Miss USA Rima Fakih Is A Mossad Agent In A Bikini

Miss USA bikini

To arms my Muslim brothers! Once again the Zionist controlled West is making joke on us. This time it is through Miss USA Rima Fakih.

Just days after Rima Fakih was shown to be a total whore with pictures of her in a stripper contest appearing on the Zionist run Internet, new pictures have emerged of the new Miss USA in a bikini on what we can only assume is some Jew’s yacht.

First Rima disgraces her religion by agreeing to enter a contest in which she is poked and prodded like cattle on national television. Then it is revealed that she is nothing more that a degenerate cock jokey, with a past more stained than the sheets at a Motel 6.

Are we to believe that it is just a coincidence that the first Muslim Miss USA just so happens to also be a no good hussy who has smoked more Poles that Auschwitz? No! The only logical explanation is that she is a Mossad agent put in place to embarrass and shame the Muslim world.

Let the world be warned we will not stand by and let this lie destroy the impeccable reputation of Islam!

  • voice of reason

    wow you need to get a life. she lives in America just because she was on a boat doesn’t make her a mossad agent. jeez you are a moron

  • abou rima

    dude chill out, take a pill


    I must sympathize with the humble and noble muslim men trying to defend their faith. This is America people! Ever hear of Freedom of Religion? She is not following her beliefs, but the honorable, devout men who inform us of these things are trying to protect us from the deviant ways of these whores and harlots. We in the South have been given a whore of equal talents named Megan Fox. She is a temptress and a devil just like the newly crowned Miss USA. SHE DOES NOT REPRESENT MY COUNTRY! “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the LORD”!!!!!!

  • Shalie

    World Swimwear has that leopard swimsuit!!! I just ordered it.

  • bob

    so she’s at a bar & playing around with a pole, this makes her a whore? if so then i know a lot of whores. lay off the name calling. give the girl a break. you sound like supermarket rag paper.

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    I predicted this! I predicted this! AD-DEJJAL IS UPON US!

  • Jesus

    Yeh right, Mossad…my only comment is that they should come and shoot you in a head as you are full of it.

  • Amber

    No one has to make an ass of islam…islam does that all by it’s crazy self

  • khusro mirza

    wow,,,, what a peace of shit she is.if she want to play the bikini show then she should join me,now how about if she teach me some thing then i,ll teach her some thing,YEAH.man go for it.

  • sharifah

    This woman is no more than a tool for whorism on a political scale. let this swine grovel in her own shit. She will pay a bitter price in hellfire, may she rot…

  • sharifah

    She has nothing to do with Islam whatsoeve r!!!

  • jack54

    Islamic extremists need to calm down…God created everyone and everything…we all do not agree on some things some of the time…Christ said brother would fight brother etc. in his name and that it would be wrong because we are all brothers and sisters created by the same God…only God can create and recreate…to kill or destroy can only be corrected by God…you hypocrits must remember this as you will judged and sentenced just as you have judged and sentenced others…Christ said to make friends with your enemies…and to forgive others seven times seventy(7×70 or 490 times)…disregard what he has said as you like but all he has said would happen has happened and will happen until he returns…he is our loving big brother and out of God`s perfect spirit who taught us the best way to take care of God`s creation…that is all people…all animals…the good earth itself…that is our mission here on earth…religion is a man made term…why is it that governments whether religious or otherwise always find enemies instead of seeking friends…anyone can destroy…but only God can create…if everyone treated others the same way they want to be treated and keep their word 100% of the time then all the hatred will disappear…