More Blake Lively Naked Cell Phone Pics

Blake Lively naked

Blake Lively should of followed the old infidel proverb “don’t throw stones if you live in a whore house”. By claiming the nude pictures released yesterday were fakes she insulted the integrity of the hacker that leaked them, so the hacker released even more Blake Lively cell phone pics which you can see below.

Blake Lively obviously loves taking scandalous cell phone pics of herself (narcissistic slut). You may notice that in some of the pics Blake appears to have tattoos. Those are from the movie “The Town” in which she played a whore, which apparently didn’t take any acting.

It was rumored when “The Town” was being filmed that Ben Affleck was having an affair with Blake Lively. This caused Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner to show up on set, and stay for the remainder of the filming. Perhaps Blake Lively took these pics for Ben?


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