Natalie Portman Sex Tape Video Leaked

Natalie Portman sex tape

It looks as though the inevitable has finally happened and a Natalie Portman sex tape video has leaked to the Web.

As you can see in the video below, not only does Natalie Portman get drilled like a dog, she takes it in her gaping Zionist anus, but even that isn’t enough to satisfy her greedy Jew lust so she then finishes herself off with her hand.

Praise Allah for the leaking of this Natalie Portman sex tape! For at last this degenerate Jew has been exposed for being the lecherous whore us Muslims always knew she was.

  • Same jack ass as always!


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      Our holy site is in big danger: it is infested by mental dwarfs like Merica, the Guy with a Neuron and other idiots of the Kindergarten Firsties Club.

      Action must be taken very fast or we’ll be drowned by a wave of shit.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Note – I must confess that even Fag Pete and the Rasta Google are less stupid than these annoying mosquitos. Only homo Wrenchman is dumber.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          An astute observation of our mortal enemies…the homoqueers.

          You are a great Muslim scholar.

          • Guy with a Neuron

            Firsties again. Man I’m good.

            One Question. Why in Hell would Ms Portman perform in such a cheaply made Video?

            I mean c’mon. Couldn’t they find someone with penis that is bigger than average?

          • Pete’s Underling

            Grand Dragon Pete says he won’t come to Celebjihad no more.

            He says everyone is picking on him and he don’t like it anymore.

          • Pete’s Underling

            Grand Dragon Pete says he won’t come to Celebjihad no more.

            He says everyone is picking on him and he don’t like it anymore.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            How do you know that?
            Are you one of his lovers?

            Shemale Wrenchman will not like to know that. Maybe that will jeopardise their marriage…

          • The real West is the Best

            Abdildo the Butt Plug.

            And you are a great homo muslim sucker of black cock.

          • henchman

            Me and grand dragqueen pete are hiding in the barn at my mums house playing hide the little weiner and were not coming out till everyone says sorry for making fun of us

          • Cowboy


            You said Mum only fag brits say Mum.

          • Barack Obama

            Dear Abdullah The Pig Worshiper.

            The American government is currently creating a plan on how to once and for all destroy your shitty dirty country filled with pig worshipers. For too long you have been creating these shitty fake photoshop pictures that look like they were created by a nine year old showing American celebrities in a fowl manner. When our American soldiers come to your country and kill all of your men, the women will get on their knees and bow in front of our large American penises. Your piece of shit country will soon perish, and I
            promise, I am a man of my word.

            Sincerely, Barack Obama

        • Yardie Derrick

          Wagwan me breddahs! Me no ‘firstie’ pussyclart and you recognise the realist, seen.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Rasta Google,

            You are right: those mongoloid brats are like tampons after menstruation; they are good only to be thrown in the trash bin.

        • Muslim stomper

          Hashim the cum king.

          STFU Fag.

          • Piss on Muslims

            Dats da fact jack.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Brothers Hashim and Abdullah,

        These maggots have infected this site like a disease.

        They are an insult to the holy prophet and must be found and dealt with immediately.

        ALLAHU AKBAR !

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          I agree with your idea brothers. I only see two problems:

          • many of these maggots still use diapers;
          &bulll; Miss Piggy would have a lot of fun with that mission…

        • Merica’

          We haven’t infected it as bad as the aids virus has done to yours
          A little tip:don’t work shifts at the gloryhole

        • Merica

          The aids virus has affected you more Fagzan

      • Abdul Rasul

        Brother hashim

        We could have gay Pete give them aids, Allah knows he’s fucked and sucked every other kuffar west of the Mississippi. What’s a couple more cocks to add the collection Pete?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Abdul

          When it comes to cocks… pete knows no limits.

          He is Islam’s personal WMD (wanker of mofo destruction).

          • The Real West is the Best

            Abdildo the butt plug.

            When it comes to cocks you have sucked more and have had more up your ass than your tranny lover RuPaul.

        • The Real West is the Best

          Abfool assrash aka Ugly Assrash

          What’s up ugly muslim mofo A big black dick in your mouth I bet.

      • Merica’

        If you notice Homo Hashim I never post firsties so that claim is illegitamate

      • cancermuslim

        too late its the stupid marocians that do that shit because this is all FAAAKKKEEE

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        Your head must be concussed from bouncing off of the gloryhole stall…..AA must be up to his old tricks of fucking your anus raw.

        It is the muslims who are ruining this pure, aryan site dedicated to bringing down muslim terrorists all over the world. Our site is also dedicated to hating googles, wetbacks, and homos of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We will soon be killing all you heathens.

        If there is something you want to do (other than have nonstop gay sex) before death knocks on your cave… it soon. The Brotherhood kills mofos on our time…..not yours.

        Roll damn Tide


      • Merica

        I don’t post firsties dumbass maybe if you learned how to read you would know that

    • The Reaper

      First to be hit over the head with a 2×4 it make knock some sense into your gamaged brain.

  • jason

    you guy are so fucking dumb its so fake its just not her face and moving

    • Supp nigsa!

      Thank you captian obvius

      • Reza The Persian Prince

        This is not fake you stupid dog!

        Great quality Durka Durka !!! You have an admirable knack for uncovering celebrity sex tapes.

        I’m surprised Ms. Portman takes such a big dick so well.

        • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

          Brother Reza (The Persian Prince)………you are a wise scholar indeed……

          ….I also share your astonishment at Mother Portman’s capacity……..

          …especially since she is using the alternative port…..

        • Piss on persians and Jews

          Fag prince.

          That’s cause she’s a jew and Jew’s and Persians have big assholes from takind large objects up there asses on a regular basis.

    • The Guy With The EyE

      Indeed and a LAME fake at that

      • I’m Rick James, Bitch!!

        The milk’s gone BAD! Hahaha!

        • The Reaper

          Rick crack pipe James butt boy

          Then stop puttingt your filthy dick in the carton.

    • Word of wisdom

      You are the fucking dumb one : don’t you know nothing about the jewesses ?

      – as a reptilian jewess, most of her face is an inert prosthesis, plastered there to cover the buboniferous scales.

      – sexual intercourse with humans can’t be a source of stimulation. It means nothing to her : she is merely collecting earthly dna samples in one of her many cloacas for the use in their hybridation bases beyond the portal to their dead star.

      – if you wan’t to see real joy on her true demonic face, check the leaked video when she bathes in palestinian blood at her mikveh. Beware, it’s totally revolting.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Wise Brother of Wisdom

        Most infidels are too brainwashed to see the shape shifting jew amongst them. The homosexual known as Pete is a fine example of infidel stupidity.

        Only us pious Muslims can defeat the jew enemy.

        ALLAHU AKBAR !
        Death to israel !

        • Word of wisdom

          I the world could witness the countless horrors I saw dissecting jewesses…

          • Word of wisdom

            “I WISH the world”…
            the shameless swine of the mossad are sabotaging my posts again.

  • Jerry from Jersey

    MAN THAT WHORE MAKES MY DICK SOOOOO HARD!!! I think I just ruined my keyboard…DAMMIT!

    • I’m Rick James, Bitch!!

      What did the five fingers say to your face?

      GTF away from me, Jersey Homo!



      • The Real West is the Best

        Rick James butt licker.

        Are you talking about the five fingers you had up Abdullas ass? If so they would say nothing but they would smelly nasty from fisting that fat ass Homo Abdildo.

  • Undercover Jihad

    This heathen has been set up. We leaked this sex tape, so she will sink further into the abyss that is the Jew-controlled Hollywood. Then, she will commit a “suicide”. Which means she will be shot and thrown into a pit with a suicide note. The donut-eating police won’t know the difference. Wish us luck.

    • Allah’s servant

      Brother Jihadist,

      I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors, may the eye of Allah have favor on you! I am convinced that your work will pay off, and this degenerate whore will die.



      • Allah’s servant

        USA is gay,

        Please use proper English, your comment is so stupid I can’t even understand it. At least Pete and Humpsman use proper English, so I respect their faggot asses more than you.

        Go fuck yourself in the ass, infidel scum!

      • Arcachnar

        @USA….Wow. Another good example of “American education”.

      • Arcachnar

        @USA Wow. Another good example of “American education”.

        • The Facts


          His schooling was in Iran.He is not from the USA.

    • The Reaper

      Undercover ass bandit.

      You are by far one of the gayer muslims posting here you almost are gayer than Abdullah the skid mark.

  • same jack ass as always

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  • Dr.Frankenfurter

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  • Merica’

    We know its fake but Towelheads don’t. 99.99% of the photos here are fake and they suck because the towel heads tried to make it look authentic

    • sandman

      I think youll find the creators of the content on this site are mericans like you only difference is they went to school past the first grade

  • same jack ass as always

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      usa is an asshole

      You suck ass and so does your google loving mammy.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Abdullah,

        Your deep and crystal-clear statement is a milestone in terms of uncovering the delusions of American mofos.

      • Yardie Derrick

        Me can confirm his mudda was pon me cocky.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          yard ape

          I can confirm that you’re a dumbass wigger who sucks google dick for ebonics lessons.

          Our fine Iranian spy drone picked up your latest transactions.

          • Yardie Derrick

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        • Allah’s servant

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      • The real west Is The best

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  • CANNIBAL Alert

    -________________-…….. Really?….. Reallyy?……………. Reallyyyyyyyy?

    ……..What the freaking flippers is this bull capa do da deeeeeee?

    Can you aliens upload some celebrity photos or videos that are actually legit? Stop with the fucking Goat porn!!!!!! O.o

    • Allah’s servant

      Cannibel’s asshole,

      Your comment is incredibly stupid. I tried to make sense of it, I really did, but I can’t. Please speak in English next time you post on this site.

      Go back to school, you cock-sucking ape.

      • Frag da Bitches

        Allah’s sex slave

        Your’s is gay.

        • Allah’s servant

          Fag the homoqueer,

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          If you like to hint your homosexuality, don’t do it here, none of us give a fuck.

        • Allah’s servant

          Fag the homoqueer,

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          If you like to drop hints about your gay-ness to everyone, please do it on another website, nobody here gives a fuck.

  • risque1

    As you can see in the video below, not only does Natalie Portman get drilled like a dog, she takes it in her gaping Zionist anus, but even that isn’t enough to satisfy her greedy Jew lust so she then finishes herself off with her hand
    The only thing offesive on this page is you and your islamic theme.

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  • ricardo

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    • Word of wisdom

      Yes, it’s truly her. She’s disgusting beyond any boundaries.

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  • Dark Night

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  • Grand Dragon Pete

    My god damn comments ain’t showin up.

    Must be some cyber attack against Klan HQ and our servers.


    • Merica

      The same shit is happening that’s what happens when sandgoogles use this website

      • Allah’s servant

        Merica and Pete,

        It is not due to us Muslims, as it is happening to me too and it’s pissing me off. I think it is due to these “firsties” faggots who have recently invaded our site. I suggest we put aside our differences and kill them all, or this website will become complete shit.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Miss Piggy,

      Who gives a damn about your missing fag posts?

      Anyway: I told everybody last week that this holy Muslim site was under heavy attack by the Zionist enemy. You called me imposter then….

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Kim fan

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  • FNPdave

    If you’re going to photo shop a face onto a body for a fake porn the face has to change expression once in a while. This is without a doubt the worst fake porn I’ve ever seen. At least do like The Alyson Hannigan and Brittany Spears porns use a look alike don’t just stick her face on that doesn’t move with the body and never changes expression. By the way, you are right. Kim Kardashian is just a filthy fucking whore. I heard she’s going to do a rap video, heard her street name will be Hep C.

  • thatguy69

    Great job with the photo shop guy great job it totally looks realistic

  • TheInfidel

    Haha you guys are going to be very disappointed when you die. Fucking idiot religious radicals giving our species a bad name. Open your fucking eyes.

  • Khimera

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  • asff

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  • asff

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