Natalie Portman Dildos In The Bathtub

Natalie Portman bath

Actress and Jewess Natalie Portman dildos in the bathtub in the nude photo above.

How is it just that Israel can continually assault us Muslims with the sight of this naked heeb whore, yet a righteous Islamic country like Iran can not even have a couple of nukes to defend itself from such attacks?

It is not like Iran would nuke Israel that much in response to this Natalie Portman dildo picture, us Muslims are certainly not unreasonable after all. Perhaps just a light nuking to say “Hey we don’t appreciate all this Natalie Portman nudity, so cut it out.“. Personally I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Weezy The ape

    ONE MORE TIME. I know you didn’t pay attention in school but try to use what few Negro brain cells you have left to focus. Surely even a tiny Negro can pay a short amount of attention.

    See I pointed this out to you and when you ask what we contributed and you never say shit cause you were proven wrong.

    cities (many larger than London or Paris, contemporary)
    writing (at least 12 writing systems)
    mathematics (base 20 system, zero, positional notation)
    genetic domesication of corn agriculture (“Agricultural Revolution”)
    schools (mandatory education)
    metallurgy (independent of The Middle East and Europe)
    Democracy (“The Iroquois Confederation”)
    abacus for mathematics (Nepohualtzitzin)
    rubber vulcanization
    dental surgery
    sign language
    team sport (the world’s first in the “ball game”) known as basketball
    irrigation technology (chinampas)
    medical innovations (quinine, tourniquets, etc)
    electroplating metal (early electricity)

    for more information read
    “American Indian Contributions to the World” Available on Amazon.

    The only thing googles invented was gang violence, drive by shootings, Aids, clitoris removal, bastardized non educated ways to speak English, and oh yeah, sickle cell anemia. If your race is so superior why do people in your homeland have the lowest lifespan in the world? Africa sucks.

    It’s a barren shit hole.

    • Hezbollah Hitman

      Damn it, Geronimo we get it! You are better than coons! We all are! That does not say much! Even the dirty money hungry Jews are superior to ghetto apes and that says a lot because the Jews are like the googles of the white race. That used to be Irish men. Actually it still is.

      The point is, leave the Mississippi Lawn Ornaments to us. When Islam takes over all googles will find a fiery crescent moon outside their house. Oops I mean the hallway of their housing project.

      Even Natalie Portman tried to rap like a coon on an SNL skit but in reality she is just a peach skinned kyke from Harvard. Anyone caught with them or acting like them when Sharia law passes will get an IED set off in their anus.

      • Farooq Muhammad.


        You are quite the wise Muslim. The prophet would be most proud!

      • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

        Brother Hitman,

        I sometimes have trouble deciding whether or not googles are lower than Jews.

        Yes negro’s are filthy sub-human animals…..yet i have more respect for the camel shit stuck to the bottom of my sandal than i do any Jew.


        • Hezbollah Hitman

          Brother Farzhan

          While i agree that Jews are dirty greedy hook nosed assholes they still are better than Congo abeeds. Marty Platinum is helping brother Durka Durka run this site. He of course has no choice as Durka Durka will kill him if he does not.

          So Jews, unlike googles,, are gainfully employed. It is just too bad for the Jews that they will never be as good of business men as Muslims.

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Hitman
            Respectfully, I must disagree. Googles at least know their place.
            Jews seem to be very confused about this, and somehow think they are entitled to a respected place in society.
            Allahu Akbar!

    • Farooq Muhammad

      I am curious as to if you Indians ever scalped Negros and if you do, what would you do with their hair? I would imagine such course and disgusting hair would only be fit to be used to brush horses and clean dirty pots and pans.

      You use every part of the animal, no?

      • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

        Yes we do but actually we just use the whole head for kickball, basketball and dodge ball. When we don’t we use it as a sign for other googles to stay away or they die.

        I like how you worded that lol every part of the animal. This is not a natural animal like the wolf or the bear though. This kind is a nasty shit flinging primate imported from the Ivory Coast!

  • The god

    Fuck her so hard

  • Hii


  • Farooq Muhammad

    This just goes to show that all Westerners are degenerates. Most Americans are such flaming homoqueers that they cannot even fuck a woman right so they have to resort to marital aides!

    If a pious Muslim were to fuck her she would not be able to walk for days. I have seen this web page for long time but have not said much yet. I have been too busy collecting the dog tags of dead Marine homos.

    • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

      As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu Brother Farooq,

      Your presence on this holy site is most welcome.

      • Farooq Muhammad

        Wa Alaikum Salaam brother Farzhan.


        Let us make these infidel manginas cry their mascara tears with our intelligent Islamic wit. . Then when Islam takes over we will give them something to cry about.

        • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

          Brother Anwar,

          ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Seal Team Six

          I bet that sand google language was you just asked the Supreme fartzan for a blowjob and his reply was he’ll swallow and give you some ass too.

          You two faggots need to stop with the sand google love talk and go get a room.

          • Farooq Muhammad

            Seal Team Dicks

            Everybody knows the Navy is for homoqueers. Of course the US of A is gay completely but you weren’t even man enough to cut it in the Marines, boy?

            Tsk tsk.

            The Arabic language is older than English is you swine eating pig fucker. Go back to your bath house. We don’t have sand googles or any kind of google in the middle east. There is only one kind of google.

            White and black. Actually i regard you two as the same race. Both are inferior. Both have entitlement issues.

          • Imam Abbas

            Seal Team Sodom has chosen once again to defile this holy site with his homo-neurotic fantasies.
            Go back to your trailer-park, boy!

        • Ahmadi the Rapiest

          Did you also graduate from Farooq U?

        • Team America


          Intelligent Islamic wit doesn’t exist, just like desert demon you worship. The proof is found all over this website, just read one of Imam Abbas’ unoriginal posts.

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    Who let this lampshade out of the oven? George Lucas, you got some explaining to do!

    • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

      What is the difference between Santa Claus and Jews ?

      Santa Claus goes down the chimney and Jews go up it.

  • Anwar The Greatest

    If you follow Star Wars story before this Jewish whore dated Anakin Skywalker she dated Captain Panaka. Then she dated Anakin and he killed her because she thought she dated Obi Wan. And then Cpt Panaka, because he probably considered his statutory rape with her to be a legit relationship, tried to kill Darth Vader. Vader then killed him with force grip.

    The point is, if you date Abeeds, both you and him will be choked to death.

    This is what Amidala gets for being a Zionist whore for massad. Now she is in the fires of Jahannam with all other non Arab trash.

  • Kyke KIller

    How hasnt that water turned into a vile oozy green mess from her vagina juices. Is she bathing in vodka?

    • Team America

      Kyke ass sucker

      It’s because she’s not a Muslims with a stinky pussy that smells and tastes like camel shit .

      America! We the people!

      • Imam Abbas

        Obviously, Team Gomorrah is experienced with pussies that taste like camel shit. This begs the question: “how does Team Gomorrah *know* what camel shit tastes like?”.
        Who/what ever this incest progeny has been sucking off obviously isn’t human. Therefore, it is obvious that his sick-assed penchant for sex with Allah’s innocent animals is now confirmed.
        There is a special place in Jahannam just for infidels like this! And we can be sure he’ll get a WARM welcome…
        Allahu Akbar!

        • Team America

          In men’s asses

          Even if you gave up sucking cock and taking it in the ass, you would still be a complete fag and that post is the proof.
          How do I know what camel shit tastes like? Because after you were done fucking a camel, Hashim sucked the shit off your dick and said, “that camel shit tastes like my mom ‘s pussy!”
          There is a special place at the glory hole for faggots like you and I’m sure Hashim’s mouth will give you a warm welcome.

          America! We the people !

          • Imam Abbas

            Team Gomorrah
            Clearly, the deterioration of what’s left of your brain is still causing your homo-neurotic hallucinations. We would normally encourage your seeing a specialist to rid your body of the ample social diseases your residency at the Haifa Glory Hole, or headlining act at the Tiajuana Donkey Show allowed you to contract.
            We have concluded, you are too far gone and it is more merciful to just let you die an accelerated death as you succumb to your many diseases (we that thus fulfilled our efforts to offer/provide charity to others, as is taught by The Prophet – PBUH).
            You will never convert Brother Hashim, myself, or any of our Muslim brothers to your homosexual (or sex with animals) kind of lifestyle.
            Allahu Akbar!

          • Team America

            In men’s asses

            Clearly you’ve been kicked in the head by too many camels while attempting to rape them and now suffer severe brain damage. Not only do you continue to write uninteresting and boring posts but you also continue steeling my material. It was long ago established that your boyfriend, Troll, is the head lining act at the Tijuana donkey show taking over from Selena Gomez when she retired. The fact that you continue to post the same uninteresting crap over and over again and are now resorting to steeling people’s material just proves what an uninteresting and unoriginal shit licker you really are.

            America! We the people!

          • Imam Abbas

            Team Gomorrah

            We have it on good authority that you were and are the anointed successor to the headlining slot at the donkey shows in Tiajuana.

            If you weren’t – then you shouldn’t have signed for the flowers we sent your for your first show (we were all so happy for us: we thought you’d be too banged up after being plowed by multiple donkeys to post anymore worthless drivel here).

            Perhaps Seal Team Sodomite isn’t sufficient for you alone, and the donkey’s are the only way you get your daily dose of protein?

  • Weezy

    Why you mofckas be hating? You should be posting up pictures of niggas on the down low, dog! Don’t be yuppies! We all human, u feel me? Skin is just skin baby and I’m all in!

    God i love dem big white bitches. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • the Unholy

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 I love you too baby doll. I had fun last night. You take facials like a champ :)