New Vanessa Hudgens Naked Picture Leaked

Vanessa Hudgens naked

The above picture, which appears to be of a naked Vanessa Hudgens, is generating quite a bit of buzz on the Internet. Also Vanessa Hudgens’ new movie “Journey 2” premieres in theaters tomorrow. Coincidence?

Of course this isn’t the first time Vanessa Hudgens has had naked photos leaked to the web. When she was younger and more attractive she famously had 2 different sets of self-shots nudes released online. Predictably Vanessa blamed the leak on a “hacker” (ahm her publicist) who allegedly broke into her phone and stole the pics.

If this is in fact a new Vanessa Hudgens nude pic it will be interesting to see who Vanessa tries to blame for its release. My guess is she’ll go with the current political hot topic, gay marriage.

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    • Word of wisdom

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      • HONG

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        • b-man

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      • Smartone

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      • asdfghjkl

        Moles can be pretty easily photoshopped retard, its just a brown dot after all

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    i dun think she has anymore nude photos. so must be fake

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  • Amanda

    You can tell it’s fake because the skin on her face is completely smooth and obviously edited, but her skin on her body isn’t. Also, I hate to tell you guys this but moles are like the easiest thing to fake with photoshop! and if you look at her past nude pics, her nipples look different and her boobs.

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