Nasty Madonna Topless Pics Leaked

Madonna topless

Former pop star and current grotesque old whore Madonna recently had the below topless pictures leaked to the Internet and they are nasty.

Looking at these topless Madonna pics is like coming down with a bad case of diarrhea in your eyes. Madonna’s body is nothing short of a war crime, and she should be prosecuted under international law for ever revealing it.

Honesty there is really no words to describe how bad Madonna looks in these pics. They should serve as a warning for all infidel women though. If you behave like Madonna and defy the will of Allah by prostituting your body and converting to Judaism, your punishment will be swift, just, and frighteningly terrible.


Madonna Madonna Madonna

  • sympatico

    Jesus H. Chr….the expression “old skank” doesn’t really cut it here anymore. We need something stronger.
    Now I know what inspired Aerosmith to come up with the song title “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I don’t know what the fuck this is….I only know that if “it” shows up in Tikrit…..I’ll shoot it.

  • theheadchimp

    I threw up in my mouth when I seen those pix, damn you Durka give a better warning you could blind a person for life…..

    • GoatMechanic.InCompton

      That’s suprising you always swallow

  • willie hilton

    I knew it Madonna is a guy …And a ugly one at that. Yuck its one butt ugly Transvestite…

  • Anubis

    Madonna is a worthless, shriveled up old hag. The skank’s flesh is so wrinkled and haggard looking that it looks like it’s going to fall off the bones. And what are those light covered patches on her sagging tits? I figure some bird or something flew in there and dropped some guano on her,. Comparing the bird guano to her stinking walking corpse, the guano probably smells more like perfume. I don’t think that even a disgusting homoqueer would want to waste any jizz on her.

    That decrepit old biddy should have her head shoved deep up a camel’s ass for subjecting us in having to gaze at her wretched old skank’s body. I don’t want to imagine what her worn out old pussy looks and smells like.

  • Mr. E

    Dear Allah in Heaven, will someone please break the news to this dried up old prune that she is well beyond her expiry date. Yes, even curdled camel’s milk can make a fine yogurt – but Madge the Vadge is so past her prime that her only path to salvation is to blow herself up in a meeting with her Jewish Kaballa buddies. Then, Inshallah, she may wake up in Paradise, reborn “like a Virgin” in a harem with 71 other modest Muslim maidens, waiting in line to be rogered for the rest of eternity by one of our fine young martyrs!

  • jew boy

    whoa ,shoot it quick

  • bebopmax

    She looks like William Dafoe in drag from The Boondock Saints.


    wallah….maine to muth hi maar li!!!!

  • Open the scroll

    Old “man hands ” whoredonna has had more coon in her than the local KFC..

  • theheadchimp

    This google fucking whore is going to be the half time super bowl show? What will those Jew media muthafuckers think of next?

  • mona

    just look away if she offends you,mashAllah.a girl doesn’t become a whore by making a hell of a lot more money and fame than you twisted little men can even dream of.

  • mona

    nor does she become a transvestite cause she got muscles,silly.

  • John Monaghan

    Enough already leave the woman alone for artemis’ sake.


    Madonna is one of my icons.I like what I see between the legs.Her body is evidence of a disciplined mind..Even though u r ageing you can go down in age looking muscular rather than looking saggy.

    Carnival Monday 20th,february,2012.

  • Cows Ass

    Honestly people, she’s lived many lives in a few decades, considering all she’s done it’s fabulous that she doesn’t need help from cloth to keep it together, now compare her to others her age, between you and me i think she needs to eat some fat and stop exercising.

  • grannie goose


  • The Choice Is Clear

    It looks jewish. Kill it with fire lol