Natalie Portman Bent Over Nude

Natalie Portman nude

Actress and Israeli Mossad agent Natalie Portman gets naked on all fours in the photo above.

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          • Bubba

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        • John Grande

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    • Gentleman Jim

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    • Jamal

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      • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

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        • Jamal

          Perfectly put brother always.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

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  • The Guy with the EyE

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  • mayhem


    • Vivian

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  • Niko Bellic

    To Administrator, Archacnar and Umar the (insert color here),

    It has come to my attention that there is some serious impersonating of me floating around this site. To clear things up;

    Firstly, I am NOT pete.

    Secondly, I posted on this site that I was leaving for good (Niko Bellic’s Last post on Celebjihad says:) and left, but eventually came back to humiliate grand fag pete once more.

    I can’t remember when I came back, but anything posted after that for a short while was impersonators.

    There’s no need to search for my comments or my impersonator (fag pete)’s comments, but if you insist I won’t stop you.

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  • Word of wisdom

    This lilith must pay for that obscene ornament in her hair, made of charred Palestinian child skin.
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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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    • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

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          Not Gay

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Edward

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      • Ignorance

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