Naked Victoria Justice Shows Off Her Xmas Present

Victoria Justice dildo

In the photo above teen actress and wanton Jezebel Victoria Justice appears to pose naked with her Christmas present, a sturdy 7 inch veiny dildo made from the finest silicone rubber.

Victoria Justice appears to be quite pleased to be adding such a well constructed dildo to her considerable sex toy arsenal. There is little doubt that Victoria will be putting this “stocking stuffer” to good use.

One can only hope that this dildo will be able to hold up to the beating it is about to take, as Victoria’s orifices are harsh and unforgiving having been hardened by use, and many a phallic object has met an untimely end while being furiously thrust inside.

  • jesus

    this is fucking dumb, you people are terrible at photoshop, she’s 110x more tan than that you dip shits

    • Mommy

      I am your mom

  • LOLHead

    I’d totally fuck her

  • spider last

    she is my cousin

  • spider last

    she is 19

  • Harrison

    Now lower yourself Selena.

  • Andrew123

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