Miley Cyrus Teaches Girls How To Sit Like A Lady

Miley Cyrus lady

Miley Cyrus, her name is synonymous with class and sophistication. Now Miley is trying to pass on her natural refined qualities to her fans.

Miley released the instructional picture above, to teach young girls how to sit properly in a dress. According to Miley*

“A lot of girls out there don’t know how to sit like a lady and sh*t. Of course sitting with your legs spread eagle is the best and most comfortable way to sit, but it can draw unwelcome attention when wearing a dress… especially if you are like me and almost never wear panties. You wouldn’t believe how many stray dogs I was attracting.”

Miley Cyrus solution to this problem is as tactful and elegant as she is. As she demonstrates in the picture above she holds down the front of her dress while sitting with her legs spread wide. It is a little trick noblewomen and queens have been using for centuries.

Yes Miley Cyrus truly is the epitome of class, and if you follow her example one day you too can be a lady.

* Not really

  • lauren

    please stop making this notes about miley because we all know thats not real and the people who dont know will think it is real
    so please stop doing this

    • I don’t

      I don’t know that it’s not real, so I think it’s real. Is it real? I’m so confused.

      • burka4life

        What? It is real? She is not real? Is this real life?

        • John

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  • Miley101

    Miley does wear panties you could just search her name and find pictures of her in panties. This is totally not true. And, Miley has learned a lot from her career and has to be formal in big events when she has to wear many dresses.

    • miley stinks

      haha dumbass


    God I would love to run my tongue up those gorgeous legs. After she got off that stool I would like a hole in the seat. She’s so damn fine it hurts!

    • pistolpete

      shes 16 you sick fuck

      • Bman

        She’s 17 and how do you know if that guy isn’t just a teenager, himself?

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    Miley Cyrus is such a foul cheap whore. When she is burning in the furnace that is hell for her sins Malik will ask her if being such a dirty back-water trash slut was worth it! Of course she will still be too whorish and coked up to care, so she will say no. Until that high wares off. I wish someone would assassinate her.

    • fred couples

      you fool it is you who will see satan for you worship allah the false god

  • kylon24

    why she always got this stupid ass look on her face??

  • hello

    are all arabs as stupid as you?

  • belgradar

    she sits like that cause her legs have been spread open by her daddy

  • josb711


  • Sara

    If you people look at the words “according to Miley” there is a tiny little * next to her name and then at the bottom next to another little * there are the words NOT REALLY. So no she didnt actually say this. Leave the poor girl alone. It has got to be hard enought having every move you make or picture you take scrutinized by the public.

    • burka4life

      Looking at that picture this girl does not want to be left alone AT ALL.

  • Rebecca

    Lol. This is so funny. That is funny as her being a stripper and a pole dancer. This is another reason that she sells sex. Since she sells sex and she’s getting paid to do it then she is a total h*e. And she’s also a h*re, sl*t. She sucks because she can’t sing or act. And Idon’t like her because she dated a Jnas Brother Nick Jonas. I don’t like the people who dated a Jonas.

    • Jazmine123

      ur an idiot , she can sing , and can act. and how would u kno ? u must listen or watch her. she doesnt sell sex , shes not a whore , if u wanna see a whore , look at vanessa hugens. she doesnt strip and shes not a pole dancer. sooo get a life , like really (:

  • Fakes

    This site is probably all fake stories…. miley would be kicked of Disney if she said Sh*t, that doesn’t look all the way like miley.

  • Hi

    wow stop posting fake things. this isnt even funny! its just really mean and no one wants anything like this said about them. maybe you should focus on your own life and leave these innocent people alone.

  • jazmine rosas

    dude , this is sooo stupid. im a HUGE fan of miley. u guys r just hating on her ! its not like she was naked like , hmmm vanessa hugens. if ppl can forgive her , then why cant no1 get over miley. it just shows how immature ppl r , and they r just losers , and have no life bcuz all they can do is sit on that computer all day and tlk trash about ppl.

    • Bidadari

      Miley has a tatoo under her left breast AND one on her right hand so no maettr how you flip this picture one of them should be showing and it is NOT!!! Also, this person’s legs are no where near as iconic just saying.All of the things that people used to prove this picture right can also be used to prove it wrong. The shirt is considerably longer than any plaid shirt she has worn in the past, the extensions are longer than her current ones are straight and these are curled, and the bracelet doesn’t have the same grey thing on it that Miley’s did. If you still think it’s her, look a little closer

  • Bobbie-Lee fitzsimmons

    he miley cyrus see you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • tease

    Nice Shoes

  • king koopa

    world’ biggest whore

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Miley has become a true soldier of Allah and has dedicated her life to being a positive and classy role model for all kuffar girls to look up to. This is not an easy task, as the Zionists over at Nickelodeon constantly spread rumors and lies about Miley in an effort to destroy her wholesome good-girl image.
    I call upon all good Muslims to stand with Miley in her battle against the dogs of Zion. Together we can defeat the degenerate swine at Nickelodeon and preserve Miley’s spotless reputation.
    As for the slandering pigs who feel obliged to badmouth this upright Muslim woman, know that Satan is preparing a special place in hell, just for you, and that Allah will show no mercy when he sends your wretched soul there for all eternity.
    You have been warned!
    Death To Israel
    Death To America
    Allahu Akbar