Natalie Portman Photographed Naked By Peeping Tom

Natalie Portman naked

Actress Natalie Portman was photographed through the window of her home sitting around completely naked. How dare Natalie violate the sense of propriety of this poor peeping tom photographer by exposing her nude body like this.

The Qur’an is very clear that a woman must be covered in a burka at all times. The fact that Natalie Portman thinks it is OK to just sit around naked in front of a window corrupting the good men who scale her security fence to peep through her blinds is outrageous.

Natalie Portman must be punished for this most brazen act of sluttery. A stoning is definitely in order, but only after Natalie services those who she has inflicted with impure thoughts by the exposing of her tight nude body. Thus is the will of Allah!

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    By leaving her drapes open and being fully exposed, this Jewess is inviting me to violate her kosher meat curtains with my loin lance.

    • Word of wisdom

      The prophet (mhsh) taught us it is a very licit and effective way of purifying the heathen harlots. And according to the rule in coranic arithmetic, each stroke you’ll inflict this jezebel jewess will free a sum of square inches of the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, each time equivalent to the linear length in inches of said lance.
      You double it if you have coranic verses tatooed on said lance. It is very precise, so don’t loose the count, even if, like all warriors of allah, you can last for hours if you please.

    • Not a Chance

      You really don’t get laid very much, do you…

  • al-Farouq

    Even though Natalie Portman is a complete and utter Jew whore, she looks somewhat attractive in this photograph. However, for her actions, I believe it is in order for her to be tied down nude and disgraced by a Muslim man’s large manhood. If she survives this, THEN she shall be stoned.

    • rakesh roshan

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      • huzy

        Don’t talk about us muslims, and muslims don’t speak ill about fellow humans , we must not harm others religion.

  • a devout christian

    I understand and respect that you truly love your religion, however if you go around, trashing the names of those who believe in other Gods, then tell me …. How does that make you any better than these so called “invadels” a word you so ignorantly and so callouslly throw at others, then this just makes you a bunch of hypocritical jerks.

    • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

      homequeer christian – you shall be flogged and put to work in the fields when sharia law is declared in your cuntry.

      • Bob


    • brendan

      infidel not invadels

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  • Big Pete

    Natalie lusting for giant white man meat is to be expected.

    It is natural for women to be attracted to aryans, we’re the best looking, most intelligent, strongest, and pound pussy like no other mofos on the planet.

    Even muslim men try for the white cock, only to get the shit beaten out of them and hanged for merely looking at one of us.

    Come, Natalie, and I’ll show you the promise land.


    • aghmed

      Lonely Pete – have fun masturbating you will never have a girlfriend you loser.

  • Ali Faruk Habbi

    If this Jewess were a dancing boy, I would show her the true path to Islam.

    • tanzil dawar

      thanks khalid bro.
      I like ur comment of giving message of islam to these jeweish or etc.

  • Kahlid

    She is very comely for a filthy Jewess.

    But she is no Chaz Bono.

  • God’s Friend

    This is so sexy but she doesn’t have the boobs anymore I’d rather see her vagina

  • billw

    Come on everyone – the pic is a fake!

  • Moist


  • Mufti David

    Ugly Bitch will be stoned in public, NAKED!!

    • Tyrone shoelaces


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  • mark

    You all are so funny. A half blind moron can see thats a fake pic.

    • Muslims are homos

      Skid Mark.

      Thats what this site is all about This durka dude fakes pics and writes false stories about celebs. If you took the time to read the disclaimer you would know this moron.

  • shesleeze…

    get real she had somebody paid to take that pic…she just wants porno attention!!!because thats what she’s become going to random college universities getting fucked by multiple guys at a time…she’s a damn cum dumpster thats what she wants to be known as!

  • curst337

    Your a fuking dumb ass. EVERYTHING you have said on this blog is absolute shit. You are a piece of shit for what you say and you are ignorant cuz no fucking religion is correct. ALL HAVE BEEN CREATED BY MAN THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO TO KEEP PEOPLE EXACTLY LIKE YOU IN LINE!!! Think outside the box!! i dont care if she’s jew, christian, muslim whatever she could be an alien from outer space and she’d still be beautiful.. your just a close minded, self infatuated idiot. Anything religion has taught you has gone to waste. If anyone needs to be stoned in public ITS YOU! Not because of your religion or where your from or your skin color or whatever the fuck else.. its because your whats wrong with the world. The idiots have been breeding and you are the offspring!

  • Niko Bellic

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  • White Guy

    Stop saying all this muslim shit, no one wants to hear it!

    • indian

      I agree ur point, Muslim hate nudity but they fuck multiple women’s.that is the reason they have talak worst concept and legalese them self to fuck many wives and breed their sermon like dogs and they born and bought up like dogs only.they coat some illegality is their religion rule.
      stop conversation with this worst guys. even though I am not white but I support your point.

  • muslims are retarded

    Read how stupid muslims are. They are trying to blame the actions of what appears to be a muslim criminal who jumped over a security fence (Break and enter) and then shot photographs of a naked women which is harassment on a women who has every right to be naked in her own home. Muslims are legit the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet i cant wait for them all to never meat allah and rot in the ground.

  • I am white

    Believe in God the father almighty and lord Jesus who has cleansed us of our sins you filthy Muslim pigs! you deserve a place in hell for the things that your kind has done to America you terrorists!

    • Arcachnar

      Don’t call every Muslim a terrorist, because it is not true. There is only a small misguided group, who interpret the Qu’ran as a ‘rightful’ reason to maim and kill the non-believers with bombing and bloodshed. Not ALL the Muslims as people may think.

  • Mike

    This is a bull shit picture, are you all so stupid. It’s fake her head does not fit.

  • jackson

    its her wish..y to discus..lets mind our own buisnes

  • jackson

    its her wish..nothing for debate..let us mind our own buisnes

  • jackson

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