Miss USA 2011 Slutty Facebook Pics

Miss USA 2011

Miss California Alyssa Campanella was just crowned Miss USA 2011, and not surprisingly it turns out she is a huge slut.

As you can see in the pictures below taken from Alyssa’s Facebook, she enjoys shamelessly flaunting her body and simulating sex acts on food products. No doubt all that practice on food paid off handsomely during her interview with the Miss USA judges.

Of course as a wanton harlot, Alyssa is representative of the typical American woman. If she was just 600lbs heavier, dating a “thug”, and addicted to drugs she would be perfect.


Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011
Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011
Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011 Miss USA 2011

  • Emma Watson’s Penis

    Thanks for the fap guise.

  • Infidel

    They picked a good one this year. Pics 6, 8 and 9 are great. She looks like a young Amy Adams.

  • Open the scroll

    Love the look on the bitch’es face in the background, it screams “you skank , I fucked the black judge and still lost”.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    With immoral role models like this alyssa, it’s no wonder little kuffar girls are whores by the time they are 10.

    When Islam takes over, us Muslims will make sure all kuffar girls are concubines by the time they are 9. This alone will improve american infidel society by 1,000,000 percent by preventing girls from becoming drunken whores and prostitutes.

    Us Muslims know what’s best for you infidels, and we will make the usa moral, or kill all you assholes in the process..



  • yowza

    OMG…There are fucking haters here.
    Get a life!!!!