Natalie Portman Mila Kunis Lesbian Sex Video

Natalie Portman Mila Kunis video

We have just received this incredible lesbian sex video of actresses Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis from some movie called “Black Swan”.

As you can see in the video below Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are obviously both in heat as they kiss and paw at each others bodies. Mila Kunis then drops down and starts licking away at Natalie’s cunt much to her delight.

According to the script this scene just called for a friendly hug and light peck on the cheek, but when heathen lesbo girls like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis get together they can not resist their primal urges.

In fact according to our sources the director had to turn the hose on the actresses and even then they continued dyking out for a good 15 minutes.

Yes Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis love having hot lesbian sex as the video above shows. Their sexual chemistry is immoral and dangerous yet oddly I can not stop viewing the video. Allah please forgive me!

  • IHateCelebs

    Now Mila has matso breath.

    But I think I need to watch this video a few hundred more times before I develop a full opinion on this.



  • theheadchimp

    Ya well I hate fucking idiots like you………..

    • God

      Allah almighty, you are a fucking queer-bitch dumbshit.

      • Racisthater

        You are a asshole. What makes you think you can talk shit about islam you racist fuck. Its people like you who is going to burn in hell. You fucking anus. Just becuase your a fucking athiest doesnt mean you can talk shit about a religion you dont know shit about.

        • religion isnt spirituality

          athiests and religious people are equally ignorant, religion is simply just a government embedded preconceived notion which are reliant on culture.

          • FuckIslam2

            religion was around long before government

          • kevin

            OMFG shut the fuk up about fuking religion u twats !! cant you see the flipping video. Natalie Portman is so fuking hot and shes lezzing off OMG

          • gmasneri

            how are athiests ignorant im an athiest becuz i dont believe in a floating creature who makes planets and crap i believe in science wats ignorant about that by the way mila kunis is hot to and i loved the video

          • Charles Anderson

            No, your statement is incorrect. Religion is a tribute to God. You simply don’t understand the difference between the true religions and the incorrect ones so you judge all religious people. Christianity and Judaism are correct in that they understand the Messiah and the Creator Yahweh. You obviously do not. Do a little more research. The religion of Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ, who I will not discuss with you seeing as you haven’t a clue who He really is. Everything about Him is spiritual so your screen name makes NO SENSE. Feel free to argue all you want with your own opinion which is completely false until you see the light. Sorry if this offends you in any way, but people who know the truth cannot stand when people like yourself post such ridiculous statements. It must be stopped.

          • Fiction Islam

            “ Allah never was Great he was a BLOOD killer short little man that kill over Million Arabs Die on his hands and sword his army of camel jockeys of infidel that force and kill villages, farmers to covert then into a Silly religion Islam! The Most Racist Believers! Gust What There are no 72 Virgin is just a Fiction Believe. “

          • z213


          • James

            Why is the picture a sand google blowing something up? At least the picture is realalistic.

        • me


        • Philo

          You can’t be “racist” against a religion, idiot.

          • The messenger

            Yes you can be racist against a religion. But it isn’t right.

          • musims suck

            no u cant its call discrimination not racisim

          • fuck you

            Fuck off

          • Do some research

            Technically religions are classed as race under the race and relations act, so discriminating because of religion is classed as racism.

          • zarak khan

            fuck ur mom ur sister u bloody bastered

        • DuhMaster

          Islam isn’t a race.

          • DuhMaster

            also, he never said anything about the Muslim people, or the religion itself.


            ISLAM IS DIRTY
            KUS KHADIJA

        • Dosage

          Does Islam have hell or heaven? I am surprised who made it for them. Jesus and the gospel of truth preach about hell and heaven. Dont be lost you Islam, stick to your lies, you dont have hell in you books.

          • a guy

            All religion is a lie u don’t know what you are even talking about

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You are a dumbass infidel and your claims about jesus are plain crazy.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay guy

            All religions except Islam are lies……mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher is a faggot

            @Abdullah the Douche bag
            thats funny because Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all similar. Monotheism, prophets proclaiming the word of God and Allah, not to mention they all originate from the Torah, Bible, and Quran. Need i go on?

          • Shut Down the Computer

            Absolutely! i ask to you! Where there are humans who know his god? god is not man, woman, ladyboy, tomboy! and God is ONE!!! Jesus is a human, you know? is the human can make anything like mountain, sea etc. and WHY HE CAN DIED!!!? absolutely he is jesus … GOD IS CAN’T DEAD and NO ONE CAN KILL GOD!!!!!!!

            jesus is live in the world and wow! it’s impossible it’s really made me laugh of loud… so why god is live in earth?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YOU ARE STUPID!!!

            ONE MORE try to translate others language of GOD and see what is GOD !! GOD IS ALLAH!!!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shut down the brain

            Translate this asshole: Eat shit and die.

            Also…you know nothing about religion…so shut the fuck up.

          • someone

            EVERYBODYYY… watch the lesbians and SHUT UP!!!!

          • JohnDoe

            you can’t call it the gospel of truth when it’s wrong…

        • John

          I may be American but let me point out to you that not a lot of Americans are high on brains and low on race sensitivity. But I can easily say that everyone’s beliefs are justified as long as they have educational opinions and facts to back their words, I find that most of the arguments to be invalid to that extent. Other words: everyone’s just ignorant assholes.

          • someone

            i agree. not everyone is going to be an asshole towards religion.

          • that guy

            Are we having a religious debate on a naked celebrity site?

        • Twogunz

          I hate to break it to you fella.
          Islam is not a religion. nor is it peaceful.
          It is an Ideology. a rather violent one too!

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You are uber stupid and a big douche.

            You know nothing of Islam and yet you make idiotic comments, as if your infidel beliefs have some kind of merit.

            Well asshole, Allah is God and we follow the word as recorded by the Prophet (PBUH)

            If you don’t like it…tough shit. Us Muslims are going to rid the world of infidels and the sooner the better.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Shut Down the Computer

            Agree with Abdullah The Butcher …

            NOW i ask to you! Where there are humans who know his god? god is not man, woman, ladyboy, tomboy! and God is ONE!!! Jesus is a human, you know? is the human can make anything like mountain, sea etc. and WHY HE CAN DIED!!!? absolutely he is jesus … GOD IS CAN’T DEAD and NO ONE CAN KILL GOD!!!!!!!

            jesus is live in the world and wow! it’s impossible it’s really made me laugh of loud… so why god is live in earth?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YOU ARE STUPID!!!

            ONE MORE try to translate others language of GOD and see what is GOD !! GOD IS ALLAH!!!

          • your wasting time with religion

            All,of your imaginary ” gods” can suck a dogs di ck while he pisses for all I give shit!

          • bob the welder

            like a boss, well said

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay messenger

            I want you to pray to your evil pagan god when about 100 rounds from the AK-47 fill you with lead. No amount of sorcery can save you then.

        • Sky5362


        • Joe

          religion is a story fucking morons… its just moral stories. all the stories were made up by people in the past so shut the fuck up u islam peace of shit. how do you even live with yourself believing in shit like that.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            joe blow

            Islam is true you dumbass twit infidel.

            You have spent too much time sucking cock and taking drugs and it has made you immune to the truth. However, when Islam takes over, I doubt you will be immune to the AK-47.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • The messenger

            God is real.

            Please stop looking at this porn. It might lead you to the path of lust. Lust is a sin because it is the uncontrollable temptation to do something or use something for unneeded periods of time. One example of this uncontrollable temptation getting out of hand. People want to have sex so much that if they can’t find some one in thier own age group to mate with, they will have sex with a child of other person against thier will.

            Another example of the of Lust is when some one wants to become wealthy but they can’t get it because either they don’t have a job or the job they have doesn’t pay enough, they might steal the money they lust for or they will blackmail some one to get the money. Lust doesn’t just have to do with sex. That is why lust is a sin.

          • The messenger

            The messenger says:
            July 8, 2012 at 8:32 pm
            God won’t punish you for mere skepticism. He only punishes you if you do bad things like steal, lie, cheat or kill another human being and not in self defense. Jesus forgives all people. But in order to be forgiven you must feel triely sorry for the bad things you did and you have to be willing to make up for them, and you must show kindness to all people nomatter who they are or what bad things they have done in the past. You must forgive the people who do bad things to you, even if they don’t feel sorry for what they did.

            And if you want proof that God exist then read this story that happend to me when I was only two months old. And believe it or not this is a trie story I promise.

            I was in my mothers arms and she was sitting in a chair trying to get me to go to sleep. But no one knew that I had ammonia which caused my lungs to fill partially up with mucus like substance. My face turned blue and I stoped breathing for several minnetes. I was about tondi when out of no where my mobile that was hanging in my room started playing music. It had one of those tiny winedup music players on it. But the interesting thing was that it needed to be wound up in order to play music, but no one wound it upland it started playing out of nowhere. The sound of that music woke my mom long enough for her to realize that I was suffocating to death on my own mucus. The sound of everyone panicking was heard by my niebor who just happend to be a doctor. He came and gave me CPR to keep me breathing long enough for an ambulance to come and pick me up and drive me to the hospital. After they got all the mucus out of my lungs and fully cured me of ammonia my parrents took me home. And on my first night back home my mobile started up by it’s self again.

            Now think for a second. How could a mobile start up all by it’s self only twice in 14 years, and was it just a coincidence that my niebor who just happend to be a doctor was awak at 2:00 in the morning and just happened hear the noise of my parents Pannicking. Most of the time I was in the hospital my father and mother and my grandfather where praying to God to let me live.

            It was a miracle from God.

            Like or Dislike: 2  0

        • lol

          Haha, you are so hilarious. Believing is Santa Claus too much? God doesn’t exist for shit, people like you make me sick. Adults shouldn’t believe in “God”. Sad that you are so ignorant to the truth. And what Racist? Just because you are a ignorant idiot, so are we racists? Fucking moron.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            lol loser

            You’re an idiot.
            You’re a prime example of why retards should be steralized.

          • vcv

            abdulah the butcher is a fuck we should take a nuke to his third world bitch ass country

          • Z MAC

            Your a fucking faggot. There are two beatiful women, and all you can think about is religion. And quit hating on others you lowlife sac a shit.

          • Quit thinking you are invincible

            abdullah the shit licking raghead
            your are obviously under the impression that a million midget ragheads are gonna cross oceans take down the most powerful countrys in the world with only knives and 40 year old ak 47s good luck
            P.S there are 14 billion people that populate the world your out of your mind

        • I slam Islam


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            cock slammer

            Us Muslims don’t expect you heathens to know jack shit about anything.
            That’s why the Qur’an demands the death of infidels

          • jack

            the Qur’an doesn’t demand death!!! Its a holy book!!!

        • Anonymous

          Umm…He would have to be bashing a RACE for it to be racism. He’s bashing religion. Get it right lol.

          • shit talk 101

            your a fuckin homo!! i bet you masterbated to this video, mutchless the movie. you know i bet its a mater of time before a fuckin grenade comes busting throw your window and blows your faget ass up. you ossabinladin homafobic fuck!!

        • IListentoFacts

          Indeed i agree it is wrong to talk down on any religion.
          But one thing i would like to know about the Muslim religion is….

          We have have found out who ‘Allah’ is and he was a man of power who degraded women and made up rules that are very obviously in favor of the ‘Muslim man’ and very much making Muslim women prisoners to Muslim men… it is a outdated religion that needs someone with common sense, moral rights and ‘power’ in the Muslim community to modernize it.

          • The messenger

            The one true God is not Allah. He is Jesus Christ.

        • christian fail pointer! haha

          Actually a US study showed atheist know more about the bible then Christians do, so if your gonna judge a American at not knowing *shit* about the bible say it to a Christian and sir your judging him for judgine
          g you, so if there is a *hell* looks like we will see you there, you broke a commandment…

          • dude

            You missed the point of being a Christian if you think someone goes to hell for disobeying…that is the whole point, to be forgiven for what we all do. Bash each other, lie, fight about worthless crap, steal, kill, look at porn, etc. This is the major problem with the world today. Most people just get on the internet and bash each other without even taking the time to understand what they are talking about. Sure there are a lot of Christians who don’t know the bible as well as the people who go and study it all day just to try and make Christians look bad, but you don’t have to know the book backward and forward in order to be saved. Even the devil knew the bible, that has nothing to do with excepting the gift of salvation. You are going to say, “Why are you on a celebrity porn site if your such a good christian?” I came because I am not perfect…but I know now that I can at least give you people in need of truth the answer…the truth is we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and we will never fully be rid of the sin nature that is in all of us…We all deserve to go to hell for what we have done and continue to do in our everyday lives. But when we die…those who believe in the truth will receive eternal life…what will you receive? Let’s say that I am wrong and jesus and God are not real…We all die and nothing happens…Right? But what if you are wrong? What if when you die you go to hell and are punished for sin for all eternity? Sounds like a big risk to take if you ask me…Think about it.

        • Camille

          uh we do know ALOT about islam. they kill millions, bomb innocents, terrorise, oppress women, etc etc. shall i go on? islam is a religion fueled by violence and followed by misguided idiots. so i can talk shit about it because it is shit. 40 virgins my ass….

          • Godless one

            1. Its 72 virgins. 2. It is not entirely a bad religion, anymore then Christianity is. Both are scientifically inaccurate and wrong, but most people need hope, and that is what all religions give them. It is a sad fact of humanity, but only Jihads and Religious right members are the violent members, and from my examination of your comment you are Christian and a conservative…. Hopefully you are not a hate group member but, if you are, you are a law breaker and deserve to be arrested.

        • bobsole

          allah snackbar motherfucker you piece of shit muslim fuck shut your ass.

          • EpicPartayyBoii69

            Its funny how u guys are fighting in this stupid ass chat thing when theres bunch of nude pics to the right of this…

        • Racisthaterhater

          U stupid go pray ur fake god for the 5th time on ur carpet. U towel-head just stfu n enjoy mila kunis eatin portman’ s cunt

          • The messenger

            God is real. I have seen him in person. When I was 2 moths old I fell victim to the sickness known as ammonia. I turned blue in my mothers arms. I was legally dead for 4 minutes. But then all of a sudden my mobile that was in my room started up and made just enough noise to wake up my mom. The strange thing is that mobile that started up, it was broken, it wasn’t supose to work. My parents didn’t have a phone with them that worked, so they panicked. All the noise my parents were making was heard by thier neibor who just hapend to be awak at that time. As soon as he heard the noise he came over to my parents house and gave me CPR until I started breathing again and I was then rushed me to the hospitlal.

            Now think about what I just told you. A mobile that was broken and even if it did work it would need to be wound up in order to play any music, started up out of no where. And my niebor just happend to be up at two o’clock in the morning, and just happened to hear my parents panicking took me to the hospital and saved my life.

            So tell me, how is that possible inless god was peotecting me?

        • Grammar Nazi


        • Queer hater

          You like men you cock sucking man-whore!! lol

      • The messenger

        If you are god then why do you curse so much. Jesus is the on and only God.

    • i hate gay assholes like you

      fucking bitch asshole hope u burn in hell motherfucker!! ks omik!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        asshole licker

        Muslims don’t go to hell…we send infidel mofos like you there.

        • Damnit

          As far as religion is concerned believe what you will but just so abdullah knows: AK-47 is russian hence this ‘islamic’ weapon you speak of is actually orthodox christian idiot

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            damn asshole

            The AK-47 was invented by a Godless communist but it’s a damn good infidel killer.

          • russian man

            it also kills sexiest worthless islamic bastards brilliantly too
            also we russians made them to kill you in the 70s so go stick one up your shitter

        • Muslim Hater

          Muslim doesn’t have a HELL????
          No wonder you murder without guilt.
          You truly are mislead and a fucking idiot!!!
          Have a nice death!!

        • stop arguing

          lol good one

  • anno

    You’re a dumb ass. This movie is going to get Portman an Oscar.

    • Stephhy

      Correction. This Movie DID Get her an Oscar :D

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        staph infection

        This pathetic excuse for a movie deserves burned…as does the lesboqueer actors in it.
        Had not natalie been a jew, she wouldn’t have won shit.

        When Islam takes over, there wont be any more oscars…… or movies.


        • Daniel

          when islam will take over nothing will be left…. Islam is cancer

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            daniel the douche

            you are wrong asshole.
            you infidels are the cancer and Islam is the cure.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Twogunz

            Abdullah. If it were not for the western world buying your oil, and that is all you really have going for you, you would today still be fucking goats, and riding camels. The west made the Saudis, without western dollars to buy their oil they would be in the dark ages.
            One day soon, Arab oil will run out and the lights all over the Arabian peninsula will go out.

          • Shut Down the Computer

            I know why the Cristian HATE muslims! because OSAMA is a Muslim! if OSAMA is Cristian! SOME PERSON WILL HATE CRISTIAN! it’s simple bro…

            SO FUCK the people who insult a religion!!!

            oh yea, a special being muslim is You will know Arab language, Healthy (because sholat and NOT EAT PORK), know the others religion (Jesus is not prophet Isa he’s jus human :D), had some reward from Allah, etc.

            what about christ or cat? Pork is dirty and dangerous for body why That RELIGION not FORBID them??

            -YOU GUYS SUCKS-

            but it’s okay because Christ is for the Israelites!

            @abdullah : stop it man… no probs.. be patient they are will go to hell if they are insult our religion…

        • IGOR The Crusader.

          Abdulala, firstly, may I say fuck you, your shitslam and you pedophile prophet, in whom only a sex depraved dumb fuck like you and the rest of your dumbshit herd can believe in. you motherfuckers blow yourselves up as virgins, in the hopes of attaining 72 virgins, meanwhile, treat your women like cattle, cover them to make them look like walking garbage bags and engage in bacha bazi (boy play), dressing little boys in womens clothing, having them dance around for you then fucking them. worthless raghead motherfucker, let me guess..the ONLY reason you watched this video (many times over, I’m sure) was to criticize it, right?
          Hear me well, abubaka.. you better start learning to breathe under water. I speak for the western civilization who simply plays the same taqquiya game wiith you motherfuckers as you play with us.

          AM ISRAEL CHAI.

          • Happy Infidel

            IGOR: Well said man. Love the part about the walking garbage bags- That’s right on!!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            ignorant ass-raider

            You must have stayed up all night and consumed many gallons of colt 45 to compose that bullshit post of yours.
            You western assholes are all the same; you are mindless wimps who get courage from alcohol and dope.
            Well, I have seen many of you homoqueers beg for mercy and cry like babies, when you had to back up all that big talk you westerners like to talk.

            When your time comes…you too will cry like a baby, as you beg for your miserable life.

            eat shit and die asshole

          • IGOR The Crusader.

            No, you dumb scumslim fuck, It takes no time or energy to bring down some raghead like you. You flatter yourself for thinking otherwise. On my territory, you motherfuckers are trying to gain MY approval. We see through your taqquiya bullshit. the plan is very simple, you dumb fucks will wipe each other out for us. whatever garbage is left, will simply be swept into the ocean. mark my words. in terms of homos, which you speak so much of, look here and show some shame, motherfucker. because no little boy is safe with you scumslims..


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            crappy infidel…aka the seven faces of eve

            Don’t try to fool anyone on this site, you are a walking bag of trash.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            igor the asshole

            Shut the fuck up infidel.
            Our “Million Muslim Man March” in the usa is about to begin. Soon all you inbred homoqueers will bow before your new masters.

            It wont be long mofo….Islam is taking over.

            eat shit and die mofo

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Dave

            Abdullah is either a really bad troll, or just a dumbfuck muslim. His “Million Muslim Man March” isn’t going to happen. You know why? BECAUSE OSAMA DIED! AHAHAHA FUCKER.

          • Chandi

            OMG abdullah the headbanging butcher, just reading a fragment of your comments irritates and frustrates the shit out of me.

            First of all, you have no common sense and cannot produce a grammatically correct sentence. Don’t try to say I have bad grammar, as I gained an A* in english language and in english literature when I was at GCSE and now I am currently studying medicine at Kings College London, soon to be moving to USA permanently. Secondly, you hate on other religions/beliefs and other races for not being of the same race. And last of all you’re just a pure dumbass.

            While trying to observe this conversation and all the abuse you have tried to give others, it made my head hurt from your really bad insults and poor grammar. I can’t understand why you hate on others when you’re a pig-loving, allah worshiping twat. All other religions make sense, but yours doesn’t. I am a sikh and your race has constantly tried to convert our people to your religion by brutal force (such as torture, murder and the killing of our gurus). Our religion is similar to that of christianity, which is why I believe highly of it. The gurus were teachers of god, to pass on the message of what is after-life and that god is the reason we exist. Our race did/does not mean harm to any others until you started to kill and torture our own. Then, thanks to your races brutality, are now known as one of the greatest warrior races to have ever existed. Sikhs have always had conflict with muslims and may still have to this very day.

            I believe that americans are true to hate on islam, as you killed thousands of people by a cowardice act. And thankfully they gained some retribution to a terrorist of your culture. Atleast I can peacefully say that as long as muslims remain in this life causing pain and harm to others, they will only burn in hell in the next life.

            P.S. Stop being such an inbred by fucking your cousins and kissing your sons, it’s disgusting!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            chandi the fucktard

            You say you are a sikh. That is the only group on the planet lower than googles.
            No wonder you are a confused and ignorant asshole.

            Us Muslims will rid the world of your heathen kind in due order.
            Also, if you are studying medicine in the uk; that explains why that backward country has such piss poor medical services. I wouldn’t let a punjab doctor chek my camel’s asshole.

            Us Muslims invented medicine and we are masters of all.

            It is, however, a good idea for you to move to the great satan (usa) because that will make finding you and putting you on trial for insulting Islam easier. That big turban on your head will make a great target!

            Eat shit and die punjab asshole

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • religion is for dumbasses

            Abdullah you do realize that the persians and sumarians were not muslims. Muslims are followers of Islam a dumbass religion, like most others, was founded by a idoit raider many centuries after the invention of medicine.
            Just a small history lesson for a dumbass fanatic. but don’t worry i hate christians and jews as much as you do. If you could get on with wiping each other out it would make me very happy.

          • epc dude

            if islam even sails nears america in war boats they will cut you down and if you manage to get to shore and be close to victory or have a chance my country the awesome australians will come to their aid and become even with the americans and if australia go to help, russia comes, britian, phillipnes, and the french because we are all allies and allies stick together so you wont stand a chance and after we do that ur national leaders might actually attack you to be even so go away and stop saying islam will control america becasue you wont america ae to powerful and vicous.

            and you are a racist cunt you shuld learn to go along with your own words. you said dont be racist to alot of people but yu say that people are (no offence for any dark skinned people who read this) googles

        • The pissed american

          k fuck u u arab piss of shit i would fucking massacre u if i had the chance srsly… Islam has been making fucking problems with the world for thousands of years u dumbshit so why dont u shut the fuck up

          • The pissed american

            oh and by the way dick hole if the muslims even try to pull that shit u have no fuckin idea how bad u all would be slaughtered… i wonder how many muslim heads i can blow off with a 10 gauge before i get bored or ya know we could hi jack one of ur planes and shove it up ur asses

          • The pissed american

            oorah bitch

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            pissed on ameri-fag

            If you wanted to produce a massacre…just get your mother to spread her legs in a tail wind.
            The poison fumes would be worse than VX.

            Now, that’s a real redneck WMD.

            Also, you shut the fuck up you inbred, sister fucking, three eyed asshole.
            Us Muslims rule the world.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            derwood derrvin

            You have the mind of a retarded google pre-schooler.

            Also…say hello to endora.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • prince

            u dumb fucj i will massacre every american if i get the chance srsly it aint islam dats the problem its dumb fucker like you who cant see past ur ego, also there aint no problem with islam its christianity dats the problem, jesus the son of god ha if he was y isnt he still alive u dumb fuck so u shut the fuck up u dumb shit

        • Derrvin

          Can’t we all just get along?

          • troll police

            We should be able to get along, but trolls screw that up. I’m not sure whether this Abdullah is a troll or a legitimate asshole, but either way he is acting quite hypocritical and self-righteous and he should shut up as soon as possible.

        • J.F.K.

          you are a stupid men, very stupid

        • joeboxer

          hahahahhaha people like you are the ones who deserve to burn in hell for your ignorance and extremism, she didnt win an oscar because she is jewish, it was well deserved… you are simply blinded by your overly extreme beliefs bub, open your fucking eyes and mind and realize that there is more than your own religion out there

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            joe blower

            when Islam takes over, you’ll be blinded by bullets.

          • theheadchimp

            You are a total asswipe. That movie was the dumbest piece of garbage ever made. She deserved a kick in the ass a lot more than an oscar. Besides Holllywood is infested with jews that have white names so her winning the oscar was just like incest……….

          • Adam

            U dont talk sense boxer ,a bloody woman getting pleasure from a woman .showing that in the vidoe and getting an oscar for that ,seems shit choice .be a man and put ur judgement ,its nothing but just making it big for the reason of her having a sexy video online ,thats about it .I guess u r just a boxer without a dick .

        • thatguy

          lmfao “when islam takes over..” ha good one.

        • Words

          Ok, i’m I the only one who dosn’t think this guy is really a Muslim at all? I’ve never heard of an islamic extremist who called himself “the butcher”

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            genital warts

            And I’ve never heard of a cock sucker who calls himself.. “words”……

          • Sigh

            Abdullah, seriously bro, Have you counted the amount of Islamists in the world?
            Now count the amount of non-islamists..
            Not in your favor is it? And also, Islamists doesn’t have enough firepower to take on most first world countries, which you “are going to take over”. There’s about 200 non-Islamists for every Islamist and 60% of those non-Islamists will have better training AND firepower than the Islamists.
            I also rate that you have never even held a weapon, not even mentioning killing an “inifidel”. So stop your shit and get real.

        • ashley

          hahahaha, you’re fucking dumb.

        • i hate fake people

          first of all it is lesbos and queers not lesboqueers you stupid ass fake muslim and you always call people jews your so fucking ignorant because for all the fuck you know they could all be christian or muslim you stupid fuck you need to grow up and stop acting muslim when your not and islam is never going to take over alot more then a billion ppl would kill themsleves if it really happened

          and p.s. you should really stop talking about celebrites when you are so half bit stupid mother fucker who other then this site no one knows or cares about who you are

        • The Norse

          thaats if islam can take over, cause amerika has somthing that islam never will have and that is a land of the free, and are you meaning that islam is the best religion in the world then you are wrong, There is a reasen that kristianiti is the one of the greatest, with out the kristian wee wouled not be ablr too fly. wee wouled not have computers, cars, phones, and you need movies soo if you don`t like us go back to your country and destroy every thing in your house that kristin people have invented aka light.

          • Matt Oxley

            Regardless of what that shithead’s saying, you’re retarded.

        • dude

          Sounds like someone is upset because the jews have handed it to their people in the past…6 day war bro…6 day war…Hitting you with some facts!

        • He Who Doth Be Awesome

          You used “Islam” and “take over” in the same sentence, therefore, your argument is invalid.

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    You are the dumbass.

    The only thing this movie did was make a lot of people glad they aren’t Milla Kunis.
    And the only way that jew portman will get an oscar, is if she steals it….which is not beyond her to do.


      You sir are the dumbass. You have clearly not seen the film because Portman’s performance is worth an oscar. I WOULD ALSO LOVE TO BE MILA KUNIS IN THIS SCENE


      . You have clearly not seen the film because Portman’s performance is worth an oscar. I WOULD ALSO LOVE TO BE MILA KUNIS IN THIS SCENE

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Fuck you jew lover!

        That skeletor looking natalie couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

        Also, only a filthy, sexually immoral subhuman, would find anything likeable about this perverted jew lesbodrama.
        Which explains why you like it.

        • fuck religion

          Your a psycho racist fuck…. I hope one day the world realizes that religion is bullshit and all this Jew hating Muslim, Christian psycho nonsense will destroy us and the planet……”God” or “Allah”, it makes laugh. The end of the world is a self fulfilling prophecy.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            fuck up

            Laugh now asshole….because you wont be laughing when you’re burning in hell.

          • John

            I do my best to keep an open mind, but I guess that is just a nice way of saying you’re atheist. I do believe that there is a God or Allah. Clearly to me, it doesn’t matter that whomever’s religion rules this world as long as the free men, women, and children have similar freedoms as America’s(religion not withstanding), then that’s fine with me. As long as they exclude the freedom to homosexuality, that’s fine also. Everyone has their flaws, even me. I just want to find a balance in everything. You guys can go ahead and hate each other that will only lead to more suffering. I have my own path of non-violence and tolerance to follow. My soul is prepared for whichever Armageddon will occur. Is your soul prepared?

        • Connor Bob

          um…. who is the one ready off himself for 42 virgins……. and black swan is perverted?

        • Tears of Mankind

          you are one fucked up terrorist sack of horse shit you really don’t see the errors in your way because your mind has been poisoned with false beliefs that only promote pain and suffering across this already diseased planet because of sick deranged people like you. You and your beliefs only promote violence which promotes hate which leads to death then revenge then a whole vicious CYCLE OF WAR!! I PERSONALLY HOPE YOU FUCK FACED SHIT STAINS TRY TO TAKE OVER CAUSE I WOULD PERSONALLY LOVE TO CUT OUT YOUR EYES AND THROW YOU INTO THE DARKEST DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN!

        • MuslimKiller

          lmfao you must be high out of your mind if you think that the muslim culture says that you must treat women like shit and kill innocent people to secure your race as the dominate race in order to please your god, ever wonder why your country is at war with itself? it’s because of retards like you who pretend to be some bad ass mercyless killers, when really you’re just a bunch of cowards attempting to hide behind god. Half your country doesn’t even belive in your vison because that’s not what the real muslim culture is about or states, you’re just a racist fucktard who belive me deserves his entrails slowly cut out of him and shown to the muslim public who you opress, so why don’t you do yourself a favor fucking idiot and take that 45 of yours and blow your own brains out and do both your god and the world a favor so you can burn in hell where you belong, and before you speak i aint jewish, and i aint american and i don’t agree with everything the american public does either but there are better ways to deal with it so stfu because you’re no better than anyone else on this planet in fact you’re worse and create more problem than you solve which is none.

        • J.F.K.

          Abdullah sei proprio un gran coglione musulmano del cazzo. fuck you

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            jf koon

            Eat shit mofo

        • ChocolateNinja

          Theh why are you on this page in the first place? And why are you criticising each others religions? People have a right to believe what they want to believe in, but they shouldn’t berate what other believe in. All religion has basis fact, good thina and bad things about it, and there are many asshole people in the world who like to put dirt on other people. SO STOP IT BROS. :L

          • American Army “1st” Lieutenant

            Abdullah, you’re still on this site because jihad was in the title, right?
            Did you hear about that saudi prince chilling with the fishes? A couple of seals fucked him up something awful.
            How’ve you been, still giving head to that chimp dude?
            good times, good times…so i guess you never picked up a rifle and joined the cause you so thuroughly believe in?
            its all good though, islam is magic…it’ll take over on its own, good thing too because these raghead mother fuckers fight for fuck.

        • DishwaterSoap

          Okay, I get that you guys are trying to defend your religion, but like honestly, if you don’t like the movie, just say it once. You don’t have to be so repetitive. Also, if it sucks so much, why bother coming here AGAIN?Also, religion is your belief, and if the other people think differently, who cares? They probably don’t understand your religion. Also, you guys hardly know each other, so no need for the harsh judgement. Don’t take it too personally from someone who doesn’t know who your are.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            douche water

            You may not know us now, but after Islam takes over, you will get a swift introduction to all us Muslims. After the introduction, you will be stoned.

        • whythishate

          Then why must you be on this site exploiting constant hatred and blind rage? Isn’t there some other radical website where “US MUSLIMS” can go hate on the rest of the world? Obviously her perverted jew lesbodrama has you interested to some degree or you would not be here. You are a poor example of your country and religious beliefs.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay infidel

            And you are an ass-humping homoqueer who is on the “stone first” when Islam takes over list.

        • Sigh

          You DO realize that this video was posted on your site.. by a Islamist?

    • white cool person

      hey faggot fuck!!! how does it feel to be jeehad!!! you are so cute! you little cock sucking arab!

      • naigerhater

        Yeeeeeeeea Buddy!!!!

    • Pauly

      Hey moron you think you have all the answers? Really coming from a guy whose religion preaches hatred and murder towards one’s fellow man. That is absurd, its amazing that the one book you believe in you misinterpret! The Koran and Allah have no patience for the killing of innocent people whites, blacks, arabs, asians, (infidels) or anything else. You are obviously just a dumb dune coon that doesn’t know shit because you are too blinded by absurd hatred which has no basis, especially in religion. I am not religious because or ignorant bigots like yourself you give all muslims a bad name, same on you you ignorant piece of shit!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Shut the fuck up you dumbass retard.
        You are far too stupid to understand Jihad but I will say this: when Islam takes over…’re fucked!

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • KnowABitch

          You sir, must be incredibly stupid. If you actually think Islam will take over than you need to take off that too tight of hat you’re wearing. Or whatever the fuck that is. Get a fucking a clue you religious nut.
          By the way, I’m a christian.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You’re not just a christian (which is bad enough) you’re an idiot christian.

        • joe

          Whatever, you stupid muslims are all the same, blindly following some retarded, child-molesting so-called prophet. Muhammed couldn’t even read or write, he had the jews write it for him. Your stupid Quran doesn’t line up with science like the Torah does. Muslims will never take over the world because they can’t even get science and religion right. Why don’t you go have sex with a nine year old and slap another woman because any woman who follows islam has more balls than you ever will.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            joe blow

            You are clearly a deranged dirty jew.
            The torah is a bunch of lies and isn’t worth two cow turds.
            Also, a girl of 9 is in the prime of her life and ready for marriage.

            You need to stop spreading lies, you dirty land stealing asshole.
            Soon all you big nosed bastards will be just a bad memory.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            I’m not in this business to prove my machness…I’m here to win wars
            but American soldiers are trained to fire a weapon, I’ve watched hajji’s run out into open streets spraying every direction just to take 4 in the chest and 1 in the head…
            I watched one of my NCOs chokeslam a raghead to death …after he’d been shot.
            The USAF is unreliable, and often we’ve had to do without.
            Our airforce is just the icing on the cake, bud. For every one of our guys its like 12 insurgents. Its not immoral to drop hellfire’s and bunker busters on the assholes, we’re just giving them a quicker death rather than having my platoon ruck up into hajji central making religous fucktards beg for their lives, hoo-ah.
            If anything, its assholes like you that give your religion a bad name. Call me a pussy bitch. We built these war machines…if you fucking bunch of retards would of band together instead figureing out whose the fucker and whose the taker, maybe you’d have more than an ak-47 and a sharp stick.

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            P.S. Headchimp

            you’re either french or middle eastern to be sticking up for this raghead mother fucker. about a 3rd of the world hates America, but everyone hates Iraq and Afghanistan right now.
            and the french just kinda… sit there and not take sides.

        • asshole hater

          its kinda funny how you are speaking english if your so islamic speak in your own laguage you dumbass fake

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            self hater

            What the fuck good would it do for me to speak Arabic when admonishing you dumbass english speaking devils?

            None… dumbass khabeez .

            eat shit and die mofo

          • russian man

            he is not a real muslim 1. they cant afford electrical devices
            2. if hes not speaking arabic he obviously doesn’t know
            3. he would acually be beliveably
            excuse my spelling

        • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

          So tell me Abdullah magata, or fucking Jihad dick licker…
          How do you plan on helping islam take over?
          Its spreading such a loving message, and your country has such advance weaponry.
          and the terrorists seeking refuge in your kingdom are doing so well in this war.
          Their duct tape and bubble gum IEDs are incredible technology…i wish we had allah on our side like your genius ass rag tag followers.

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            p.s. i don’t even believe you’re a muslim; you’re just some kid in Boston or some shit whos parents are paying his way so you can sit at your computer all day and google random ass shit…

            second P.S. If you are here in afghanistan….please tell me where you’re located so we can talk about this dispute in person. We can see what your god can do for you with 3 M4s and an M60 shoved down your throat. Then maybe you’ll see what religion is…something that will blindly get you fucked up. Your buddies aren’t in heaven with their virgins…they’re burried in piles because their insurgent asshole friends wouldn’t come take their bodies…and even if they did, good for them, we don’t have to fuck with them on earth anymore.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            ameriqueer army 2nd blow job giver

            Shut the fuck up you imperial, jew loving homoqueer.

            Now that your criminal congress has done away with “don’t ask, dont tell” you filthy homoqueers can play army with each other all the time.
            Yes, my spys have reported back what goes on late at night in your degenerate camps. Many times have they overheard you assholes saying to each other, “now it’s time for you to be the howitzer….bend over and I’ll load you up.”

            You make me sick mofo and soon all you homofags will be bowing to Islam

            ALLAHU AKBAR you dirty homoqueer

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            now i know for sure you’re a child with too much time on your hands…
            Everyone around here is either happy to see us or a fucking prick, looking at us as if they’re a superior…This country is “shit”…Its there very deffinition…
            Its hot as fuck…smells like ass…local food sucks…
            call me an imperial…kill yourself for your fucking virgins…call me your stupid ass superficial names (cock sucker, asshole, mofo, etc…) but at the end of the day, these terrorist mother fuckers you support are laid out in lines with holes in their chests, no one wants to collect the bodies…the only thing they changed was me having to change clips. Terror doesn’t work against Americans. You’re a joke. When i go home all I have to worry about is wheres the party at and what beer is there gona be….and your little religious takeover, grow the fuck up…just stay away from my guys when you decide to strap a bomb.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            american pussy

            The american army is not worth a damn. If not for your crazy jew scientists and the zionist industrial complex which makes all your war machines you mofos would all be scattered to the buzzards.

            Prove me wrong asshole.
            Take off with nothing but a rifle and come to Tikrit.
            Leave your tanks, planes and other machinery…come up and fight like a man is supposed to fight.
            I already know your answer; it is no. You are too pussified to fight like a man and too afraid of getting your head sawed off and used as a door stop.

            So keep your big bad words to yourself asshole…because the words of an infidel mean nothing to us Muslims.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Now I know you are no soldier; you are just a faggoty homoqueer sitting in your room playing call of duty or some other stupid game.

            But don’t feel too safe shit head…when Islam takes over america….all you little douchebags will be herded up and introduced to Satan.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • theheadchimp

            American Army 2nd Lieutenant
            You fake ass mofo. I never knew a dumbass Lieutenant that signed his shit like you do.
            It was always 2nd Lt. The next thing you know you’ll be telling us your name is Lt. ‘Buck’ Compton! Plus if you read the news you would know that you are going to leave Iraq and Afghanistan just like you did in RVN. Nothing ever changes except dumb assholes like you.

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            i am playing modern warfare right now
            and will be for the next 3 days until i have shit to do =]
            and you live in tikrit? we fucking own Iraq basically…
            you don’t scare anyone, your just a cussing rodent dying in a mouse trap…
            please grow up and take up arms with your would-be idols…see what the American army is made of…theres around 12 bases up your way, pick up a gun and just walk near one.

            Eat sand and get shot…thats what all your buddies are doing, Alladin.

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            you got me, headchimp. I am Lt. “Buck” whatever you just said.
            and the army isn’t pulling out…Iraq is what it is so millitary is done there
            operations are moving to afghanistan where its needed.
            I spent 5 years going through rotc, boot, and ait…i sign however the fuck i want…
            even though i didn’t sign shit?

          • theheadchimp

            2nd Lt. lying dickweed
            It doesn’t take 5 years to become a 2nd Lt. unless you are one of them affirmative action ones. You brag how tough you fuckers are………answer this asshole if you are so badass why are you still there?
            Afghan war started Oct 7 2001……………still going on
            Irag war started Mar 19 2003………………still going on
            WW2 started Dec 7 1945……………………ends 1945.
            Do the math asshole and tell me the poor bastards with an ak47 aren’t as tough as Hitler and Tojo?

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            I went through rotc while i was getting my major in criminal justice…stop trying to act smart, trash.
            we havn’t won this war because its an easter egg hunt…Every day patrols roll through groves just to see if any hajji mother fuckers are encamped there…
            If laying low and hiding in caves is their idea of winning…then yeah, this is an up hill battle, as most battles with guerillas…they use their numbers and mountains, we are better soldiers through and through…
            finished googling shit yet, cuz i’m really tired of you and princess sand bitch

          • Open the Scroll

            Hey beetle bailey, bubble gum IED’S huh ? I hope your patrol run’s one over then we’ll see what duct tape and bubble gum is really made of. Go back to your google president and tell him we are too tough and will never give up,we are everywhere ,BALLA’ EL AIR !!

          • theheadchimp

            American Army peckerwood
            10 years and you still can’t find them eh? Its their fucking country asshole and you dumb sons of bitches will be leaving soon and nothing is going to change. Don’t you study history in ROTC? Any army can not defeat a people that refuse to be defeated. No regular army can defeat an insurgency, ask the Russians how Afghanistan worked for them. Think for yourself instead of being a drone……………

          • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

            Whats this? Greasy pube faces still talking trash?

            @ Open Scroll: I have ran over an IED before…The humvees gone, but all are acounted for…I know a sgt. maj. thats been in 6 IED incidents…He calls himself the untouchable google…and don’t even start about our president…you probably live in a 3rd world country too and figure if you can’t be happy, you can just be mad.

            @Head Chimp: Yes, they do teach history in ROTC. Yes, I do realize occupying an enemy country never works. Yet we have occupied Iraq for almost 10 years with minimal casualties. In fact, I’m pretty sure if the entire army was on leave…we’d have about the same amount of casualties from car accidents and stupid stunts. We know how to fight ragheads when they do show their dirty faces though.

          • MuslimKiller

            lmfao abdullah you’re a real idiot, you don’t know what fighting like a man is, your people are to scared to talk shit alone, i’ve faught a couple of you smelly middle eastern pussies before and alone they cower in fear they only fight when they have like 3 to 1 and guess what… I still kicked all their asses, you’re a pathetic excuse for a human being i hope someone cuts your tongue out and shoves it up your asshole so you can never speak with that dirty false muslim tongue of yours ever again.

          • WittyName

            Will everyone stop feeding the troll? Abdullah’s not a real islamic extremists. Islamic extremists don’t go on this website. If this dude really wanted to annoy you, he would just build a damn car bomb. How did a lesbian sex video turn in to a heated argument anyway? Can’t we all just stop hating and agree that this is something beautiful?

        • MuslimKiller

          lmfao actually his point of view is 100% correct and it’s pretty sad that we know more about your true religious views than you do, you know why? because you’re not a true muslim you’re just a fucking ignorant slob who poses as a muslim and hides behind unrealistic religious views as a way to spread your ignorant views across the muslim people in order to promote war, violence, oppression, tyranny, and hatred among your people. Which i feel bad for your women and children who have to grow up on your BULLSHIT because everything you feed your people is all lies so you eat shit and die cunt, than maybe there will be one less cancer among this world and your people truly liberating your country and allowing the world to live in peace and harmony instead of the intollorant state it’s in now.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            racist asshole

            You shitty intolerant mofo.
            It is no wonder Islam cannot get along with the drunken assholes of the west.

            Let’s see how much shit you talk after islam takes over and you’re getting the shit kicked out of you.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shitty name

            Fuck off asshole.

            I don’t tell homoqueers to stop feeding you cock and you have no business attacking Islam.

          • russian man

            all you americans should pull all the marines british aswell and blow there worthless sandy shit filled resourceless shit hole sky high then nuke the place 3 more times to make sure those pigheaded women raping horse fucking ragheads are no more then leave the place to rot abdullah you over grown fat american get off your computer and get a social life

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            russian fag

            My Muslim brothers kicked the shit out of you russian queers when you invaded Afghanistan and us Jihadist will kick your ass for invading this site.

            Also..I’m not on my computer…I’m on your mother’s ass and riding it like theres no tomorrow!

            ALLAHU AKBAR



      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Shut the fuck up you idiot homoqueer.

        • MuslimKiller

          lmfao please just die, just do this site, your people, your god, your children, your women, and the whole entire world a favor and just die, no one would even miss your ass and your god doesn’t give a fuck about you cause you’re not doing him any justice, and by the way religion is a bunch of horse shit anyways it’s just for people like you hide behind, and i do belvie in god just not all these gods that you supposedly claim there are. Oh and guess what the only thing muslim is taking over, is posistions in anally raping you up the ass.

      • theheadchimp

        I got news for you asshole. Muslims have been using Charmin for decades while you dumbass Americans were using the Sears Roebuck catalog in your outhouses.

        • Billy Goat

          Successful troll is super successful +5 for Abdullah The Butcher!

          • MuslimKiller

            lmfao troll or not his ignorance is an insult to his people and every REAL human being out there, there is trolling, and then there is just being a complete racial communist who doesn’t belive in anything other than sexual abuse and war and oppression, it’s sadening what civiliation has been reduced to and become, you people make me sick.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Stupid asshole

            i don’t give a damn about your opinion; you are an infidel…and not a very smart one to boot.
            I believe in freedom…the freedom to live in a world without bastards like you and all the other infidels….especially jews and googles.

            Suck on that you shit-head because you will be hearing these words again sooner than you think

        • American Army 2nd Lieutenant

          oh, and since I probably won’t be here when you come up with a dumb response thats based on nothing but shear stupidity and judgement…Charmin was developed in Greenbay, Wisconsin, U.S.A….its weird how they shipped it straight to the Middle East before the states it was made in…but i just believe all the muslims just named their left hand “charmin” and their right hand “Mila Kunis” or “Natalie Portman”.
          And its all tied together =], Hooah!

          • theheadchimp

            Peckerwood Army 2nd Lieutenant
            You know nothing about world history or politics yet you know all about Charmin. Typical stupid Amerikan. Maybe you really are a 2nd Lt., you surely seem dumb enough.
            Hooah! I take it that has to do with “don’t ask don’t tell”. Next thing you know you pansy ass muthafuckers will be wearing pink camo……..

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            2nd to none at cock sucking

            You fake ass mofo …you may not be here…but you will always be “homoqueer.”

    • Someone

      for your information, Mila Kunis is jewish too..

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        someone stupid

        go to hell and BURN

        • I Win, You Fail

          bahaha you’re fucking RETARDED, towel head. your reply to absolute hypocrisy to mila being jewish as well as natalie is exactly what they said to you. “burn.” wooooooow musta taken you a decade to think that one up you little boy fucker. LMFAO now off you go and read your retarded little book ‘alalalalalala BOOOOOM goes the suicide bomber!’

          • MuslimKiller

            Lmfao you make me laugh, in a good way though, lool i mean what you said was ignorant but also funny at the same time. xD

          • John

            FYI you ignorant prick, it’s called a turban

        • MuslimKiller

          lmfao your mother must really regret giving birht to you, she shoudl’ve had an abortion or gave you up for adoption because you’re a mistake to the human race, a miscalculation of your gods creation.

    • braind

      why dont you go throw yourself againt a car with a bomb?
      You guys are good at beating wifes or kamikaze,talking shit and being stupid and you come here to talk about other country or peoples..Loll

      When islam takes over…loll .. in your dreams..
      The only thing islam can takes over is your wifes rights and freedom and your little brain =)

    • dbr9708

      ok so i decided to reply to your hate message now i can do one of two things cuss and tell u how stupid u are or try and open ur mind a little now i am more then offended by everthing u wrote because one i am jewish and two i am a human being so i am offended tht u have the audacity to wwrite wut u did about other ppl tht u dnt even know you ever hear if u have nothing nice to say dnt say any thing at al>? now u ppl here may thnk tht its ridiculous to bring up but wut is the point of cussing at eachother at sumone ur never gonna meet and just piss urself off? how dare u make the implications tht jews steal or wut evr u dnt know me or every jew or natalie portman so wut exactly are u basing ur stuff on?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        dick-biter 9708

        You are no big nosed jew or are you white; you are a dumbass, wide-nosed, big lipped google.

      • theheadchimp

        You keep spreading your lies because nobody here believes them for a moment. Jews are the biggest thieves in history. There isn’t a jew alive who isn’t a thief. The next thing you will be spouting is that Bernie Madoff is a born again Christian. Jews represent the worst of the human race and that is in the Scriptures. Thats why you see so many googles screwing Jew women because they know lowlife when they see it.

  • theheadchimp

    Since Oscar is slang for penis, then you are probably right. She is going to get an oscar, 100’s of them I’d say.

  • White cool Person

    Hey you fuckin arab piece of shit!! killed any innocent white people lately?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      white fool person

      Listen you inbred hillbilly, the only piece of shit here is you.

      Also, the word innocent is a relative term. If you ain’t Muslim, then you ain’t relative; which means you ain’t innocent.

      Eat shit and die mofo


      • White cool Person

        Hey Abdullah Allah makalla butcher faggot!
        At least I’m not gonna burn in hell for following some faggot ass stupid religion that teaches hate and murder. And you’re telling me to eat shit? When you’ve clearly been eating it your whole life?!? How else would your skin get that color???
        I hope your country gets invaded.
        Oh wait…it probably already is!!!! Later sucka!

        • White cool Person is a wigger and an asshole

          You are one dumb asshole, does talking like a google make you feel cool?

          • white cool person

            you are just jealous, you poor little man, that you are not black. I know, being an arab piece of shit is tough, i mean, nobody would want to be in your place. but you must accept your existence and go live the fucked up, hate filled life that is your destiny.
            I declare jeehad on your ass

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          uncool google talking white person

          Congratulations motherfucker!
          You are in the running for, “top whigger of 2011.”

          You must have spent a lot of time in the ghetto and the projects to speak such top notch “googleease.”

          Keep drinking thunderbird you asshole mofo!

          • white cool person

            well at least i didnt grow up in a piece of shit tent in the middle of the shit hole arab desert. thank jeehad for that shit. jeehad on your ass bitch!

          • Funky Dunk

            Abdullah The Butcher……your very name makes you sound like a terrorist. yeah that’s right terrorist, none of your faggot suicide bombers die as martyrs, they die for nothing. Islam has suffered the repression of the rest of the world for long than it has ever been in power. FACT. Christianity has nearly always been the commanding power of the world FACT, and everytime you post anything it’s just “you’re a mofo” and then you don’t write anything even close to factual. Face it, your religion is too extreme, you believe blindly, you believe that everyone MUST serve under your god. If your god were real and if he made everyone and everything, why would other religions exist? As a test? Why would your “god” make such a hard unpassable test.

            Oh and wtfs up with wanting virgins when you die? why would you WANT a virgin?? Seriously?? What is the natural phrase for muslims “blood is a natural lubricant”? It’s just fucking wrong mate. If you were free enough in your beliefs to concider that naturally we’re supposed to have sex to produce of spring and that it’s what we want instinctively then you could never insult this video. This video stimulates sexual feeling, through an ultimate fantasy, you’re just too blind and tunnel visioned to see what the rest of the world is like. Eventually your muslim countries will make a mistake and provoke war, and when you do……you will finally be wiped from this world. No extreme muslim such as you deserves to be alive. I have loads of muslim friends, and they’re all amazing ppl, nicest ppl I’ve ever met, and they’re completely accepting of our culture, of other religions, of other sexualities. They choose to not drink and wait til marriage for sex, but they don’t force it all on other ppl, cos that’s sinful, forcing anything on anyone against their will is. Ok, well that’s a rant, you’ll just come back with “you whate trash mofo” or something and then talk some bull, so I look forward to your reply…..unless you’re gonna blow yourself up before you get to read it?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            funky drunk asshole

            Your very name makes you sound like a homoqueer

          • african american women

            I have never read or seen words so ignorant in my whole life. As a 25yr old mother of three in school now to get my bachelor degree in MD (medical doctor) i’m sad for you, first you hate american’s but want to live here ( and take over lol) secondly you talk down of a race you know nothing off. I’m from englewood in Chicago,IL. If you think Ak’s or man with rags (dress’s covering there clothes) scare american’s, come to one of our hoods and bring your weapons and see if you make it out. you know nothing of Blacks and you all have no respect you treat your women like shit. so if there’s anyone who is low scum of the earth its your kind. i know a handful about islam and one thing i can say is you make your own kind look bad and like a joke. you have plans to take over america right?? than why the hell you on the internet arguing with someone you have no knowledge of you show your own ignorance but try to hide it well GUESS WHAT………YOU DON”T FUCKING SCARE US IDIOT! ps the other gentleman I understand your anger to this low life but you know he’s not worth it :)

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            afro maerican ape

            You dumbass google bitch ho. The only MD degree you could get would be for drinking Mad Dog 20/20….which you are drunk on right now.

            You lame ass googles ain’t tough, us Muslims have proved that thousands of times. And when we take over the usa, we will fire bomb your ghettos and sell what googles are left to the goat farmers of Ethiopia as slaves.

          • YOLO

            shut up you muslim dick your the worlds biggest asshole and you suck cock!

        • an atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate

          People, please. First off, Islam doesn’t preach hate and murder. Extremism and terrorism are extremely small factions of any religion. We just happen to know of Al Qaeda better than most other groups. Also: “jihad” doesn’t mean “holy war.” it means “action taken in the name of God.” Charity can be an act of jihad. Another thing: Christians aren’t innocent either. You also murdered hundreds of millions of people at several points in history: think of the Holocaust, and think of the Crusades. And where does anti-Semitism even make sense in this entire conversation? Abdullah the Butcher, for all the things you’ve gotten wrong about Islam, I’d be willing to wager you’re not even Muslim. You’re probably some 11 year old WASP.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            atheist asshole

            Even when I was 11 years old, I would have strangled you without mercy.
            Keep your ill informed, stupid ass opinions, to yourself. In other words; shut the fuck up.

            Eat shit and die asshole

          • Rehman

            I’m a Muslim and Abudyullah the Butcher is a complete asshole… “an atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate” is probably right that Abdullah isn’t even Muslim.

            He/she actually knows what he/sh’s talking about. Btw, I was born in Chi-town and am proud to be from Chicago.

            Good job an atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate for actually being informed.

          • another atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate

            Will post a quote from Carl Sagan which to me epitomises humanity;

            Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars…We humans have seen the atoms which constitute all of nature and the forces that sculpted this work…and we, who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, have begun to wonder about our origins…star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth…Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed not just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring.
            We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting star light.”

            Carl Sagan (1934 – 1996)

            PS: awesome name ‘an atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate’ made me laugh

            PSS: Top award for making me laugh has to go to ‘Abdullah The Butcher’ you are fucking hilarious!! Ohh the the mental extremist to make me smile.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            another dumbass, mofo atheist

            I have a quote for you from the Prophet (PBUH)

            “When you see the dumbass infidel….cut his filthy throat.”

            Those are words for us Muslims to live by.

            As for that fool sagan…he’s burning in hell.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Open the Scroll

            Atheist douche, you will find out first hand what “action taken in the name of Allah ” means when your entire family stands wailing as they are forced too watch your stoning. Dont pretend you know a thing about Islam you heathen, Godless ball gager. I’ll wager you love 11 year old boys and hanging out at Toy’s R Us on weekends.

          • Here for the pics

            You guys are a bunch of idiots…hello you are on a porn site talking about religions you are obvisliy not following….religion is nothing more than mans security blanket

          • Washing my penis :)

            @Abdullah: bro he just defended ur religion!

      • Crain

        Seriously? When does any Muslim ever talk like this? You’re not supposed to hate on people of the book, Abdullah, no jew or christian hating, so acting like this shows that your just some troll thinking he’s a clever badass sitting at a computer waiting for the next person to get pissed off so you can fuck with them
        Also every religion has flaws, none of them are perfect.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Us Muslims talk this way to stupid infidels, such as you.
          Mind your own damn business asshole. I don’t tell you how to suck balls, so don’t tell me how to criticize lazy jews and ignorant christians.

          You are really a stupid muthafucker.

  • starkiller

    i want to see their damn tits and pussys

    • White cool Person is a wigger and an asshole

      You couldn’t handle it you little twerp!!!

      • A, coady

        little twerp like who says that u fuckin faggot.

  • Some Random White Kid

    Uhm, from the reviews I have heard and seen, this movie was rather good. I have yet to see it myself, however, but I expect it to either live up to the expectations I have or perhaps surpass said expectations.

    Now, as for all of you ingrates who think of yourself as “awesome” for bitching about something as impudent as this, please be silent. You are all probably little children, around the age of 15, sitting at home and hoping that one day, you will be cool. Don’t try to put up the bullshit excuse of how you are all ripped, awesome, and smart, because you are not. Logic determines so. Now hush up everyone. =)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Shut the fuck up you mealy mouthed cock sucker.
      If you want to watch this shitty movie….go and watch the motherfucker.
      I for one hated the movie and declared Jihad against it and the theater that showed it.

      Both these bitches looked like fucking zombies and both were weirdos.
      If that’s what turns you on; go for it.

      And if you want to complain any further…come to Tikrit…I’ll be happy to “listen” to your whining and crying.


      • white cool person

        Oh no!!!! Not jihad!!!! You didn’t!!!
        Well I was gonna see this movie until faggot fuck declared jeehad on it.

      • That guy

        just cuz american women arnt covered in hair?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          that gay guy

          It’s a jew instigated lie that Muslim women have hairy bodies; when in fact, their bodies are perfect. Jew females, however, have hairy twats, that only work, after an exchange of cash has taken place. That’s why jew men love american whores…they fuck for free.

          We Muslims aren’t like the filthy jew animals or you inbred americans; we hate your american women. They are filthy, VD ridden whores, who aren’t worth making stable slaves out of, because they always end up fucking a horse or camel or both and giving them VD too. The american whore is cheap; the livestock is not.

          But, since you are a homoqueer, you need only worry about how Sharia Law deals with fags. The answer is this; by execution.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • IGOR The Crusader.

            Fagdulla, this is what you’re proud of?

            Some muslim girls are quite beautiful, unlike the stereotype.
            here is one example of one awesome muslim girl.
            her name is Saeeda Virajee aka sahara knite.


          • John

            You put a smart(yet rational) point there Abdullah The Butcher. I for one thought the movie was just a waste $7.00 to see with my mother. And still this debate intrigues me. But I will do my best not to take sides(even though I may did). Please continue your debate of passion for one’s belief and nation.

          • FUCMUSLIMS

            hey u fucked up modafuka. im the most badass white you will ever meet. go suck camel cock bitch. me and my homeboys will beat the shit out of your small islamic asses. ill rape your mom, your sister, and kick u in ur pussy and then i will bomb your small ass town of tikrit. fuck u. fuck u. and suck cock. square up modafuka im ready to kick some hairy islamic ass. me and my jews and americans and jews will beat islam. your dad (osama bin laden) is fucking dead you peice of shit. how is Islam gonna take over the world. The usa and germany and russia have one of the biggest armies in the world. so ima fuck your big hairy mom and kick the shit out of your osama like gorilla like peice of shit ass hor sucking cok ant eater bitch pencel cock sucker mom!!!!!!!!! go shove a sharpie up your ass modafucker. i have an edjucation and i am not afraid to use it

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          fuck brain

          Raping your sister may earn you points in alabama but it doesn’t mean shit to us Muslims.
          Your powerful armies are getting the shit kicked out of them every day and by the time we take over the usa, all you redneck mofos will be feeding worms.

          Also, you sound more google than redneck, which means the story your momma told you, about you staying in the oven too long, is a big ass lie.

          Suck on that you fat lipped google half breed.

          • Charles Anderson

            Abdullah shut the hell up. You have no reason to dislike our country. You sound like a child. It is time to grow up Abdullah. Jesus is the only way. The reason Islam is incorrect is because they do not know Jesus, nor do they know the one true God of Israel YHWH. It is all very simple Abdullah. So why don’t you stop complaining just because you do not understand our country or the religion of Jesus Christ. There is no reason to fight over religion when Jesus cleared up everything for us so just relax and have a beer Adbullah. Or maybe go have sex with your wife, whatever will get you to see the light.

          • idont care

            you sir are stupid, and if you guys ever come to the us tryna kill people, the only thing youll get, is a face full of dirt as you lay face down in the same unmarked graves as the rest of your inbred fucked up family

      • Someone

        sometimes i think poeple are ignorant asshole including you! yu have no idea wat the fuck you are talking about. so why dont you go to hell and suck your mothers dick.
        please and thank you!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          someone who sucks ass

          Bite my camel’s balls you stupid mofo.
          Your mother may have a dick, which you no doubt nursed from; but our Muslim women are biologically and morally perfect.

          When Islam takes over, you’ll remember your words…just before you lose your head.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • XZVGE2

            Paula Abdullah
            Why do you have a camel’s ball? Do you enjoy sucking on them?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            XXY chromosome

            I own many camels you dumbass and it is only you weirdo infidels who suck their balls.

          • Washing my penis :)

            @Abdullah: technicaly u cant ‘suck’ an ass

          • idont care

            lol your women are…well to say the least….srry i pukedd

    • A, coady

      your a fucking looser you no dat.

  • An Adult

    Grow up you right couple of children!

  • Happy Infidel

    So little Abdullah went to the movies huh? LOL that’s rich. Why do you bother to go? Because you like to see the sex you filthy motherfucking liar. You certainly aren’t going to the movies in Tikrit because you are in the US living a good life and all you do is bitch and complain.

    Go have yourself some nice BBQ spareribs moron.

    • villa

      hello all, movie isnt that bad, good acting, and for happy infidel, who cares if abdullah is musilm?? his chioce, the religion is quite peaceful but unfortunatly abdullah is the small minorioy that makes them look like fucking cunts, whoi cares if portman is jewish? if you beleive EVERY single jewish person steals then you contradict yourself. as a small minority of muslims are terrorists your beliefs would indicate that you are a terrorist, what im sure your not

      “Also, the word innocent is a relative term. If you ain’t Muslim, then you ain’t relative; which means you ain’t innocent.”

      what the fuck are you on about?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        pancho villa

        I don’t have to explain anything to a dumbass infidel. You just need to shut the fuck up and accept the fact that islam is taking over the world.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • realist

          Last time I checked, muslims are too busy fighting each other to take over the world. Shi’ites and sunni need to band together if they want to take over anything. They also need to move out of the stone age because throwing stones is very ineffective against a sniper or an AC-130. Not that I like my country being the ‘world police’, but if it keeps assholes like you in check then USA!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!

          • John

            Don’t forget that these “terrorists” or “liberators from infidels” are backed by the Russians, North Koreans, and probably the Chinese. Yet the world hasn’t blown up from nations rising upon nations and one’s belief rising upon another’s belief. But if or when WW3 comes, I’ll just sit there on the beach drinking lemonade while I watch the world burn because of a war or Holy War for domination from one’s ideal.

        • religion is stupid

          abdullah the butcher wtf is your problem most religions preach to love and care for the world and to respect everyone and to treat people how you would like to be treated obviously yours doesnt cause your using it as an excuse to insult people and say they are going to burn in hell yeah im sure your god is proud of you !

          oh and how are muslims going to take over the world when they are to busy blowing themselves up ?

          • John

            It’s his religion he’s trying to stand for. But I’m not sure that fat, stupid, homosexual, cowarding, evil, jew-loving, asshole Americans that the whole world perceives that they know what religion is; religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Abdullah The Butcher has much right as everyone here arguing about whose religion will *ahem* “Take over”. He’s entitled to his opinion and outrage for his disgust of Jews, Americans, or otherwise. Everyone in this strand(including me) deserves neither praise nor insult.

        • Thisistrue

          when you say that you dont have to explain it, its because you cant. Each and every one of your statements is refutable for even a an idiot to recognize. Yet you are too shallow minded and foolish to even realize the hypocrisy many of your statements carry. It’s pitiful to see the world reduced to incompetence that shows on such a level as yours. Now you will probably call me an infidel; I am. You will probably tell me to shut up; I will. But try to be tolerant of others or despise them in your own presence, but every contradiction you make, its showing your incompetence at everything. A contradiction cannot exist, as A is A, and ONLY A, it cannot be B and A at the same time, just as 2 objects cannot occupy the same space. Your contradictions will lead to your own destruction whether instantaneously or subtle.

        • IGOR The Crusader.

          over your dead body..

        • MuslimKiller

          lmfao just stfu honestly you left comments about the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again regaurding the same thing over and over, listen you actually haven o cultural insight and they’re probably right you’re probably not even muslim you’re just a troll who’s intellect and IQ is that of moss, you really have no right ot be commmenting on behalf of muslim or jihad or whatever the fuck you belive in, cause you are supermely retarded and don’t know fuck all about anything. So stfu and take your trolling non-sense and scrub that dirty little lieng faggot mouth of yours with your dads tiny cock.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Ass licker

            I’ll keep saying the same thing as long as there are infidels to hate and whores to stone.

            As for you….eat shit and die mofo. You have no great philosophical insight to offer…you just whine like a little retard google baby and seem quite upset that no one takes your pussified point of view seriously.

            I am a true Jihadist and my words inspire millions to defend Allah to the end of their lives.
            You, on the other hand, are a true homoqueer and the best you do is increase glory hole participation at truck stops.

            Suck on that you dumbass homofag.

          • Gr8

            Silly little cupcake!

      • A, coady

        shut up u fuckin faggot, stop tryin to act hard

        • All the world’s a small speck

          Why, because they make a valid point but you don’t understand it? So you use curse words to make yourself seem “hard”? Silly silly

  • Casey

    that’s so not true about them being lesbians mila was with macaulay culkin for years and portman is pregant and engaged to her dancing partner in the film. Both of them stated that sex scences in movies are always ackward and uncomfortable. Neither one of them said they enjoyed it and I seriously doubt they were all hot for each other on set. This movie was brillant and so much more then some guys lesbian fantasy.

    • IHateCelebs

      If you’re trying to make a case that Mila Kunis is not a lesboqueer, citing her so-called “relationship” with Michael Jackson’s longtime gay boytoy is probably not the best way to go.

      Just sayin’.


      • A, coady

        say wat u want she could buy you

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Go and drink a bottle of bleach you dumbass mofo.

      Mila ate Portman’s pussy, and then went straight to that homoqueer culkin and gave him the boot.

      • IHateCelebs

        Why must you fight Casey’s battle? dumbass

  • jb

    LOL to everyone on this page

  • AbduIIah the Butcher

    Go and drink a bottle of bleach you dumbass mofo.

    Mila ate Portman’s pussy, and then went straight to that homoqueer culkin and gave him the boot.

    I am masturbating right now just thinking of this. Oooh I am so hot, I can’t stand it!!

    • burneth

      you would abdullah you sexually repressed monkey, when was the last time you got laid abdullah? I’m going to take a random(but accurate) guess and say never

      • A, coady

        burneth=faggot name

  • You are Both Stupid

    Grow up!

  • Maute

    Allah approves of this video!

    • John

      I find your lack of knowledge most depressing.

  • freedom of voice

    to abdullah, just so you know youre very racist, youve got a nerve to judge anyone youve never met. you should fuckin be ashamed of yourself, youre only embarrasing youre self and youre beileifs, im tellin you this beacause you and everyone else is better than that.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      free voice

      I judge you to be an asshole.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • God

        Clearly you’re retarded beyond anyone else’s comprehension.

        Drink some weed killer and feed a rattlesnake your dick, faggot.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          semen sampler

          You are in top position for “biggest douche of 2011”

          Also, it is disrespectful, even by infidel standards, to refer to your mother as, “rattlesnake.”
          You need to pay more attention to your 10 commandments

          • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

            you seem mad bro i can see the veins popping out of your neck from here i just wanna let you know its all gonna be okay just breath deep count to ten clear your mind

      • Kari

        You muslim need to be wiped away from the earth

        everyone HATE you because you are mentally ill by this crappy religion

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          hairy kari

          you need to wipe your pussy more.
          after Islam takes over, all you whores will be put in a harem.
          we don’t want our sex slaves to smell fishy.

    • A, coady


  • Joe

    Oh my gosh dont get so upset. Its obvious that this Abdullah guy is just trolling. like “I declare jihad on this movie” or “you are an infidel” this guy is acting out a muslim stereotype more heavily than in the low budget comedy styling of Cannonball run 2. I find it highly unlikely that he is actually Muslim and more likely that he is just enjoying getting you upset. I mean seriously, what self respecting Muslim would actually make their name Abdullah the Butcher.

    • bilbo_the_hobo

      Wahey, someone worked it out!

  • why cant we all get along?

    Why cant we all get along, im not trying to start a fight but i dont see how anyone straight guy could find either actress unatractive…

    • theheadchimp

      WTF? Is this our Rodney King moment?


    Shut the fuck up you racist Abdullah piece of shit. fucking allah can go and shove a knife up is arse and make all muslims drink the blood that comes from it for all i care. Both race and religion are minorities in this stupid world and the desputes between differant cultures are holding the human race back. Its people like you that are ruining this world because of your pesamistic anti everybody crap. And for the record islam wont be taking over the world because all the messed up people like you are too busy being arse wiped and slaughtered in afghanistan because of the terrorism that they wish to commit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you suck

      You are one ignorant mofo.
      This world is defined by race and religion; your simple minded infidel philosophy is nothing but laughable.
      And for your information, I am not racist; I respect all Sharia following Muslims.

      Get ready infidel…..for an Islamic takeover of your country!


      • A, coady

        shut the fuck up like we no ur not muslim but stop sayin mofo u fuckin faggot

      • God

        More retarded shit.

        Go fuck a knife, faggot.

        • Washing my penis :)


      • jj the clown


    • John

      I suggest you fix that grammar of yours before you jump into anyone’s throats.

    • hadi

      Don not talk about muslims that way. Let me give you a peace of advice…. Think before you talk, you, never know what the consequences might be.Abdullah is slightley mad or more precisely going overboard with everything. But he is right about one thing- muslims will set things right one day, soon.You have a right to say all these disgusting things about muslims but that does not make it acceptable. You will be greatly punished for what you have typed- when you die and in the afterlife Allah the almighty will sow you everything you have done in this life. Do good, repent and I pray you will go to heaven. Otherwise it is impossibe. Do not watch all these dirty, sexy videos, it will only blacken your heart. I am bein deadly serious. If you laugh when reading this you are hopeless

  • The Nationalist

    HEY! Abdullah is just sticking up for his nation! Im a nationalist as well! (except im from central europe) Abdullah has a problem with Jews, so what? let him say whatever he wants! Does it really offend you guys if someone posts a simple comment? Now you guys got Jihad after you!

    errm….. Allahu Akbar? (translates into “God is great”)

    • IGOR The Crusader.

      You’re either a fellow scumslim or a really dumbfuck white. Either way, their infestation is driving the white numbers down to shit. reason, because dumb motherfuckers like you support it.

  • wow.

    wow. to be honest I didnt think this kind of retarded backwoods shit still existed. I hope to hell Abdullah “the butcher” (wtf?) is a troll…. People like you make me concerned for this world. Either side, Christian, Islamic, whatever, racism is racism, murder is murder, don’t hide behind your clouded morals and beliefs to promote your fucked up ideals.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      bow wow

      Shut the fuck up asshole.
      You had better be concerned, because if you make a comment like that, after Islam takes over….the consequences will not be pretty.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • bilbo_the_hobo

        Since when did Muslims use the words “bow wow” and “mofo”?
        Been listening to too much Biggies Smalls as you get pumped up for a driveby? Hell yea sand google.

        • theheadchimp

          Dildo the hobo
          Since your read it on his post you fucking dumbass…

          • bilbo_the_hobo

            Why thank you for your astounding intelligence there. I’m glad to have been tutored, and humbled, by your wise words.
            I was talking about the general populace of the Middle East, if you hadn’t noticed. Don’t think Abdullah is quite the typical Muslim.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            That’s correct you lame asshole; I am not a typical Muslim. I am the right hand of Allah and I do as he commands. And his main command is this; go and destroy the infidel…any way you can.

            Eat shit and die mofo

            ALLAHU AKBAR

      • 10% girly


  • Mill

    Religious rages aside, minge eating is fucking awesome.

    • another atheist who’s tired of this misinformation-fuelled debate

      Second that!

    • John

      To reply your outlandish comment: No thank you, I would rather like to observe how people from vast distances away from one another and argue their “morally correct point of view” on how their beliefs are better than others. As a neutral observer of this heated debate I would like to say: what difference does it make on who starts a war and those who only wants to end it? Both sides are not free of fault. It takes two to fight.

  • mf

    i think natalie portman deservs the oscar and mila kunis should be nomine to best second actress she is an exellent actress i loved to me natalie portman in this scene

    ly mila

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are one entertainment deprived mofo if you think either of these jewish scumbags is a great actress.
      They both look like two drunken vampires and their combined acting skills make jessica simpson look like oscar material.

      • bilbo_the_hobo

        Jessica Simpson is Oscar material, her tits could win anything!
        Wouldn’t call Mila Kunis a jewish scumbag, you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near a girl like that without chloroform.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          I always carry chloroform.

          • mohammed is a faggot


          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The google detector just went off.

            Shut the fuck up you loud-mouthed black ass

      • Rish

        Abdulla is a faggot

        drink my pee and clean after me

      • John

        Out of plain common sense I agree and disagree with your opinion. In today’s America’s mass media driven culture, those degenerates of “Human Understanding” thinks that consensual sex between the same sex is stricken as a turn-on(and considered a turn-on when only women do that), I respectfully detest that, consensual sex should be reserved between a man and woman only. And thank you for pointing out that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are Jews, I never knew that.

  • patteewhack

    Woooow I’ve been scrolling for like 10 minutes and I’ve seen just 2 names hahaha. Maybe next these two will whip it out and see whose is bigger

  • wow

    Paula Abdullah’s would be smaller, microscopic it would seem from how often that guy posts on the internet.

    Not even sure he’s Muslim, probably some whitebread hick trying to give Islam a bad name.

    If you aren’t abdullah, keep going! I hear you’re really helping your people by slinging that shit.

    *Insert abdullah’s response here:*


    Hit up the nearest Imam and go get your head checked.

  • athiest

    Abdullah you should be pleased that Natalie Portman has a parent from isreal and has made it in America. She shouldn’t be judged due to her beliefs in any way, she is a professional. and you cant seriously think that you’re going to heaven if you call everyone a heathen infadel mother fucker and post lesbian videos on the internet. You’re ridiculous… go read your holy book maybe it could give you tips on how to be a decent human being.

  • lol @ the human towel rack

    lol do you wipe your ass with that same towel? bitch please who gives a shit what you think. the only videos you terrorist mothafuckas know how to make usually involve some sort of a cave and hostages strapped to a chair. go rape your daughter or beat your wife to death or something. if pieces of shit like you make it to heaven ill be getting me a one way ticket to hell. lololol are you really that disgusting and un-appealing that you have to kill yourself in hopes of getting laid in heaven by 40 virgins? cant belive there are people willing to die for this shit

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I agreee, you dumbass, “google talking” infidel; you are going straight to hell.

      Eat shit and die mofo


      • lol @ the human towel rack

        lol wtf at what point did you decide that i am “google talking” stfu troll lol go learn some new swear words and come back. you pray to Allah with that same mouth?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Listen asshole; when you used “mothafuckas” your google/wigger identity was obvious.

          I pray to Allah everyday….that you unholy motherfuckers will all drop dead in the most painful way possible.
          And…when Islam takes over your country, all you infidel assholes will pay for your insults against Islam.

          Eat shit and die you google/wigger mofo

          • lol @ the human towel rack

            hahaha this made my day. i actually took a screenshot so i can come back to this and laugh again and again. keep praying maybe he will hear you between all the swearing. as far as me making fun of Islam i did no such thing. i make fun of fucking idiots such as yourself. Not every belier of Islam is a terrorist and not every terrorist is a believer of Islam. however ignorant pieces of shit like you deserve to be made fun of. lol i feel like i should forward this conversation to a terrorist tip line. you hear those sirens? they are coming for you

            ps: i have a question … since you wipe your ass with your hand does that mean you have shit smeared on your keyboard?

          • John

            Here’s a list of more insults for everyone to use at each other when the same vulgar responses repeats over and over again like a broken record:

            pain in the anal
            vaginal cleaning solution
            itty bitty titty committee
            ass-eating ballface
            ball-busting baron of butts
            Stagnant pond scum licker
            Maggot muncher
            Litreen lips
            3 week old road kill
            Snail snot
            Odiferous octupus ooze
            Pompous proliferator of putrid puns
            Lizard lips
            Vulture vomit

  • theheadchimp

    lol @ the human towel rack
    Why dont you just get your pap smear and shut the fuck up you pussified bitch.

    • God

      lol. what a miserable and submissive little bitch you are.

      Wipe that dripping blood from your cunt gash then set yourself on fire, faggot

      • Funky Dunk

        Aren’t the cunt and gash the same thing?

  • Asim

    Good video

    • Green

      why you don’t like black people?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        green card

        Do you want the entire list or just the top 25 reasons to hate them black-ass urban gorillas?

        • John

          Do you consider that every negro in the world came from America are ignorant and insecure buffoons? Look at Kenya’s culture or other cultures in Africa, do their behavior resemble that of them “black-ass urban gorillas”? I don’t think so.

      • theheadchimp

        What a stupid fucking question. Why don’t we like black people….

        BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK DUMBASS, and I don’t have time to list the other 90001 reasons.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          That asshole green must be the bastard offspring old arnold loving happy.

          I don’t think anybody can top him/her for “stupidest question asked by an asshole in 2011 or any other time.”

  • lol @ the human towel rack

    @ theheadchimp why dont you start making sense lol

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lol @ the human towel rack

      You had better start showing total respect and deference to Islam.
      If you continue to act like an asshole, after we take over, you will not like the consequences.
      In short, shut the fuck up and stop acting like a homoqueer bitch.

      Eat shit and die you stupid asshole.


      • God

        Typical stupid bullshit without meaning.

        Go fuck a knife, you repulsive shitpile.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Come to Tikrit, you foul mouthed asshole, and I’ll fuck you up with a knife.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • God

            No, you won’t. You’re a fucking faggy little pussy. I could fatally stab you with my hard dick, faggot.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            That’s mighty big talk from a dirty homoqueer cock sucker.
            Then again, you have probably never bitten off more than you can chew….or is that…. suck off, more than you can swallow?

            Either way, when Islam takes over…all you homoqueers will be introduced to Sharia Law.

            Eat shit and die you homoqueer mofo

          • God

            More stupid shit that means nothing at all, as all of it comes straight from the cum-guzzling mouth of a faggy cocksucking shitwhore.

            You clearly love dicks, clearly are a faggot, and clearly need to kill yourself immediately.

            And, right, you need to retreat into the whole Islam shtick because you’re a cowardly bitch too afraid to jump in the court and play ball.

            Go fuck a knife, you gay, genitally undeveloped, eternally pre-pubescent twink.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            godless homoqueer

            After Islam takes over, all you dumbass american googles will be sent back to africa.

            Eat shit and die coon

          • God

            lol, same old recycled bullshit. You spout your retarded idiocy daily, and you seriously never stop to think “Fuck, I’m clearly a fucking idiot. Everything I say is meaningless, and I say the exact same thing to everyone while trying to be funny in-character”.

            You’re a piece of shit. I hate you. God hates you. Your mother hates you. You hate yourself.

            Go fuck a knife, you fucking faggot.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            godless bastard

            I agree, you are a fucking idiot.

          • God

            Same old stupid shit.

            Btw, you’re a fucking dumbshit moron. Also, I’m not talking about the character you’re pretending to represent. I’m talking about the actual author behind “Abdullah The Butcher”.

            You’re such a fucking cowardly queer bitch boy that not even a deliberate ruse can disguise it.

            Go fuck a knife, you fucking faggot.

          • Fac Que

            Why don’t you go meet the guy who said he was there with you? American 2nd Lt, he said he would come meet you,.. but you said no,, go go go outside and find the world what you’ve got , you talk a big game..put up or shut up.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        godless asshole

        What’s wrong, have you developed a big hemorrhoid from getting ass fucked?
        No doubt that is your problem.
        Don’t criticize the Jihad you ghetto piece of shit. This site isn’t for your entertainment; so get back to your spot at the truck stop glory hole and leave us Muslims to the work of Allah.

        Eat shit and die you blasphemous cocksucker

        • God

          LMAO! You’re fucking pissed now, yet, even with all your gay rage, you still sound like the piece of trailer-trash shit that you are trying to funny on a retarded website. Farcical humor requires something above a simian level of intellect — something you clearly don’t possess, you filthy fuckhole.

          Let me repeat what will forever stand with every idiotic thing you can muster up to express your rage born of failure and self-loathing:

          Same old stupid shit.

          Btw, you’re a fucking dumbshit moron. Also, I’m not talking about the character you’re pretending to represent. I’m talking about the actual author behind “Abdullah The Butcher”.

          You’re such a fucking cowardly queer bitch boy that not even a deliberate ruse can disguise it.

          Go fuck a knife, you fucking faggot

          • theheadchimp

            God damn asshole
            Boy you are one big talking bitch. I notice all you faggoty assholes like you always accuse everyone else of being gay. Dont be ashamed that you are a gay butt boy.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            god of homoqueers

            It’s been a long time since one of you “angry” homoqueers have spewed your mindless drivel. What happened to put you in such a shitty disposition, did your gay-mate leave you for a different homo?
            Whatever the reason, I don’t give a shit.
            I can spot a kicked around asshole from a mile away, and your faggoty rants are like a spotlight, signaling that you sucked your first cock at summer camp when you were ten.
            Enjoy your cock sucking and ass banging while you can; when Islam takes over, sucking dick will be the last thing on your mind. Sharia Law will end your homo urges.

            Eat shit and die ass fucker

          • God

            All you did with that massively retarded rant was to prove to me how much of a faggoty little cowardly homo queer bitch you are. Literally every single thing you say in an attempt to be offensive involves nothing more than accusations of homosexuality. That’s it. You spew forth the word “gay” like your boyfriend spews cum down your throat. Your GI tract is like a Nile River of cum, and your anger over being the bitch time and time again in your fag relationships causes a lot of general resentment for the homosexual community within you. But homosexuality isn’t the problem, here. The problem here is your weakness — the fairies prancing down the street in a San Francisco gay pride parade would call you a “faggot” and then curb-stomp you for being too much an effeminate pussy. See, you are so much of a faggot that you are a faggot to other faggots. You are so much of pussy bitch that you are a pussy bitch to other pussy bitches.

            You are literally the most pussified, scarred, beaten, miserable cunt staining the face of the earth.

            And let me repeat something that I’ve been drilling into your head rather successfully, made obvious given your desperate and angry reaction:

            I’m not talking to your idiotic “Abdullah The Butcher” character. I’m talking to you, the faggot. The shit that is your miserable existence seeps even through your fucking retarded costume. It doesn’t matter that you’re trying to be funny and trying to craft a parody — you’re a fucking sickly and lowly bitch who needs to die in agonizing fashion, and nothing you do or say can hide that fact. The stains and scars of your effeminate faggotry are upon every goddamned thing you touch and do. You can’t run from it.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            godless butt plunger

            This is a holy site and not the proper forum for you irate homoqueers.
            Go someplace else to push your gay agenda.

            Eat shit and die butt boy

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • God

            Calm down, pussy bitch. I am nothing more than the voice of reason and truth. I am your Jesus — your Savior from ignorance. Don’t run from the clear and glimmering mirror that I hold before you. You are an unbelievable faggot, a submissive pussy, and a repulsive retard. These are but truths that you must come to know. Your cowardice is strong and fuels your denial, but I will not allow you to be taken over by it as you are taken over by countless google dicks during your daily sessions of getting gangbanged.

            Your redemption from your infinite faggotry is impossible, but suicide is certainly a start.

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        • God

          “gay butt boy”?

          Are you fucking serious? This is your piece of shit attempt at sounding hard-up?

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          Btw, saying “fuck” and “asshole” doesn’t make you intimidating. When you’re clearly as much of a whiny little pussy bitch as you are, it just makes you seem like your cunt is leaking its monthly supply of blood.

          Drown in piss, you broken bitch.

          • theheadchimp

            Faggoty butt boy
            See you prove my point. You are a chicken shitted cocksucker. Tough talking dont make you tough. Plus you are so ignorant you cant even read a post properly. I didnt say fuck in my reply to your dumbass post. You are just another inbred ignorant hilllbilly that pretends to be tough on the internet while in real life you are a sad little fag. Go fuck yourself Goober…….

          • God

            See? Exactly what I was talking about. You are too much of a fucking idiot to even grasp the painfully simple concepts I was expressing in my posts. Your parents didn’t fail you, you failed yourself by being such a fucking retarded cum-sucking twat bitch. Even while trying to act hardcore and tough, you’re such a submissive little shit that it comes across as nothing more than an adorable little excursion in delusion for you. You’re a fucking pussified faggot, and, to make matters all the worse, you’re completely retarded even in the standards of a sub-simian species. So, rather than sitting here and explaining to you what anybody with a half-functional brain could see easily, I’m simply going to tell you that you and I need to be clear on one simple thing:

            Shut the fuck up.

            You’re an infant bitch. I am your father, your God, your master. I am your superior in every single way. You will dine on my shit, get drunk on my piss, and bathe yourself in the sweat from my asscrack and balls.

          • John

            If you are the voice of reason that you claim to be, then you wouldn’t curse or preach with passion. A person who has a voice of reason shouldn’t talk down on others, but let them see their errors for themselves. Abdullah The Butcher, if you say this is a “Holy Site”, then why would you speak with such vulgarity? Why do you consistently let others get under your skin and bark back at them for being so ignorant as their reply’s you claim. If you are truly the Right Hand Allah, you should be preaching about your religion’s teachings, not stooping down to the infedel’s level and speak with such strong emotions. You should be convincing the ignorant to convert to your religion, not berate them. If all you can say are constant vulgarity and hatred and all you can post are just “harlots” but no politics because I’m sure from whichever Middle Eastern country you are from needs to have a form of government of some kind, then you have truly contradicted yourself there. You are NOT a Right Hand of Allah, a zealot perhaps but nothing more, like an over loyal soldier to their commander not to his or her state. Those who follow the notice of a greater power sees the truth of our enslavement. We recognize the chains that bind us and hold us back. We believe in the power of the individual to break these chains. That is the path to greatness. Only if we are free can we reach our full potential. The belief that an
            individual must not bow down before anyone or anything is our greatest strength. But
            it is also our ultimate weakness. The struggle to rise above those around you is often violent, and in the past we were constantly at one another’s throats.

        • BabyAngel

          Hey uhm.. Gay Lord.. sorry couldn’t resist.. your just.. so Gay.. it’s like your the Lord of all the Gay because of the amount of dicks you can shove in your ass and mouth at once.
          … Anyways..
          You’re right about this not being a site of entertainment… for people who just want to comment on assholes like you.. who think they have the right to criticize those who live productive lives and make a living working hard and being able to fend for themselves… it’s a site for horny little Muslim boys, like you, can have an excuse for looking at half naked woman… and then covering up your real intentions by criticizing the half naked woman and wishing for her death.
          And… he can.. in fact…. we can all, criticize the “Jihad” here… because.. well that’s what’s truly in question.
          What kind of .. “Jihad” is this.. mocking others.. hoping they rot in hell.. this is a cult.. not a Jihad.
          Another thing… you don’t work for Allah.. in fact.. none of you do.. no one WORKS for Allah.. or any God.. in any religion… they fear him, obey him.. bow down to him.
          And behave according to his commandments.. which.. by the way.. you’ve broken at least 7 or 8 times already.
          So … what ever God you think you work for.. tell them to get off the set their working on… and take 5 in order to give you time to clear your mind of that trash shit you believe in.
          Better yet…. get a make over.. maybe your modern look will improve your mind.. doubt it.. considering your such a pig to begin with.
          Your dear… what did you say last time.. Baby-shit I believe.. ya
          Your dear Advisor.. Baby-shit
          P.S…. Where should I tell your Sex Slave Mohamed to put his cock today?
          In your mouth this time?.. or did you really enjoy it being deep in your ass last night?

          • BabyAngel

            I was meaning Abdallah.. Gay Lord= Abduallah

        • Fac Que

          This is a Holy Site? Wow I didn’t know Allah had internet these days…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            face fucked

            Shut up asshole.

            Allah provided us Muslims with the knowledge to invent the internet.
            If you would get your face out of your hillbilly cousins ass and read a book or two, you might learn something.

          • Washing my penis :)

            Bro jsuk muslims didn’t invent the internet.

            luv u abdullah!


      • Wokpow

        Ok…. you’re a disgrace to you’re entire religion (Muslims who are non-ignorant, non-extremist) and really to the entire population of the planet. I may admit that the United States government is corrupt (Who’s isn’t?) but, you’res is to (by those like you) and I am sorry to tell you but, you’re little dream of a “million man” Muslim extremist army making landfall on the United States is one of the dumbest and funniest things I’ve ever heard.”Abdullah The Butcher” Wow. What a joke. You know what? You can keep daydreaming about all you’re western genocidal plans but, thats as close as you’ll ever get. Really I find you’re arrogance and complete ignorance kind of entertaining.

        Have fun being counter productive the the entire human race!
        “The Infidels”

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          crock of shit

          Lets see what you have to say when a million Jihadists are sawing off the heads of you infidels and putting your whores in burkas.


    Its 72 virgins genius

    Abdullah is correct though, the muslim birth rate worldwide is an average of roughly 8 children per family. When compared to the much lower birth rates in other religions, it won’t take long before muslims will be able to democratically elect members of parliament and thus when enacting laws about religion etc. they will have a majority and there’s not a thing you can do about it, its a majority vote and when the majority of the country/world is muslim, the majority will be in favour of muslim ideals. Its a bitter pill to swallow for non-muslims but thats life

    • Alllahhuuu

      The actual, original translation of 72 white images of purity in Paradise is Sultana raisins, not virgins. It is only in modern translations that virgins are used to symbolize purity. Most suicide bombers will receieve 72 raisins…. a select few will be fucked up the ass by Mohamed himself.

      Bismallah irrahma irahimm, allahu akabar mofo reem

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        You piece of shit liar

        No doubt you know a lot about getting fucked up the ass.

        eat shit and die homoqueer

        • Dumbass Arabs

          Fact: all you nasty ass Arabs are loud, obnoxious, hairy, disgusting dirty pieces of shit. Please, by all means, continue blowing each other up. I’m tired of seeing you nasty fucks in my country. Seriously though, everyone in America hates 99.99999999999999% of you.

          PS: Abdullah the cocksucker: Do you think you’re cool saying ‘infidels’ in every sentence? Do you think it offends anyone? Shut the fuck up you dirty sandmonkey. I hope one of your 15 brothers bombs you while you’re sleeping in your sand-hut tonight. One less nasty ass rat roaming the Earth.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You are a good example of an immoral, hate filled, racist, asshole infidel.
            No doubt you are the offspring of a whore and some drunken jew.

            When Islam takes over and you’re before your Muslim executioner, I doubt you will talk like a chicago drunk. You will be like the rest of the pussified american males and cry like a smacked baby.

            You know I speak the truth you stupid mofo

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Abdullah The Butcher is a faggot

          youre such a damn cunt face! Islam won’t take over. I bet you cant even name the Five Pillars of Islam. Stop saying homoqueers and eat shit and die mofo because it gets old. Youre a rug pilot and a sand google

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            whiney pussified mofo

            Waaa, waaa, waaa.

            Don’t cry now infidel; there will be plenty of that when you are hauled before Sharia Court and given a death sentence.

            I bet your mother can’t narrow down the possible candidates for your true father to 5 infidel assholes.

            eat shit and die mofo

  • A, coady

    Dumbass muslim.
    He is obv not Arab, what Arabs say mofo? Hes obv sum queer looser who has nothing better to do. Hes right you watch and see shel get an oscar.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      a, kotex

      The only oscar that jew slut will get, is an oscar meyer weiner.

      And for your information you homoqueer dumbass…we Muslims invented the term “mofo” to describe you infidels.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • tired of this

        Abdullah…. yu have ta be the most ignorant, pointless, lame, shallow fag iv ever seen. i dont know which is worse: that you are obviously american and make lame attempt after lame attempt to be funny, or that i had to actually spend this time to tell you what a fag you are. everything you say is ignorant and has no basis whatsoever, and the saddest part is you have to realise what a useless failure you are, yet you cant help it… seriously what fuckin right wing extremist muslim has the time to get on this random site like EVERYDAY and talk meaningless bullshit?? i got on here ta see some titties real quick. dont yal have people to blow up and cows ta pray to or some shit? you have the vocabulary and thought process of a 13 year old kid, all you can do is reiterate da same stupid shit over and over, you are a waste of DNA and your parents money and effort, and i felt ashamed FOR you as i followed your degradation all da way down the page from a ignorant, racist douchebag, to just a total fuckin tool. yu aint cool and you just look lik a fag because all the grown ppl on this site see right through you because ur the only one too stupid to realise a grown muslim man would never talk like that, would never be on this site, would never care wat ppl have to say about him, and most certainly doesnt say “homoqueer”…. and all this jus adds up to you being a pointless human being. only a fuckin 13 year old faggot would say dat much shit about gay. so thanks for takin 10 minutes of my life ill never get back, and seriously man, get a fuckin life its 2011 grow up. peace

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Shut the fuck up you stupid ass, ghetto rat google.

          • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

            really??? that is your comeback? that just reiterates and provides an example of what he JUST said.

          • Muhammed Al Camelfak

            Well spoken my friend! When will the infadels realize that their american FAG will not save them from the Jihad! All of these ameriqueers should shut the fuck up! Alahu Akbar!

        • 13 year old

          Im thirteen and I’m much smarter than Abdullah, because he was not brought up with the right education. Having knowledge of all religions, I chose to be agnostic. This means that you are not sure what is true, and that nobody can know. There is no proof showing that there is or is not god, because nobody has seen him. You have no right to criticize other people for what they believe in, and definitely not kill them. If we actually all are god’s/Allah’s children, why would killing god’s child because he has different beliefs than you make him happy? I just feel that it is way to arrogant to say, and that making fun of/ cursing at people wont help.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            13 year old asshole

            Us Muslims are coming for you.

          • Henchman

            Sick Homoperv Abdullah
            I don’t know why you’re telling a lil’ kid how you gay Muslims are jacking off to him.
            “us muslims are cumming for you”, well, one thing is certain, not only are you Muslims gay, but you’re also pedophiles. Expect to hear from my German made gun.

  • ercx

    These posts are fucking ridiculous. LOL. Just hurry up world and forget about religion. Religion breeds ignorance and hatred. All that should be taught are good morals. The rest should all be left back in the past when people actually believed in gods because they didn’t know any better. History is all just a record of us getting things completely wrong. So why cling on to something so primitive?? It’s bad enough that thing’s like race and culture divide people but why let something as mediocre as religion do it? The two leading causes of war: Money, Religion. Money I get, greed is in human nature. Religion? defies all rational thought. Grow up and think for yourselves people and get with the times. Do humanity a favor. Stop holding us back. Some food for thought.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      The leading causes of Jihad are 1. land stealing jews and 2. their infidel friends, the americans.

      Also, shut the fuck up asshole because you don’t know shit about anything.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • abdullah the fag

        first how can you be so proud of a religion made by pedophiles like muhammad… also didn’t you steal the lands from the jews first, i mean for Christ sake, your own Koran says they where there before muhamad got bored of raping sheep and little girls and made up Islam. hearing you makes complete sense of why every body who isn’t an arab hates arabs. i just wish all you arabs\muslims whatever stay in your own damn countries and don’t pollute the rest of the world with your stupid shit. keep all your damn immigrants to yourself we don’t want them!!!!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Fuck off asshole!

          Nobody asked for the hillbilly report; especially any of us Muslims.
          Just get back to fucking your sister and drinking moonshine, you stupid, inbred, piece of alabama shit.

          You gonna get it, you dumbass, mofo, hillbilly……. when Islam takes over!

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • LOL

            a muslim tells someone he needs to stop fucking his sister, and that he is an inbred! LOL!!! a muslim!! that is the best joke ever…. you all right in my book sheep fucker!!! just for making me laugh, i will not even ask how is it that every country with a muslim majority is either failing or at civil war… and yet you think islam can take over the world.
            keep on the good work abdi…. by the way, thought u should know. my dad was a stupid muslim like you until he got out into the world and got smart…. so ya bint el kalb, bint el sharmuta, take your allaha and shove it up your kahba of a mother’s ass… and also im not from alabma.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            I agree, your low life father was stupid for rejecting Islam.
            Know this asshole; Sharia Law demands all apostates be put to death.

            I would hate to be in his sandals when Islam takes over america. Pay back will be a bitch for you mofos.

            Eat shit and die you apostate son of an apostate

          • Muslims are stupid

            Sand googles will always be sand googles. Oh and i’m not a jew by the way. I hate them too. I’m not an american either. Sand googles are stupid and illiterate. Muhammad is probably a pedophile too. Muhammad’s probably in hell with his 72 virgins. You can’t do anything to me. pity

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I don’t give a shit where you come from or what kind of infidel you are; I only care about seeing you dead.

            I look forward to seeing your rotten carcass as soon as possible.
            Until the soldiers of Allah are at your door…

            eat shit and wait to die mofo

  • Just Wanted to See Natalie Portman

    you’ve all been bickering like teenage girls for months, get jobs.. or lives.. or something. useless cunts

    • theheadchimp

      Somebody has to educate you stupid fuckers. You post like a retarded lemming and you have the balls to gripe about others. Get an education and then come back and post, until then go stick your head up your ass….

  • abdulah the fuckin monkey

    durkah durkah u fuckin muslim cock sucker

  • islam is a bullshit religion

    muslim girls r so ugly they cover their faces up. that’s the reason most muslims r gay


      you fucker, control your tongue. you are the wrost people of the world.

  • Wow.

    Alright. I’ve read enough.

    Abdullah. You live in Tikrit? What a coincidence, I’m on leave there. What’s your address? lets see how big you talk in real life.

    If you were actually muslim, you’d know the hadith of respecting your neighbor, as the prophet did to his jewish one.

    Can’t wait to have this chat in real life.

    • theheadchimp

      Go back to playing with your GI joe dolls and leave this site to the real men. You probably piss your pants when the postman rings the doorbell….

      • Abdullah The Butcher is a faggot

        Wow. has said the most insightful comment on this thread. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all “people of the book”. The Bible, Torah, and Quran all stem from the same origin. Also, your name is theheadchimp, That either implies that you are the head of a chimp’s penis, or you are the leader of a species slightly inferior to human beings.

      • Washing my penis :)

        @theheadchimp:GI joe are action figures, not dolls!

  • Girl in a Tree

    Hottest scene ever.

    Thumbs up for a nice psychological thriller.

  • audi5000

    why do you guys have to fight over religion?? Who really cares? You are free to believe in whatever you want….Some guys like vagina, some like dicks….who really cares? Why is there so much hate in your hearts? maybe both of you should have some sex….

  • theheadchimp

    audi5000 the faggot
    You sir are a fucking nitwit…..Some guys like vagina, some like dicks. Fags are the only men I know that like dicks. Goddamn queer motherfuckers like you are disgusting….

  • ben

    Beliefs are neat, cherish them, but don’t share them like they’re the truth.

    • theheadchimp

      Ben wa balls
      Dont share your ignorance either.

  • sjhftyju

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  • myst

    The sex in Black Swan Is much too do about nothing. I guess you people have not watched The L Word .

    • theheadchimp

      No shit Sherlock who would watch such filth…

  • lolol fail thread

    so .. much .. trolling ..

    this thread is retarded can we just appreciate the awesomeness of this video :D best sex scene ever..

  • cool kid

    im on portman’s team!!!!!!!! motherfuckers

  • lionchick

    hey… girls… will u juz stop debating…
    don’t get childish!
    me love it…

  • Muhukmukmaduk Of The Mighty Country Of ISRAEL!

    Abdulla, didn’t quite realise they had internet in Guoantanimo…. your curry bum’s going straight to the 9th ring of hell to live out your happy muslim life in pain, misery and fire….. not much different from where you rolled out of.

    • theheadchimp

      Muhukmukmaduk the dickhead
      Who in the fuck would pretend to be a Jew? I see that Guantanamo got you a little tongue tied or did you just take a ride on the short bus?

  • AussieBloke

    Look Guys,

    Everybody knows Natalie Portman is hot & Mila Kunis is definitely hot, but why do you have to get into a rage fuelled argument about Religions over some lesbian sex scene. Angelina Jolie did one in the movie Gia & that was nice as well. Look, you muslims have to realise that this is the Western Society & that this is how the world over here is like. Another point, in the comments someone put the Holocaust as being a christian fault, I’ve got news for you, Hitler wasn’t christian, he was agnostic, believed in nothing but his own self being the high power. Also, it’s been proven that Christianity is growing faster everyday, more than Islam & that over 1/3 of christians are ex-Muslims & that Islam beliefs are almost direct copies of the Judaism belief (If you don’t believe me, look up “Judaism Beliefs” & then look up “Islam Beliefs” & compare the two). I’m not trying to turn people against anyone, I’m just trying to put the truth out there. I’m trying to prove a point!

  • No One In Particular

    People, people, don’t fight over something as silly as this. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but no one has the right kill or insult people over religion. Just enjoy the sex scene, go to work tomorrow, and forget all about these dumb fights. It doesn’t matter what you’re religion is, because if you’re so damn faithful, you wouldn’t be looking at this lesbian porn scene from an R rated movie. So either watch the porn scene above, or click the little red x and never, ever return to this web page again. Trust me, this WILL save lives, BOTH CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM!


      actually muslims suck and PLEASE, if you need two loads of flem to pronounce your name, stay the fuck off american airplanes. it takes so damn long to check the diapers on your heads for fuses. thank you. by the way why do you have diapers on your heads?

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        Oh, I forgot…we are going to fix it for you. Soon Islam will be running your wretched country and all you mofo infidels will be exterminated.

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          99% of the muslims make bad reputation for the rest

          • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

          Abdullah, God will strike you all down with the touch of a hair. and every redneck like me will be with a shotgun standing by ready to shoot you fuckers down.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Stop fucking your sister and drinking moonshine and stick your shot gun up your ass.

          • that guy

            abdullah if your shit country will rule the world then why havent they done so yet.

          • that guy

            Abdullah you are clearly retarded islam sucks! why would anyone want to believe in such a shitty religion.

            p.s i hope you like living in a third world country asshole.

        • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

          you need to open your damned Koran and read a bit, cause your “beloved” prophet, Muhammad was one, fucked-up pervert.

          • all fucking reliogion haters

            u bloody mother fucker….u say that u dont believe in god cuz u havent seen him…right?
            u all atheists r so dumb morons tht its impossible talking to u guys….say u wicked fellow while u were on ur mothers womb did u see ur mother??? no right??? so does tht meant tht ur mother didnt exist?
            and who gave u the right to speak against any reliogion..does ur religion teach u tht??
            Islam is better than any other religion and not only better it is the only true path…its never late……just open the kuran and read it once u ‘ll understand what is right and what is wrong……. I want u to accept islam dude…… Cuz in the end u r gonna rot in heell fire.

        • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

          funny, you are an offspring of the same people jerk off

        • Mr. I Want you to shut the fuck up

          you mad bro?

          • dave

            no not really

        • lollermoan

          Say, Abdullah, why do you want to take over America so badly? I mean, I’m an atheist, but I think every religion is beautiful. Your religion; Musks, your loyalty to your faith, all good things. But people like you, sir, ruin religions.

        • Princess Jasmine

          Abdulla The Obviously Well Endowed

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        • Matt Oxley

          Someone’s a little butthurt.

          • The messenger

            If you are god then why do you curse so much. Jesus is the on and only God.That would be you who is the bullshit MATT OXLY.

            I am just repeating the sinful words you said.

        • The messenger

          If you laugh because someone has died, you are a sick asshole prick.

      • theheadchimp

        You stupid fuck…you have a muslim president. Google his pix in Muslim garb and then ask him your questions.

        • XZVGE2

          Yes, our president is indeed Muslim. However, he is the worst president we have had since Herbert Hoover. He has no idea what he is doing, and he was never even born in America. I guess anything that is Muslim must be horrible, though.

          • Sky5362

            um he is not true..heis so not the worst president…he is tryin his best to clear up shit dat bush caused ..obama is only tryin hiz best and i give him credit..the only reason yu hate him is because he’s black and etc but nwes flash im white and i think he is doing an incredible job..I-D-I-O-T.!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            sky google

            Listen up coon, your opinion is not welcomed. So, shut the fuck up.

          • theheadchimp

            Sky5362 da asshole
            We hate hin cuz he be a stupid fuck like you. Being a nigra is only part of it..

          • Islamlove

            Be patient ,, soon those who offend Islam will go to hell.

            Abdullah enta 3ala rasi man i read all of these and i like the way u defend Islam =)

            Keep it up bro dont let these perverts make make u down ;)

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      • christina

        I disagree – we need more videos like this!