Natalie Portman Sex With Ashton Kutcher Video

Natalie Portman Ashton Kutcher

Actress and Jew Natalie Portman was caught on tape having passionate sex with Ashton Kutcher, and I can not help but feel they did this just to offend us Muslims.

Natalie Portman Ashton Kutcher

Were do I even begin to tell you what is offensive with this sex scene. For one Natalie Portman just got engaged. Although her fiance is a French ballerina who probably joins getting cuckold, women having sex outside of marriage is still a violation of Sharia Law. Unless of course the husband sells the rights to his wife in which case sex is permitted provided the wife is stoned to death after for committing adultery.

Another offensive aspect to this Portman Kutcher sex scene is that she climbs on top of him and vigorously rides him like a camel. The Qur’an is very clear that the only sexual position that is permitted is doggystyle, because it is the most moral and quite frankly feels the best. Missionary position is only permitted if the woman has injured her back plowing the fields, and even then she must swear not to make eye contact with the man during the act.

Yes this Natalie Portman Ashton Kutcher sex tape is extremely offensive to Muslims. I can not help but feel that this was done intentionally to antagonize us. Well it has worked, expect a fatwa to be issued shortly. Allahu Akbar!

  • IHateCelebs

    This out of control harlot cannot control her sexual impulses. Soon she will be humping the gearshift of her Aston Martin and the doorknobs in her mansion will smell like tuna and matzoh.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It is against Sharia Law for a woman to have sexual relations in the top position.
    This skanky jew, natalie, has went too far, in her campaign of terror, against Islam.
    Female on top sex is a crime against Allah, and human nature, and anyone who flaunts it, must be stopped.
    It is time to issue the Fatwa and make her accountable for her crimes.


    • YourMom

      Dude this was just for a scene in a movie, they don’t really have sex, the actors nake it look like they are but in reality it’s just an illusion

  • will

    abdullah the bullshitter
    i see your still on this site talking the same old crap, so now you saying woman are not suppose
    to be on top now thats funny, all the bullshit your faith tells you to do now your saying it tells you how to
    have sex lol, go fuck your goat abdulla i bet your allowed to do that in any position.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I ‘ll fuck my goat…… the day your mother stops being a whore……..which by the way will never happen!
      Listen up ignoramus….Islam provides instruction for all aspects of life. but, if you knew this, you would not be a worthless heathen.

      And…, being a stupid infidel, do not understand why anything is right or wrong. So it is useless to explain to you why the woman on top position is sinful. But we Muslims understand fully….and that is all that matters

      I will say this to you: go and kill yourself, you stupid ass motherfucker.

      Eat shit and die mofo


      • Reality

        You religious morons amuse and frustrate me, you say your religion gives you instructions on all aspects of life? It’s a book written by men idiot, sexually terrified men who knew how pathetic they were and so tried to hide behind ‘rules’ implying that women are inferior and must be controlled.

        You have been brainwashed into thinking that perfectly natural things are evil based on violent control freaks opinions from a time long gone, the rest of the world is evolving and you guys are still in the fucking dark ages, stoning a woman for having sex? Is it because the other guy might be better than you? Die and get virgins – so they don’t know what a terrible lover is right? The whole religion and culture is based on sexual fear and the threat of violence to anyone that thinks differently because you can’t prove, justify or even back up a word of it.

        Your religion is a primitive form of control used to keep people in line, and you are still too stupid to quesion a thing. Blind obedience, you’re not even alive you’re a drone controlled by someone higher up in the organisation that actually knows what a croc of shit it all is. Why do you think your powerfull religious leaders visit the west? So they can get high and fuck like rabbits then go preach to you about your sins and you go along, say thanks and donate money (funding the next trip).

        See how the rest of the world is deveoping technology, expanding cities and improving life for people, you guys just kill each other and the neigbours (ironic since your beleif systems are quite similar) and live in the war torn equivalent of a third world. Oh yeah, your religion has great instrucions on how to live life. You should be sterilised for the good of the species. The only saving grace here is if we ignore you long enough you’ll probably wipe yourselves out, violent primitive cultures do this a lot throughout history. Nobody will mourn, nobody will shed a tear, this world is safer and better without you and the blind idiots like you.

        Do a little research, find out who actually wrote your ‘Holy Book’, look into science, evolution, philosophy and philanthropy. Try to improve yourself rather than tearing down others. It might not be too late for the odd individual (if the term applies in your fairytale religion), but the time for you fanatics is coming to an end, the world can only tolerate this kind of aggression for so long, then if you haven’t exterminated yourselves, i’m sure the USA will be more than happy to wipe you off the face of the Earth. Remember Hiroshima? Society will only take so many cheap shots then you will pay in blood, and we all know that if it was a real war (not cowardly terror attacks), your whole continent wouldn’t last a week.

        This isn’t aginst you personaly, i pity you and anyone else that has so little faith in themselves that they must beleive in magic stories to alleviate the fear inside them. If you only take one thing from my little rant let it be this –

        Any being that requires worship or obedience is not superior. Just insecure and cowardly. Anyone that would follow said being is gullible, desperate and doomed.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          You need a dose of reality

          Fuck you asshole!
          That pile of boring bullshit you spent an hour typing is about as worthless as the dna that went into the sperm cell which brought you into the world.

          We Muslims are the owners of this world and we make the rules.
          And rule number 1…no boring ass, infidel philosophy allowed.

          Save your rants for Jr. college but keep your disturbed opinions to yourself while at this site.

          Also, when Islam takes over…you will be one fucked up mofo!

          Eat shit and die asshole

          • hahaha

            Wow, you either can’t read or you have the attention span of a 3 year old.

            By the way, admitting that sperm and DNA are what brought him into the world contradicts everything you were taught in the qoran. Remind me where the chapter is that covered the science behind child birth? Oh yeah, not in there.

        • John

          GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The messenger

          The messenger says:
          July 17, 2012 at 12:37 pm
          The messenger says:
          July 8, 2012 at 8:32 pm
          God won’t punish you for mere skepticism. He only punishes you if you do bad things like steal, lie, cheat or kill another human being and not in self defense. Jesus forgives all people. But in order to be forgiven you must feel triely sorry for the bad things you did and you have to be willing to make up for them, and you must show kindness to all people nomatter who they are or what bad things they have done in the past. You must forgive the people who do bad things to you, even if they don’t feel sorry for what they did.

          And if you want proof that God exist then read this story that happend to me when I was only two months old. And believe it or not this is a trie story I promise.

          I was in my mothers arms and she was sitting in a chair trying to get me to go to sleep. But no one knew that I had ammonia which caused my lungs to fill partially up with mucus like substance. My face turned blue and I stoped breathing for several minnetes. I was about tondi when out of no where my mobile that was hanging in my room started playing music. It had one of those tiny winedup music players on it. But the interesting thing was that it needed to be wound up in order to play music, but no one wound it upland it started playing out of nowhere. The sound of that music woke my mom long enough for her to realize that I was suffocating to death on my own mucus. The sound of everyone panicking was heard by my niebor who just happend to be a doctor. He came and gave me CPR to keep me breathing long enough for an ambulance to come and pick me up and drive me to the hospital. After they got all the mucus out of my lungs and fully cured me of ammonia my parrents took me home. And on my first night back home my mobile started up by it’s self again.

          Now think for a second. How could a mobile start up all by it’s self only twice in 14 years, and was it just a coincidence that my niebor who just happend to be a doctor was awak at 2:00 in the morning and just happened hear the noise of my parents Pannicking. Most of the time I was in the hospital my father and mother and my grandfather where praying to God to let me live.

          It was a miracle from God.

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  • will

    your goats a bigger whore than my mother is you dirty fuck, like i dont know if anything
    is write or wrong, your mother been a whore/slave/sexslave and married since age 7
    like most muslim woman, well i can tell you thats wrong,

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I know one thing, you dumbass cocksucker… the difference between right and write.

      I also detect that you are a google.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • will

        ok abFullah shit, i misspelt right with write big woop, but tell me this what school in iraq did
        they teach you to (write) good english?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          rosetta stone you dumbass mofo!

  • one

    if you were true muslim, you shouldnt even be visiting this page. but therein lies your fallacies and the truth only naive people cast their eyes… orthidox/militant muslims as a whole are fuckin stupid and should be lucidly decapitated for their sacrilege to the one true god, whomever he or she may be. yea, i said SHE bitchez!!! how would YOU know? bet you’ll find out one of these days :)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      one dumb infidel

      You suck ass you stupid mofo.
      You know nothing of islam so shut the fuck up.

      What you want to happen to us…we are going to do to you!
      Suck on that asshole!

      Eat shit and die mofo


      • VOTEBNP

        Mate I can’t wait until Pakistan gets the fuck blown outta it by a Tsar bomb. Then we’ll see who’s laughing, you’re a fuking paki and you should just blow yourself up, well that is what you usually do nowadays. There is no Allah you stupid brainwarped twat

  • one more

    i may have forgotten, did i mention that you suck christ’s cock? my bad.
    and while you were hate-thinking or whatever it is you do to pass the time, ive got any woman you could even dream of ridin my cock, (maybe not alba, but way better than the masturbator toys than you got) betcha ive got more virgins than YOU could ever dream of in your make-believe PIG world, you unclean and ill-enlightened dirt licker. snaaaarf

  • one more

    haha listen to the way you talk! this has gotta be comedy! OR ARE YOU JUST IG NOR ANT?!!!! GUFFAWWW!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      one more

      You’ve clearly shown one significant thing with your posts.
      You’ve shown that you’re a google.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Reality

        And you’re a racist ignorant uneducated hatemonger. You just attack, i suspect you don’t listen or try to discuss because you know you have nothing to argue with. No justification for any of your beliefs because they were beaten into you. These are not even opinions you’re posting, not yours anyway, simply by being on this site you have broken at least one of your sacred laws, how can you preach rules to others you are incapable of following yourself?

        Moronic hypocrite!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          needs reality

          Also…you are tied with the crappy ifidel for, “most boring asshole of 2011.”

    • youre missing something

      hey burgundy bastards news flash islam only exists because of the one true god when abraham had hisfirst cchild god said he wasnt the child he planned to be the one whose desendendants would do great thingsbut that this son would still do great things and this son started islam the worlds most pathetic religion and what about all the people you guys kill hmm i mean half the time youre killing each other and the other half ur killing americans

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        missing your fucking mind

        Go and snort some exlax you ignorant mofo; hopefully that will flush the shit from your skull.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • John

          Abdullah The Butcher: YOU MUST LIKE SHIT…. On most of your post you write, “Eat shit and die mofo” Do you like PIG SHIT, GOAT SHIT, DOG SHIT, Human SHIT, American SHIT, ASIAN SHIT…. and the part of, “mofo”. Does Islam teach that also, to stick your own mother? What a PIG… SO SHUT THE FUCK UP……

  • theheadchimp

    one more
    How come all the stupid assholes like you always have to talk about perverted sex? This is an educational site and your profane posts are disgusting and rude. Don’t be such a dumb cocksucker ok?

  • fool.

    who are you to tell anyone to have what kind of SEX POSITION that you’re suppose to be in? quran quran quran, wat the fuck, terrorist exist thanks to your FUCKING QURAN.

    thanks to your dumb syaria law, even WHEN a female was being rape by YOU quran fags, that particular female will be executed AND stone to death and the rapist is FREE OF CHARGES thanks to your DUMB fucking quran.
    ACCORDING TO QURAN, this ‘particular’ female tempted the rapist to rape her, and therefore resulting in the guy FORCING TO RAPE HER. WAT THE FUCK!? This happen recently ok, google it up. Who the fuck living on this earth will be stone to death even being rape after? ONLY QURAN FAGS. FUCKING FAIL RELIGION. FAIL TEACHING, AND MOST OF ALL, FUCK YOUR POLYGAMOUS TEACHING. FUCKING SICK AND URE TELLING US WAT POSITION WE’RE SUPPOSE 2 HAVE? FUCK OFF. RESPECT THE FEMALES

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Congratulations, you are now a candidate for, “stupidiest google of 2011.”

  • fool.

    yeah quran teaches you how to swear like a barbarian, thanks to you now i noe islam is a barbaric religion, thanks for enlightening me :) . Oh yeah btw quran DID NOT teach you faggots not to terrorize the world am i rite? No wonder terrorism is okay for you guys. Yeah go and hump ur quran doggiestyle hypocrite barbarian X). Any country which whom the ruler are muslims, are all failed country. Besides being corrupter the citizen are living in poverty thanks to the absurd teaching of your fucking quran. fucking extremist fuck off. Oh yeah and you noe why muslims don’t eat pigs? cuz ur ancestors are pigs, therefore you dont eat ur own ancestor.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      biggest fool

      Obviously, you have consumed too much thunderbird, and are out of your mind drunk.
      Why can’t you googles do anything in moderation?
      I’ll tell you why; you ass-wipes are mentally defective and incapable of rational behavior.
      So keep your drunken opinions to yourself Sambo…..we Muslims don’t give a shit about what you think.

      Eat shit and die mofo


  • Rubble10

    Okay, Fool, or whoever you are, you do realize this website is probably run by a bunch of stupid white people who have no idea what the hell the quran says, this is what THEY think it says and its all bullshit because i’ve actually read it. And if this website isnt run by a bunch of useless white guys and its actually muslims then im not surprised everyone thinks muslims are mad. Your not only offensive, your NOT funny at all, its sad that you dont respect anything at all, and that this website is the only outlet for you to feel special in your pathetic, empty lives. Honestly, even if you dont believe in god, its sick to twist someone’s beliefs and believe me karma’s going to be a bitch. YOU ARE NOT MUSLIMS, your one of those sad confused brown people that have no idea what the hell their taking about and its sad that this shit is on the internet. Do yourselves a favour and delete this website, its bloody shit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Congratulations….you are currently number one in the running for the, “biggest asshole who posts like a 13 year old girl having her period” of 2011.

      Eat shit and die you bloody mofo

    • IHateCelebs

      Barney Rubble10 has a little problem differentiating between “its” and “it’s” not to mention “your” and “you’re” and “they’re” and “their.”

      Barney Rubble10 also doesn’t understand the usage of the apostrophe in contractions, proper capitalization, or the concept of the run-on sentence.

      Notice how Barney Rubble10 spells and writes like a 10-year old uneducated little girl. Because Barney Rubble10 says “bloody” and spells “favor” as “favour” it’s pretty clear that we are dealing with yet another stupid Canuck. Barney Rubble10 should go back to his stupid Canuck school for stupid people and demand a refund.

  • kieran

    Fucking idiots, “favour” is the correct English way to spell it. I love how the guy gives legitimate points on why you are wrong and all you can do is correct his spelling and say stupid shit like “fool

    Congratulations, you are now a candidate for, “stupidiest google of 2011.” “. That demonstrates to me that you are retarded. Your backward religion is sexist, your comment shows you as uneducated and racist, and everyone that isnt brainwashed knows your religion is just a bunch of retarded terrorists who dont know shit thinking everyone is a threat to them and an “infidel”. Have a bit of respect for women and other religions and you will notice people will change a lot in their behavior towards you. If your reply will just correct my spelling or something dont bother respond to this. If you want to actually show a bit of class and prove your religion isnt a load of shit then please give me some valid arguments and not a stupid comment.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Stupid female kiernan

      Your words are worthless you infidel whore.
      We Muslims don’t listen to women, much less the likes of a drunken prostitute.

      Go back to your whorehouse; you are not wanted here.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • devan Martin

    FUCK THIS WEBSITES AND FUCK YOU MUSLIMS. just because America and other countries don’t care about you doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your life to make lies about celebrities. FUCK ALLAH.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You must be the biggest whore this web site has seen in days (and we get a lot of whores here)…because all you talk about is fucking.

      Get help, while you can, bitch.

    • watson

      kuti maa k bache,
      the dogi son,you are the dogi piss…………haramda pella

  • Muhammed

    ALAHU AkBar jk. christ niggas. dont blow me up

  • angie

    A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered. Proverbs 17:27

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      A dumbass infidel bitch gets stoned as punishment for running her mouth.
      Don’t forget it.

      • boom

        An ignorant human gets hit by an AC-130 before they even think about harming a woman of any faith.
        Remember that when you hear that noise over head.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          ass boom

          A dirty infidel gets his head chopped off for pissing off a Muslim.
          Remember that cock sucker

      • The messenger

        Abdullah I pray to Jesus that you stop your hateful ways.

  • J

    why ar you guys bickering? Natalie Portman is fucking smoking and I’d would totally bang her.

    • 21st century woman

      Oh Pls help me tell them that women arent sex objects to be controlled by them. If women wants to stay on top of a man to have sex, it is fine. Sex is an intimate thing between two pple, they can do wot they wnt and nt to be govern by some stupid rules. Fuck u mysogynist. We live in the 21st century, no woman is gonna worship no man. Muslim my ass

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        21st century whore

        You will be singing a different tune when you have to answer to Sharia Law.

        • The messenger

          Stop with your hateful comments. Jesus wants you to love and respect all people.

  • Dolly

    okkay.. Abdullah you are so wrong, i think you need to give some respect to women because we are not your slave and you are a disgrace to Muslims. everything you said is wrong, Muslims do listen to Muslim women,nowadays we are given equal rights and are given equal respect too. its people like you that disgust me, who have no respect for women whatsoever. Allah created everyone and therefore to we should respect everyone.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dolly dick sucker

      You are one dumbass bitch and you will be starighted out by Sharia Law.

      Get ready for your burka you loud mouthed asshole….because after islam takes over…the only thing your mouth will be used for is to praise Allah, Muslim men and servicing our needs.

      I look forward to you becoming a decent woman….because you currently are a drunken whore.


  • Dolly

    Mind your language, i’m pretty sure Allah will be so pleased with you for using such beautiful language won’t he NOT! can’t you talk with respect? haven’t you been taught that? and as for praising Allah i already do that thank you very much, also i am not a drunken whore but you really have a disgusting mouth that matches your thoughts. is this the way to present Islam, Muslim people and Allah? no its not, you are just encouraging more hatred towards Muslim people and Islam. first of all i take it your Muslim too right so your language is DISGUSTING! i can’t believe your Muslim! the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said that you should respect others and women, you should talk with respect too. you have not done either of these things. i have only one thing to say to you: SHAME ON YOU!! you are no believer of Allah because the one who believes in Allah would not speak the way you have.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dolly the cock sucker

      You are one degenerate asshole.
      You are no Muslim woman. No Muslim would talk your bullshit. Also, we don’t allow Muslim women to use the internet unsupervised; and I know no Muslim man would stand for the garbage you just typed.

      No, you stupid infidel…you are a western whore poser, trying to mock Islam.
      Well dipshit…it ain’t working. I have identified you for what you are; a damned trouble making whore.

      You will pay when Sharia is imposed.
      And by pay…I mean your ass will get stoned!

      • Dolly

        You my brother need some serious HELP, your saying to me that i am not a Muslim because no Muslim would talk the ‘bullshit’ i have, well brother no Muslim would use the disgusting language you do, you use crude language that no decent Muslim would us, and really you don’t allow women use the internet supervised? is that written in the Quran? i don’t think so! Actually tell me why are women not allowed to go on the internet unsupervised?
        I am not trying to mock Islam, You are. Your are presenting negative thoughts and attitudes about Islam that seeing from the above comments have turned people against it which is not good.
        YOU will pay when Sharia is imposed because One: you have insulted me for no reason at all, you used sexual crude language.
        Second: you use a lot of swear word
        i can see that you don’t want have a nice calm debate on this matter but instead use filthy language to get your point across, actually you have no point.
        A piece of advice for you, you seriously need to go the hospital or imam and get your head sorted or even sit down and talk to somebody because if you carry on living like this you will not be granted paradise. i am saying this for your benefit brother, Allah will not like this at all. if i can stop someone from choosing the wrong path i will. i hope you realize that your attitude towards women are wrong brother and also please give up with the swear words.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You have been corrupted by exposure to western immorality.
          You are in need of an Imam and fast.

          You have lost your way.
          May Allah have mercy on you.

        • theheadchimp

          Are you related to the cloned sheep named Dolly? You sound just like her….baa baa baa !!

        • open the scroll

          I suggest you pick up this months issue of Al Shamikha. It gives you proper guidance of how all Muslim women should act towards the enemies of Islam and how to marry a mujahedeen.

          • dolly

            i just typed that into google and that sounds really wrong, i do not not want suicide bombing advice neither do i want to marry anyone involved in violence or bloodshed, i think you need to read the Quran properly and you’ll find taking your own or anyone else’s life is against our religion. and i have no enemies of my own or Islam, people who are against Islam are not my enemies they are my brother and sisters , friends and neighbours and if they don’t like Islam or refuse to accept it then there is nothing i can do but give advice and pray for them because that is called being a human being, being a woman does not restrict me to anything i am as equal to a man :)

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            dolly dork

            You are not a true Muslim…you are a fake ass infiltrator.
            Take your bullshit comments and stick them straight up your ass.
            Sooner or later….you will pay for your disrespect of Islam.

            eat shit and die

  • dolly

    how exactly am i disrespecting islam?
    you know what i had enough i tried explaining to you but your not ready to listen, i tried my best on my half but i failed just one more thing i suggest you read the quran properly and focus on it and you need to stop with the language and may Allah forgive you and grant you paradise.

  • jihad durka durka

    fuck you sand googles

  • i hate muslims

    shut the fuck up you stupid muslims

  • dirka dirka mohammed mohammed

    This page is hilarious! Abdullah, you are one funny guy. All of your crude comments and religious non sensical arguments had me going. Besides, what are you doing on a computer? Shouldn’t you be out back fucking your camel?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dorka dorka

      Ha hah hell kuffar.

      For your information…the closest I ever got to fucking a camel was when I spent an evening with your mother.

      So watch your mouth son….you could be Abdullah Jr.

  • Mystery

    This was extracted from a film…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mystery meat lover

      The real mystery, is whose your daddy?

      Suck ballz you mofo

  • theheadchimp

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      name stealing asshole

      You can already answer your own questions…..homoqueer.

      Without the pic…everyone can see that you are just a pathetic, faggoty imposter.

    • theheadchimp

      You asshole we know its you…….

  • zillaman

    chimp wigger the sand google.. i know it’s you … hahahahah STOOPID.. little faggot..


    there are different sorts of Trolls , The Bored’s, The Liars, The Confrontationalist and The Controversials, and The Nuisance Antagonist. All of wich are just for funn. However the bad spelling is a part of the troll post. it’s almost unreadable, atrocious grammar, and blantly insults the show that the news group focuses upon. “your an idiot. you can’t even spell.” is what the troll is hoping for. this way, he can draw you into a prolonged argument about who is the bigger idiot. trolls will happily do the exact opposite of what you want them to do. troll is just trying to wind you up, or offend you, be calm. Don’t rise to them. By ” shouting” you are expressing your anger, wich to him/her is humorouse. He’s safe in his room, and so such agression means nothing to him.

  • bilal

    abdullah brother just leave this mindfree person.they will definately find themselves in the blazing fire where they will surely realize the fruit of their fabtricated statements.ALLAH will surely treat him accordingly.

  • jim

    You fucking suck bro.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      toe jam

      Profanity and disrespect are not allowed on this holy site.

      Go back to your truck stop glory hole you filthy, cock sucking homoqueer and leave us decent Muslims in peace.
      Otherwise, you might just end up becoming more popular as a cock sucker….that is, after some irate Jihadist knocks out all your teeth.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Arun

        Posted on Do you people have a fcoeboak fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

      • -_-

        Do you even know what the word “profanity” means?

  • mandingo

    I can’t believe what I just read. Abdullah the butcher sounds like a homophobic chauvinistic racist dumbass who’s throwing his Teddies way out of pram. I’m not religious but I respect people’s choices and their religious choice but I don’t condone what abdullah is saying. Abdullah I think ur crude and obnoxious and really need 2 get a life dude and in this day and age it’s more of a woman’s world :)

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You must be a wigger because no google knows as many big but stupid words that you used.

      I do not care what you think because you are a degenerate, God rejecting infidel. You had best worry about yourself because when islam takes over, assholes like you will be exterminated first. Also, since you support the homoqueers, that means you must be one yourself.
      Us Muslims hate homoqueers and you will regret ever insulting Islam.

      Eat shit and die mofo

    • theheadchimp

      Who cares what you think asshole, its bad enough you are breathing our air… shut your piehole.

  • HalalPorkchop

    I can’t believe people are really responding to Abdullah. Come on.
    He can’t possibly be for real- I mean, this page is funny, you can’t take his flaming seriously.
    People who read what he writes and get offended… Are asking for it.
    Ignore him.
    Now I have to get back to the mosque to drink some Jew blood and rape a few nuns.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I assure you asshole, I am for real.

      Do not drink jew blood. It makes your nose grow and turns you into a land stealer.

  • Abdullah’s gay!

    what bullshit did u learn that your nose grows from drinking fucking jew blood LOL or maybe you no coz u have done it??? but drinking another mans blood is illegal in any country or faith so either your one gullable son of a bitch or your and illegal immigrant…

  • theheadchimp

    Gay fuckhead
    Where in the hell are you from? Everyone knows the story of drinking jew blood, its in the book of Aesop’s Fables page 318 paragraph 4. Stupid fucker whos the immigrant now? Your nose is probably as big as Pinocchios so don’t ever question the truthfulness of anything you read on here again.

  • Jeff

    This is from a movie, they did not actually have sex. this site is stupid. the movie sucked though. Its called no strings attached

  • don’tknow

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  • Diecide

    Religion is fake, it is to keep stupid people in line.

  • piojh

    Why are you guys so hateful? =(

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Infidels are hateful because they are the brothers of satan and cannot be anything but shitty.

      Islam is the most peaceful and loving religion ever devised but that’s not even enough to help the jew loving homoqueers of america and the heathens of the rest of the world.

      When us Muslims finally takeover everywhere and fix the infidel problem…the world will be one big Allah love fest…..forever.

  • Matt Slong

    Well I know the saying that Americans don’t get irony but this is taking the piss.
    Praise Allah or Abdullah you American pig dogs. V funny.

  • Matt Slong

    And before you say anything you American infidels I meant sarcasm. Now get on your knees and pray to a real god.

  • LAWL

    LOL. I’m an Infidel ;) Okay look, in MY opinion, religion is bullshit. All written by someone a long time ago as something to keep people under their own will. But that’s only my opinion. Abdullah is free to think what he wants, and so’s everyone else. Although Islam is a very cruel religion, and is most likely going to be diminished in the near future. It is a religion many believe in. Sick, yes. Cruel, yes. But any different then the Christians, raping and pillaging the land a long time ago? No. The Islam may be held back by dictatorship and lied to about the world. But there are MANY religions, and there’s NO WAY you can tell someone not to believe what they wish to believe. Maybe in later generations things will proven. But as for now, middle Eastern countries are far behind their predecessors. That’s the truth. You people are so far behind the times it’s retarded. But it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of their leaders. They’ll wake up one day, when their leaders do. Just like every other religion did.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Islam is a religion of peace and love.
      Us Muslims have tried to co-exist with the infidel but they just refuse to give up their stupid beliefs and fake religions. They would rather drink alcohol and fornicate with cheap tranny hookers than become a decent and moral person.

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      • YourMom

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  • KT

    Shiaria law is a huge reason why your country is in a very poor economic state. Notice that all developed countries have rights for women too. So the society your culture creates is what’s keeping you poor shits.

    And I don’t even think you believe half the stuff you’re saying Abdullah because everything you say is exactly the ignorant shit that is so far from the truth that no one…NO ONE…could possibly believe it. I think you’re just looking for reactions like the ones above.

    Good entertainment though!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      You’ll soon find out about Sharia Law.
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  • St George

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  • Fredrico

    Right, ok.
    Youve all done the big shouting, swearing, hard guy act. Well done.
    I have done multiple RE qualifications. I have read large passages of the Quran, and understand a lot. A grades are proof.
    In aforementioned Quran text, it is said that god made all peoples equal. Man, woman, black or White. It also says that some people, pure of heart (but not nesseserily muslim) will go to heaven. It says to be peaceful and respectful. So, abdullha, what kind of “puritan Muslim” are you?

    Would also like to point out that I am British, Christian, white, with a number of Muslim friends.

  • Fredrico

    Right, ok.
    Youve all done the big shouting, swearing, hard guy act. Well done.
    I have done multiple RE qualifications. I have read large passages of the Quran, and understand a lot. A grades are proof.
    In aforementioned Quran text, it is said that god made all peoples equal. Man, woman, black or White. It also says that some people, pure of heart (but not nesseserily muslim) will go to heaven. It says to be peaceful and respectful. So, abdullha, what kind of “puritan Muslim” are you?

    Would also like to point out that I am British, Christian, white, with a number of Muslim friends.

    • Word of wisdom

      Right, ok.
      You double posted here, it means you earned yourself a 80 strikes flogging.

  • Fredrico

    Accidental, and to be honest, does it matter all that much? I could be spamming, that would be terrible.


    You fucking Muslims are complete weirdos. I read that ‘this offends us’ shite and do you think you own the frigin’ world? Allah and the Qur’an is all bullshit and whether or not you believe wht they say doesn’t mean we should obey. Wow you’re retarded