whitefella’s friend Blackfella but I might be wrong. Either way, I’m sure once Moshe finishes his assignment for Mossad he’ll return and continue to abuse you and point out what a retarded homo you really are.

            America and Australia! The coalition of the willing!

          • Whitefella

            Team America,

            Sandman’s a surfer, not an Abo. He’s named himself after the Holden Sandman shaggin wagon that a surfer drives around the beaches with his board on the roof racks, picking up bikini clad sheilas to root on the mattress in the back. I used to have a sandman, myself. It had a sticker on the back window saying, “Don’t laugh, it might be your daughter in this van”.

            So sandman can’t be Black Fucker, because Abos are scared of the water – whether it be to surf in it, wash in it, or to drink it. I’d say the Black Fucker’s either still on walkabout or on the piss in Redfern somewhere.

        • durka durka

          Stop stressing abdullah ill pm you some justin beiber pics soon as im finished tending the goats

      • Whitefella


        You were close to correct but not quite when you said Abdullah Butt Chomper is either gay or a paedophile. He is actually both.

        • sandman

          Good point whitefella i shouldve realised that all the muslims on this site are pedophiles due to their love of dancing boys and gay due to their obvious hatred of good looking women did you know the us special forces are now using dancing boys to lure the taliban out of their hiding places it is the most sucessful tactic theyve had since the dancing goat

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      I can’t hold back any longer,

      I love you, Abdullah. I always have. They way you make love to me is magical. No one knows how to satisfy me like you do.

  • Unknown


  • Umar the Brown

    “Nina Agdal”? By her name and her hooked nose, I say this botch is a Jew and a Mossad agent!

    Do not look at these photos, brothers, as they obviously have subliminal messages implanted that will make you do things like horde gold, tell fortunes and charge interest ALL AGAINST YOUR WILL!!!!

    The sneakiness and evil of these Jew monsters knows no bounds. May the Holy and Noble Qur’an save us!!!!!!!

    • Lasties!

      Yeah Umar…..tell your brothers not to look at her photos……but here you are…….Jerking off and LOOKING!!!! HA-HA-HA!!!

      • Umar the Brown

        Unlike you, you hairy-palmed, lonely masturbater, I come here for the news and the hatred of the West.

        I can easily avert my eyes and look at my wife’s 35DD Halal breasts anytime I choose. They take my mind off filthy Jew whores like this Bar Agdal whoever.

        DEATH TO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!

        • Lasties!

          News???… call this site……News???


          • Whitefella

            Hi! I’m Lasties, too! Add another homosexual persona to my ever growing list.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Yes, this site is all about the news muthafucker.

          • Umar the Brown


            You are damn straight I call this site news. Except I refer to it in all caps since it is the only news I trust outside of Al Jazeera.

            Oh, by the way…could you hold this pressure-cooker for me? Yes, just hold it for me while I walk about 100 meters away from you. You will see me talk on my cell phone, but it is nothing to worry about.

          • Whitefella

            Wrong again, Khalid BadFart,

            I’m not Lasties, nor do I have any clue who he or she is, except to say they definitely sound like they know what they’re talking about.

  • Sexy terrorist

    She’s amazingly hot and I would lie to get wet with her

    • Whitefella

      If she had a penis, you mean? HAHAHA!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        white homo

        She probably does have a penis, she looks lie a pre-op tranny. In other words, your kind of “woman.”

        • Whitefella

          Butt Chomper, that was Khalid ButtFuck BadFart, not me – unless you’re getting in on the impersonating Whitefella act too. You know it’s her (BadFart) because Sexy Terrorist and I aren’t into penises, except ours to stick into white girls.

          And piss with, of course.

  • Beastly man

    Shes got the whole package, definitely marriage material!

  • Durka Durka

    Shut the fuck up and look at the tits of a goddess and I post pics cause I’m lonley horny and got a dildo stuck up my asshole and fuck islam america rocks

    • Sexy terrorist

      So your not a real terrorists

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        This fake Durka Durka is just a Mossad trainee.

    • Umar the Brown

      Now you have really stepped in a big steaming pile of camel shit, stupid.

      Prepare for immediate retaliation from Brother Durka Durka!!!!!!!

      In other words: kiss your sorry homoqueer ass goodbye.

      • Whitefella

        OooMa Browneye,

        Yes, it’s indeed very stupid for anyone to step in camel shit around here – and even worse to fall over and accidentally sit in it. Anyone unfortunate enough to have this happen will quickly find you and your friends sniffing and buzzing around them like blowflies around a wether’s asshole.

        It’s even more dangerous to fart around here, because that’s a universal mating call for all you guys.

  • HailSatan

    Damn fap fap fap

    • Whitefella

      Let me join you. Fap fap fap

      • Whitefella

        Huh? HailSatan and Khalid Badfart, you’ve lost me on that one. WTF is fap fap fap?

  • dean

    this is fun to read

  • George W Bush

    I’m here to put an end to your terrorist ways.

    • Whitefella

      All right, all you Mossie mice. George Dubya’s landed and he sounds like he means business. Time to get down on your knees and start begging. Your Allah and his friends ain’t gonna help you now.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Shut the fuck up fake!

      I’m the new Dubya, converted do Islam. I bet you are my ex pal, homo Dickless Cheney, trying to revert things. That’s useless…

      My name now is Hashim. And I’ll go after you with my Muslim brothers.

      • Whitefella

        Geez Dubya, if Hashish and his Mossie brothers are going after you, you’d better secure your chastity belt, mate.

        My advice, if you can manage it, is to lure them all down to your ranch and let them loose amongst the male calves. You won’t have to worry about them hurting your young ‘uns. When it comes to young male livestock, Hashish and his mates are lovers, not fighters.

  • theduck1u


  • HailSatan

    Us government lies