Miss Delaware Melissa King Sex Tape Video

Miss Teen Delaware sex tape

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King resigned her crown today after a sex tape video of her allegedly doing porn surfaced online.

In Melissa King’s defense what she is only doing in this sex tape video is probably what she did with the judges to win the Miss Teen Delaware crown in the first place.

In the long run Melissa King is going to be a lot better off not being Miss Teen Delaware, as this sex tape shows that her true talent lies in getting f*cked like a whore. A valuable skill that will serve her well while working in the harems of us virile Muslim men.

  • Meh Cool


    • little peter

      She sucks cock like a true Queen. Hmmm. Wonder what she would think of my queening skills?

      • Porn Connoisseur

        “a sex tape video of her allegedly doing porn surfaced online.”

        Allegedly? There’s a fucking video of her getting pounded and a facial!

        • Splatterfiend

          LOL… No shit.. right!!

        • Umar the Brown

          Us Muslims never trust what we see from the Jew-run, Zionist media. They are all in cahoots with Djinns and Witches and can deceive the minds of anyone.

          Brother Durka Durka is wise not to assume that this is her.

          • JohnnyBravo

            “Us muslims never trust what we see?” Yeah because you’re too busy blowing each other up. Look at the muslim nation and the middle east, car bomber hear suicide bomber there, if you dumb shits were actually smart ya’ll would be actually running the fortune 500 hundred instead of blowing 500.

          • usa

            Fuck you!!

          • IntolerableOfStupidity

            to JohnnyBravo, you’re calling them stupid and yet you used the wrong “here”
            as well and writing “500 hundred” a.k.a. “five-hundred hundred”

          • Jew Boy

            “…[I]n cahoots with the djinns…” Oh my god when the stupidity of men again suceeds in surprising me! Just when I thought I’d heard all the inane things fantaics like yourself had to say! How ignorant and biggoted you are, you poor little dellusional faggot. Jews don’t believe in Djinns you dumbass, much less in cahoots with them haha! Djinns are a muslim concept. Umar the Brown, yeah that you are sir.. brown like the shit you’re filled with! Die, forget to say your prayers next time you take a shit, hopefully you’ll offend a djinn and he’ll end your miserable existence. Just do mankind a favor and die.

          • Stevie

            Can u fuck em in the burka glory hole? LOL

          • yeshuahatesporn

            if yout muslim, how or why do you question YHWH ‘s mind manifesting in YESHUA ?
            if god is all powerful why do you muslims say allah or question the incarnation of the creator in living human tissue? jesus if you will..
            the quran says it can never be destroyed… but the physical form of it can the paper,ink and glue can be destroyed but not the actual word.. so this means god can die yes…but just this human form can be destroyed not YHWH, god himself
            the divine cant.

          • EMR

            WOW.. are you for real??

      • Freemon Sandlewould

        Poor girl did not look like she was enjoying herself..

        • Imam Khalid

          Who cares?

          • Lucas Madeira

            o que diabos vocês estão discurtindo imundos malditos. kkkk

    • sam

      i think ur mother had been fucked very badly with any wrong guy thats y u speaking all wrong look like she like blowjob very much thts y ur mouth is always open want a dicccccck

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

    shes hot but its Not like shes any one FAMOUSE i mean not really.

    • I don’t know about that Delaware is a pretty big state.

      • Speech therapist

        I noticed you always call yoursel “Durka Durka” those rare times you open your mouth here.

        Your stuttering is very very pro pro pronoun pronounced.

        Comes from swallowing too much seven.

        Henceforth when you go cocksucking. Carry your toothbrush with you. Ever time you swallow, stop and brush your teeth.

        Try this for a couple of days, then report progress here.

        I’m hoping you’ll recover enough to call youself Durka, just once, with no stuttering at all.

      • Umar the Brown

        Filled with blacks, rapists, and homoqueer sodomites. The sooner we destroy it, the better.

        • Big Black

          Are you Muslim?

        • oscar pistoffius

          By the looks of miss delaware its full of trailer parks

      • Greenbuk75

        So we meet again durka…

  • Gay Jim

    I wish I was her in that film.

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      Take a trip to the mid east…..a muslim will be happy to put you in any one of those positions and stuff your bunghole.


      • Farzan The Wise

        Up The Poop Chute Pete

        Heard you had a busy evening at the Klan gloryhole with it being free rimjob night. I’m sure you were pulling asshole hair out of your teeth all morning. Your one sick homo

        Suck cocks in hell queer

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Fag Farzan

          How bout you shut your dick entrance and change your name back to idiot injun, Niko, or whatever else it was before.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Down The Throat Pete

            If you think I am one of those morons then you are a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for being.

        • moshe dayan

          Fart-zan the She-male

          Nice gown in the pic. Looks like you’re a contestant in the “Biggest Shemale in the Middle East” pageant. I’m sure you are a handjob’s down winner in that one.

          Later that night, Anal Abdullah will come in to give you your “prize”.

          Get help you sicko

          Eat shit and die homo

          • Farzan The Wise

            Fag jew Moshe

            I’m sure you finger bang your ass all day dreaming of being penetrated by a powerful Muslim man. Your better off visiting the KKQueer gloryhole though, for there is no such thing as a gay Muslim.

            What you will get from me is an RPG up your ass…..which may be tough with you having a rabbis dick up there all the time.

            ALLAHU AKBAR !

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Fag Farzan

            Ha. That jew just kicked your ass.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay Pete

            The jew has kicked your countries ass so hard that your women are taught to mix with googles and spics, and the weak, wimpy white boys sit back and take it. You retards even go to war for them and never question why. You can thank the jew for that.

            Over here in Iran, we don’t deal with any jew bullshit, we tell them to shove their diversity up their asses. We will show you heathen westerners how to deal with the jew when we launch the Nuclear Goat into the heart of Tel Aviv.

            ALLAHU AKBAR !
            Death to israel !

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Fag Farzan

            Ha. You’re a damn fine comedian. “Nuclear Goat.” Now that’s funny!

            The jews kicked muslim ass when they threw you homopervs off your land…..and they’ll do it again when you dumb sand googles get close to your shitty bomb.

            Your humor won’t save you from the ass kicking you’ll soon receive….and don’t confuse that with the ass pounding you’ll no doubt receive tonight.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay Pete

            You are a bigger fool than I thought. No jew has kicked an Iranian out of Iran. They fear us. Only a backwoods dumb fuck like yourself focuses his hate on googles without seeing that the true enemy is right in front of you…..the jew.

            They control your banks, what you read in the paper, and what you learn in school. You have been beaten, just can’t see it. Your country is against your people, yet you fight blindly for the people who have ruined your country in the name of Israel. You have a wise ex KKK leader named David Duke. You should read his books. You have a lot to learn.

            When you realize we share the same enemy you will see our way. Let me ask you this….do you question the jew version of the holocaust? If not you are a brainwashed pawn of the jew.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Fag Farzan

            I didn’t say the jews kicked anyone out of Iran…..I said the jews are going to rain down 5000lb United States of Aryans bombs on Iran when the shitty nuke is near built. Of course…..that may not be necessary…..you mofos are so dumb that you’ll try to butt fuck the nuke and kill yourselves…..which would be damn good.

            And shut your air intake with that “jews run USA” nonsense. Us powerful, Christian aryans run the show. Just look at Brother W Bush, Brother Romney (recent convert), Brother Limbaugh, and Brother Colin Powell.

            And we can’t forget about the Grand Dargon of the great state of Alabama….yours truly.

            To summarize:

            Stop sucking cock mofo


          • moshe dayan

            Fart-zan the Shemale,

            Stop trying to seduce GDP to your gloryhole with your serpent tongued lies about us Jews. He sees through the lies that your real goal is to complete the fantasy you mentioned some posts back of seeing him being double ended at the gloryhole.

            Asshole, Jews don’t run the US of A and the last time I checked Obamanation wasn’t Jewish.

            Jews have managed to eke out a miserable existence on a shitty worthless piece of dirt in the middle east, why they went there I don’t know but anyone with such all-seeing mastery of the world would probably have picked a better fucking piece of land.

            Jews have been slaughtered through history, men, women and children precisely because of the bullshit people like you and your deranged leader spew. At the end of the day if you ask anyone sane where they would rather live, Iran or Israel, the answer is pretty obvious. Israel has a real legal system and call it what you may, its a democracy where people get to vote for their government. You sand googles on the other hand have amazing bountiful countries with plentiful resources but your sand google mentality guarantees you will find a way to make it a living hell. Public executions in Iran? What comic book savagery. You primitive fucks still haven’t progressed past the 7th century.

            As you head back over to your gloryhole tonight (because sucking cock is the only pastime permitted in the Islamic State) cursing Jews for everything including global warming, maybe you should look in the mirror at your cum stained lips and recognize your own part in the drama.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Imam Khalid

            I asked a Jewish girl for her number.

            She rolled up her sleeve.

          • Fartz Alot

            You forgot the Bada Boom!

          • oscar pistoffius

            Iran may be a shithole moshe but jews are a blight on the face of humanity you killed jesus started your own ethnic cleansing by not allowing germany to enter the gold market that was a smart move eh then you moved your nation to someone elses country and with the money you made from mentally disfunctional americans built a fortress and opressed the local people the so called jewish democracy is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters to ever hit the middle east and you continue to punish a people cause of a fictional story that has been rewritten countless times to suit your needs if there is a god i dont think hed be to happy with what you have done in his name

    • LOVE ALL

      you are all great people i love you all

      Sincerely a Jewish Caucasian Google who praises Allah

      • Fuck Yea America


        are you a dumbass? no gay muslims? ha fag I’ve been to Iraq, Women are for babies, men are for fun, and the other gay ass muslim nations around there are the same way lol, your whole religion is a joke, continue to kill yourselves over the “holy war” you dumbasses claim you fight for lol, btw holy war is not even in the quran lol it just shows how dumb your society is lol which is why most muslim nations are 3rd world countries lmao

  • CanadianMarijuana

    fucked up how she makes no sounds :S

    • Roger

      She is demure she is a pageant queen afterall

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      She is gritting her teeth and thinking of the good of Mecca….

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    How much does it cost to employ a (less-than-ugly) American teen to do such things……..because I have some Series “Muslim” bonds that I received for my first beheading that are looking to be rolled-over…..

  • moshe dayan

    Fuck, this hypocritical bullshit really pisses me off.

    This poor but pretty young girl lived in a shitty foster home most of her life probably being abused by some fuckhead, has no skills or education as a result so one day does some porn to buy food (Thanks Obama and the Dems for finishing off the economy so Americans now have to fuck for food).

    Then she gets her life together, wins the pageant and miraculously the porn tape resurfaces. Guess where she’s heading next? Either back to porn or to a street corner near you. What, cause she isn’t a role model for young girls because she isn’t perfect and has a past.

    Meanwhile ugly whore like Kim Kardashian does worse fucking groid Kanye West in a blatantly obvious attempt to get in-fame and ends up rich with her own reality show, ad deals, books, movies etc etc. Her ugly fat ass is pasted everywhere, fuck she even appears with massive herpes sores in public and her ratings keep going up.

    What a fucked up world. It just ain’t fucking fair!

    • Abdul Rasul

      Moshe Jewfag

      That’s what you Hollywood Jews do. You exploit dumb Americans and Mexicans everyday. That’s why your kind hates us muslims. We don’t fall for your bullshit and our peckers are 4 times the size of yours. Now go eat a bagel you old snake in the grass.

      Also eat shit and mofo

      • Farzan The Wise

        Very true words brother Abdul,
        The filthy jew exploit everyone they can, and still cry that they are the victim. Those parasites use Palestinian children as target practice and expect everyone to sit by and pity israel when Palestinians throw rocks back at the people who kicked them out of their homes.

        Us Muslims will one day conquer them in the name of Allah, and when that time comes the jew Moshe will be the first to feel the mighty stones crush his weak body.

        Death to israel !

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Rectum Rasul

        The only dumb Americans are the negros and gays…..if you can even call them Americans.

        In the near future you’ll be callin them mofos D-E-A-D.


        • oscar pistoffius

          You call the muslims backwards you rednecks are still whinging about negros while your kids are wearing their caps backwards listening to jay z you lost the war your black muslim president is slowly destroying your country in revenge for all the innocent young negros that were raped and killed by you queer motherfuckers

        • NateDawg

          Why do all of you guys hate each other all the religions are the same the stories are just worded differently and all of you guys say killing is bad yet you all do it and to call yourself a Christaib, Jew, or Muslim and get on these things and just spread hate is very ignorant and completly hypocritical. ELE Every one Everyone why would that be so bad if everyone got along and decided to work together John Lennon once sang a song about all this:

          Imagine there’s no heaven
          It’s easy if you try
          No hell below us
          Above us only sky
          Imagine all the people
          Living for today…

          Imagine there’s no countries
          It isn’t hard to do
          Nothing to kill or die for
          And no religion too
          Imagine all the people
          Living life in peace…

          You may say I’m a dreamer
          But I’m not the only one
          I hope someday you’ll join us
          And the world will be as one

          Imagine no possessions
          I wonder if you can
          No need for greed or hunger
          A brotherhood of man
          Imagine all the people
          Sharing all the world…

          You may say I’m a dreamer
          But I’m not the only one
          I hope someday you’ll join us
          And the world will live as one

          • NateDawg

            ELE Everyone love Everyone

          • oscar pistoffius

            Look what happened to the cunt that wrote that he ended up sleeping with a monkey so they had to put him down

          • LOVE ALL

            not worth it dude fucking internet trolls, they only do this to feed their egos because they have to compensate for their small peckers. At the end of the day their words don’t mean shit because after they’ve all log off for the night they go to bed empty and alone with nothing but tugging on their small peckers to give them comfort.


          • Show me the humanity

            I’m glad someone could see through all this bullshit and realise what it is. Mankind has been at war in the name of almighty religion for thousands of years and the vast majority still don’t get it!

  • Osama bin-Sikhid

    Allahu Akbar!

  • Mike

    I wish that it was Alyssa and me.

    • The West Is The Best

      Are you a tranny? Just going by your pic. if you are watch your back the fag muslims here will gangbang your ass.

  • Heydrich

    Lace up pants? He will never be allowed into the SS. In fact, he may have to wear a pink triangle.
    America is such a degenerate country.

  • Isaac

    I thought that Nazi Germany was racist against Jews…Muslims are racist too? But I think that you guys hate most other people, don’t you?

  • chico

    That’s how I be fucking thread Arabian chicks here haha. An really? I got a 9 1/2 inch dick keep thinking that you goofy looking fag.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I think I may suffer from clinical depression cause I have temporarily lost interest in sex.

  • Eddie

    You just haven’t found the right girl.

  • Cloe Koondashian

    I’m the only normal Kardashian.

  • Arrrrrrrrrrrg

    I wish I was that dude fucking her

    • Jason

      Dude I’ve been reading your comments throughout this entire thread and you are fucking racist and annoying you obviously have no clue what the hell you are talking about and you tell people to go die just because you don’t agree with what they have to say tell you what how about this time you go suck a dick you worthless nobody my fucking God you are stupid!

      Hot debate: Who thinks this guy should just shut the fuck up?

  • Shit Not Again!

    Shit…… A 50 year old guy who’s kinda fat fuck a 18 year old. SHit?!?!!!!!

  • Dr. Antacid, Rx

    Mr. Farzan,

    I am concerned to see you still dressed in that flag.

    I had recommended bicarb of soda to you, thrice a day, to cure yout toxic Fartz and incontinence. Did they not work? You should have called me.

    Please also take two tabs of Zyfflospate AG 250 mg after meals, thrice a day.

    I expect you will be able to wear normal clothes again in a week’s time.

    • Farzan the Flatulent

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  • Adolf Hitler

    Heydrich, Scheinhund!

    Who gave you leave to speak on this website? Goebbels tells me you are flouting his express orders to all sleeper Nazi cells to stay silent.

    Report back to headquarters immediately! And don’t you dare to open your mouth again on this website!

  • Adolf Hitler

    Heydrich, Schweinhund!

    Who gave you leave to speak on this website? Goebbels tells me you are flouting his express orders to all sleeper Nazi cells to stay silent.

    Report back to headquarters immediately! And don’t you dare to open your mouth again on this website!

  • Goebbels

    Mein Fuhrer, calm down please. We will make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    Heydrich, get your ass here to headquarters quick! The Fuhrer is furious with you!

    And not one more word out of you in this website!

  • Speech therapist

    I noticed you always call yourself “Durka Durka” those rare times you open your mouth here.

    Your stuttering is very very pro pro pronoun pronounced.

    Comes from swallowing too much seven.

    Henceforth when you go cocksucking. Carry your toothbrush with you. Ever time you swallow, stop and brush your teeth.

    Try this for a couple of days, then report progress here.

    I’m hoping you’ll recover enough to call youself Durka, just once, with no stuttering at all.

    • Mushtaq

      Mr Therapist, Brother Durka’s stuttering makes him repeat his own name twice: you, on the other hand, repeat your entire comment twice. Also, you seem to lisp: instead of ‘semen’ you said “semen”.

      Brother Durka’s stuttering comes from his sucking cocks; what do your stuttering and lisping come from?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    All american females are drunken, sex-fiend whores.

    When Islam takes over all american whores over age 6 will be killed on the spot and the under age 6 bunch will be put into a burka, sent to Madrasa and then married off the next year to powerful Jihadists.

    That is how us Muslims will fix america.

    Also…all american mens get killed. All of them muthafuckers.


    • Thw West Is the Best

      Up the ass Abdildo

      By take over I assume you are talking about 7-11’s and mens restrooms?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        west sucks best

        Us Muslims will be setting fire to your glory holes and raping your women before we chop off their heads.

        As for you gays, you’ll be massacred by more IEDs and AK-47s than your midget minds can comprehend.

        eat shit and die mofo

    • moshe dayan

      Anal Abdullah,

      I think you made a typo and meant shemales not females. Definitely you fags will take over the shemales of America. You won’t find too many under 6 but you can dress the rest up in bobbysocks, pigtails and chewing gum and pretend they’re 6.

      They will make great wives for you Jihadists, seeing that you are all butt pumping fags.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        nature made a “typo” when a fag like you was born instead of self-aborted.

        However, the AK-47 will correct that error…with a shot between the eyes….just as soon as you get enough cock at the glory hole and crawl out to rob somebody or steal some land.

        Ha…I know you’ll never get enough cock. Thats why your glory hole is targeted with the Iranian scud missile. One way or another, Islam will destroy you.

    • Outraged Muslim

      Abdullah, have you no shame?

      Are you totally shameless?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        outraged homo

        The homos at the glory hole call your chin a “rest stop for balls” and you call me shameless because I want to kill all infidels and perverts?

        you really are a dumbass mofo.

        • Outraged Muslim

          The word Shameless was made for you.

          Have you not got even one iota of self-respect? Have you no sense of dignity at all?

          How can a human being be as shameless as you are?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            outhouse homo

            You’re the one sucking cock, so shut the fuck up.

          • Outraged Muslim

            How can a human being be as perverted and totally shameless as you are, Abdullah?

            Have you no dignity at all?

    • Stan

      Why all the hate for Americans? I dont hate Muslims. Most americans just want our goverment to leave other countries alone, and deal with our own problems. Now if you start talk about harming children for any reason, god will judge you sooner than later.

    • All-American88

      Dude You No Nothing About American Girls, The SlUtty Ones Are Hated On. And All The Rest Are Respected. OK? ok

  • Abdullah

    She has huge feet like a jewess.

    • Umar the Brown

      Very wise and astute of you, brother. This Jew will have to pay the penalty for her actions after a Sharia court finds her guilty of…well, being a Jew whore is enough.

  • your all a bunch of fags

    wow the shitty thing about the comments is how fucking queer everyone is, this hot slut deserves non gay, non jew, non muslim, straight men to watch her waxed cunt be pounded by some muscle bound heavy mouth breathing no rhythm having no cum fag

  • Pooop

    Hey fart the shemale. You got fucking owned by Moshe. On your own website you got trolled. Amazing. DYEL BRO??

  • Hulk Holgan

    Don’t make me come over there and put your ass in a camel clutch you homo!

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    The sound guy has done a GREAT job of catching the flesh slapping flesh……

  • Ravens

    Dude I don’t know about you but I would say she was pretty fine, I look forward to more of her porn videos coming out lol.

  • cdusty

    Does anyone agree that beauty pageants are more demeaning to women than porn?

  • rob mcdonald

    Nice to see that delaware is represented by a cheap load swallowing slut. I bet she takes it in the ass like the little cunt slut that she is. Keep fucking, you’ll go far.

  • alpha

    I just think its hilarious that you muslims think the way you do.. to think you can just “take over the usa” im in the us military. And ive seen what you and your people are capable of.. you’re a bunch of neanderthals throwing sticks at a giants feet. Let me assure you that this giant hasnt even reared its head yet.

    A us citizen/protector

  • alistair

    where can i find a link to this video

  • Abdulahahahi

    She did enjoy that 1 bit haha barely a moan from here LOL

  • T.T

    The other whores are so jealous :D <3

  • justblaze

    Why does everything you internet Muslims say has to insult jews or other religions but are the first religion to cause protest over insults or criticism to your religion. Islam doesn’t teach to be Hippocratic we are all human and have 1 creator whether it be god or the stars so from one human to another shut the fuck up

    • Judas

      @justblaze Wow! im surprised u actually believe Muslims run this site LMAO!!!
      It’s obvious that these guys are not Muslim they are just mocking and joking on this site…it’s an parody! none of these guys are Muslims really!

  • jon

    Fuck you sand googles

  • Mr. Jowee

    More proof that good looking women can’t fuck to save their lives.

  • Johnny Hammersticks

    i can count to orange

  • anon

    lame vidoe, mostly because the wimp doesnt know how to fuck. idjit couldnt even make her cum

  • billybigballs

    what a good girl!!

  • Mike

    Nice body, nice ass. I like the fact that she liked the facial. I am going to go back and watch it again with my pants off…FAP FAP FAP

  • anon

    this is probably the most boring sex tape ever. nice ass though.

  • Steve B

    I can’t believe you towelheads don’t target the USA politicians. They are the ones blowing shit up. Jews tell the politicians what to do. Politicians do what the Jews want because they kill them. We have 535 polticians in the USA that rule the country. Our politicians go to Arab countries all the time. You have to wonder why politicians are only killed by the Jews? Politicians suck air like everyone else. Politicians cause all the problems in the world.

    If the politicians all got together and told Israel to straighten up they would have no choice. If Russian politicians told Israel to get straight they could take all their talk of nuking Europe and shove it up their ass.

    • oscar pistoffius

      Well said stevie but i dont think there are any actual muslims on this site

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        oscar ass-diver

        Us Muslims are real…and you are a dumb fag.

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    your all going to hell.

  • Andreas época

    Não estou entendendo nada desse papo.

  • watthefuckrutalkingabout

    Imam Khalid and all u other muslim dumb fucks wat r u talking about u shouldnt even be watching miss delware get fucked us americans should so get off yalls lazy asses and go kill urselfs and not us americans u dumb fucks and stay the fuck of off planes too fuckers i hate u muslims now go kill each other u dumb fucks

    • Abdul Rasul


      I’m surprised you could write all that out with your boyfriends dick in your mouth

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • Ian

    that guy was really bad at sex. I feel bad for him.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    We cant all be as good at sex as I am. No one has my experience.

    • american

      what one or two guys at a time u homo bitch

  • stringbass7

    A wonderful, wonderful video indeed!

  • Pork is good for you

    Muslim women wear vail because ugly like camel.