Miley Cyrus Sucks Off Muhammad’s Ghost

Miley Cyrus ghost

Miley Cyrus shows what a good and obedient Muslimina she is by dutifully sucking off Muhammad’s ghost in the video above.

What an honor it must have been for Miley to have the specter of our blessed Prophet f*cking her mouth with his holy paranormal meat stick.

No doubt when Muhammad’s ghost finished he reward Miley Cyrus by depositing a hefty load of his supernatural spunk in the back of her throat.


  • Sad Trombone

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  • HurrrkaDurrrka

    This should be a lesson to all Muslimas on what a wonderful reward it is to service Muhammed and his brave jihadis. She will be rewarded with an explosion… In her mouth!

    • Anubis

      Yes very true brother HurrrkaDurrrka.

      I would also like to note, that Muslimina Miley should thank merciful Allah that she was receiving a blessed load from Muhammad’s ghost and not the ghost of the infamous freak Michael Jackson, for it would have been a different story if she were a little boy. But MJ’s ghost probably only hangs out at orphanages, kindergartens and such places.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Anubis

        michael jacksons nigger ghost hangs out at chuck-e-cheese where he tricks little infidel boys into playing “whack a dong”

        it is too bad us Muslims don’t have an AK-47 that kills ghosts.

        • Mufti David

          Thats why we have brother Osama with his ghostly AK-47.


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  • The Guy with the EyE

    FIRST that ghost gets to fuck selena gomez now he get a blow job from miley cyrus man hes a smooth lil fucker aint he.

  • Osama Bendover Laden

    AWESOME! I love how you can see the outline of our profit! He would only be happier if it was a small boy taking his load!

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      I thought Miley Cyrus WAS a small boy….??

  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

    That banner pic is almost as awesome as the deals you can get when you buy all you Jihad needs at Mr. Nutts House of Jihad! Spend over $1000.00 this week only and get a FREE jew flag door mat!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    What a great Jihad recruiting tool!

    Now that millions of young Jihadists know that they too can get a blow job by Musliminina Miley after giving up the ghost in a fierce suicide attack on jew goat sellers and various IHOPS…..our training grounds in Yemen and Pakistan can now expect millions of hot blooded Muslims ready to learn the art of suicide bombing.

    Musliminina Miley is the best friend Jihad ever had.

    • Smurf

      Lolz! Smurf! Why do you suicide bomb, and fight for shaz? If you ask nicely and use diplomatic stuff, you can get Afghanistan for free! Along with villages which we pimp like a ride! :D

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Us Muslims don’t believe in diplomacy; thats for pussies.

        If us Muslims want a country; we kill all the infidels and take it.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal assassin Abby

      The only good jihad recruiting tools are the gloryholes and big black dildos.

      Those two things attract all the muslim homos in the world and they can’t wait to “blow” you up.


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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        them black dildoes must be the reason the trannyklan is so popular in the “deep south”

        And I agree…you mofos “blow” each other up daily.

        • fuckmusslims

          Too bad the all powerful Abdullah didn’t fight me while I was in Yemen what a pussy.

  • Black Knight

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    • Stoner

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    • Hassan the Timid

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  • shadow

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  • jesus

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  • The west is the Best

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  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Miley certainly seems to be sucking the cock of a race other than an aryan….because her lips and mouth aren’t stretched half as much as needed for one of our massive manhoods.

    Further evidence that this could be a muslim……she’s only using one hand to support the dong….an aryan cock requires two hands and a crane for support.

    No doubt Miley is behind enemey lines gathering intel and just doing what she’s gotta do to please us klansman. We expect to be able to kill 10 or more muslims with the info we receive from klanswoman Miley.

    If that ain’t kickin ass…..I don’t know what is.


  • Why

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • jew boy

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  • Jimmy

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  • I hate non-Muslims

    please do not insult the prophet Muhammad

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Muhammad’s ghost ain’t complaining…so you shut the fuck up or else the suicide vest is coming your way.

      • Servant of the ONE and only GOD

        Shut the fuck up you piece of satanic shit. You are the most ignorant of muslims. You are not even qualified to be a muslim. Even some non-muslims know islam better than you.

        First, there is no ghost of Prophet muhammed (Peace be upon him) because ghosts can not take his form. He is peacefully lying in his grave and will continue to do so till judgement day. You claiming that the Prophet’s (Pbuh) ghost exists turns you into an instant infidel. Furthermore you saying that he fornicates with dirty kuffar women not only turns you into a kafir but attracts the wrath and curse of Allah.

        You are simply ignorant about islam and have very limited knowledge about it. You are not worth being muslims and may Allah’s curse be upon you all for eternity. Inshallah.

        • Kahlid

          In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

          That was one long winded, boring-ass post.

          You are clearly a Zionist pig here to sow dissension and disharmony among the true elect of Allah (SWT).

          Tread carefully, kuffr. You will nto be warned again, mofo.

          • Henry

            Is that……is that the best you got? Is that your answer?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            your mother got the best us Muslims decided she deserved: we let her lick the nuts of 3 camels and bang a goat.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          you are a stupid asshole and you know nothing of Islam.

          I dont go to your glory hole and critique your ass-humping so don’t tell me about Islam.

          Also…..Us Muslims will kill you someday.

        • The Guy Who Says “That’s Gay”

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  • Jabbar Muhammed Kareem

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • american

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    • American brother

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You must be talking about you sister because Musliminina Miley is Islam’s most favoured female Jihadist.

      Any disrespect towards her will get you a trip to Shariah Court.

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Christian

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  • yy

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  • Robert Furst

    Personally I believe the records of the time that Muhamud was an illegitimate child who was illiterate as well therefore he could not have written the Koran. Any religion that uses 72 virgins as bait has some serious issues, because when meeting the Allmighty the last question one would ask is where are the virgins. Beside I would rather have 1 whore, she will know what I need.

  • Jim Gorman

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