Minka Kelly Sex Tape Pic

It has been reported that a Minka Kelly sex tape is currently being shopped around. The sex tape is apparently nearly professional quality and features Minka and her ex-boyfriend banging.

There is still a question as to whether Minka was 18-years-old yet at the time the video was shot. However, if she is of age we can expect to see the Minka Kelly sex tape in the very near future.

Of course we here at Celeb Jihad, have already uncovered a photo from the upcoming Minka Kelly sex tape which we have posted below. This screen cap leaves little doubt that the Minka Kelly sex tape is going to be a classic display of raunchy heathen celebrity debauchery.

Minka Kelly sex tape pic

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    And all this Jew, Muslim, Indian, etc talk is disgusting. You can’t write off an entire race for its country’s position, no matter what it is. There are things going on in Arab countries that a lot of people don’t agree with, but that doesn’t decide the interest of every person in those countries’ populations.

    We should have let Hitler finish the job? You’re going to really make light of one of the biggest modern tragedies we’ve ever known?

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    Think about it, please.

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