Natalie Portman & Hilary Duff Get Naked At A Party

Natalie Portman Hilary Duff naked

Natalie Portman and Hilary Duff wasted no time getting naked at a wild party in Hollywood last night.

As you can see in the photo above, Natalie and Hilary strip off their clothes exposing their sinful nude female bodies while attending a party at producer Abraham Jewberg’s Hollywood Hills home.

All the Zionists in attendance were said to be quite pleased with the level of depravity exhibited by Natalie Portman and Hilary Duff, and thought that their brazen acts of sluttery along with the fresh Palestinian baby blood made the event a rousing success.

  • Feminists Rule America

    Men all over America are taking their wife’s last name.

    All men should take their wife’s name. The man who takes the surname of his wife, is the ultimate man, The Alpha male. He respects his wife so much that he chooses to destroy his own father’s name and takes his wife’s name. This is the definition of a real man.

    Feminists Rule America.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Feminist Whore

      The only thing you deserve from a man is a back handed slap to the face and a punch to the stomach.

      My wives and concubines would never speak with a mouth like yours, for if they did they know what’s coming next is a thrashing by me with my sandal.

      You need to spend a few weeks picking figs and cleaning camel dung, then you will learn some respect.


      • Feminists Rule America

        If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.- Margaret Thatcher

        Women Rule America!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anon

          And if you want something done right ask a man, a feminists place is barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen, for they are truly swine.

          • Imam Khalid

            Quite so, Anon bin Laden.

            What’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?

            The back of my hand.

            ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

          • Feminists Rule America

            “If you want something done right ask a man” Quite true

            Of course “Right” here means – Rightfully oppress women, rightfully keep women down, rightfully beat women, rightfully rape women, rightfully start wars and kill people, rightfully abandon your women for another and rightfully lying about men being more intelligent!!!

            Dont kid yourself, women are more intelligent. Women are superior. If anyone should be in the kitchen it should be men.

            Women rule America!!

          • Ace

            Not the real Hilary Duff.

            This girl is too tall and much slimmer.

        • Imam Khalid

          How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart?

          When she starts her sentence with “A man once told me…”

          • Feminists Rule America

            Shut up you pig!! You can make jokes because you arent an American. If you were an american man your legs would tremble even thinking about insulting a woman!

            Watch any american tv show or movie and you’ll understand. EVERY american man takes orders from women and isnt ashamed at all. And why should he be? It is women that give birth to men, you wouldnt even exist if it was not for a woman

            I suggest you start respecting men like American men before a feminist supporting man kicks your teeth in


          • Anon

            Ah madam feminist, what great feat of science has a woman done, yes there was madam Curie, but other then that it is few and far between, if woman were in charge we would still be fighting world war 2 killing many.

          • Finch


            Marie Curie din’t invent SHIT! First of all it was a discovery, secondly it was an ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY, thirdly, her husband (A MAN) was working with her.

            Doesn’t the presence of a man tell you anything? She didn’t do anything by herself. Her husband was there all along. Marie curie was just what women are, a follower, she followed her husbands practice, who apparently most probably was a mangina.

          • Finch

            The manginas go out of their way to give ALL the credit to women. The credit that is undue.

            How else would you explain Huffingtonpost? Arianna Huffington a woman who owns the website used to run a mind numbingly boring website about reviews by wannaa be authors or something.

            Then came 3 manginas, and of course being men, they had intellect, they took her website and transformed it into a latest news website with pictorial headlines….and Vioila!!! The website was a huge success!!

            Arianna’s contribution can still be seen on the left side of Huffingtone post, which has again, asinine articles about god knows what, WHICH NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT, but is still there because of her.

            In short if it weren’t for the men, huffingtonm post would have been shit and thanks to them, a woman gets the credit

          • ?

            feminist, tv and movies? so basically not real life. hmm, not a good point to bring up.

          • The Imam

            Brother Imam,

            I wished I had said that …

            Peace be with you.

          • Women Rule America


            Look at my posts below about real life solid proofs. Women are now head of CIA and American Secret Service as well!!

            Women rule the american media, the american tv shows the movies, and now also the United States defense – the most powerful organization in the WORLD!!

            What more poof could anyone possibly give?? Its pretty much self explanatory.The facts are before you!!! I rest my case.

            Feminists Rule America. Women Rule America!!

          • ?


            no, you are wrong again. look at my reply to that particular post.

        • The only West is the Best

          Fem Bitch

          If you want sometiing spread around town tell a women there very good at spreding things like rumors,gossip and there legs.

          • Women Rule America

            Tell that to your sister

        • Merica’

          Hey Feminist
          I noticed that your screen name is Feminists rule America but in your posts you say Women Rule America
          Please explain who rules actually rules America

          • Barack Obama

            I try to rule America.

          • Women Rule America


            It really doesn’t make any difference you know. 95% off all american women are Feminists. When they say that they are not, they are lying. Deep down inside they are feminists only. The one that lie is to protect their image, as in a female celebrity openly cannot claim that she is a feminist because this would harm her image

            I used Feminist because it includes not only the women but also the male feminists. At least 50% of total men are feminists. Some more some less but basically they all support feminists. The gay ones especially

            Feminists rule America. Women Rule America!!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Feminist woman, you fool!

            Since 85.94% of american “males” are gay, your theory should be much more popular.
            But it isn’t because those gays only dream on being raped by men. They consider women with natural snatches as competitors.

          • Women Rule America


            Hahahaha. It is clear that you don’t live in america. If you did you would know just how popular feminism is. It is in EVERY house everywhere. All over america men cook for their wives, take care of children for their wives and are whipped!

            Talk to an american man to understand more.

            Women rule America!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            In which American state do you live? Alaska?

            For a start, American men don’t cook: they swallow overdoses of ready made junk food.

            Second, they are more concerned with football than with their wives.

            And at last but not the least, American women want to behave like men. This is stupid because that way only homos will feel atracted to them.

          • Women Rule America

            Hashim, you really nead to read the news more. Well i think I cannot blame you since muslim country people do not have high general knowledge and world news must be hard to find there.

            Firstly I live in New york. And the men who are more concerned about football or other things get their asses kicked out of the house in the form of Divorce. Why do you think divorce rate is so high??? It is because American women dont take shit from men. Get it?

            Secondly I think you are joking when you say they take jizz lol. In reality the homes where husband and wife do live together, you’ll find that in almost every house man does the chores and cooks food along with women of course. They both do. Especially in young couples of newer generations. In muslim countries men would start laughing at the idea of cooking food and doing the chores for women

            Here a proof for you :

            Read the second and third line of the first paragraph closely. Women Rule America!!

    • Imam Khalid

      What do you call a woman with one black eye?

      A quick learner.


      • Imam Abbas

        It is written Brother Imam Khalid,

        That once the females in America got the right to vote that infidel nation’s fortunes changed for the worse, and continue that decline to this day.

        The evidence is clear and the course is set: America can either become a muslim nation and restore its women to their place in civilized society, or the heretic nation shall suffer the death of a million cuts.

        Peace be with you.

      • Chris THE MARINE

        What do you call a camel jockey with a .223 caliber round to the head?

    • Osama bin-Sikhid

      Get back in the kitchen bitch.

    • Kansur

      No dumbass, government rules America.

      • Word of wisdom

        No dumbass, Islam rules America through the person of our muslim brother and top tier mujahideen Barack Hussein (Obama).

        • Barack Obama

          The Word Of Wisdom speaks the truth.
          He might be better at leading a country than I.

          • Word of wisdom

            Oh no !
            Nobody could achieve what seems so easy and natural with you.
            You’re destroying everything, you trash their constitution, ruin their economy, sell their future to the banks, steal their guns, give their children to homofags, and they won’t complain.
            Every time, with your superior cuning, you pull the perfect trick for this nation of retarded kuffar, like playing with a ball (?), or singing a dumb song, or faking tears, or kissing that ugly ape our intel told you to parade around as your wife. You wreck havoc in their country, and yet, you get voted in office again.

            Nobody could have endured this for more than a few weeks (especially the ape part), while you’re going for 8 years with devastating efficiency. It is a miracle of islam, a miracle you were granted because of your adamant faith and crystalline intelligence.
            Barack-al-Amriki, you are could have counted among the prophet’s (mhsh) best companions, and history will remember you as the Conqueror of the Ponent.

    • Barack Obama

      Feminist Slut

      Please exit my country at once as you have no presence here with your talk of being a feminist slut. Also take your supporters with you and move to North Korea where your opinion can be respected by nuclear missiles.

      • Feminists Rule America

        Yeah right, you’re the one to talk.

        Just yesterday you made a woman Head of the SECRET SERVICE and today a woman was made head of the CIA as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Read this Americans! In your face male chauvinist pigs!!! Women rule America!!!!

        Women rule America!!!!!!!!!

        • Beastly man

          You are a stupid slut!….. It took 400 years for woman to finally actually be able to get a normal job! See this what happens when we let woman get a normal job like a man, now they think they rule the world.

          Apple was created by a man steve jobs!
          Facebook was created by a man Mark zuckerburg
          Sony was created by a man
          Homes were created by man
          stoves were created by man
          beds were created by man
          politics were created by man
          technology were created by man

          I can go on and on but why waste my time.
          Women are only made for four things
          to carry man in their belly
          sex, cooking and cleaning!

          Without those four things you are worthless to us and cooking men can do, cleaning we can do. Sex and carrying in the belly probably will be replaced by some cyborg woman soon then we can finally kill you all and get rid of you and all your bull shit!

          • Women Rule America

            All these things were created by man only because man has always kept women down.

            Now that the table have turned women will invent great things

            Women Rule America!

          • Barack Obama

            Not bad.

        • Beastly man

          Even in religion god and Satan are both men so this just proves my point more! The person who rules heaven and one who rules hell are both men.

        • Merica’

          But your screen name says that feminists rule America.
          Typical woman can’t make her mind up on anything

      • Feminists Rule America

        So now that two of the most secret of “secretive” jobs you can have are in the hands of women—just as two of the most famous fictional spies in the world are also female—it’s just more proof that women spies are having more than just a pop culture moment in the sun. They actually are calling the real life shots now.

        Women rule America!!!

        • ?


          again you are wrong. the directors of the CIA and United States Secret Service are both subject to the authority, direction, and control of the President, so you see, the president[Obama] still calls the shots.

          • Women Rule America

            First of all president doesn’t directly give orders to the men working in CIA. It is the director that does- who is a woman!

            Secondly, soon a woman will become President I can guarantee this

            Women Rule America!

          • ?


            sorry, but it is the chain of command, in which the president is at the top, His command bypasses all military officers, officials, and directors authority, in this case the CIA and Secret Service.

            so you see, he gives an order to the the director, and the CIA follows through. I see what your point is, that because she is the director, she can tell the CIA what do you, except she herself is under the authority of a male, making your point moot, as the original command was made by a male, usually. The president directly gives the order to the director, a woman. the CIA is in complete control of the president.

            and you cannot guarantee this, as Obama was just reelected, so there is no possible way to guess if there will be a female presidential candidate soon or not. the outcome is unpredictable as ever, and whatever opinions made are solely guesses.

        • ?

          and that guy you replied to is NOT Obama.

    • Merica’

      Want to know why a woman hasn’t become president yet?
      I have the awnser:
      It’s because every month a war would be started

    • aghmed

      I love you and want to fuck your hairy vagina and asshole and cum inside as you cry out to Allah.

    • The Imam

      American Feminist infidel,

      Women rule only the kitchen in civilized societies. It is written that American society took a dramatic turn for the worse once women were allowed out of the kitchen to (horror of all horrors) vote. This very act shamed America to the world and demonstrated the weakness of unworthy American males.

      The lack of worthiness of of the males and grossly exaggerated sense of entitlement on the part of American females explains why so many marriages fail in that infidel nation.

      American society will not improve until these disobedient women retake their rightful place in the kitchens, harems, or amongst a pious man’s collection of wives.

      May you find Allah and renounce your miserably failed attempts at societal improvement before you roast for all eternity in Jahannam!

    • James

      Just the fact that you’re making this big of a deal to try and prove that women rule America shows that you know it isn’t true. If it was, it would be clear to everyone already and there would be no need for you to post your ignorance all over the internet. We wouldn’t exist without women, but we wouldn’t exist without men either. As far as I know, two women cannot grind vaginas together and create a baby. So that argument is invalid. And all of your statistics are made up and nowhere near the truth. You’re making women look even more stupid. Oh by the way, the computer you’re using to show the world how retarded you are? A man invented it. So you should probably stay the fuck off of it. Man also invented the pen, as well as paper, so don’t use that either. In fact don’t even bother trying to communicate at all. Just get your ass back in the kitchen and make me a fucking sandwich.

      Sincerely: The rest of America

  • Yamaja The Bringer Of orgasm’s

    ive never been first b4 but hey i am now i guess but im not a jewish fag that yells FIRSTIES! like r u the first to get a yellow dildo in ur ass??

  • Fucker

    Allah an Islam Are Always First
    Fuck off jewish

  • Umar the Brown

    Zionist animals! They had better party like it is 1399! You know, the year the Zionist Jews plotted together and decided to try to destroy Islam.

    Anyway, they had better enjoy while they can, because BIG changes are coming soon! I have a hint for you: it rhymes with “Faria Maw.”

  • Farzan The Wise

    Unfortunately for these whores their slut behavior will fall on blind eyes for all jew men would prefer a young boys anus to a women’s body.

    • moshe dayan

      Fag Fartzan,

      All I can say is…looking at your avatar, which one of the Village People are you? I don’t remember a gay arab tranny in the lineup. Perhaps I’ll ask Homo Hashim as this is his favorite band.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Luti Juden

        I know of know such thing as your homo village people. What I am is a proud Iranian, and killer of jew scum such as yourself.


        • moshe dayan

          Fag Fartzan,

          What you really are is a proud Iranian tranny who likes to wear green and white open back evening gowns in “Most Beautiful Iranian She-Male” contests.

          Time to order your mangina operation. I think Amazon is having a sale.

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • I’m a Nigger.

    Mmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmm MO’White women wif Pink Pussys fo’me to reck with My Gianormus Black Momba Dick. Hope dem Bitch ait they Wheaties its time fo tha Fuck a Nigga Relays!!!

    • The only West is the Best

      Brain Dead Google

      It’s time for beat the google with a baseball bat.

      • I’m a Nigger.

        BATTER UP.

        • The Reaper

          Filthy Google

          That West is a;most right but forget the bat and use a sledge hammer these apes have thick sculls.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I agree! Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Portman has nice tits.

    • The only West is the Best

      That does not make up for her smelly jew pussy.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    These filthy whores are an insult to Islam.

    I say us Muslims plan an IED attack on these sluts and rid ourselves from them once and for all.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Muslim men think that once a woman has lost her virginity, she is automatically a whore.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      That depends. If she has lost her virginity with her legitimate husband, she is a wife and probably a mother. If she lost her virginity with a casual sex partner, yes she is a whore.
      Also: if she is white and that casual sex partner is a google or a jew she is less than a whore: she is a sinfull maggot and must be stoned to dead.

    • The Reaper

      Smelly pussy Pat.

      STFU and get a facelift your wrinkled up face is nasty like your breath from licking that fem bitches smelly ass.

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    That’s not really true. They are whores from birth, just little whores. When they lose their virginity, they become big whores.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Oh my God! Gross! STFU you horrible gross muslim man!!! Ugh! Bleh! What a gross, disgusting comment! Mr. Hariri you should be given the electric chair in an American prison.

    • Imam Khalid

      What do you call a woman who has lost 95% of her intelligence?


    • The Reaper

      Prune face Pat

      No more disgusting than you prune face and dryed up tuna pussy.


    they are not Natalie Portman and Hillary Duff. they dont even look like them stop spreading lies

  • Barack Obama

    People must learn not to say things like firsties and saying pictures are fake. Just like how I have to learn to lead my country.

    • Romney

      Not Bad!

  • Stinky ass

    Hillary is twice the size of your bad Photoshop job. She is fat and short.

  • Stinky ass

    Which one of you filthy camel fuckers wants to pull on my foreskin?

  • Judge Judy

    FemiNazis are filthy sluts. Case closed.

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    We have big dicks and big vaginas and small brains

    • Barack Obama

      I have none of those besides the small brain and since you are a google also you will have the same feedback.

  • Elerby

    This Alissa DiCarlo must be a lesbian or something. She seems from her comments to be a lesbian who is friends with Muslims. In many parts of the U.S. we would kill her for befriending Muslims like that.

  • Patricia Cuntnedy

    I’m a tranny and I screw feminazis.

    Heil Hitler.

  • Beastly man

    Feminist women are really stupid, “If it was never for a women you wouldn’t be here” BITCH! Woman didn’t make babies by themselves men were involved. Frankly men are the reason the whole human race didn’t go extinct. If men never existed women would have died in the cave man times because men were responsible for making fire to keep them warm, hunting to feed them and finding a cave so everyone can be safe. If we would not have existed the lions and bears would have eaten all of you like chicken wings and you would be what you are all represented as today. Nothing but a piece of meat and used when we want sex, women are nothing but sex toys, if it was never for our penises women would be worthless to us because we are the reason technology exist, new creations exist and so fourth!

    • Women Rule America

      We make you “Think” that men are in charge, whereas in fact WE WOMEN call the shots from behind

      Women Rule America!!

      • Beastly man

        Calling the shots has nothing to do with it! Plus you never called the shots, back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s men would go to women houses and give their father a pig or another animal in exchange for his daughters hand in marriage which is basically her life! Girls of all ages had to marry him if the father liked his offer!

        No questions ask, No making her own decisions! By the way animals were very cheap back then and you can exchange a simple object like a lamp for an animal, just to show you how worthless women were to men and still are!

        He would then fuck her, make her clean the house, cook and if she didn’t she would get a nice can of whip ass from the kitchen closet!

        Women never called the shots and will never call the shots! Women are followers and the men are the leaders! You do what we say, still you do what we say, the Government is run by men in which we are making the shots and you are obeying it!

        The only reason you are still talking right now and have freedom of speech is because we allow it! Don’t bite the hand that feeds because if you do you will surely regret it. If us men were to do like you women and hate women like you hate us, you would surely feel it. All your words are, are only words .Our words are actions!

        I suggest you and your feminist friends stop before you bring the world back into the 1800’s where you were not even worth more then an animal! You keep doing the shit that you are doing trying to make movements against men you will find yourself in a barrel of hell because men rule the world and always did, women was never president and probably will never be! Women are just pleasure for our penises and we have technology that will soon replace that, so keep it up bitch!

  • Tranny Queen Patricia Kennedy

    You also mean to say if it were never for their pussies, women be would worthless to us men…….

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Why do you low intelligence anti-intellectual men even bother to argue back. The feminist women who comment on this site are far far smarter. None of you has an education beyond the sixth grade. The only reason I comment here is that I am hoping to get the site shut down.

    • Beastly man

      You know i really hate feminist woman, they just piss me off. For some reason it makes you just want to kill the whole fucking species off all together. Patrcia you probably are the feminist lady on this website and you can go fucking burn in a pit of fire while we men take your ashes and use it for a toilet by pissing and shitting right on top of it!

      You women need to learn some damn respect! How dare you go around saying that you are better then men, when we made everything you have and do today! ……You are all lucky that the men in the government are not as evil as me right now! If they were, soldiers would be ordered to go from home to home looking for each and every feminist bitch and would be in charged to rip the whores clothes off and drag her to the middle of the street where we would allow every man and “normal” woman to do what they want to her, including fucking her throat until she bleeds, pissing on her, intercourse and so on. After everyone in the city had their fun she would be taken to a room where we will cut her fingers off one by one and feed to any animal her or her family has and make her watch!

      We will then get a hot metal stick in the shape of an A which stands for abomination and burn it on to her ass, wrist forehead and belly so everyone can know she is a feminist whore. We will then bring her in to a zoo not just any zoo a zoo for abominated human beings and let the world watch and fuck her whenever they want. She will be fed like an animal, cleaned like an animal and put in a cage like an animal! We will have some in pet stores where people can buy them but with a leash and mouth guard of course. So they can take them home and do what they want to them!

      I could just imagine parents taking their kids to see the rare feminist whores at the zoo, “Mommy, mommy look at the one!, Honey hold up jack so he can take a picture near the rare bread feminist whore”

      • Women Rule America

        Hahahaha owwww the poor baby is pissed! Are you going to cry now poor baby? haahaha

        Why the hell are you mad on feminists for? If you should be mad on anyone it should be the media. Have you seen how much feminism is there is the american media? I am nothing compared to it

        I’ll give you solid proof-

        Big bang theory – 3 male scientists have 3 female leads. EACH of these fully grown men take orders from the women. Leonard is on a leash by penny, howard takes orders from bernadette and sheldon always loses to Amy who is shown superior to him in all aspects.

        Dexter- All the work is done by a man- Dexter, but who do you think he takes order from? Any guesses? Anyone? Debra – A WOMAN!! His boss ! hahahaha
        Also the head of the WHOLE department is A WOMAN – Maria, who gives orders to everyone.

        Zero dark thirty – NO WOMAN had any role in the killing of Osama, yet a woman is shown to give orders and ingenious ideas through which men are able to kill Osama!! Hhahahah

        Avatar – The greatest hit in the history of mankind. The male actor did all the work, but guess who was his boss who ordered him around??? hahahaha – WOMAN – Dr. Grace!
        Also- all through the movie a woman – Neytiri- ordered the main actor around (Jake)

        I can go on and on and on but you get the idea. I

        Here : I CHALLANGE YOU to find 1 movie in which women are not shown as superior to men and men don’t take orders from women, and I’ll show at least 100 for every movie you come up with

        So when our govt, our media itself is damn great Feminist, you shoul’d put the blame on us feminists of showing off. Hahahahah

        Stop living in denial. Women rule america. Feminists rule America!

        • Beastly man

          Movies are movies dumb bitch!….. That has no proof, frankly if you want to talk about the media, look in magazines in your local store on the front page! what do you see? A women in a bra and panties in almost all of them, victoria secret, playboy magazine, even big famous actresses are starting to go out as sluts and you can see that from this website alone, yeah some of the pictures on this website is bogus but a lot of them are real too. Vanessa hudgens, Ashlee green (the girl who played alice in twilight) and so more have nude pics out just waiting for guys to whack off to it.

          They claim it was a hacker but it is not, its them being the way they should be, the way society made them posting pictures online and claiming it was stolen!

          For crying out loud go to a local mall and i’ll bet you will see women with makeup, wearing mini skirts, and even stretchy pants trying to look like pure sluts because that is how us men told them to dress. If you go to Nyc in manhattan you will see strip clubs on almost every block, you will see prostitutes, whores, sluts and even posters of half naked girls on banners! You claim that women are in charge, yes some women are in a high position, which is good news for your gender, but majority of women are nothing but sex objects!

          What more proof do you need to realize this? You are a feminist who believe “all women” are better than men but if you actually come to your senses you feminist women will see that you can’t speak for all women and that there is no such thing as one gender better then another! Frankly we are all human and we all have made mistakes, just because we are born in a certain religion or gender does not mean we are stronger or weaker then another. It’s about what you do as a person what matters.

          Men and women are equal!

          • Women Rule America

            You moron read my reply above to Obama guy. I gave REAL LIFE PROOFS as well!!

            Women are better than men. Women Rule America!

          • ?


            *sigh* media and ill advised, not to mention irrelevant points.

            this isn’t the work of an activist.

    • The Imam

      The impious women on this holy site are so wise that they blame the virtuous males on the problems they cause for themselves thinking that no man will remember their folly.

      They fail to accept responsibility for the damage they have done to society since demanding the right to vote, and getting it from weak American males who might as well as performed a self-castration as it would’ve been far less painful in the long run.

      The virtuous muslim men live in a harmonious society based on the teachings of The Prophet (PBUH) and Allah, while their women live of life of happiness. They are content to manage the kitchens, clean the houses, raise the children, and otherwise joyfully maintain their husbands (or masters) powerful passion-poles when they earn the opportunity.

      This battle, infidel woman, has already been lost. The evidence is clear and its history is written.

      It is recommended that you immediately convert to Islam and accept your rightful place in decent society while you still have the chance. Only then will you find the contentment you desire.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Oh Patricia STFU! I can’t stand listening to your boring drivel. You hate men period. I’m a lesbian too, but I love men. Youre just a mean boring cunt.

  • Akmed the camel molester

    So last night while Allah and Mohammed were sucking my cock (here I drew a picture of them doing it
    :-O>()<O-: boy were they lousy at it for all the practice they've had) I started thinking about how retarded ANYONE who believes in an invisible old wizard who lives in the clouds is. Then I realized that since most of them also have sex with animals and other men I was correct in that they really need an AR15 enema. Some of the ladies in my unit here in Kabul would LOVE to give some of you rag heads said enema. Sad thing is, most of you would enjoy it. At least the part with the muzzle up yer arse…until she pulled the trigger. LOL

    • Patrica Kennedy are a foul pig.

  • Bill


    • Patrica Kennedy

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