Miranda Cosgrove Nude Wandering In The Woods

Miranda Cosgrove nude

It appears as though “iCarly” star Miranda Cosgrove is nude while wandering in the woods.

Miranda Cosgrove is most likely naked while out in the woods to take part in some sort of pagan ritual in which she praises her lord Satan by sticking various berries, twigs, and leaves up her sinful snatch.

This Miranda Cosgrove woodsy nude is all the proof us Muslims need to convict her of the crime of witchcraft in Shariah court. Once convicted Miranda will have to pay a small fine… before being burned at the stake.

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            @Team America As you may have noticed I have an impersonator (Observer) who is trying to insult my religion on a very childish way. Alas. There really should be done something against those impersonators.

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