More Princess Kate Middleton Topless Pics

Kate Middleton topless

As you can see below, more topless pictures of princess Kate Middleton have been released.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and stoning Kate for her crimes, the corrupt British royal family has the gall to blame the innocent photographer, and threaten righteous publishers of the photos (like this holy Muslim gossip site) with legal action.

This Kate Middleton topless scandal speaks to the degenerate and unjust nature of the West. Clearly Kate Middleton is the one to blame for brazenly prostituting her sinful body, yet she is let off without so much as a beating, while the innocent victims (us pious Muslims) are forced to suffer with the image of Kate’s unremarkable regal tits and ass forever haunting their dreams.


Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Kate Middleton

  • osama


    • PigBlood on a muslim

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      • Bubba

        Thats the same damn crappy pictures as before fools. Tell ya what. Don’t post any till ya get some good quality ones.

        • 10 Reasons Why I hate Jews

          Hey Durka you removed my post that exposed jews…..are you a jew pretending to be a muslim motherfucker?

      • Mohamed Mohamed

        may you rot in hell you blaspheming non-believer my virgin brides wait 4 me in the after-life,you however need to hang around school playgrounds.May Allah praise be condemn you and your in-bread disabled family to death by stones as in accordance with Sharia law

      • meetmonl

        i would of said goat. mmmuuuuHaammmAd!

      • Rahmatullah

        The 2 diseases that kill the most number of people are

        1) Cancer

        2) Islam

        While cancer affects only the victim..a single individual at one time…Islam affects not only the victim but also others in their vicinity

        Both Cancer and Islam have no cure.

        While scientists are working hard to find a drug that could cure cancer..they have already discovered the cure for Islam-

        Nuclear fission!!

        • Arcachnar

          @Rah Why do you suffer so much from ignorance of other religions? Come on. You really should have known that the Islam is actually a peaceful religion. ONLY a GROUP who interpret the Qur’an as the right to kill and maim non-believers has done those blood baths, bombing and such in Allah’s name. NOT ALL the Muslims.

          Nuclear fusion? No. That’s ridiculous.

          • Rahmatullah


            You are a typical Islamic fanatic.

            The only diffrence between you and the one’s who blow up stuff are that they use bombs while you pester people here(Sorry to say this…but it is true)

            The biggest strength of Islam is that it uses weak minds to its advantage..owing mainly to the “mystique” in Islam

            Also they brainwash you from such a young age..that you are not able to break through it for your entire life.

            I won’t fight you..I just feel sorry for you..and other young muslims

          • Rahmatullah

            Forgot to say this..

            Fanaticism is there..the only diffrence between you and them is the means to to do so.

          • Arcachnar

            Excuse me? How can I be a fanatic (or brainwashed as you may called it) when I tried to reason with you or with others all the time? Have not read my posts? Come on.

            Like I said, you should know that the Islamic faith is peaceful. Don’t blame ALL the Muslims for the killings and all in Allah’s name.

          • The west is the Best


            The same way you suffer from ass pain from the butt plug problem.

          • Rahmatullah

            Arcachnar..I will explain it to you

            First things first read this

            fanatic – a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause); “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”–Winston Churchill

            -marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea;

            Which basically be a fanatic it is not necessary to blow things is quite sufficient to incessantly and unrelentingly go on an on an on about one’s own belief

            Which is what you do..

            So many anti-christian posts here..have you seen ANY christian sticking up for christiany the way you do for Islam???


            Why do you think that is?

            It is such for a reason..Islam has always brainwashed its followers..and the sad part is that its teachings are so persuasive and compelling that you guys even whilst being totaly aware of the surroundings..are not able to break through the sort of “mental shield”

            You..just like most other muslims suffer from delusion because of this..and thist motivates you to be so unyielding to logic.

            I have a suggestion for you though..when you are compelled by the quran..please..just remember one thing…

            It is just a DAMN BOOK!! With pages and letters just like anyother book in the world!


            A BOOK!

            Hope this helps you mate..and please do not get offended..I am only trying to help with all due respect.

            PS- I am actually a muslim….

          • Arcachnar

            I see. But compare to the others here, I am rather mild.
            Now, just wondering something. Have I written anti-Christian posts?

          • Rahmatullah

            Well obviously you are the most decent one around here..also never have you written any anti-christian post as well.

            Just try to understand one thing….all of this is satire..99% of the anti christian remarks came from actual christians posing as incite contempt towards Islam..sort of a reverse psychology principle..

            Pretending to be foes of friends by disguising as foes and feigning friendship with foes spiting and offending the friends..thereby provoking them for their own benefit as altogether…get it??

            Well I for one..even being a muslim..completely support them..and would have done the same myself!!!

            I just hope that what they are doing contributes in someway or the other to the benefit of the society as whole.

          • Arcachnar

            Have you seen the anti-Islam remarks by some people? Do they get it?

          • Rahmatullah

            Of course they dont!

            Judging by the moronic comments one can safely say that they are moslty feeble minded nitwits (most probably teenagers)who do not understand the concept of sarcasm..they do not get it!!

            Oftentimes though..I feel as if some of the flouting anti-islamic comments are posted by the website guys only..just a few of the times.

            E.g The 72 virgin bull fucking crap..I refuse to believe that the posters who constantly whine about this particular issue are unique visitors posting this unwittingly…no one would in their right mind would even bother to reply about such an insiginificant trifiling and asinine concept..

            That issue and some other minor ones’s I believe are posted by the guys of the webiste themselves..the rest are genuine..posted by truly borderline retards like I mentioned

        • davebehrens

          This is wrong: “While scientists are working hard to find a drug that could cure cancer..they have already discovered the cure for Islam- Nuclear fission!!”

          This is the correct answer: biological war on Islam.

          • Rahmatullah


            Do you have any idea how many people are infected with Islam??

            1.62 billion…that is 23% percent of the entire worlds population!!

            Do you have any idea at the rate at which Islam spreads?

            All theworld’s biological weapons put together could not wipe out so many people

            The correct answer always has Nuclear fission i.e Nuclear war.

        • vikram miller

          wow man i finally found some one giving exact feel of how I feel about muslim pig eaters

      • Whiteenglishfemalemuslimandproud

        Only someone with shit for brains would say that, I’m a 23 year old White female brought up in a Christian house hold, I converted to Islam! And prions to be Muslim! Keep your foul disgusting mouth to yourself! I think it’s time you found god!

        • Hassan the Timid

          I think it is time you found your proper place, whore. A good Muslim woman knows to keep her mouth shut and to only open it to receive a strong, virile Muslim man’s seed!

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  • The Real Prophet

    So thats what a royal ass looks like nice.

    and secondies

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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    Note – She is just another degenerate western slut. Who cares?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Hashim

      At least we know one thing…the possible concubines from the U of K will be scarce.
      Them english whores put the ‘U’ in ugly.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Yes brother, you are right. Those brit whores are simply repelling.

        • I AM AMERICAN!

          We all know who has the ugliest women, those Muslim whores who are dressed head too toe in sheep skin. That why yall keep posting the same low quality pics, because anything is better than those Muslim cunts.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            I Am Garbage,

            Shut the fuck up you idiot. You don’t know nothing about women. Your field of expertise are human peckers, although the most of the time you only can feel them….

    • haha

      first off she is not a princess she is a duchess second off you can go and ‘destroy some evil’ somewhere were somebody who actually gives a shits about your opinion!

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I’d rather see fake nudes of Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice…..

  • Kahlid

    I’d want to take legal action if I had some flat titties and a shapeless ass like that.


    La hawla wala quwata illa billah!

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    I’ve seen better tits on a he-goat or a Yak.

    This display of “sagging granny-tits” is a bigger insult to Islam than that infidel’s youtube movie called…the innocence of Islam….which told nothing but lies about our Prophet (PBUH)…and for that the swine will die!

    I predict an immediate Jihad attack against the U of K.
    Them mofos need to wear the Burka….and they will wear the Burka.


    • Habib

      “This display of “sagging granny-tits” is a bigger insult to Islam than that infidel’s youtube movie called…the innocence of Islam”

      Man this craked me up..where do you come up with this stuff..histerical LOL

  • Jim Abrams

    These photos should never have been taken, and they should not have been published.

    • Kahlid


    • Word of wisdom

      Disguting homoqueer : I don’t remember hearing you whining about prince harry’s naked photo ? Too busy wanking, perhaps ?
      We will cleanse the caliphate of al-Amriki of your homosexual kind. With stones. Heavy stones.

  • Echoes Of Atlantis

    The great photis of your Aryan masters.

  • Moishe Goldberg

    Kate is a proud Jew doing her race a favor be sleeping with that ugly ass Brit fag William. By posing as his wife she is infiltrating the Royal Family for the benefit of Israel. What a selfless woman! Maye God reward her for such sacrifice.

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  • BinManBadMan

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  • Karen Johansen

    This site is disgusting.

    • Kahlid

      You know what’s actually disgusting?

      This site featuring Grand Fagon Pete, fuckmuslims and HONG getting it on.

    • Zamil the Extreme

      Then get the fuck off of it you filthy westerner

  • Zamil the Extreme

    Stone it? Stone it.

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  • alGhadabOsate3

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    Keep it coming, you did great work for the grandevil people who like to see these pictures. Thats why I’m here, I’m not sure if all,some ,a few, or none of them is fake but its just fun t see.

    • Kahlid

      Your name isn’t a name.

      It’s a bad Scrabble hand.


  • Hassan Burney

    The fault is is with the phtographer and those who printed it…princes has full right to live his life with her husband as she likes…whatever she is doing she is doing with her husband and at her home…Dont use the technology to invade and iterrupt any ones personal life other wise one day u will see your own wife or sister or daughter photo while bathing…I am a muslim and muslims are taught to respect women and not to play with them.



  • The Messenger

    Please do not stare at a married woman’s breasts. It is not Gods will.

  • gfsgs

    Pretty boring these rehashed pictures.

    PS: Sharia is for low-life mongoloids 8))))))))))

  • Ali Baba the Tent seller

    This is the exact reason why we muslims protested in London to bring shariah laws….

    If Britain had Shariah laws,then Kate would have been sunbathing in a burkha…and this photo wouldnt have been taken…..and noone would have realised that the Duchess was using push-up bra to enhance her boobs

    I lost my erection which was like a tent pole,when I saw this boobs of a 12 yr old and granny ass…..

    I would want to sue Kate for showing this monstrosity on us

  • Demi

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  • NotGay

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    Just to see if it works.

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  • Travis Lee

    this site is ridiculous. jihad? unjust nature of the west? what a load of crap from nothing but severely mentally handicapped people.

  • I love God ,Jesus and weed!

    I love christianity! Because we can say stuff like:”she does got some saggy ass titties and a little ass but I’d still *uck the shitt out of her” and then genuinely ask for forgiveness and be saved. Yal motha fukrs are wild! No nukes!No nukes!No nukes!Everbody just needs to use to commen sense here!I haven’t read the koran, but I know some muslims are peaceful. And I’m cool with those guys. But its wrong when people take innocent lives and then their own. And these people think they’re going to heaven of some sort!No they’re not. I may not myself. And women that aren’t whores deserve respect. I’d only bang her if she wanted it. Nobodies perfect but we can at least try! God bless america and everywhere else!

  • Ali

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