Miranda Kerr And Friends Topless Harem Pic

Miranda Kerr topless

Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have joined their super model friends in the harem of a powerful Muslim man. To commemorate the event the girls posed topless for the harem class of 2012 photo above.

These proud concubines were given the honor of serving the sexual needs of a Sheik in the coming year. Besides the standard duties of a whore, Miranda Kerr and friends will be required to entertain their master’s guests, clean his toilets, hand feed him figs, and when necessary tickle his balls with ostrich feathers.

Yes the life of a Muslim’s concubine is quite glamorous, and filled with many earthly pleasures. Infidel women can not help but be envious of the sexual journey these taut bare-chested beauties are about to embark upon.

  • Big Pete

    All I see is a bunch of women, which is not what muslim men are looking for in terms of concubines.

    When referring to concubines, I expected to see many googles with their schlongs out while grabbing their ankles. That is no doubt what a muslim man is looking for.

    That, and 8 year old boys.

    Fuckin homos.


    • aghmed

      Shouldn’t you be fornicating with Scarlett’s body double like you said you would in the last post you queer fag shit eater?

    • Anubis

      The only one that Big Strap-on Peter Pecker is checking out is that tattooed freaky guy in the lower right hand corner that is bending over showing his dirty ass. Little Peter Pecker is slobbering with lust trying to imagine the guy’s hairy brown eye looking back at him alluringly. When he farts, little Peter Pecker wets himself fapping off fantasizing that it’s winking at him.

      • Big Pete

        Assfucker Anubis

        I hadn’t even realized there was a ladyboy in the picture til now. I saw the 11 trannys, but not the ladyboy.

        No doubt you were wanking feverishly at the sight of a half naked man.

        Abdullah the cock muncher isn’t going to be happy with you. He depends on your two drops of semen for nourishment

        You gay fuckers belong in a special place.

        No, not the truck stop or bus station sucking cock.

        You half coons belong in a cage at the zoo.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          tranny clan pete

          Shut up mofo…you know you are down with the “brown eye” and that makes you a sick pervert.

          Us Muslims are going to send you straight to hell. Satan knows how to handle homoqueers and soon you’ll be his prize pet.

          • abaddon

            funny you people don’t know that Satan’s nickname is Allah

          • Scabdullah the Shit of Faggot Creek knows all about trannies.
            He and Uncle Jizz Guzzler are the biggest faggots here
            and the best thing is they are not even fucking muslims !
            Scabdullah is an 11 year old Nigga living in a trailer in the USA and Uncle Jizz Guzzler is a woman

    • jim

      Guess what? No one gives a shit what a Muslim wants!

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    With oil at over $100/barrel I would need less than an hour of pumping from my southern fields to add these women to my harem. I shall have concubine for every inch of the oil derrick in my trousers. Too bad “Big Pete” is poor white trash and will have to resort to cutting out holes in the underwear section of the Sears catalog for the rest of his life.

    • Big Pete

      The real huge homo

      It looks like you’ll only need two concubines, homo.


      • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

        No, I will need all 11. Why don’t you run along now little boy, and go steal your neighbor’s paper so you can rub one out to the boys underwear section.

        • Big Pete

          The real huge cocksucker

          You will need all 11 year old boys?

          God damn you are one sick muslim homo.

          All those 11 year olds are going to do is laugh while you’re trying to find your centimeter peter.

          Those boys will put you to shame.

          Go eat donkey dong you dumb queer

          • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

            Boy lover Pete – wow you really are stupid if you think that the 11 concubines in the banner pic are boys. But that is to be expected from a degenerate like you who has never had a girlfriend and spends his time wearing white sheets and masturbating to the Little League World Series reruns on ESPN.

          • aghmed

            Don’t you and your boy friend need to get tested for AIDS today?

          • The Big Jew

            Shut the fuck up you eleven year old girl. No one cares how many times your hairy and sweaty ass uncle raped you. So if you would be so kind and kill your self that would be fantastic.

        • Big Pete

          Real Huge Cock licker

          No, those aren’t boys in the photo, but they are trannys with tit jobs. You’ll be able to suck cock and play with tits all at the same time.

          Ha. Those will be the first tits you ever see and feel. Must suck to be a big homoqueer.


  • infidel

    Damn these low resolution photos. Who’s that redhead, 4th from the right?

    • srsly…

      I believe that is Lily Cole.

      • infidel

        That’s what I thought too, but I didn’t realize she had that good a body.

        • Jake_DJ

          Here are the names of all the Models from left to right:

          Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Catherine M, Abby Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie C, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, Georgina Stojilkovic

          • Word of wisdom

            Stupid kuffar, is the name of a sheep relevant, on the marketplace, when the merchant forgot to tell you its price ?
            Who cares about the names, it is the price we need to know !

            Dumb murkins, unable to sell their old livestock properly, tssk.

          • Mufti David

            Here are the prices,

            *MERCHENDISE* *PRICE*

            Eniko Mihalik: 12 lbs of dog shit & bitch piss concentrate
            Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 2 litres of pure, google-armpit sweat
            Catherine M: a freshly cut lion nutsack
            Abby Lee: a sack of negro ass-hair(imported from apefrica)
            Daisy Lowe: 5 litres of donkey cum
            Gracie C: a bucket of cigar-spit
            Marloes Horst: a litre of skunk spray
            Lily Cole: 6 lbs of a ghetto toilet slime
            Ana Beatriz Barros: a drum of anal blood from queers.
            Miranda Kerr: 8 lbs of cocks(balls intact) freshly cut from any members of the KKK
            Georgina Stojilkovic: 5 lbs of slime from a swine’s rectum

          • Word of wisdom

            Brother David,
            I’ve sent the requested items, except one, which cannot be found anywhere in america : abid sweat for this rosie whore.
            They don’t sweat anymore here, as they are all on welfare and never work anymore. It is told that it’s decades now since one have been seen sweating.
            This is something else we’ll have to fix once we’ll have established the caliphate.

          • B.P

            Hey you forgot the tattoed camera guy, whats his price?

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    Boy lover Pete – wow you really are stupid if you think that the 11 concubines in the banner pic are boys. But that is to be expected from a degenerate like you who has never had a girlfriend and spends his time wearing white sheets and masturbating to the Little League World Series reruns on ESPN.

    • aal

      HA HA…got THAT right HABIBI ;)!

  • Larry

    Great looking bunch. Good thing we all know the truth that they would not even look at a raghead muslim. It would make them throw up.

  • srsly…
    • Mufti David

      You searched the entire web and is this the best you found? You haven’t exposed the ugly bitches enough. What an asshole.

      • srsly…

        First off, it took 20 seconds.
        Secondly, go f-f-f-f-fuck yourself.

  • Mufti David

    WOW a bunch of ugly whores, what america is famous for.

    • the mad mexican

      i know you find the sight of sheep too good to pass up that is okay!!! your a sheep fucker…a honorable occupation in some countries…and in some you will go to jail you dirty goat fucker

    • Anonymous

      Wow, a stupid moron called Mufti David with low self esteem and no life.


    this is really a 100% fake and FU*KING website with 100% fake photos

  • the mad mexican

    all of us in the western world know that these horny women would not waste their time with a low life Diaper head wanna be liquor store /American business man!!!!!!! they want a big dick Mexican!!!! or American,, that is what is good about the U S the power to chose….. so go back to the desert with your camel and sisters and go play hide the shish kabob in your ass!!!! and leave the banging of these whores to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kahlid

    Get rid of the abid and you’ve got a great picture.


    i would just take a machine gun and start shooting Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and their friends on their breasts and vagina. after that start fucking their dead bodies. cum inside their mouth, ass, vagina and on their breasts and faces =)


      who 1 2 join me??

  • Word of wisdom

    Stupid kuffars.
    How comes they expose merchandise without a price on ? I’m pretty sure it’s an infraction to Federal Department of Commerce regulations on sales and articles display.
    And it appears said articles lost all their body hair : they must have been transported in unfit conditions, insufficiently aerated and illuminated containers, and they developed the typical stress alopecia and weight loss.
    It’s another obvious infringement of federal rules on livestock transportation.

    The TSA thugs pester every good muslim jihadist in the airports, touch childrens all day long, but they don’t even control the sanitary condition of domestic animals in transit through their hangars.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Damn all dem stinkin white pussy in one area dat place must smell nasty.

    • yekevic

      Dam, I had to force shut down my pc, the whole room was stinking worse than doggy shit.

  • julio sheboygan

    i’ll take 5th from the left

  • Joe

    The pic is from the 2010 Pirelli calendar. Not new.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    fine items….

  • Mufti David

    B.P ??

    Nice name to disguise yourself Big Pete. We knew you were after that freaky guy.

    Anyway, buy Miranda and get him free.

  • bob

    One thing I really hate is when Muslims go off ranting on about how they’re Muslim and how in their religion they do this, and they want that. But guess what!! No one gives a shit about if your Muslim, what how America should be more like Muslim countries!! Keep your religion to yourself, no one cares what you think and if you obsess over being Muslim so much then go back to your own country!!!

    Ps. I’m not racist, it just pisses me off when they obsess over being Muslim

  • osama

    Ill take 2d from left

  • Bill


  • Bill

    I would like to fuck all of them

  • Bill

    I would like to rap all of them