Miss USA Kristen Dalton Disgraces Her Country

Kristen Dalton

Miss USA Kristen Dalton has disgraced herself and her country. She was photographed whoring herself out in a bikini at what appears to be an Italian villa, possibly the Emperor’s.

Even though I despise the USA with a passion and wish for its immediate and devastating destruction, I can not help but feel embarrassed for you Americans. I can not imagine how emasculating it must feel to have the woman who was chosen to represent your country prostitute herself to Italians likes this.

Italians are slimy smug people, who think just because they have powerful legions and advanced weapon technology like the chariot, they can go around degrading other country’s women. One day some country will rise up and say enough and knock that greasy Italian smirk right off their faces.

Until then enjoy these pictures of Miss USA Kristen Dalton being used as a slave by the Italian elite.


Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton
Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton

  • dog

    of course you hate the usa – your women are pigs and you cant have any of ours ya loser

  • CasualT

    I see she aspires to be some type of camel jockey, it slightly obvious by pictures of her toe.

  • Hal groar

    I think the picture was taken in Las Vegas…hmmm…


    How did this woman get famous? Is this one of Tiger’s mistresses? Do you know what a mistress is? It’s what comes between a mister and a matress!

  • Kalimba

    I’m American, and I for one is not embarrassed by her. I couldn’t care less what she does, she doesn’t represent me or anyone I know. I sure don’t know her.

  • Hugo Rude

    I’m sure da talyban were looking at the boys around her. I think she lookalike a new traci lords! Very Hott ****4stars.

  • Susan

    I’m glad this was taken in las vegas…where the 2010 miss usa pageant was held…she isn’t embaressing us at all. in fact shes an amazing role model. so maybe you should get your facts straight before you embaress yourself.

  • Haley

    Kristen was at the MISS USA pageant festivities in Las Vegas during this event. She is NO WAY “whoring” around in a bikini!!!!

  • Mohammad

    I wish death to you and your family as you do to the USA.

  • Avi

    Awe shut up already durka durka. Go beat your wife in her burka burka. I hope you choke on your hate. Besides you neglected to mention her awesome camel toe! Thanks for the awesome pics anyway.