Milla Jovovich Totally Naked For Purple Magazine

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich took these full frontal nude photos for Purple Magazine. I assume Purple Magazine is a magazine that pretends to be artsy to get hot chicks to pose naked for it. In which Purple Magazine is genius.

Milla Jovovich is obviously excited to be taking these photos. I could hang my coat on her nipples. She better be careful running around naked like that or I might slip her my 5th element.


Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich

  • meow

    ew bushh

    • scooty

      you must be a fag!

    • Pewe

      Thank God! Bush!
      I hate prepubescent looks.

  • nenad matovic

    Bravo Mila. You are The Best.

  • Marko


    • DechkoTzar

      Volim i ja Vas!!! hahahahahahhahahhaa

  • Mile

    Wonderfull!!! Rare natural body and beauty! This is how woman should look like!! Serbia loves Milu Jovovic!!!

  • Violeta

    Svaka cast Mila, najlepsa si. Divim ti se na izgledu.

  • M

    Kao zensko skidam kapu. Svaka cast na slikama, potpuno prirodno, bez silikona, kolagena, liposukcije i ostalih pomagala.

  • zlaya


  • sinisa

    evo pravog petog elementa.
    svaka cast,made in NASE.

  • tina


  • ja

    to bas i ne prilici jednoj majci dvogodisnjeg deteta!

    • DechkoTzar

      sram je bilo zar ne?? ;-)))

  • miljan_Chib

    pisham i po njoj i po vama sto kazete da je dobra..ogavna je kurvetina madjarska.pu govna

  • meow

    aw how cute one person using different names to comment. awwwww^^

  • Boris

    its probably not the same person, but the same default icon ;)
    Mila looks great. Not the perfect proportions I’m after, but then again, i have that kind of body right next to me ;P

    • joho 325

      Id like to tounge that fine pussy

    • borris_the_norris!!

      Corse u do, u melt, made me laugh tho!! If u u had that body next to u now wot the fuk are u doin on here? All u have is a pic and ur right hand! Enjoy!

  • Amer

    uzasno! kako moze biti lepo zivi skelet? Odvratno. Stvarno ste bez ukusa. Zao mi je.

  • Miloje

    Mila is realy Montenegrina. Her father was a doctor Jovovic from Bjelopavlici – Mintenegro.

  • milan

    Dobra je,super,samo ima male sise.

  • Rishen

    I used to like her, until I saw those photos. Pencil nipples, straight hips, a bum that she desperately tries to stiffen. Come on, grow old like everyone else and cut the sexy body crap.

  • Dead Ed

    I love Milla. I’ve been a fan since she had that orange hair and ace bandage costume in “The Fifth Element” as an alien named Leeloo.

    Her earlier work was unnoticed to me, like “Two Moon Junction” and “Return To The Blue Lagoon”.

    Leeloo rocks! FTW!

  • Aleric

    Get a clue Rishen, she has always looked like that. If you don’t like her nips then by all means out of my way I will take her, they are just like my girl friends nips, long and perfect.

  • the guy

    Damned internet. I get ‘nude’ confused with ‘spreading it open while in a contorted pose similar to being stuck in a sewer pipe’. Still…

  • henry rivera

    woooouuu jamas pense que en esta vida iva a tener la oportunidad de ver algo tan bello tan maravilloso como esta mujer completa mente desnuda es bellisima es lo maximo es super exquisita tengo como 300 o mas fotos de ella pero jamas la habia visto asi es la mujer mas sensual la mas exitante que e visto si algun fans tiene fotos de ella mandenmelas porfa asta cambiaria fotos de mi esposa desnuda por tener mas de ella…….

  • lobo

    omg i just busted on my keyboard

  • clares567

    I dunno, she is amazingly stunning dont get me wrong, but she just looks too skinny in some of those, when you can see her ribs! Real women have curves, though still wouldn’t say no. She is a total MILF ;)

    • m

      I hate this “Real women have curves”, or anything starting with “real women”. Can you accept the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes? The only requirement for being a real women is having a vagina.

      • jeffrey


  • tony

    selena gomez is so fucking hot

  • tony

    i love to fuck you selena

  • HJ

    She is amazingly beautiful, the black and white doesn’t do her justice. Never the less she is absolutely perfect.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This infidel is not fit for “Muslim” style breeding. Those scrawny tits could not produce enough milk for a baby mole and those nipples….they would plug up the throat of all but the longest necked babies. And just look at the rest of her….unfit for pleasure sex……and unfit for manual labor. I bet it would take her a year to dig one little well.
    And from her scrawny frame I can tell that she would be one lousy cook.

    No. This infidel slut is not worth converting to Islam. She, however, would make a good target for grenade training.


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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mac up chuck

        You need your clitoris removed. Perhaps then you’ll not act like a crack-head.

        • The messenger

          Stop your hate toward others. Jesus wants us to love all people.

          • The messenger

            I am talking about Abdullah.

    • Truth

      Abdullah, you and your extremist kind disgust me. You dare speak ill of somebody else, yet you people strap bombs to the mentally handicapped, kill innocents, and kill yourselves in a so-called ‘holy war’, ignoring your own hypocrisy, and claiming to be warriors of Allah and the prophet Mohammed. Did the prophet not preach that it was forbidden to commit suicide? Yet you tell your suicide bombers that they will reach Paradise. Did he not preach against killing innocents? You claim that the West is your enemy, and America is Satan, when you are your own enemy. A thousand years of infighting has destroyed your economy, crippled your hierarchy, and turned the world against you. You can claim no enemy but yourself, yet you fight a false jihad against the very country, who in the 1980’s, provided aid against the Soviets to the Middle-East. This proves not only your hypocrisy, but your ignorance. Next time you wish to make a fool out of yourself, instead try declaring jihad against the various extremist factions polluting your country, for they are the true threat against Islam, and therefore a valid target for jihad.

    • tyler

      I hope someone kills you.

  • darko

    she’s very pretty woman!

  • n

    how sexy !
    i love u.
    i want to fuck u milla.

  • wow ang lupit!!!

    what a lovely lady to fuck with!!

  • macros

    I have been rewatching resident evil 1-4……. again…. I just can’t get enough of Millard. I get butterflies seeing her…. I think I’m in love…. seriously ….

  • Rudorlo

    why cant all female celebrities do this <3

  • erkyon

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  • Mr. Mike Da Mulit

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  • jason c

    mila is the hottest thing on two legs. and p.s.s. i will eat anything that doesnt say stop…

  • Mel F

    Hey what’s wrong with femake pubic hair full and natural?It was that waysince caveman times and all of a sudden women’s pubic area has tio look like a 5th grade school girl’s?What perverted you ?That stuff incites predators to rape and can get women killed,.Regro the hair and to be like saltpeter, limp ’em out. and send’em home to their bathjrooms to try to change hands and gain a stroke.,OK?

  • Jitender randhawa

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    omg i love milla jovovich i love her so much from her movies and i saw her like this and now i lover more we love you milla all of us

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  • Juan Carlos

    Milla Jovovich is a gorgeous woman. She’s got the face of an angel, and the rest of her isn’t half bad either. Correction, the rest of her is absolutely stunning. Granted, her breasts aren’t as big as I had imagined, but her butt’s really cute. She used to be married to Luc Besson, who directed her in “The Fifth Element.” She’s married to Wes Anderon, who directed her in the Evil Dead movies. Lucky bastard. He gets to go home to her every night.

    • i love milla

      I hate to tell u dumb ass fucking rag head, sand google or jawa what ever u like to be called milla has never been in the Evil Dead movies they were made long before her 1st movie and I’m sure u don’t know what her 1st movie even was well its Dazed and Confused so shut the fuck up unless u know what the fuck your talking about USA all the way fuck u towel heads

  • chris scully

    i think ur so beautiful its unreal

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  • justsomeguy

    I think she is stunning, amazing body and those eyes

  • Salam the Sandalmaker

    If she keeps posting these pictures, she might get a date with my Rhuuubeee Rhod !!!

  • Arapaho Native

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  • lezlez

    I am her number 1 fan and I have always wanted to see her naked

  • JGRJakks

    Mmmmmmmmmm!I see her in movies like resident evil & I just see not very hot but now I just saw Milla all nude & I think that Milla is so damn hot! Now I think of fucked her.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Wow what a bod!!!

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