New Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

Scarlett Johansson nude

Scarlett Johansson appears to bare her sinful feminine flesh in the nude photo above.

How dare Scarlett Johansson offend Islam with her nudity like this! Like all women, Scarlett’s body is an abomination in the eyes of Allah and should be covered at all times.

The only thing right about this Scarlett Johansson nude photo is the fiery background, as Scarlett will surely be spending eternity burning in the hellfire for this most egregious offense.

  • Umar the Brown

    Those could feed an entire province in Afghanistan.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Up the anus Umar

      So could a two inch cock…..which is why they keep you around.


      • aghmed

        Princess Peter Puffer – It takes a savage 12 inch cock from a homogoogle to satisfy your hunger for man meat.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          I’m only satisfied when a “homogoogle” is hanging by his man meat from a tree.

          Also…..only klansmen have 12+ inches of cock.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Up the Poop Chute Pete

            Only klansmen have 12+ inches of cock……..up their loose assholes.
            Nice try queer.

            Allahu Akbar !
            Death to israel !

          • TsvarTjoliskijos

            Stupid black man joke
            Q: What is 12inches and white
            A: nothing………………. All stupid black men in room laugh like fucking jackasses

            one white dude asks other white dude
            Q: what is long and hard on a black man?
            A: Third grade

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay pete

        If wish you had a 2 inch cock…because it would be twice as long as that pathetic infidel “crotch maggot” you call a dick.

        Perhaps that is why gay west is always so bitchy….you dont feed his gay need for “man-snake”

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        • moshe dayan

          Gay Anal Abdullah,

          Did I read your first sentence correctly? You wish GDP had a two inch cock? Is this because you want to be fucked up the ass but need something a bit easier going on the asshole, and nothing is easier on an asshole than a two inch dick.

          You drag infested tranny queer. It is because of fags like you that Gerbils are now on the endangered list.

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          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Jew MD

            You read it right……AA is back to his old ways of begging for big white man meat.

            One can clearly see that he is tired of the “crotch maggots” that muslim men have and is looking to upgrade his “intake” with something much longer and thicker. Small muslim dong can’t satisfy his “manifold” any longer.

            Bad news for that dumb homo. Us klansmen only go for the sweet pink stuff.

            No doubt he’ll be trolling you next.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gay pete and mangina moshe

          you two illiterate dumbasses are too busy giving rim jobs to googles to focus on your special ed reading assignments, otherwise you wouldn’t make such dumbass comments.

          And while you fags may want to suck a big Muslim cock more than anything; it will never happen.
          Us Muslims only go for the ladies—–real women with big hairy pussies——not them fags in drag that you all call women at your glory hole.

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          • moshe dayan

            Anal Abdullah,

            There are many youtube videos which prove that the muslim version of a “real woman with big hairy pussy” is actually a young boy with bells on his fingers and a hairy asshole.

            And if they want more after, the gloryhole with the assbang 5 (AA, HH, Anal Lube-is, Fart-zan and Zohair the Gay One) as a pile of gay trannys in drag will give em what they want.

            Get help sicko.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you are just one of many perverted jew fags who have a “cock shaped dradel” that you spein as you shove it up your ass.

            I think its clear that you’re the gay.

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            Now this has gotten just sick. And I quote:

            “Us muslims only go for the ladyboys——real men with big hairy man pussies——-not them hot women who gloriously serve you”

            I’ve seen some real homoperv stuff from you…..but this takes the cake…..or bukkake in your case.

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      • Grand Dragon Pete

        I suck dicks and I love muslim cocks cause they are so big and hard…
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        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Homo Hashim

          Use your own name for personal confessions.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            All us Muslims know you’re gay…your dirty sanchez was a dead give away.

          • Gay Bob

            Abdullah My Buttboy,

            I agree, all muslims are gay. This is why I get so much ass from them. The only problem is I find their holes too loose since they’ve done so many miles per hole. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and hit on some younger boy muslims with much tighter asses.

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            Yes….correct again… muslim queers know Homo Hashim is one big flamer.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Fag Pete,

            I would never use your nick to post here. It would be too bad for my reputation.

      • Umar the Brown

        So I guess your fantasy life has led you and your invisible “KKK forces” to take over Afghanistan, too?

        You are a sad, sad homoqueer with an addiction to meth and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

        I look forward to hitting your trailer park from a dozen meters away with a few rounds from my RPG-7 and listening to your useless cries to your pagan gods.

        Remember April 15.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Up the anus Umar

          First off…..that’s no way to speak to your butt buddy, AA.

          Next…..he is a dumb muslim twirp…..not a powerful klansman.

          Also…..that meteor was a sign from God himself to kill all sand googles as soon as possible, which is this week.


          • Umar the Brown

            I am beginning to believe that you are a sign from Mighty Allah, sent to teach me knowledge.

            Usually, I just shoot kufahrs between the eyes, but obviously that would not kill you. There is no brain there for you.

            I will have to adjust my strategy now and close in after the initial shots to do some head chopping and make sure the kufahrs are dead and gone for good.

            Truly Allah is merciful.

    • Imam Khalid

      She is nothing but a rotten Jewess.

      May Allah smite her and her entire heeb clan from the face of the Earth.

  • muslims are gay fags

    haha those stupid terrorists cant photoshop for their life!

    • Cracker White

      This shit’s real,dumbass. You can’t put it on the internet if it’s not real

  • Heydrich

    Another excellent breeder: round, fat breasts; wide pelvis for many aryan children. Of course, I’ll be the first in line to sample her luscious body.

    • moshe dayan


      I’d like to offer you a free vacation in the glorious land of Israel. Stay where you are because shortly a team of surly and very armed mossad agents will be blowing your door down and blindfolding you to begin your amazing free vacation tour of the Holy Land.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Farzan The Wise

        Gay Mo-She

        Your homo mossad would more likely suck him off and rim his ass. When caught spying in Iran the mossad offer their assholes to their captures, they are then immediately shot and buried for their extreme faggotry. I personally wipe my ass with the talmud while executing mossad spies. Your next queer.

        Alhamdulillah !
        Death to israel !

        • moshe dayan

          Fartzan the Homo,

          You Iranian girly-boys mistake your homosexual imams for our highly trained mossad agents. Just open the door to your third world centrifuge room to see how badly the Mossad can fuck you dweebs up when we feel like it.

          Now your mother is calling and since you queer muslims are so into incest, it’s time for you and her to make another brother.

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      • Heydrich

        Only in your dreams, Judenrat. I am forwarding this message to our allies in the region. Do you have a last request? Perhaps a knob job from Sandra Bernhardt?

        • moshe dayan

          CockIsHard Gaydrich,

          Your only allies in the region are the tranny muslims on this site and when they come to your aid, they are more likely to spin you over and fuck your pasty white ass since their pee brains can’t focus on anything but gay anal sex..

          And by the way, it is well known that Heydrich was part Jewish on his mother’s side. Just think, Reinhardt, apply for Israeli citizenship and you’ll be accepted. For a short while though until we hang your ass.


          • Heydrich

            Your mother floated down from outer space in a giant seed pod.

        • Zohair – The Good One

          Haydrich, a forewarning

          Do not be fooled by this Moshe homo’s comments. All the hatred in his comments is just a masquerade. What he secretly craves is an ass pounding from a German.

          He will come at you with all that he has got, he will open up his ass and start dancing in front of you in the hopes of you butt- fucking him. The Jews have been trying to do that since the holocaust, so no surprise there.

          • Farzan The Wise

            Brother Zohair,

            Your warning to the German is correct. The jew rat Moshe is your typical Skype. He is under the impression us Muslims believe those holohoax lies that they have pushed on the west since 1945. We know better than to listen to their lies. He comes to this holy Muslim site to feel tough, knowing later his rabbi will pound his ass so hard his yarmukle will go flying across the room. He is a sick fag and an enemy of Allah. Not to worry, once Iran drops the Nuclear Goat on Tel Aviv we will finish the job the Germans started.

            Alhamdulillah !
            Death to israel !

        • The West is the Best

          Nazi fag Heydicklic

          STFU your a pussy German faggot you do body cavity searches with you tongue on males before you suck there dicks and send them off to your gloryhole camps.

          • Farzan The Wise

            West Is Gayest

            You are such a sissy its pathetic. The Germans were on a good path kicking jew ass in WW2, the parasites got what they deserved. A 14 year old homo like yourself wouldn’t understand these things. Your too busy rimming black ass and getting stuffed with dick to worry about Zionist infiltration into your country. Enjoy it for now queer, soon Islam will take over. We will find you at your gloryhole with a mouth full of google cock and execute you on site.

            Allahu Akbar !

          • All muslims are butt licking queers

            Fagzan the wigger

            You two fags argue some were else your lovers spats are getting old why don’t you both make up and go to the gloryhole and have some make up sex .

          • Farzan The Wise

            Butt Licking Fag

            Little boy you should go back to your video games and let the adults argue amongst themselves before you get a Muslim stoning for your homosexual ways.

          • All muslims are butt licking queers

            Fagzan the wigger

            Don’t be upset because I told the truth about you and your homo lover Fagzan. It’s not your fault your a butt pumper your father made you that way.

          • moshe dayan


            Your perceptions are uncanny in their foresight and correctness. Yes, Zohair the Gay One and Fart-zan are both hardcore muslim ass bangers. They jumped into the thread with that Nazi pig Heydrich with the hope that they could work out a hot threesome with him. You see muslims are brown and have an inferiority complex. They secretly want to have their asses ravaged by a white man.

            These two Iranian homoqueers are no doubt “fuck buddies”. I believe Zohair the Gay One, in previous posts has referred to himself as a “power bottom”, again a term that only a arch-queer leatherman would know.

            I even think the two of them have been trying to get pregnant. Sadly, the dumb fucks haven’t figured out that no matter how much shit Zohair gets on his dick, it just ain’t happening. Look for these two degenerates to go the way of Madonna and adopt some little google from some shitty African country,

            These two fags NEED a good shootin’.

            Eat shit and die mofos

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Gay Jew

            Take the Kosher Cock out of your asshole and read again. He was talking about West is Best and Brother Farzan, not me and Brother Farzan

            Not only are you gay, but you are retarded as well. It seems that your Ema (momma) helps you understand the posts.

            You can now add ‘Mental retardation’ to the list of the reasons for which you shall be executed by us Muslims.

          • moshe dayan

            Zohair the Big Gay One,

            I’m surprised your jealous she-male boyfriend Fart-zan has let you out of the cave. You two Iranian degenerates are on the IDF “Must Be Executed” list.

            Once we Jews invade your shitty country and pulverize it,we’ll focus on rounding up and eliminating you two homos.

            Eat Cock and Die Homo

          • Farzan The Wise

            Sissy Jew

            You parasites will never step foot in the mighty Iran. You pussies will get the us of a to do all your fighting for you again, like always. Your filthy race are so pathetic you got kicked out of your own country. So don’t make us Muslims laugh with your shallow threats. Soon you will be meeting the AK-47 for your sins against Allah.

            Allahu Akbar !
            Death to israel !

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            Tread lightly around these homo sand googles.

            They’re out for one thing and one thing only……aryan and even jew cock.

            Strict orders are to kill them mofos on site.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Poop Pusher Pete

            Us Muslims have a cure for your cum diarrhea…….a bullet to the head from the AK-47.

            You seem to be real fond of jew Moshe, I figured as much. Learn your true enemy queer. I’m not sure which of you have had more jew cock up the ass, you or him. Either way your both on the list of infidels to be executed when Islam takes over the west.

            Alhamdulillah !
            Death to israel !

          • Zohair – The Good One

            More Shit Dayan

            Just for mentioning the Mighty Iran, you have earned yourself the ‘Technologically Advanced Fatwah’

            I don’t even need to detail the superiority of the great Iranian Scientists, not only are they years ahead in applied sciences, their Photoshop Skills are superordinate as well (Search for Qaher-313, which some Zionist cunts are calling ‘Fake’ …Ha! )

            Fagon Pete

            After long deliberation, our Imams have finally decided the appropriate manner in which you shall be executed :

            13 circumcised Jewish Cocks will be shoved down your throat…..and you will indubitably die out of sheer happiness.

            At least you will die happy, we Muslims are benevolent just like that

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Them sorry tits of scarlett’s look just like a pair of saddle bags that I had on my first camel.

    Come to think of it…that blonde slut looks a lot like my first camel.

    • moshe dayan

      Anal Abdullah,

      She probably bears more of a resemblance to your dancing boy Ahgmed.

      Time to start taking your “Aids Cocktail”. That disease is rampant among homos like you..

      Eat cock and die homo

    • The West is the Best

      Anal licker Abdullah

      Thats because your into camel fucking you filthy sick bastard.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        west is gayest

        The sickest thing I’ve ever done is bang your mother.

        And the sickest my cock has ever been was after I banged your mother. She gave me a bad case of the clap.

    • Gay Bob

      Gay Bob here,

      Wow, I stopped in to the Tikrit gloryhole last night. The muslim gangbang action there shocked even a militant hardcore homo like me. Anal Abdullah and Homo Hashim were taking on all cummers in a doggystyle super-bang. These two hungry fags must have taken loads from at least 150 horny muslims. It was the gay male equivalent of what happened to Lara Logan in Tahrir square only with her loving it. Have a lot more respect for these two anal queens this morning.

  • mayhem

    I bet when Scarlett takes a dump, it looks better than any muzlim

    • Anubis

      gayhim –

      When the whore Scarlett took a dump, out popped gayhim.

      • Zohair – The Good One

        Brother Anubis

        I can confirm that this ‘Mayhem’ is a Google. I have been observing him for sometime now.

        He sporadically posts one-liner gibberish in his Googleese, that only a google would understand

        He is the typical google Leech, a parasite if you will, that once attaches itself to you, never lets go

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          No doubt you’ve been “observing” all googles…..while they bathe in the river and fuck water buffalo.

          The worst part…’re wacking off while watching.


          • Zohair – The Good One

            Grand Fagon Pete

            That’s an awfully unconventional manner to admit your fantasy, don’t you think?

            If you want to see Naked Googles taking a Bath, just do it….but don’t expect an applause from us Muslims

      • moshe dayan


        When Anal Abdullah took a dump, out popped a little tar baby likeness of you. Guess when you blow enough semen up another dude’s ass, anything can happen.

        Eat shit and die homo

        • Farzan The Wise

          Gay Jew

          The last time you took a shit your rabbis yarmukle, two dreidels, a map of San Francisco, 11 used condoms and a ton of google jizz came out.

          Allahu Akbar !

          • moshe dayan


            The reason you muslims know so much about what comes out of assholes is that you spend so much time pumping them. Muslims are “asshole experts”, skilled in every type of dark age anal art known to man.

            Eat shit and die homo

        • Anubis

          douche bag gayan –

          I don’t know what sickens us pious Muslims more, your incessant homoqueer fantasy rants, or the incoherent googleese ramblings of that skitskin gayhim.

    • The West is the Best

      Yea and it must smell better also.

  • Alan



    • moshe dayan

      Hmm , move the letters around and we get Anal. Sounds like yet another muslim getting what he really really likes.

      Eat cum and die mofo

  • thesAvior

    You Muslims are dumbasses so don’t complement yourselves by calling eachother google jiz. I am white btw.

    • Anubis

      You’re about as white as that white wannabe pedoqueer freak Michael Jackson was.

      • All muslims are butt licking queers

        Ass lick anupussy

        And you are a gay as they come you go ass to mouth with googles.

        • Anubis

          By that idiotic vile reply, you are no doubt a homo infidel that would have loved to give tongue service to that freaky MJ’s anal orifice.

          Filthy homoqueer pig!

          • All muslims are but licking queers

            Anal rimmer Anuqueer
            You are such a queer now you post about your wanting off black ass first it was hairy asses you have a thing for the male ass one would think you get enough at the gloryhole I guess your a homosexual sex fiend.

            Choke on a black cock queer bastard.

  • CashTheDon

    that’s nasty her pussy is crusty O.o

  • A Person

    If it offends you, then why do you post it? Why do you spend all day, searching/photoshopping thess pictures???

  • mr awsome

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  • mr awsome

    harry pussy

  • Reza the Persian Prince

    Do all Western sluts have such nasty looking pussies?

    • All muslims are butt licking queers

      They only look that way to you cause your a fag.

    • Abdul Kiar

      Most of them from observation brother,a small percentage are untainted,
      but those are the prudes waiting for marriage until they are 30 or 40 to
      lose their virginity,because they are so ugly nobody wants them.

  • Allen

    That is not her. I’ve seen her once before – lonely cousin. It ain’t all that.

  • All muslims are butt licking queers

    Up the ass Abdullah,Fagzan,Gayman Kahlid and Homo Hashim invite all the other homos who post here to a Muslim Buttbang at the Tikrit gloryhole There will also be a camel fucking contest.Up the ass Abdullah will also show the finer points of ass licking this homo event will end with a circle jerk with these queers cumming all over eachother.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      queer ass-licking mofo

      You’ve been butt-fucked so many times that your ass is a regular “hotel for cocks.”

      • All muslims are butt licking queers

        Up the ass Abdullah

        Only a fag would think of a comeback like that.What a moron your head must have hit the wall to many times while your ass was being pumped. Don’t get so angry before your buttbang you won’t be able to get your little muslim cock up to enter the camel fucking contest.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          queer butt licker

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          • All muslims are but licking queers

            Up the ass Abdumbass
            No muslim homo you are the cock king or should I say queen.

  • ALIssa c dicarlo

    I want west to strap on a 12″ dildo over his tiny mushroom cap dick and fuck me in the ass.

    • The West is the Best

      Allways Smelly DiCunto

      My cock is big enough but I would not stick it in your stinking full of Std pussy the only thing that should be shoved up your ass in a dildo made from C-4 but I understand your being an idiot everytime you get butt fucked it Damages your brain.

  • moshe dayan

    Thank YHWH that the homoqueer hypocrite imposter named “Arapaho Injun” has fucked off and gone on a bender with the other pepperoni skinned shemales in his “tribe”. I’m sure he’s selling his wino ass as we speak to get enough cash for a bottle of Thunderbird. If that stuff is too pricey, a bottle of Listerine is good for a high.

    If that lying queer is found anywhere in the holy land, we’ll stuff him into a barrel and use it for drill practice with our Merkava battle tanks.

    Lets hope the fucker puts a soda straw in a car radiator, drinks the antifreeze and dies fast.

    Eat shit and die arapahomo

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your broken hearted rant about arapahomo tells us you miss him stuffing your rectum with his tiny totem pole.

      no doubt he left your glory hole for one with less herpes.

      you homos in love make us Muslims laugh.


    yet another fake picture made by a useless muslim… why you queer muslims talking about peoples dicks does the fact that blacks n whites have the biggest dicks threaten you tiny skinny little cowards oops sorry coward is a brave word for you cockroach’s

  • Osama Bin Laden

    I live!

  • Michael

    Listen, Im not here to speak about infidels. Im a Christian, I have Doctorate in Metaphysics and Theology and have read the Koran and the Talmud as many times as the Bible. I have nothing against you Muslim people or any other for that matter but it seems very strange that Im told to check out this site because of the terrible language. I dont know how any of you, Muslim, Christian or Jew alike could come on this site and write what you write and then call yourselves good people, good Muslims, good Christians. or good Jews its not the nudity that is offensive. God (Yahweh, Allah) made us he sent us into this world naked. As far as I see the pictures of these woman are not offensive, they are not laying there with there legs behind their heads or anything. Im not your judge Did is, but there is one thing, the way you Muslims treat and speak of your women is sin and Allah will teach you that in good time. It would shock you if God turned out to be a woman who chose to be naked. Why dont you find something better to fill your time with. Something that doesnt involve hurting your fellow human in any way whatsoever. Verbally, mentally emotionally or physically. Seems to me only “Infidels” as you put it are all gathered in one place. This site.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mangina michael

      metaphysics is bull shit and an insult to Islam.

      You will be killed on sight when Islam takes over; a bull dog will be shoved up your ass before stoning you with a sledge hammer.

      • tyler durden

        It wouldn’t be a stoning then, would it? Oh and it might also be important to know that Islam is not a religion, but a place, and are not all Muslims. I guess that you and your’ people cannot even agree with each other enough to have a place to call your’ own, so fucking up “real” societies is the only way for you to try to feel some sort of control over a pathetic existence.

  • Abdullah the butcher

    Please stick it in my ass I dream of white dick everyday I’m so sorry America I am so jealous of you

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      gay pete

      shut up you compensating mofo.

      Everybody on this holy site recognizes your impersonating attempts….which always tell the truth of what you want to do.

      go back to the glory hole and stop dreaming of Muslim cock.

      You ain’t ever getting any.

      • Abdullah is dumb

        It’s not even Pete lmao Muslims are so stupid don’t even know

  • Michael

    Hey Heydrick, du machst mich krank, du dreckiger Nazi Arschloch. lernen, wie zu buchstabieren Sie rassistischen Scum.

    • Guy Who Says ” That’s Gay “

      That’s Gay

    • Heydrich

      Ach! Ein weiterer bleeding heart liberal. Aber ich gehe einfach auf Sie – Sie werden eine Auswahl von Lagern haben.

  • Abdul Kiar

    I’m sick of seeing Scarlett Hohansson on this site.

    Is she starving for attention ? Cause it’s not for food as she is a chubber.

    She is too used and old to become a concubine,so she needs to wake
    up and smell the bad odour of her pussy,and realize she is worthy of nothing
    more than a stoning.

  • FrostD3mon

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    I’ll tell you why. Everything is nude, asides from you dirty cunts. you probably shower with a dress and sandles on. Appreciate what you will never get, at least on here you can see what a real woman looks like.

    Oh… and the creator of this site. Fuck you too you little fagget.

  • The World We Have Become

    This company should expand and focus on more things other than what one believes and by the way celebjihad, no one gives a shit about what you think except for you and your holy followers.

  • ……

    you fools r just digging ur own graves & wasting time making the earth warmer even a shit worth more than u all go die .

  • beau

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  • max

    Can we all just not fight, and enjoy the lovely nudes of Scarlet Johansson? ;)

  • lola

    misogynistic pig, she can do what she pleases with her body whether you like it or not. so fuck off you terrible journalist. (:

  • Murika

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    • stfu, muslims be cool

      racist, 1, the arabs are not black, 2, the arabs don’t fuck camels, they fuck women, not camels and 3, they are not illiterate, they have a different alphabet than us

    • Socrates

      You, sir, are the most racist fuck I have ever seen. And without the Middle East, there would be no gas to fuel your hulking ass pickup truck. You are the lowest type of filth on the planet, you inbred cousin-fucker.

      • Michael Lancaster

        we don’t need the middle east for gas and oil anymore. But at least our woman arnt considered and abomonation.

    • Socrates

      You, sir, are the most racist fuck I have ever seen. And without the Middle East, there would be no gas to fuel your hulking ass pickup truck. You are the lowest type of filth on the planet, you inbred cousin-fucker.

    • Socrates

      You, sir, are the most racist fuck I have ever seen. And without the Middle East, there would be no gas to fuel your hulking ass pickup truck. You are the lowest type of filth on the planet, you inbred cousin-fucker.

    • Socrates

      You, sir, are the most racist fuck I have ever seen. And without the Middle East, there would be no gas to fuel your hulking ass pickup truck. You are the lowest type of filth on the planet, you inbred cousin-fucker.

    • Jimmeh

      bin laden’s corpse is not rotting Allah does not allow it

      • Shutthefuckupthe

        Weather Allah allows it or not.. Sorry but common sense for hundreds of years and common science proves you wrong. Most likely he’s crab poop by now. So like it or not it don’t matter he’s bone dust an crap. So get off ur high horse an quit thinking ur god saved an evil self centered maniacal maniac like him. He’s not getting his 72 virgins an peaceful eternity. More like getting ass raped 72 times a day an in agony till the end of time.

      • brucegarthe

        maybe not, but his SOUL sure is! He died without trusting Christ for his salvation and with the blood of THOUSANDS of innocent souls on his hands.

    • Paul Hilburn

      took the words right out of my mouth

    • hamed

      You never know what you are saying Consider the command, and then spoke

  • che g├╝evara

    Fuck kkk….

  • Joe

    this is a photoshopped picture, dumbfuck

    • Flash635

      Yep. Have a look at the real nude pics, the photoshopped one is better.

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    All of u people are so gay. I’m not trying to offend u guys but go suck a dick . Talking to the jackass who created this site

  • Munkey

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