Nic Cage Arrest A Human Rights Violation

Nicolas Cage arrest

Actor Nicolas Cage was arrested this weekend for something called “domestic abuse”. After reading the police report I was shocked to find out that “domestic abuse” was simply Nic Cage exercising his Allah given right to straighten out his mouthy wife with a few body blows.

By arresting Nic Cage for beating his own wife the United States has committed yet another human rights violation. In accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an, a man’s wife is his property and he has an inherent right to control her however he sees fit.

It is now more clear than ever that the Zionist controlled American government has no respect for Allah’s laws, and will continue to persecute great men like Nicolas Cage who dare to exercise their rights. The American people must rise up against these tyrants, and let them know that they will no longer stand idly by while Big Brother tells them how they can and can not discipline their women.

  • zillaman

    nick. what happend you foool? just make shure ghost rider 2 is better thsn 1…

  • i hate victoria justice

    bitch had it coming

  • zillaman

    nothing new for nick. still he has done some cool films…

  • Gayboy

    The gay community will not tolerate this hAnus act by Nicolas Cage.

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  • shabalalala

    i dont know who wrote this article but sincerly man, beatting your wife is not a human right , could it be your wife your son your grandma or some guy its not a human right . you re a retard thinking you “own” your wife, your mind still live 1000years ago. Human rights is for everybody and not just you dumbass, you own your live as much as your wife so try to behave like it .

    • Open the Scroll

      Sham alama ding dong, you clearly have not read the Quran. ALL woman shall be subject to their owner’s (men ) .This upstanding man is well on his way to accepting ALLAH and the word’s of Mohammed. I predict future displays of his dominance, ALLAH willing…..

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      • Imam Khalid of Basra

        Allah’s laws are the only true laws. These homoqueers better recognize that fact or we will burn them alive in their gay gloryholes and Starbucks.

  • theheadchimp

    What a dumbass you are, if you don’t own your wife who does?

  • nefertirising

    dear Almostbraindead writer,

    US is a federal state governed by the law. If mr. Cage had been in a religious state, maybe i would have agreed with you. Until then, read some more and try to get out from that immense pile of ignorance you are in. All the best!

    • Imam Khalid of Basra

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  • theheadchimp

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