Muslims Get Bikinis Banned From Miss World Pageant

Miss Universe bikini ban

In yet another great victory for Islam, under pressure from us righteous Muslims the Miss World pageant has agreed to eliminate the bikini portion of their competition (source).

As the holy Qur’an teaches us, the female form is an abomination and must be covered at all times. By agreeing to ban bikinis the Miss World pageant is on the right path, but they still need to make a few more changes if they wish to be halal.

For instance the Miss World pageant must also do away with the question and answer portion of their competition. To suggest that a woman’s opinion holds any value is extremely offensive to Islam.

Instead Miss World should incorporate mule skinning, well digging, field plowing, and blowjobing into the pageant, so that the true worth of these women can be accurately evaluated.

  • Ariana Grande

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    • Imam Khalid

      Indeed this a great victory got Islam. Now if we can only eliminate the homos, fags, Firsties, skypes, drunks and junkies from this Holy Islamic site.

      • Whitefella

        OF COURSE the Qur’an teaches that the female form is an abomination.

        The one and only time you guys ever threw a beauty contest, no one won it and they declared burqas compulsory from that moment onwards. With women as ugly and smelly as that, you poor bastards never had much choice about it, did you?

        • Najm al Din


          It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth (or post dumb comments) and remove all doubt.

          Burka’s are for when women go out into public. Other than that, females are not permitted to wear clothing. It keeps costs down, and allows us pious, manly, and virile muslim men to enjoy the beauty of females in a more user-friendly/easy-to-access format.

          • dbhdfgh

            Najim Motherfucker. I am a Muslim. And I swear to allah I could kill all of you Muslim bastards if given a choice and enough bullets.

            You retards are brainwashed from the age of 4 and you never let go. You never try to break the coccoon. I did. I was able to see through the brainwashing shield. Why can’t you?

            Use your brain motherfucker muslims. Sex is not a Sin. Allah exists only in fantasy. Female body body parts do not bite nor shoot at you.

            WAKE UP ASSHOLES!

          • Najm al Din

            dbhdfgh dip-shit

            You are every bit a muslim as un-kosher Moshe.

            Go fuck a pig, you kuffar waste-product!

          • dbhdfgh

            Oh yes I am a muslim Umar, yes I am. The atheists that keep arguing with religious fanatics pointlessly, should do so with Muslims. Who knows these retards might just realize the truth. Just to give you an example, Arcachanar who is an actual Muslim has been coming here for years and has read just about everything related to the stupidity of Islam here.

            But do you think his opinion has changed even one bit? That’s right, it hasn’t. Nor it will. Muslims are just too fucking blockheaded.

          • Bubba Gump


            The only good muslum is a dead muslum.

          • Whitefella

            Najm All Dick,

            In that case, why did you open your mouth? Probably just in case a stray camel with a hard-on happens past your tent.

            As to your women walking around your tent with no clothes on all the time, I’ll repeat what I said before – you poor bastards! This explains why you spend half your lives chasing camels, goats and each other for sex, and the other half trying to blow yourselves up and take the rest of the world with you. I would too, if I had to look at that every time I came home.

            Now that you’ve explained this to me, you guys all have my sympathy.

          • Whitefella


            You say that female body parts do not bite or shoot at you. Well, I’ve known some women who’s vaginas had teeth and shot all sorts of liquid at me.

          • rghytf


            Muslim response – That’s because Allah wasn’t there to protect you since you’re a kafir.
            (Kafir is how muslims spell kuffar)

          • Whitefella


            I didn’t need your god, Allah, to protect me. I had a carton of beer and a couple of bottles of leg opener on hand, which did the job nicely. There was no pain at all.

          • Najm al Din


            Who asked for your worthless opinion you useless product of incest? Between my wives, concubines, and harem I already am kept busy enough, thank you very much.

            Unlike you bottom-dwelling detritus of society, we pious, manly, and virile muslims do not care to molest the farm animals you westerners seem to favor.

            But since you do, and since for you its “normal”, it isn’t all that terribly surprising that you would assume everyone else was as deviant/sick as you.

            For that, you have our sympathy, but that by itself cannot save you. Only an immediate conversion to Islam and a renunciation of farm animal molestation, amongst other hurdles on the road to purity can salvage you in the eyes of the Prophet (PBUH).

          • Whitefella

            Nahm All Dick,

            Are you still talking all your shit? I would have thought your mouth would have been full of that stray camel’s dick by now. The poor thing probably took one look and one sniff as it got near you and ran away. I can’t blame it for that, but it’s just a pity because it means that we still have to listen to your rambling garbage.

            Since the scientists can’t seem to come up with a cure for this mad camel disease that’s afflicting you and the rest of your grubby little bottom dwelling friends, I’ll have to instead: One bullet up each of your asses, directly into your brains.

        • Imam Khalid

          “Now if we can only eliminate the homos, fags, Firsties, skypes, drunks and junkies from this Holy Islamic site.”

          Case in point, googlefella.

          • Henchmen

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          • Whitefella

            Imam Khalid,

            I thought you and I had become friends. Or was that just when you were Madam Khalida, before you apparently had your sex change reversed? You’re much nicer when you’re a woman.

      • imam Abbas

        Brother Khalid

        Indeed, this is a great victory.

        The infestation on this holy site of the yids, queers, tranny’s, lesbo-dykes, heretics, harlots, googles, incest babies, whores, ally-bums, bestialists, and other social detritus is indeed shameful.

        While some of them occasionally provide some amusement – they distract from the vital mission of jihad – and should therefore be stoned and committed to the eternal flames of Jahannam!

        Allahu Akbar!

        • Whitefella

          InMan UpAss

          I wish I could get stoned but I’ve got nothing to smoke. Could you spare me some nice charas and a hookah? (I mean the pipe type of ‘hookah’, not the dancing boy type that you guys pay for).

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            White Fellatio,

            Of course you’ve something to smoke: google cocks. And we know you love it.

            Because of this addiction you’ll be stoned too. But with real rocks this time, since we Muslims don’t tolerate gays.

          • Whitefella

            Hashish the destroyer of Brains,

            It’s somewhat ironic that your name comes up as soon as I mention charas! Hahaha.

            I suspect the real rocks you refer to are when you dream of getting me stoned and then trying to get your rocks off with me. However, it will remain a dream because if you ever tried it, I would squash your ugly head into the dirt with my boot.

          • Whitefella

            Then, lads I really do like the young meat so perhaps Islam isn’t all bad. Of course I like the smooth young boys what I see playing soccer (since I’m a faggy Brit) down the green. I wonder if they like goon?

          • Whitefella

            InMan Coloured,

            If you have to continue with your imbecilic and obvious impersonations of me, and if you must involve your obsession with young boys in them, then so be it. And call me a fag if you want to, because everyone around here knows the truth about my being the No. 1 Stud with real women and their complete inability to resist me.

            But please do me a favour and don’t call me a Brit. That one really hits below the belt. No one, even you and your miserable friends here, deserves to be hit with an insult as low as that.

            Except of course, the Brits themselves.

          • Whitefella

            Oh, and you still haven’t got that bit about the goon right, have you, you dopey twat?

        • Imam Abbas


          As brother Hashim has pointed out, the only thing you can smoke is the pestilence-infested-passion-pipe of a coon.

          Allahu Akbar!

          • Whitefella

            InMan UpAss,

            Even if that were true, it’d be a lot less unsavoury and far less risky than going anywhere near you or your goat felching, camel buggering friends’ syphilitic, pus-ridden, miniature imitations of real men’s (whites and googles) pork pootang prodders.

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    • Angel Of Justice


    • Oliver Tompson

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  • ali buster hymen

    Don’t let them talk! I think a thong is a blessing..

  • Hassam Alama Ding Dong

    Who would want to see a Muslim chick in anything other than a head to toe burka anyway? There isn’t enough Nair in the world to get rid of that much body hair.

  • aghmed

    I disagree brother, I think the question should be “what are the ways in which you plan to please your Muslim husband and how many jihadists will you bear when he plants his seed in your holes?”



    I like bikinis. Why would God create beauty if it was supposed to be hidden?

    • Whitefella

      Oi! I think they should hide because women’s parts are offensive since I prefer the younger boys. Women are right gross, mate.

      I also prefer thick google dongs. The more dick cheese and smellier the better, eh!

      • Whitefella

        It appears that my impersonator is all over the place again today, just like the camel diahrroea that he wallows in every night during and after a session of sex.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    First Islam bans the infidel whore uniform…the bikini. Next, Islam bans infidels!

    Soon the Caliphate will rule!


    • Whitefella

      Abdullah the Butt Chomper,

      Next year, the Miss World contest is scheduled to be held in a civilised country, the Philippines, where bikinis will make their rightful return and where Muslim entries may be forced to where them. Organisers may choose to make an exception and force the Muslim girls to keep their burqas on when they realise how ugly they are but, just in case they don’t, I’m buying shares in Gillette before the contest.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Next year Islam will be ruling the world and you will be dead.

        • Whitefella

          Abdullah the Butt Chomper,

          Unfortunately you could be correct because in a just a year or so, the most virulent and contagious form of mad camel disease may have spread across the world and killed everyone except you people, who despite being carriers of the plague, are not affected by it. Centuries of oral ingestion of the jism of infected camels have rendered you all immune to the disease, but I’m afraid that there’s little hope for the rest of us poor sods.

          • Whitefella

            I need to qualify my last comment. The behaviour of all of the Muslims around this site shows that the mad camel disease has severely, genetically and permanently affected their brains. It just doesn’t kill them any more, unfortunately.

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        • moshe dayan

          Anal Abdullah,

          The only world Islam rules will rule is the loose brown one that your boyfriend Homo Hashim loves getting his tongue lost in…and its real funky smellin’

          I just hope you don’t kiss him after.


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          • Abdullah The Butcher


            As usual, your post was way more homoerotic than necessary. You are truly the biggest ass-pirate.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          Islam is taking over and you know it. And you know that homos like you have to be exterminated so you’re getting a little nervous. Well, you have one chance of survival and that is to go to the places us Muslims don’t want.

          For instance….you can go to hell!

          Ha, that was some great Muslim humour!

          Yes mofo, you will die when Islam takes over


          • Whitefella

            Abdullah the Butt Felcher,

            I’m impressed! I didn’t think you Moosies had ever even heard of humour, let alone actually employed it. Your ‘joke’ (using the term loosely) was crap of course, but the surprise was pleasant.

          • whitefella’s birth mother is a dog

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        • will

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      • will

        whitefella thats not nice some of them dont look that bad…………under a bus. :P

    • will

      listen dune coon only thing u will rule is our steaming pile of shit that we leave after we bomb u to the stoneage. :P

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Having seen these photos now…..its safe to say they’re allowing any fat cow to enter the Miss World pageant these days.

    If any of those three wish to be touched by the massive white flesh flute……an immediate diet of water and vomiting will be necessary.


    • Beastly man

      These girls are not fat at all but they are ugly as hell. If this is what the world is calling hot nowadays then i can’t even imagine what they call ugly! I wouldn’t touch these girls with my machete, better yet my penis!

  • Smellgibson

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  • Fuck Islam

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  • red Knight

    I think this is reason enough to call for another crusade. No bikinis ha. now we know who the true infidels are.

  • rick

    So muslims are gay.



    • Whitefella

      Alissa, I’m voting for you as the next Miss World Chairperson. Good shit, girl!

      • Whitefella

        I’ll do that as soon as I become straight and stop duffing Blackfellas super thick google dong. You understand, of course?

        • Whitefella

          Alissa, this is the real Whitefella. Sorry for the stalker that keeps impersonating me. He or it obviously hasn’t got over this rather unhealthy obsession about me. As to what he said about Blackfucker’s super thick dong (Blackfucker isn’t a google), he probably knows about it because he saw it while he was pulling himself outside Blackfucker’s bathroom window.
          Er – all right, outside his gunyah window.

          Whatever, I’m still voting for you to be the next Miss World Chairperson.

  • DG

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    AMERICA please get rid of the MUSLIMS>>>

    • will

      eh y just america we in the UK want them gone 2

  • Whitefella

    And if you want, Alissa, I’ll bring Blackfucker for a visit with a couple of goons to drink. I’ll even bring a couple of bottles of leg-opener for you too. Blackfucker can watch and learn how the best lovers in the world do it and then I’ll let him go slops on you for practice, (if he isn’t too drunk by then). Don’t thank me, just be glad that there are some true gentlemen left in the world, who still know how to treat a lady.

  • Haywood Jablowme

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    • Whitefella

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  • MuslimSuxDick

    Better watch out for hashim, “allahu akbar” is what Muslims yell while doing a terroist attack, indeed whitefella will get bombed if hashim knows his adress.

    • will

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  • jimbo

    A bunch of idiots make most of the comments.

  • will

    ahh for fuck sake stop ur bitchin idiots ut getting away from the most inportant topic the fckers got miss world to stop the bikini event. if u dont like it then dont fcking watch it!!!!

  • will
  • Stealthy crusader

    Hahaha you think females have no opinion that is worth anything…. Your slower thought process leaves me appalled on many fronts. Women helped end slavery and created the Red Cross for the great country of America. You however just want to see them treated like shit. Congratulations you have failed your “Allaha” or whatever bullshit you worship.

  • Stealthy crusader

    Hahaha you think females have no opinion that is worth anything…. Your slower thought process leaves me appalled on many fronts. Women helped end slavery and created the Red Cross for the great country of America. You however just want to see them treated like shit. Congratulations you have failed your “Allaha” or whatever bullshit you worship.