More Ashley Tisdale Bikini Butt Pics

Ashley Tisdale ass

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale’s ass is even hungrier than we originally thought! After posting a picture of Ashley Tisdale’s butt swallowing her bikini bottoms yesterday, we unearthed even more photos of Ashley’s anus feasting on her swimwear.

As you can see in the photos below, Ashley Tisdale’s filthy whore of an ass greedily devours her hot pink bikini, easily absorbing it into her anal cavity. This pictures leaves little doubt that Ashley Tisdale’s behind is hungry for insertion, and I fear it won’t be satisfied until it gets a virile Muslim manhood stuffed deep inside of it.

Yes only a Muslim man can stop Ashley Tisdale’s ass from sucking in everything in sight. Once again it falls on us Islamic warriors to save the world from evil. Allahu Akbar!


Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale

  • Word of wisdom

    I agree with the analysis, but fear that our savant doctor in faith may have missed an important point in the tisdale case
    In an effort to kill the unholy and impudic jewishness in her, in four of the pictures, she covered her obscene hair with a totally orthodox hijab.
    It is a sign, a clear plea for help, a plea for a vigourous muslim intervention. This way, she shows the world her head is already craving for the rectitude of faith, while she still struggles with the impudicity of her arse. A schizophrenic attitude typical of the decadent occidental society.
    Truth is : she is a muslim-in-waiting, she asks her sinning part to be purified by a warrior of allah, because her arse is the only obstacle that stands on the road to total liberation that is the burqah.

    I therefore command any muslim willing to sacrifice himself for the glory of allah to go and free her from the demon of obscenity that tortures her. She and her arse will, no doubt, gladly become your loot.

  • its me

    I agree too and thumbs up for these contribution.

  • Anubis

    Hopefully a devout righteous Muslim man will take the gauntlet of courage challenge, mount this unholy bitch where she lies, thrust his manhood deep into her curvy butt and purge the wretched evil infidel demon out of her. Praise Allah, for he is most merciful.

  • ahhgmed

    I agree, she must be stabbed in her unholy shit box with my trouser demon until her brown eye cries the salty tear.

    • Anubis

      May Allah bless you Ahhgmed for this most holy endeavor. Thrust deep into that evil brown eye of her shit chute, and purge that devilish demon out of that nubile curvy butt of this young harlot.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    If Ashley’s face looked half as good as her ass…..I know a powerful Muslim would snatch her up before you could say, “put on that burka.”

  • mockallah lala

    Salam malika

    Allah has graced all faithful Muslim women with asses that will not quit (or resign even). Softand curvaceous with that sweet ass cleft at the top of the back of the thighs. May he be merciful!

    This Ashley Tisdale’s ass is so flat that one can only say that the fullness of Allah’s mercy has indeed not filled her posterior.

    Infidels and whities are so unlucky.

    that aside, from a purely scientific perspective, with no ass like that, where exactly is the bikini bottom going?

    allahu akbar inshallah