Natalie Portman Strips Naked For Jude Law

Natalie Portman Jude Law naked

Natalie Portman strips naked for Jude Law while promoting the re-release of their film “Closer”.

As you can see in the disturbing photo above, Natalie Portman feigns modesty as she pulls down her panties in what is obviously a publicity stunt for the film in which Natalie portrays a stripper.

Yes this photo of Natalie Portman stripping naked is truly a case of slutty life imitating degenerate art. May Allah smite this vile Jewess soon.

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    • Jill

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  • Moishe Goldberg


    This movie came out like 8 years ago. If this was real it would have been all over the internet by now. A Jew would never stoop so low and act slutty like this. We are rich, educated, and classy. Only stupid goy do this.

    • miguel

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