Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih Stripper Pictures

Miss USA 2010

Well, it didn’t take long for the newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih to disgrace herself and her country.

It’s been less than a full day since Rima Fakih was crowned this year’s Miss USA and already pictures have emerged of Fakih working a stripper pole.

It seems that, prior to achieving beauty-pageant supremacy last night, the former Miss Michigan participated in the 2007 “Stripper 101” contest, sponsored by Detroit-based radio show.

Given that Rima Fakih is the first Arab-American to be named Miss USA it is more than a little suspicious to find out that she is a complete whore. Obviously pageant officials hell bent on defaming the Muslim world, chose Rima Fakih to win knowing she was nothing more that a wanton Jezebel to embarrass us proud Arabs.

There is only one thing left to do to make this right. Rima Fakih must be stripped of her title, dragged into the middle of Time Square, and lashed with bounded reeds by none other than Donald Trump himself.

Miss USA 2010

  • Alex

    wow, what does miss usa promote to young girls who are going to see that? strip dancing mght as well get naked and bend over for dollar bills

    • ara

      oh please! Strip tease dancing does not mean you’re a whore! I was an exotic dancer all through college, I paid for law school that way!
      It is an amazing full body work out and I looked amazing back then, still can do a mean pole routine too!
      I am married and have a child. Not all dancers are crack whores or meth heads. I would rather my daughter dance than work at McDonalds when she goes to college, better money and keeps the body in shape.

      • TheJihadisDead

        -Sorry but you’re a whore and that’s it…

        • John Doe

          -Sorry but you’re stupid and that’s it…

  • A Proud Arab

    I’m a proud Arab-American, and both my Arab and American sides are proud of Rima. As far as I can tell, there was no actual “stripping” in this stripper contest… it was just a fun sexy-dancing event, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are lots of sexy dancers in both her home countries, so let’s be proud of that, as well!

    All in good fun…

    • Jimmy Jihad


      • robertfriso

        jimmy jihad you sound like a moron

      • Matamoro

        Only the taser, and waterboarding can cleanse you of your barbairty.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      You treat women as an object “Proud Arab” is that is your name! They should be kept in the house and treasured, and wearing a veil (forced if must be)! How could you say such horrible things? I bet you are a Christian.

      • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

        Or even worse a Catholic!

        • Warrior of GOD

          Hey jabbaba your a devil in the flesh. Demons like yourself will burn in fire for all eternity. No virgins were your going just pigs lots of pigs.

          • Jimmy Jihad


          • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

            Warrior of God? I suppsoe you mean the false god, the owl! Kafir!

          • Matamoro

            Jimmy Jihad, shut up. You’re an irrational RAGHEAD, You and your kind do not belong to liberal society. You use free speech to suppress free speech.

            Get back to your dunes, you SAND GOOGLE.

        • catholic bob

          hey jab a dab a do sounds like your afraid of catholics that tells me your not a complete idiot!

          • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

            Catholics have twisted the faith of God and turned to idoltry! Even worse is that they drink WINE in church. How foul and black hearted one must be sent from Iblis to ever do something so sinnister as that.


    I am a good christian man and I find myself agreeing with the humble muslim men commenting against, what can be called, this “Whore of Babylon”. It is clear that she has not learned her place and her selacious ways must be punished. Where I come from a woman is to honor the men to which she is beholding. If she is unmarried it is her father and her maidenhead is to remain intact until the night of her marriage. If she has been taken as a wife then she is to honor her husband by bearing him strong male children and keep his home. If she refuses to obey and honor then she is to be thrust out as a harlot and a whore. This woman has debased herself and brought shame to her caregiver. She does not represent America and she is not a suitable influence on our young daughters. I call for her to be denounced! I call for JUSTICE!!!!!

  • anon

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA you’re all fucking nuts.

  • qwerty

    You guys realize Arab does not always equal Muslim. Right?

  • Kassie80

    Ara…you would rather your daughter be a stripper whore, than work at a fast food restaurant??? You serously have NO morals. I feel bad for your daughter! She has no respectful woman to look up to, not in you anyway!!!

    • John Doe

      Well why dont you go get a fuckin carpet wrap yourself in it and go down the street. Oh and tell osama i said Hi

  • Regular Dude

    She is pretty hot. I would like to tap that, regardless of her religion…you know, “PUT MY PORK IN HER”

    • John Doe

      true that man, true that..

  • jj

    yeah, since the arab girl turned out to be a slut it MUST have been a conspiracy all along… LOL!!! I’m sure they searched long and hard before they could find an arab slub, which they then planted in the competition only to have her win in a fixed competition just so that they could exploit her sluttieness… get f-ing real…

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      That is exactly what happened you perverted drinker of horse cum!
      Do not try and belittle the words of Durka Durka…he has never presented anything other than the truth.
      You had best get back to the projects…where you can smoke dope and bang your whore sister, Thelma.

      Die fucked up infidel!

  • theheadchimp

    jj from good times…..If you read it here then it is truthiness. By the way lern to spel slub, its got two b’s.

    • Hugh

      Lol learn to spell? ‘Spel’ has two Ls moron