MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Topless Pic

Jenelle topless

The disturbing photo above is of MTV “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans topless just days after having plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts.

This photo of a topless Jenelle is the perfect embodiment of American society, an ugly mudshark slut drug addict with a shitty boob job.

In fact, forget the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam, this Jenelle topless pic should be the new symbol for the United States. They should have to put it on their money.

  • Observer

    It’s like she got a shiny new bike for Christmas….

  • Observer

    How did she ever manage to get pregnant when she had tiny tits?

    (by the way….is that the “before” picture?……..she should demand a refund)

  • Turd

    Why do chicks still get the shitty under boob cuts for implants? Go see a fucking professional that isn’t 60 years old. Enjoy your scars.

  • Jesus

    About time, now I can titty fuck her without falling off.

  • Hamish

    Better tits on my sheep daisy! Dispatch this white trash ditch pig for immediate stoning. We’d be doing her a favour!

  • Big Pete

    This gem of the south, Jenelle, is well on her way to being bedded my a powerful Klan member.

    For years she has been welcoming coons and half breeds in to her home with the thought of sex, only to execute them just before grease from their hair started to drip to the floor. That V05 shit makes awful stains.

    These beautifully well done implants move her to the top of the list A-list celebs that the Klan is courting.

    Yes, she will be slaying colored people daily before the end of the week.


    • Though she has that “methy” look that you Klan members love, I am sorry to tell you that Jenelle is a committed race traitor who loves getting AIDS from black mambas.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You are correct brother Durka Durka.

        By the way: as American white kaffirs have lilliputian peckers all those white whores prefer to have sex with filthy googles (or Jews noses, whatever comes first).

        • Tyrone shoelaces

          Queer homo muslim

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Go eat da watermelon, boy!

          • Tyrone shoelsces

            Queer hairy homo muslim

      • Word of wisdom

        No doubt pretending to be aroused byr this Jenelle harlot for KKKueer Pete is only a plot to get acquainted to and receive savage buttsex from the multiple hood babydaddies still lurking around her for emergency whidey booty call.

      • Big Pete

        Dingleberry Durka

        How dare you bad mouth this southern belle!

        Jenelle is the epitome of an upstanding aryan woman and would never sleep with a filthy negro. I have personally seen videos of her beating the hell out of a jew woman and seen her smack the hell out of some weak google on the great show Teen Mom.

        Her grace and hatred of coloreds leaves her alone at the top of fine aryan women.


        • Mufti David

          Kueer Pete

          It seems you are very interested in this “fine piece of art” in the muslim bazaar. Its good that you’ve contacted us. The price is 6 lbs of cocks with nuts intact from any KKK members, but we’ll give you 50% off. You should be thankful since this will be an easy task for you being a KKKueer. You’ll get your get your merchandise and we will be quiet pleased with the work of a brave potential jihadist like you which might just save you from the stoning. Give a thought to it, such opportunities don’t come often.

          • Big Pete


            What the fuck are you trying to say?

            It looks like a two year old google wrote and thought that shit up.

            You need to wipe the camel shit off your cock and get to school you sick homo


          • Mufti David

            Ass muncher pete.

            We know you can’t never give up sucking google cock but even a 2 year old google? This was our only hope to free you of your homoqueer ways.

            The only solution left is rocks on your little head so that your troubled mind can rest in piece.

            Hah! No homo will ever rest in piece after death.

        • David (Grand Wizard) Duke

          If she really does fuck googles as many posts imply, she must be taught a lesson. Perhaps a gang fuck by 250 of those filthy porch monkeys would do the trick. Could you imagine having 250 google cocks each dropping a load of baby gravy on and in this slut? She wouldn’t be able to walk or fart without dropping a load of shit from her ass.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Hairy homo

    • Mufti David


      No doubt when you’ll “bed” this homoqueer, a great deal of queer diseases will be exchanged. The hut will be as hot and stinky as a blacksmith’s forge.

      • Big Pete


        “Can’t never?”

        “Rest in piece?”

        You are dumber than a 2 year old google.

        A double negative and the complete misuse of a word.

        Its “can’t ever” and its “reat in PEACE” you fuckin moron.

        Are you so stupid that you don’t know the difference between PIECE and PEACE?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          كنت احمق، ولا علاج له. وجاهل الذي لا يعرف اللغة العربية

        • Mufti David

          Piece of shit

          I just missed out an “s” from piece. After your homo ass is stoned your little skull will “rest in pieces” but ofcourse no homo will ever “rest”, it will be all fiery chains and whips for eternity.

          Go suck on your dog’s nuts mofo.

    • Osama Bin Bad Ass Motherfucker

      You can’t troll trolls, dipshit. It’s an unwritten law of the universe.

  • Jason

    She has a muscular dude chest now!

    • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

      She can almost bench press my cock!

  • Zsar

    The Hulks daughter.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Damn muslim homos those is her real titties those things on da bottoms of her titties is oder eaters cause dat bitch has smelly under titties.

  • Allah Havabeer

    can’t be a sign of modern America because there is no black man in the back ground

  • Reza

    Typical Western whore. A Muslim women would never stoop so low and get slutty breast implants. Only shameless attention-seeking Western hos get them so they can dress promiscuous and show them off to infidel men. Such insecurity in that part of the world. She should have her child taken away from her and given to a pure Muslim women. That way the kid can be raised in a proper environment that teaches the morals of Islam.

    • Kahlid

      Well said.

      Women and men in the West are lost. They’ve allowed secularism and materialist nonsense to weaken their Judeo-Christian roots. As false as their gods are, they at least helped keep their people in check. No rampant buggery, whoring, marrying of homo and lesboqueers and the like.

      The West will rot from the inside out.

      Islam will conquer it without having to fire a shot because it’s people will desire our steadying, moral influence.

      It is only a mattter of time.

      • piss on muslims

        Once again more dribble from the children who post on this site.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    I gonna writes a rap about these homo muslims here i will posts it when i is done.

    • Word of wisdom

      Can’t wait to read it.
      I’m sure brother Durka will post it in a special feature if you prove yourself a worthy street poet and your lyrics are on par with the brilliant wit you usually delight us with in the comments.

  • brandon

    this is fake as hell

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