New Avatar 2 Trailer

Avatar 2 movie

Here is the new trailer for Avatar 2. It looks pretty good.

Of course I haven’t seen the first Avatar film because I refuse to support Zionist run Hollywood. Besides who needs 3D movies when I can just stare out the window of my room here at the South Shore Care Center in Oxnard, CA and watch nature.

I tell you watching two squirrels chase each other, or a army of ants marching around on the ground is probably just as good as any 3D movie James Cameron makes. One time this bird almost flew into my window and I was “Wow”. You just can not get that kind of experience in a theater!

Anyway without further ado here is the trailer for Avatar 2.

  • josh

    that was retarded

  • lalex

    your a dork dude….please get a life

  • df



  • jf

    dude that is soooo fucking fake scary movie was more real then that and that is sad *not bout scary movie* get a life

  • Alli

    Get a life. No offense but that was crap. Find the real trailer.

  • dani

    get a life you freak! some people actually like avatar and wanna know what the 2nd one will be like.

  • Mar

    I’m a beeeeg avatar fan, and I think it’s quite funny what this is all about, although it should inculde a disclaimer at the beginning which warns that it’s a spoof or something.

    Otherwise it’s just plain rude.

    And funny at the same time.

    But mostly rude.

  • Dazjah

    Omfg!!!! That was sooooo stupid who would do tht (oh wait u would). i try 2 find the second movie all the time and wht do i find this stupid crap! atleast give it a different cover so we dont think its reall!!!
    :d dumb tht movie is just plane dumb

  • roleman

    Ok, i absolutely love avatar, near enough know half of it off by heart.

    Yet you lot are moaning that youve been surfing the web looking for avatar 2 trailer. If you actually use your brains, when the trailer comes out it will be hitting every news web site in the world. So why dont you all be patient and stop moaning at the person that made this video. BE PATIENT AND GET A GRIP.

    Also, if this film actually come, i would go and see it. Id like to see this in a scary movie. Think it would be pretty damn funny to be honest.

    My argument over. And dont tell me im wrong, because im not.


  • jesse

    did you honestly waste your precious time on this planet to make a fake trailer?grow the fuck up idiot.

  • Robert

    The only thing good about avatar was the graphics. Plot line sucked balls, incredibly cliche, I knew what was coming around every “corner”. It’s pretty much dances with wolves in space. And this video was made by some other guys, Idk who, I’ve just seen a few links so this guy didn’t waste any of his time he just posted the video here and wrote up two paragraphs to make you people look stupid for thinking that the trailer was out, so jokes on you. You really can’t criticize this man, he obviously knows more than you since he has more things to do with his day then look up avatar 2 trailers. So kudos to you durka durka, you have good taste in comedy.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Avatar was the worst movie I have seen since that Zionist propaganda rag called “The 10 Commandments.”
    it is a well known fact that Hebrews caused many problems for ancient Egyptians and that they did not escape bondage but were kicked out of Egypt. The assholes then went to Palestine and stole land!
    But back to Avatar.
    This movie made me vomit with it’s sorry subliminal message that the inferior blue aliens should be equal with kuffar industrialists. In my opinion the aliens were one notch above most infidels and two notches above the dreaded Zionists.
    This movie also suffered by using homoqueer colors for the plants and animals. No decent animal would go around with a homofag color scheme.
    This movie was totally unrealistic and needs to be suicide bombed as soon as possible.