New Scarlett Johansson Naked Cell Phone Pic Leaked

Scarlett Johansson naked

A new Scarlett Johansson cell phone pic has reportedly been leaked online from the same “hacker” who released the naked Scarlett Johansson photos from last week.

As you can see the new leaked photo appears to be of Scarlett Johansson in a thong reading some sort of screenplay to a horrible movie she will almost certainly eagerly star in. Scarlett Johansson’s ass appears to have swallowed the majority of the thong, but a piece of white fabric remains to cover her vagina.

If this is in fact another scandalous picture of Scarlett Johansson, then it will serve as yet another disturbing example of the extreme morally bankrupt state of the modern day celebrity starlet.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    At first, I thought that was scarlett’s head photoshopped onto the ass of a walrus but after careful deliberation, I have concluded that no walrus could have an ass that big.

    This pic is authentic.


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          • Rainman


          • 123456789

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          • james

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          • fddfg

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          • Jonny

            Don’t speak for all Americans you ignorant douchebag. I’m American and don’t seem to have any problem caring about people of other religions and creeds.

          • Slayer

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        • ShutYourPieHole

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          • jack

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          • khanng

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        • Manu

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          • Walrus

            Islam is not a retarded religion nor all the Americans or Christians. People like you are the one who gives Islam and Christianity a bad image for those who don’t know the religion. Have you not learned anything from school?? I mean, hasn’t no one told you never generalize, because every person is different from on another.
            If a person is a big jerk and he claims to be a Muslim, it doesn’t mean that all Muslims are jerk. We don’t even know if someone calling himself a Muslim qualifies to be a Muslim. Same goes for Christianity an Americans. The point is you can tell me that all Muslims are bad or Christians and Americans are bad if and only if, you know all the Muslims, Christians and Americans in the world. Otherwise, kill yourself!!!

        • Lye

          Wait… No one can’t tease islam? So… There are people who can tease islam? Before you say something stupid trying to troll around your religion maybe you should learn the proper use of the language you’re trying to troll in. “No one can’t tease islam” is a double-negative. if you know anything about mathematics (which you should, I mean for fucks sake Algebra is an Arabic word), then you know that a negative multiplied by a negative results in a positive. So… Good job there buddy. Way to make not only yourself seem like a backwater fanatic, but always your religion. *Lye claps his hands in admiration for your stupidity.*

        • GLondon

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        • Eli

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          • smart

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      • mikie

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        • Alex

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          • Nate Yung

            I just had to jump in this for to main reasons. 1st being that but everyone is should be commenting about the beautiful picture that is above all this please excuse my french BULLSHIT talk about Arab, American, British ect. stuff. Who cares that was in the past. Everyone always say some crap about something and starts a chain reaction of racial difference. Sorry everyone but this B-S talk online is really useless, i don’t know if everyone is kidding which i do hope they are if not please don’t comment bad stuff anymore after this comment. Your making your self look bad and your other from your background so please no more B-S talk ok :] thanks and no ones religion is stupid, saying someones religion is stupid is like saying your own religion is stupid you believe in what you have faith in and its there right to follow that they like, so don’t go judging others. Well that’s all I got to say and please if you dont got anything good to say please keep it to your self’s :]

          • Eli

            we aint talkin about hot white women, googles only get the fat ugly leftovers that we dont want… kinda like the mexicans only get the nasty degrading jobs that we dont want… get your facts straight darkie…

        • Lye

          Did you know that 72% of all statistical figures are pulled directly out of the air? I literally just made that up, exactly like you did! Yay.

      • Dudeman

        All religions are made up. Everyone needs to drop the superiority complex because if you are religious you are a gullible ignorant fool that believes whatever people say growing up. Read the bible cover to cover like I have, it’s the best way to become an atheist.

        • Evin

          You really believe that? If there is no god, whoevers god that may be, how did anything ever come to exist? Did the universe just appear? Did life just happen? Explain how an explosion makes life? It’s people like you who make me sick. I hope you do become a tree like you believe, so that you can get cut down and have the bible printed on you.

          • Anonymous

            Mk, first off, it was a singularity that expanded (not exploded) to the point of critical mass, thus making everything we know of today, such as life. Best way to prove someone wrong is to be right, which you weren’t even close to being. And if there was a god, would he want you to wish someone to become a tree and get cut down. And personally, as an atheist, for someone reason I don’t think I’ll die and magically become a tree.

      • mahmoud

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        • Ty USA

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      • cris

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    • mikie

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    • To Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Brad

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    • Peace_2_all_nations4eva

      All of u should be a both Allah and God would be ashamed to hear such talk this world created segregation amongst brethren, n until we all (the world) realize we are all one and should help one another every one could live in peace, remove this pollution n poison from ur tongues, Love conquers all, we all have faults as a whole, but speaking to each other in this matter only creates hate, war etc. Love (God) has been turned into a sign of weakness when it is the biggest power of any power it creates bigger worlds and gives life to the lifeless, instead of Hurtin each with that’s n hurtful worlds, talk change, recovery, this world does not belong to one unit or units of nations it belongs to all of us bc we make this world, it is without void b/c of us, we are both wrong for our ways all nation should change n promoted peace without strife or maliciousness n personal agendas, genuine peace to all of my brothers white, black, Muslim Asian etc u are all me! God bless

    • j

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  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    I’m not sure if she was wearing a thong or her fat ass sucked in her granny panties I say granny panties due to her extended panty line. Only if she could keep her clothes on she’d be respectable enough to be accepted into our glorious faith where she’d be elevated to have almost as much rights as my trusty goats and camel.

    She needs to be like the characters in great Islamic films like Girl With A Pearl Earring where she plays a slave to a Muslim artist named Jalam Vremer or Lost in Translation where she leaves her infidel husband, converts to Islam and, soon after, joins Bill Murray’s harem in Tokyo. Then only may she join our ranks.

    • Fkin Arab terrorists

      glorious faith?
      Ali bin don’t u mean A country fool of mindless zombies who goes around blown themselves in the fked up faith that when they die like that they will go to heaven and will be greeted by a thousand virgins?
      Thats not heaven remove the sheets and u will see a thousand penis dangling ready to be Suked by none other then the fkin bomber

    • shifty

      all organized religion is the same. islam, christanity, judasim, etc all came from the same area FEAR IS YOUR ONLY GOD

    • Joseph

      Guys. Lets stop the fight and enjoy some sexy photos of scalett jonhansson. Mmmmm~

  • Anubis

    If she wants to compete with all the Disney and Nickelodeon sluts, she’ll need to spice it up a bit, like shoving that pen up her ass and letting it stick out some. I don’t think that is white panties she has on covering her lady parts. I suspect it is a pile of cum that has been oozing out of her snatch.

    Maybe Victoria’s new google beau had just visited her, or she just had sex with Michael Jackson’s former butt buddy Bubbles Jackson (hard to tell, they both look alike). All this sick perversion is typical of celebrity harlots.

    • noneofyourbuisness

      seriously?a huge pile of cum oozing out of her?do you yourself believe what you are saying.i swear.does all islams have a pea for a brain

    • GLondon

      Anubis – Egyptian God of Assholes

  • Sugar S.

    This photo is not Scarlett, Look at the ear and arm! someone trying to pass a fast one. However the other one’s are real.

  • mahummed

    Its not a naked pic you stupid ass muslims wanna be’s. Shes wearing clothes.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      In Islam, any female not wearing a burka is considered naked, you dumbass mofo.

      • abdullah

        please put a little more effort in.

        you’re running out of ideas.


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      • noneofyourbuisness

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      • K.Bama

        Well Butcher for you to think that a women is nude because she don’t have a fuckin sheet wrapped
        Around her head just proves how dumb all You rag head sand google mother fuckers are.

        And FUCK Allah!!!!!

  • ahhgmed

    I shall fill this infidel whore’s polluted womb with mighty muslim warriors.

    • You are awful at this, kiddo

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      • ahhgmed

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    • fuckyouahhgmed

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        stupid asshole

        Muslim men know that all women are infected with the curse of Eve and can be talked into anything.
        Muslim women want us to keep them honorable and are happy that we keep them from sin.

        You western whores are a disgrace and an abomination and us Muslims will eventually put all you western sluts in a burka and beat you with rubber hoses and snake whips when you disobey your new masters.

        • fuckyouahhgmed

          You sad sad insecure little boy!
          “Muslim men know that all women are infected with the curse of Eve and can be talked into anything”… NO you sad excuse for a man, you TELL YOURSELF this is how they think, But you are so insecure in yourselves as men you delude yourself into truly believing this. IT is alright for your men to cheat, lie and do and say so many disgraceful unholy things, like raping a girl who doesn’t dress to your liking, or that YOU cant hold in YOUR temptations. YOU men are such pigs, yet you blame women for your problems. Why is there such unequal values, if a woman spoke in the tone you did above than she would be stoned, but its alright for you to joke… And btw you will never get a burka on a western girl, as they stronger in spirit and heart then any of you pathetic deluded brainwashed extremist pigs.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            stupid asshole

            Western women are drunken whores and they are stupid.

            Once we take over, they will wear the burka. They will have no choice.
            Us Muslims tell women what to do.

            You talk big now bitch but when given the choice of wearing the burka or having your teeth knocked out, your tits cut off and all your female relatives done to the same way……and then all of you sluts sold to googles in afrika for hut slaves and sex concubines……….given those options……you too will wear the burka. And you’ll like it.

        • FedUp Woman

          Adam was just as guilty as Eve was… He listened to HER. And as for the picture above, you have no right to call her a whore because she is in the comfort of her own home and someone probably really hacked her cam on her computer. By the way Abdullah God is in control, not Allah. There is a big difference, and everyone will be judged. You will not get virgins in “heaven” for suicide… you will go straight to hell if you do not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            cock fed woman

            Shut up bitch. You’re too ignorant to have an opinion about anything.

            Also, in your degenerate west…it is halloween…not april fools day….so stop with the jesus jokes.

          • I’m a worthless arab….

            There is no god or allah, when you die thats it, you die, you rot in a hole in the ground and are soon forgotten, so go ahead and blow yourself up, the sooner the better so that we are rid of yo and so you can find out that there are no virgins after death there is nothing…..

          • fuck americans

            we muslims respect jesus because jesus is one of our prophets that is known as Nabi ISA.we muslims don understand why ur making up this fucking religion because ur the who killed jesus !!! remember that!!

        • bigcced

          That is some really funny shit man … good luck with that shit.

        • whataworld

          what ever happend to people being civilized. All these comments are nothing but about how much the Islamic people wanna take over the world. What the fuck are you gonna do that with oh let me guess a vest full of c-4. You know those 72 virgins are nothing but gay guys on world of warcraft. Do yourself a favor since you’ll never amount to anything kill yourself. You’ll do the world some good then. Or I can kick your ass and then you can use that towel on your head to clean yourself up.

          • whataworld

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        • james

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        • Americans

          Americans rule and u go to war w/ us itll be done in less than a second cuz we are the strongest army in the history of man

        • You’reoverzealous

          How can anyone who talks of beating women with hoses and snake whips and claim that they are “cursed”(sorry bro, magic isn’t real. i know that might be a bit of a shocker at this point in 2012 lol) criticize a society where women are encouraged to be themselves and independent? Alright, admittedly few of them are pretty whorish, as ALL of us men are but don’t be irrational about it xD.

          Also, i understand you might live in a war-torn country and ride camels to work in your poppy fields, but there exists a computer program called photoshop, and 9 times out of 10, if you see a celebrity showing her ass crack in such a manner, it’s a photoshopped image. that 1 out of 10 is a publicity stunt, and believe it or not they most likely make a lot of money from that kind of shit. See; Kim Kardashian. Just throwin that out there.
          And you won’t be taking anything over. I’m pretty sure if uncle sam’s retarded ass wanted to wipe you guys out it would have happened already.

        • noneofyourbuisness

          sure.whatever to keep your muslim ass fromm getting whiped.and your worthless dignity

        • This is for you butcher

          If I ever saw a sexist ignorant closed minded douchebag like you I will stab him with a rusty fork. You are so trap inside your religion that everyone that does not obey your gods wish is an infidel, or pussified mofo. Not everybody believes in your god and you should at least respect that. But after all is not your fault you were raised to be a closed minded full of hatred person.

        • This is for you butcher

          If I ever saw a sexist ignorant closed minded douchebag like you I will stab him with a rusty fork. You are so trap inside your religion that everyone that does not obey your gods wish is an infidel, or pussified mofo. Not everybody believes in your god and you should at least respect that. But after all is not your fault you were raised to be a closed minded full of hatred person.So fuck you very muck

        • This is for you butcher

          If I ever saw a sexist ignorant closed minded douchebag like you I will stab him with a rusty fork. You are so trap inside your religion that everyone that does not obey your gods wish is an infidel, or pussified mofo. Not everybody believes in your god and you should at least respect that. But after all is not your fault you were raised to be a closed minded full of hatred person.So fuck you very much

        • This is for you butcher

          If I ever saw a sexist ignorant closed minded douchebag like you I will stab him with a rusty fork. You are so trap inside your religion that everyone that does not obey your gods wish is an infidel, or pussified mofo. Not everybody believes in your god and you should at least respect that. But after all is not your fault you were raised to be a closed minded full of hatred person.So fuck you very much asshole

        • GLondon

          To Abdullah the Toilethead:

          Only women who belong in a Burkah are the butt-ugly ones, of whom I’ve seen many in the MidEast. Back in the day I trained Israeli Pilots to drop bombs on YOUR head and all like you.

          Tell you what…you try that beekeeper outfit on OUR women, and they alone will rise up and remove your balls…one at a time.

          You idiots start this crap up every one or two hundred years going back to the early 7th. Century. You’ve gotten the utter snot beat out of you, EVERY TIME, but you seem to be too insular and stupid to realize that now, in the 21st. Century…you are screwing around with a Country for which it represents a half-days’ work to remove ALL you mutts from this Earth.

          Don’t push it.

        • Anonymous

          Muhammed could you please explain the “curse of eve?” because according to the koran we are all aflicted by the actions she took from the influence of Satan. Learn your holy book before you spew it onto others you ignorant abomination,

    • james

      fucking terrorist ur religin is fucking bull shit your all gunna die motherfucker

      • Mohamed ilyas

        U ignorant fool, what do u know about muslim, what do you know about religion. it seems u r just a kid. Me as a muslim proud to be a muslim because it wont allow u to insult other religions, insult other human being, and I am following this rule through my life and will for the rest of my life. Islamic rules are for our safety and security and happiness. some bending the rules for their benefits, but I severely believe that Allah will punish those rascals first before punishing guys like u. First judge urself how u r when u express ur feeling, then judge others my dear friend. Islam teaches the way of living from ur birth till ur death and no religion in this whole world teaches u clearly what u need to do and what u need not to. What u see in ur life, what u learnt in ur life is just a drop my friend, what u dont know is an ocean. Try to accept that. Honestly saying I do not want to hurt you, but the way u r thinking about islam is wrong, which i cant accept.

        • Jtmblz

          Wow, someone with sense it seems. 95% of the people posting comments on this site seem to be almost completely illiterate. I am a Christian man, a US Army Soldier, an EMT and just plain someone who has dedicated his life to public service because God has called me to do so.. First off, I do not personally care what someone else’s beliefs are, be it Islam, Christian, Buddhist or whatever it does not make a difference to me. Even in the event that we who believe in a higher power are wrong, what point is it to try to insult us? Are we not the ones(at least most of us) trying to lead good lives and be peaceful? People have been manipulating religion for their own purposes throughout all time.. Think of the ancient Greeks and Romans? The Egyptians? The list goes on, but those people are the minority. Unfortunately in this world the negative will always out way the positive and those minorities have a louder voice. Second, It is my personal belief that we Christians and Muslims alike that we serve the same God, be it in different ways. I have been around the world and developed wonderful relationships with Muslims. There is nothing good in the way you people try to insult each other. Do you really think God is proud of you speaking in that way to ‘Defend’ him? Shoot, God is definitely not proud that any of us are here looking at this picture in the first place, and yes that’s me included. So before you ignorant fools start speaking and insulting each other, look at yourselves and realize that we all are sinners because we are HUMAN and that’s just what we are. I am a hard working, God fearing, husband, father of two, who tries my hardest to respect people based on the way they act not by what name they call God. When you are hurt and need my care I will not hesitate based on the color of your skin or even if you were recently fighting against me. Why do I do that? Because God had instructed me to that’s it. Deep in my soul I am just as racist, hating, resentful,spiteful and whatever else you may say but what sets me aside is the fact that I try and respect people. There is so much more to life than screaming at one another about whose beliefs are the right ones because in the end who here has left this world and moved on to see what lies beyond? I know heaven be a wonderful place but that belief is based on things I have felt and done not that I have been there. So you people who sit here with hate and bigotry, look at yourselves, kneel down and pray, and ask Him if he is proud of the way you speak. God bless you because Allah Akbar.

          • Christianity is bullshit

            Hypocrite Jtmblz,

            You beleive in an invisible man in the sky who wants you to do ten things for you and even if someone is a good person if they are not christian they will be sent to hell, a place where those who disobeyed God’s will suffer for all eternity and burn and choke and scream and be tortured until the end of time.

            But he loves you.

            Look, if you are a good person that is great, but anything christian does not lead to anything good. It may look like a religion for the sake of good, but in reality it’s the ultimate excuse for hypocrisy.

            Not only Christianity but every other popular religion in general, such as Islam, use there “morals”, if you will, as an excuse for everything wrong they do.

          • The messenger

            Lisson Mr. Chirstianity is bullshit. You will only go to he’ll if you sin. Not if you don’t believe.

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        • Lu

          Dani, please, stop being a Portuguese pest. This website is writen in English, so write it in the current language.

          Actually, we (Brazilians) don´t need to be seeing as pests on internet.

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          there’s no point in doing any of these thing you believe in Muhammad(no sure if i wrote it right) and we believe in God who i believe is the only God.

          and plus if there were no teleband we would be outta your country by now no would have had you die because of them men and women lost there relatives and family’s.

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      Posted on What a story. I was one of those kids caught up in the Davy Crockett ctazre in the 50s and being a John Wayne fan thoroughly loved the movie. Here is something we should all doget out our copies of the Constitution and read it. I am an unemployed Civics/History teacher and have a lot of time on my hands, so that is exactly what I have been doing. Guess what I found? 1) Article One, Section 7, Clause 12: congress shall have power to raise and support armies, but no appropriations shall be longer than for a term of two years. (How long as this idiotic war been going on in the Mid-East?) 2) More importantlycheck this out: 2) Article Two,Section 4: The President, VP, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office for Impeachment and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes. (Bribery?the list goes on.) 3) Article Four, Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion. (The slime Obama isnt the first president to ignore this one. Illegal aliens are an invasion. 4) Article Two, Section 1, Clause 5: No person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States shall be eligible for the Office of President. (Guess who broke this rule?)Now lets look at history:John Marshall, First Supreme Court Justice ruled that Any law passed by Congress that is contrary to or inconsistent with the Constitution is VOID! In the case of Marbury v Madison, 1803, (taught in all law schools), any act of the Legislature, repugnant to the Consitution is VOID! The Congress has already broken the law of the land. What more do you people need before you get out your guns, gas up your SUVs, buy some good walking boots and march on Washington?

      • ha

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      • theheadchimp

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        Thank you for agreeing with me. Portuguese is to Spanish like English is to google ebonics. Btw that is not sarcasm just truthfulness…

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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