Miley Cyrus Wears Sexy See Through Lace Burka

Miley Cyrus lace

Miley Cyrus posed in a see through lace burka to tantalize and titillate her Muslim male fans.

Miley is setting the Islamic world ablaze with this photo of her stretching in a lace burka. Many a Jihadist have already posted this picture of Miley in their lockers, and I imagine many an IED will soon be adorned with this image.

Allah truly is great for allowing us Muslim men to enjoy the fruits of Miley Cyrus. Insallah, Miley will one day make a Sheik a fine Muslim wife. Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    What a fashon minded Muslimista!

    Miley is not only a great supporter of Islam, she is also a trend setter, in the often neglected area of, Muslim female Burka apparel.

    This is just what Islam needed, with the recent illegal attack on our beloved Osama and the NATO attacks on the most peaceful of Muslims…..Khadaffi.

    I can just imagine the thousands of young Jihadists, motivated by Miley, to pay back the infidels for their “back biting” technique of attacking innocent Muslims while they sleep. Talk about your western cowards!

    At this moment, I can visualize all the young Jihadists getting their suicide vests in perfect “exploding” condition to go out and get even with the dirty americans and their jew overlords. And we owe it all to Miley!

    Miley is a perfect example of what Islam and a fine woman can accomplish. I look forward to whatever future ideas the Queen of Jihad can come up with.


    • I slam Islam

      I totally agree, such burquas wont be unacceptable to the french either. However, what is missing in the picture is Khaddafi, having run from NATO and seeking refuge in burquas…too bad this modern burqua won’t do any good to save him and all the moslim bastards.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        slammed by Islam

        You dumbass mofo!

        Khadaffi is suckering the drunken fools from nato into a sense of false security. Once he has them where he wants them…they will all be slaughtered and sent to hell to burn forever.

        Suck on that you stupid cocksucker!

        Death To America
        Death to NATO
        Death To Israel


  • IHateCelebs

    Miley’s pussy tasted like hominy grits and her father.

  • Nobody

    How pathetic. She is so desperate for attention that she decides to insult a whole culture. Allah will smite Miley back down to hell where she was forged. LOL, I never thought it would be so fun to pretend to be a fake Jihadist. Abdullah The Butcher, you are the best fake Jihadist out there. Keep up the funny entertaining work. I mean a real Jihadist would most likely just blow themselves up. You are just bitching about the crap Hollywood excretes. It pisses off a lot of Americans too, you know?

    On a side note… I’d tap that!

  • la

    Burka? Are you people blind??

  • Kriss Cause

    Amazing. . . She is beautiful.

  • camel fucking nigger monkey towelhead bomb maker dumbass

    miley is a whore. biggest whore ever

  • jihad HATER

    fuck islam and fuck muslims in the ass!!! i would join the army just to kill a few of you stupid cunts!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Go ahead and join the army you crybaby pussy. Us Muslims have plenty of AK-47s and RPGs to shoot you with.

      I look forward to setting my “sights” on you.

      eat shit and die mofo

  • em

    1. that is CLEARLY not a burka, it s a lace bodysuit.
    2. do any of you people actually know what Jihad is? because it would appear that you don’t.
    Jihad is the personal struggle that every Muslim must overcome at some point in their lifetime; for some, this is simply trying to be a better Muslim, eg, praying the proper amount of times per day, reading the Kuran for a certain amount of time each day, perhaps even becoming an Imam, if they are devout enough.
    For others, their jihad is to spread Islam and redeem non-Islamic people, or infidels(note: this simply means people who are not faithful, as in, don’t have faith in Allah) It is written in the kuran that it is the duty of Muslim people to help the infidels to be come enlightened, so that they can be saved, and enter heaven with God and his angels. however, in the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first, certain individuals misinterpreted what the kuran says concerning jihad, and took it to mean that infidel must be eradicated, however, this is not a reflection of the entirety of Islam, and many leaders of Islam have stated that they do not condone this sort of gross misinterpretation of the Kuran.

    sorry, I got a tad carried away.. :p