Minka Kelly Shows Off Her Tight Butt In Yoga Pants

Minka Kelly yoga pants

Minka Kelly shows off her tight little ass while wearing yoga pants in the photo above.

It boggles the mind that Minka Kelly is not a bigger name in the West since she has all the makings of a mega star, as she is attractive (by infidel standards) and a race traitor who use to sleep with mongrel baseball player Derek Jeter.

Really the only thing holding Minka Kelly back is that her sex tape has not been made public yet. Reportedly there is some issue with her not being 18-years-old at the time of its filming. It would be a real shame if a little thing like child pornography laws come in between Minka Kelly and superstardom.

  • Implants

    Yes they are…..

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Assalamualaikum Brothers,

      After a long hiatus, I am considering a comeback to this most holy website, owing to the indeterminateness surrounding the reason for the sporadic blocking of my comments, and provided that such incidents will not occur in the future.

      Due to my love for this website and for Jihad, I am inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to ‘a bug’ as the reason for my comments not appearing.

      I hope that I do not have to permanently cease my online Jihad activities henceforth because of the same.

      Allahu Akbar !

  • Hafiz the Huge-Handed

    Allah has seen fit to provide those pesky, perky, bouncing, tight butts on that infidel girl so that a virile muslim man can hold her helpless and spank her bottom with his huge hand (which will hurt her, but she will love it) and tthen, with his huge hands, choke her sinful life out (which she won’t like half as much).

    • Feroze the Fantastic-Footed

      Salaam, brother Hafiz.

      With your permission, I wold like to deal with her myself.

      Allah has seen fit to give me enormous feet. I will hold this whore upside down with one foot, and with the other foot I will do things to her she has never dreamt of.

      I will test her. If as brother Durka tells us, she is a sincere convert, then I will put my enormous big toe inside her pussy and let her test the delights of heaven. If not, I will put that same big toe in her anus and split her open, and send her to hell.

  • Kwame

    Now thats a white ass I can get behind.

    • Mary Test

      Every Google you see seems to be listening to some kind of music inside it’s head. This isn’t just an act – thanks to the unique ape-like structure of the Google skull, radio waves become trapped inside.

      The Professor from Gilligan’s Island proved this point by making a radio out of a coconut, until Gilligan screwed it up somehow and they never got rescued.

      Regardless, the Google skull is shaped much like a coconut and is just as thick.

      This combination of shape and thickness traps radio waves in the frequency of 96.7 Mhz inside their nearly empty craniums where the music plays all day long!

      Christ, they’re primitive!

    • Abdul Kiar

      She’s not white you dipshit.

  • The West is the Best

    Mary who failed her VD test

    What does this bitches ass have to do with googles sculls?

    • kwame

      Yeah. What like he said?

  • The Messenger

    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

  • daniel

    why did you not publish the pictures of miley up skirt with no panties on i emailed you

    • daniel

      it was a real picture too not fake

      • Alissa DiCarlo

        It was nice. The one of Anne Hathaway was hot too.

      • Abdul Rasul

        Haha dickhead Daniel brother durka just… How do you Americans say? Got powned. Our knowledge is vastly better than a typical stupid American.

      • A regular visitor here

        Can you list out at one place, in one page, just the one-line title-links of all your ‘exposes’?

        It’s difficult, now, to access back issues, especially very old ones.


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    That ass would look 1000 times better in a Burka.

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      Yes…..that’s what you say about all the men here in America.


      • Abdullah The Butcher


        there are no men in america….just whores and you fag-trannnys.

        and you trannnys all look like benny hill in a dress.

  • Aswan Hafiri

    That ass would probably look better without the C4 plastique implants of 1 kilo each, but then she would not be able to explode a U.S. military base in its entirety simply by lighting her ass on fire.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Loose Ass-wan

      Dumb mofo!

      Do not dare talk about a great muslima like that!

      Otherwise….. I’ll have you sent to one of fag pete’s glory holes…..you’ll die of torture.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Aswan Hafiri

        I ask your forgiveness brother Abdullah. I misspoke most irreverently.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        minka is no great musliminina

        she is just a worn out old maid infidel slut. hell, she could be man-clams mother.

  • Abdul Kiar

    This bitch needs a good slap across the ass
    for being a slut,and wearing an outfit that emphasizes a big

    She also appears to be wearing no panties under her attire,
    so her lady hole is polluting the air.

    Who is she again ?

  • Tsongz

    Nice ass

  • The Persian

    How dare u stinky queer arabs to post pictures of beautiful woman’s hot smoking ass. The only thing an arab should post is the pictures of him and goat cross dressing n sucking dick n sodomizing another’s anus. Arab may also post pictures of a camel’s dick in yuga pants before fucking a group of arab queers up the ass. Soon there’ll be nuke dropping over ur head by The Persian Empire to extinct arab fleshy viruses off the earth. Expect us.

  • Abdul the Sheep Herder

    Isn’t she a little young to have all that junk in the trunk? I think she needs some anal loving by me to work off that cellulite.

  • Flava

    This site is full fake gay shit