Miranda Kerr Goes Blonde And Topless

Miranda Kerr topless

Super model Miranda Kerr attempts to entice us Muslim men by doing field work while topless and blonde in the photos below.

While it is true that us Muslims value women who know their way around a barn, Miranda Kerr is clearly half-assing it as she performs only light manual labor in these pics.

If Miranda wants to be pounded hard by a virile Muslim (which she certainly does) than she is going to have to go all out by digging a well, plowing the fields, and chopping firewood. Then and only then will she awaken our piously slumbering tunic snakes, and receive our potent baby seed all over her face and titties


Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr

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  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    THis is the Hottest White Bitch iv ever seen OMG!!!! I Renounce The Muslim Faith PRAISE JESUS!!!!!

    • Mrsexyguy

      Finally we’ve converted Abdullah to being a Christian one down and more to go

      • Subrovski

        Hes fake -_-

    • Team America

      Abdullah the Christian of Tikrit

      Welcome to our side. Now that you’re a Christian and a friend to America you can enjoy all the great things America has to offer:

      Hot American pussy
      An of course, freedom

      No long must you suffer the stench of goat and camel ass, not to mention having to dig sand out of you butt crack and running from our military.

      Welcome, Abdullah my friend. Welcome to awesomeness.

      America! We the people!

      • Muslim Jedi

        Pork? A filthy animal even people who eat pork do not prefer it over halal meats such s pork or chicken. Beer? You mean that stuff you drink to use as an excuse when you have an “Experimental gay moment” in the army when everyone else sleeps?

        Hot American Pussy? Shit, even those sinful Brazilians have hotter women than your fat ugly ham beasts you call hot! Yes, they would be very hot after I light them on fire!

        I do not run from the US Army or any other faggy branches. I sent more casualties and paraplegics back to your country than a chink behind the wheel of a car. And that is a lot of casualties my friend!

        Of course undercover Muslimina’s like Miley Cyrus can indulge in such sinful things as pork and beer but just when you all think you are all up in that Muslim snatch, she will kill you with the holy AK-47

  • Mrsexyguy

    She’ looks like the dragon lady from game of thrones

    • crazyjohn2005

      how come she not on this site

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Addicted to man meat,

    Your pathetic impersonation of brother Abdullah is doomed to failure. A Muslim will never convert himself to a faggy religion like Christianism.

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      Brother Hashim

      Impersonating mofos have returned. They must be out of ass lube at the glory hole and the swine have some “brown eye down time”

    • Team America

      Hashim el violador de cabra

      The only impersonator on this site is your homo friend Khalid.

      America! We the people!

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    I <3 JESUS!!!!

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Shut the fuck up, faggy boy.
      Don’t blaspheme!

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      I <3 a bullet in the midle of your slutty brown eye.

    • Nobody

      Hashbrown. Finally you have seen the error of your ways. Welcome to civilisation my friend.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        If you call “civilisation” worshiping a fake God, porn, gayness and eating Big Macs – the cornerstone of American way of life – I must say no thanks.

        • Nobody

          My god is better than your god.

          • Troll

            Your god didn’t give you a functioning brain.

          • Nobody

            Your god is Satans deputy.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    It looks like miranda is into some kind of weird, hippy wiccan bullshit. My guess is that the slut is demon possessed and in need of an AK-47 exorcism.

  • Muslim Jedi

    Blonde women are hideous. I would much prefer a Sunni Muslim Somalian girl. She would still be a Sub human Sub Saharan degenerate but they have nice asses.

    As for the Asians, I am pretty sure at least one of my seventeen wives are from China or one of those countries. I converted her from the sinful religion of Buddha.

    I also found me one of them Armenians and got her to renounce Jesus. Believe it or not, when you beat the mud shark out of them, they are quite nice! They just need a few whips from a nile reed. That is why the Kardashians are whores.

    They are still Christians. Also, Emmanuel Chriqiu, though she maybe a Jew infidel, she is racially ours, an Arab of Morocco.

    But blondes? They have no curves, no personality and most importantly they talk too much. Who the hell would want to see blue eyes staring back at them?

    My brothers if you take a blonde wife, I certainly hope you do make her face away from you during coitus because I would have thrown acid on her for having blue eyes. The Koran clearly states, brown eyes are the only eyes that are halal.

    All else is of the Great Satan

    • Nobody

      I use the koran as toilet paper. It serves no other purpose.

      • Muslim Jedi

        No Balls

        I use the Christian bible, the constitution and your flag as toilet paper. It serves no other purpose. The so Blood of the patriots is actually human excrement.

        It actually becomes cleaner when I use it as toilet paper.

  • jonnyd

    allah is gay!