Miley Cyrus Spread Naked On A Bed

Miley Cyrus naked bed

Converted Muslim Miley Cyrus demonstrates proper sexual positioning in the naked photo above.

The Qur’an is very clear that a woman must present herself to her husband, master, or male relative as Miley Cyrus is demonstrating. This allows the man access to the woman’s vagina or rectum depending upon his current temperate.

Of course Miley is making one mistake as she is looking back and smiling in this pic. A woman must never make eye contact with a man as it is a sign of disrespect. Also nothing is more of a turn off to us pious Muslim men then a woman immodestly enjoying herself during sexual intercourse.

Miley Cyrus will learn that she must avert her eyes, and keep her face expressionless if she is going to be a proper Muslim concubine. Luckily this is something a few lashes with some bounded reeds followed by a hard anal session can easily correct. Allahu Akbar!

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  • Giant cock

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  • Ergun Tok

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  • wtf?

    I don’t get it, are you guys blind or just dumb, roughly 90% of the pictures put on this site are photoshopped, or made as the new ‘celeb fakes’ porn pictures; which essentially is taking the face of a celeb and the body of a similar looking pornstar who has a similar body type and putting them together. its so obvious, yet somehow you guys don’t see it. does the Qur’an say you have to be blind and ignorant when looking at photos as well? seems that way to me.

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