Minka Kelly Sexiest Infidel Woman Alive

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly was just named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by the Zionist controlled Esquire Magazine.

Boy do the Western infidels have a messed up aesthetic. Sure Minka Kelly has an angelic face, full supple bosom, and tight round behind, but she is missing the most important feature for a woman to have… virtue.

Just look at these pictures of Minka Kelly in various states of undress. She is obviously a c*ck hungry whore who has been pumped so full of man juice that it is coming out of her doey eyes. Not to mention Minka lacks any noticeable facial hair, a major turnoff in civilized countries like Yemen and Syria.

Yes Minka Kelly may be the sexiest infidel woman alive, but she is certainly not the sexiest woman alive for she lacks morality and distinguished looking facial hair. Allahu Akbar!


Minka Kelly Minka Kelly Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly Minka Kelly

  • Ron

    I’d drink her bath water and savor it like a fine wine

  • theheadchimp

    You probably would you sick perverted fuck. The way some of you assholes talk on this site is disgusting.

  • Lazlo

    I’d eat the corn out of her shit

  • theheadchimp

    Lazlo you are probably a bucktoothed hillbilly that could eat corn on the cob thru a picket fence. Such a disgusting post. Augggh……

  • dirty old man

    I’d swish her menstrual blood around in my mouth like it was Listerine

  • Kool Keith

    I’d stuff her pussy full of imitation crab meat and make her run a 3K race. Then I’d suck the imitation crab meat out of her using her sweaty butt juice as seasoning.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Kool Keith

      You are one crazy infidel….imitation crab would be hardly worth the wait.

      Stop being cheap or face the wrath of ALLAH.

      Also, stop being sexually immoral….that too will bring the wrath of ALLAH.


  • theheadchimp

    Its pretty easy to see from these posts who has never been with a woman. Only virgins would say such filth about women. Just because you talk that way to farm animals don’t think that real women find such talk sexy. Plus who in their fucking right mind eats imitation crab meat? That shit is processed carp.

  • Bob

    I would let her sit on my face and fart on it so i can sniff it all up before she takes a dump on my chest.

  • Fuzzlenutter

    Man, you twisted, barbaric, backwards, backwoods mooooslim ass-monkeys are so easy to fuck with!


  • theheadchimp

    Your screen name says it all you fucking inbred hillbilly. Atleast I know you have been with a woman alibi your sister but hell to a cracker like you a woman is a woman even if it goes baah… baah or mooooo !