Miley Cyrus Spread Naked On A Bed

Miley Cyrus naked bed

Converted Muslim Miley Cyrus demonstrates proper sexual positioning in the naked photo above.

The Qur’an is very clear that a woman must present herself to her husband, master, or male relative as Miley Cyrus is demonstrating. This allows the man access to the woman’s vagina or rectum depending upon his current temperate.

Of course Miley is making one mistake as she is looking back and smiling in this pic. A woman must never make eye contact with a man as it is a sign of disrespect. Also nothing is more of a turn off to us pious Muslim men then a woman immodestly enjoying herself during sexual intercourse.

Miley Cyrus will learn that she must avert her eyes, and keep her face expressionless if she is going to be a proper Muslim concubine. Luckily this is something a few lashes with some bounded reeds followed by a hard anal session can easily correct. Allahu Akbar!

  • aghmed

    Miley’s meat curtains no doubt to this day emanate the tobacco infused fragrance of Billy Ray’s semen.

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      Stupid akmad do u actually got a tv in that sand hut you live in? if so you would know this isnt the real person then again what would a dumb sand google like you know about anything other than making bombs?

      • aghmed

        I know how to please western women, unlike you virgin homoqueer.

        • Kahlid

          Pleasing Western women is easy. All you need is something shiny to entice them with or a cheap vial of blow. Doesn’t have to be the high quality kind, either.

          Since all Western harlots (especially American women) are such immoral, poorly educated, cum-guzzling whores they’re VERY easy to bed.

          The married American women are even easier to plow with your Muslim man meat than their single counterparts.

          That is simply because American men prefer the company of each other rather than their lonely, sexually frustrated live-in whores.

          The up-side of glazing any of these Euro-American skanks with your precious Islamic baby batter is you don’t have to worry about them calling you the next day because you can simply stone them for adultery after you bless their faces with your pecker snot!

          It is what the kuffars call win/win!

          ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • Sarah

            I’m an American woman, and let me just say this:

            YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

          • cassie

            Oh come on you just hate American women because we can look you in the eyes and tell you what a coward you are. If you beat us we can kill you and get away with it. BTW you can cover your women up and beat them down but you will never take away thief strength and beauty

          • Mohammedgarlesshit

            You pedophile worshipping bloodthirsty goat fucking sand googles are the scourge of Gods children. No wonder every country ruled by your SATANIC religion are full of blood and death…ALLAH SNACKBAR……….you chose Satan, enjoy outder darkness

          • Coho131

            LOL.. Muslims men in the middle east have done so well.. You petty uneducated idiots live in mud houses for the most part, electricity and running water may reach 50% of your homes and only a very small select few control all of your money, you can’t stop those in control because the muslim men are weak and petty and cannot think for themselves, followers of a false god.. They still believe in outdated writings of the Koran, to stupid to know the difference between right and wrong. To weak and stupid to build a country as free and great as the USA.. While I’m basking on the beach watching my children and my wife enjoy the blue ocean water you will be cleaning the bottoms of your feet after walking down your poorly made dirt roads after coming home from a days work of answering complaint calls from Americans pissed off their computer won’t connect from a $2,000.00 a day private beach.. See we have everything and you have nothing, I would hate to if my countries men weren’t able to create what we have.. If I was stuck in a country that has been at war for thousands of years and still hasn’t figured out how to fix it and have peace.. I would be pissed also if only certain kings and sultans hold all of the money and we the people live in squallier.. I would be pissed if I knew myself and my fellow country men were not educated enough to make my country better and live under the brutality of few.. Yes you Muslims sure have created a Euphoria over the .. LOL… Have fun over there, I’m going to stay smiling here in the Great USA with all my freedoms…

          • Howard

            FUCK U pieces of shit. U fucked up sons of bitches have no respect for women. U are the whores and easy ones. all u bitches need is a mud and ur happy.

          • Raven

            hello people… what up!!!

          • To all islam hater’s.

            You white people are all Satan spawns, asswholes who need to learn not to be ignorant. You dumbfucks don’t care about anyone but yourselves. Learn some respect before all of America will get destroyed during WW3 by Russia, and japan ;)

          • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

            I happen to like Whores wont marry one though. Love walkin down the street seein a fine ass in some little shorts and some titties poppin out of a tank top love summer time then I look across the street at a muslim girl wearin fuckin window drapes and table cloths in fuckin 90 degree weather. Whats wrong with showin a little lower ankle? Change that and you guys are going places…maybe

          • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

            Whether the Ladies like it or not American guys are motivated by getting pussy. The Vag drives us to make most of the decisions we make sometimes illadvised decisions but non the less it encourages us to go out and get good jobs then strive to get better jobs. Pussy is the sole reason for our competitive nature because if we are losers and live with our parents (or for black people our grandparents) the girls your getting or probably arent getting are not the ones you want. This is because American girls have equal rights and can tell us know they get to decide who they want to fuck and they get to decide who they want to Marry No arranged marriages or casual rapes here! Guys want the pussy Girls know this therefore the American male is forced to strive to be the best and thats not good enough. So I thank the ladies for not only making us want the pussy so bad by dressing sooo damn sexy but also by making us earn it, where if a muslem dude wants it all he has to do is demand it or use force that makes your motivation go right out the window Thus making us so much more advanced in every single way Thanks ladies for making our country great. Ok middle easterners let your women dress sexy and be equals and you too some day will achieve greatness and prosperity

          • andrew

            stick to making bombs you camel fucker all of your kind are dorsile sand googles with
            no concept of the real world bring on ww3 and get rid of your filthy kind.

          • Elie karam

            This is whom we are human !!! We hate each other ,we kill each other is that what the same god taught us ?.

            We are the worst killing machine on earth , we always find something a reason to kill each other .

            Think about it how many heavens we have how many gods we have only one ,so why we are killing each others knowing the way to heaven is easy ,but going there must not be difficult let’s put our hands together and be there all together. There is a place for all of us.

          • fuck you kahlid

            I am an American woman and i can truthfully say I have had sex with one man and one man only and do not wish for another that I just met or know I also do not guzzle cut I am educated and am going to college and truthfully I never would want a Muslim mans meat and i can guess that your upset by the fact that us Americans women can talk back to you unlike the poor women of your religion that are scared by the ways of you Muslim men

          • jason


          • dustin

            fuck you you fucking sand google your a pice of shit go back to your fucking country and treat your wiman lie that bitch

        • i hate the middle east

          do you know why the middle east is the worst place to be? because the U.S.A. is going to destroy all your little sand huts and it will be like it never existed…lol good luck with life you Towel heads!!! hahahah

          • reginaldmprd;ey

            allah says fuck u

          • Dede

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          • andrei1107

            only racism here. wtf is wrong with u people?

          • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

            allah ta dicks in your ass

          • AussieBallHog

            all the Muslims can go beat themselves because at least we don’t fuck girls then have them stoned like you faggots USA is the best country in the world (After AUSTRALIA) but even so we don’t fuck and kill /end rage

      • Rayck

        All I got 2 say 11 years whos got mor heads bitch

      • chris

        You don’t know what the crap your talking about akmed rules he’s hilarious you don’t know funny if it. Jumed out of the tv and grabbed you

        • chris

          All of you people that use the n word I really really hate that wordand if anyone said that in front of me I would beat the crap out of them

          • dave

            and let me guess you are black saying you hate the “n” word google… and threaten people who use it….then you go off with your boyz and every other word you say is nigga, yo nigga, your my nigga, i’ll fuck you up nigga… changing er to a does not change the fucking work you ignorant fucking hypocrites…

          • Kahlid

            Fuck you, google scumbag.

          • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

            Sorry N word Jim

        • bobgabe

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      • Horny bitch

        Fuck all you damn bastards.

        • jason

          all of you guys suk,truth is alah aint real,and dont say americans are uneducated,i have my bachulars degree in science and technolagy,make neukes to kill all terrorists,jesus is lord

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            you couldn’t make a butt plug to keep your daddy’s worn-out asshole from leaking.

            So…shut thre fuck up.

  • Big Pete

    What a fine woman of the aryan race. No way Miley will ever turn her back on the master race and fornicate with a spic, google, and definitely not a pussy ass mof like a muslim. She will be breeding fine you KKK members very soon.

    I await her pledge to the KKK.

    Suck on that sand googles

  • Miley lover

    That is not Miley Cyrus! Her face is not even close!

  • aasdfghjk

    You guys fail. you’ve been looking at cfake

  • DArkness BURN AL towel wearing terrorist

    More muslim terrorist propaganda for these bomb making towel wearing fags to jack off to face it you shit hole country will never get women like this

    • Word of wisdom

      darkroom material,
      you alone illustrate why your nation is crumbling.
      I really love it. With a school system unable to even transmit the basics, amurrica is reduced to illitterate empty-inside fags everywhere, and cohorts of spineless zeros white-knighting for the “striper’s honor” of random hollywood whores they’ll never meet.

      The irony is I’m pretty sure the day we win, you’ll be among the firsts to fall in awe in front of our strength, and spontaneously ask for a suicide vest to blow yourself anywhere in the name of islam. You’re lucky, we have a role for everyone, even for aids-ridden fags such as you.

      • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

        Words for terrorist again you stay being jealous of my freedom something you clearly dont have living in the shit hole middle east where your brothers blow themselves up and your sisters get stone for being hookers. The name of islam is associated with terrorist all around the world no thanks the day you win what exactly? you dumb terrorist cant even blow yourself up properly the bombs you strap to your balls fail most of the time the west will never accept your kind stay there and keep those towels wrapped around your head to yourself the sooner you ppl get nuke off this planet then better for all mankind

      • islam is evil

        isnt it convenant that these guys hid behind there computers and talk alot of shit but when it comes down to the real fighting there not there.the Amaerican soldiers are right there in your country right in front of you why are you sitting here talking to me for go out there and show us your faith in allalalalalalla. thought not

        • islam is evil

          you really cant blame the muslimps for hating us and our beatiful places,have you seen on tv where they live.not quite the paradise the puppet mo homo id predicted is it

          • Dede

            U look like my ass u fucker fuck u

        • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

          I wasn’t aware that the “Amaerican” soldiers were fighting abroad.
          What country are these “Amaericans” from?
          Muslimps? Is that a very dull pun or a misspelling? I honestly can’t tell by this stage.

          • cassie

            If he is so badass than why is he dead.You know who was badass Martin Luther King Jr. ;)

          • nuke the Muslims

            You might want to change that to Osama bin dead-ass motherfucker.

          • Taylor

            Not to be in the middle of this..umm ..”Debate” about what race sucks the other races dick…but its spelled AMERICANS . Just a FYI (For your information)

      • Telga

        Fuck all towell wearing pieces of shit!!

        • george

          what did they do???????

      • The seeer

        I’m afraid there is truth to what you say but ur blind for it is not ur destiny to rule u will own us but only for a month then “they” will betray u your whole country will be slain in 24 hours and communist America will rule America will force Scientology on the population and induce labor camps in order to cut ties with china and create enough matiral to destroy china Russia and America will be one in the same… Our freedom will be no more but then the one will come and vanquish you with fire I’m no prophet so don’t take me as one I’m just an analyst with a good set of skills you should be trying to make peace with us were all gods children where is the love from your god and dnt say he dsnt have it bc if he didn’t he wouldn’t tolerate our horrible deeds seek peace and love hate will only push u away from our lord the one true god and his son Jesus Christ

      • untoldtruth

        … i do not know what you beilive that the american school system is like however. i have been to afghanistan and i have seen there schools. and i know who built them. americans did i did as a marine. and what did the towel heads do with it. taught there kids at an 3rd grade level our country may be goig hrough a tough time but atleast my children will have running water and know how to take out a towel head whom beilives alah will guide his bullets and my kids will know how to put 5.56 on foreheads. its called aiming

      • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

        Crumbling? what over a recession? Are you retarded? We were more advanced during the great depression in the 1930’s then you are now that was 80 years ago thats pretty pathetic and also a pretty Ironic thing to say with houses crumbling all around you like everyday not just at the hands of our Airforce but of your own suicide bombers

      • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

        first to fall in awe in front of our strength? who says that ever? you watch too many super hero movies and how can you knock the school system do you even have colleges? all your scientist go to college here and get jobs here at places like pfizer. And another thing how the fuck am i supposed to blow my self anywhere? first off i would get arrested for indecent exposure second i would need to remove some ribs 3rd if i could do that i would never leave the house

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  • Kahlid

    Muslimah Miley Cyrus has never looked more lovely.

    What makes her the sexiest is that she converted to Islam!

    Praise be to Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      why the fuck would anyone in their righted mind want to convert to islam? only those want to blow themselves up like you, akmad, abdullllalalalalla the pig eater, and wisdom of bomb making

    • Bobomuslimkiller

      Damn its great to be an american and not a dick sucking muslim fagg that rapes children girls and boys and kills innocent people and even those of your own religion. Your religion is a failed piece of crap created to fool you idiots into becoming robots of death for your incredibly stupid so called spiritual leader Mohamed. Look at mohamed above on the picture spreading it for a bunch of smelly sand google rapists. You will all die a violent death. Martyrs,Nope just idiots that will stay impoverished till you kill yourselves. Death to the smelly cab driving wanna bees! You will all rot in hell and never see a virgin in heaven because nobody wants you there. Ill bet even satan doesnt want you mud colored assholes to leave because you wipe your asses with your hands!

    • OhShit 9/11 I gotta get high

      Ahhh Ha Kahlid you just jerked off to a fake pic. Praise be to Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! is that what you said when you busted? I bet it was bet you were all like ohh Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah LAAAAAAAAH! followed by your mom walking in like Oh Allah NO what are you doing Kahlid? How many times do I gotta tell you to stop pulling your pud looking at fake pictures of miley cyrus and take your finger out of your ass its not a detonator! Im gonna have a talk with your father if he makes it home

  • Sir fucks a lot

    That doesnt even look like Miley Cyrus. She would be that dumb. You stupid googles car back under that rock you live in. Dumb asses!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sir dumbass

      You can call, taking it up the ass, getting fucked a lot but us Muslims just call it gay.

      I hope you die from ass cancer.

      • asshole muslims

        sir racist you may be homophobic but if you come to North America learn to deal with it
        now if you’re brave enough pull out your noodle and let a guy jack it off. also respect your wife/wives
        have fun;)

  • Frumunda Mabalz

    miley is a whore

    • hey

      this is not even her

    • death to islam

      Suck cock u an ur pbuh.. ur mother is the who’re u terrorist asshole an that’s why ur sister got stoned to death for selling blowjobs lmao

      • Okc

        mrostos on April 16, 2011 @laplaptop why? because I know how to cpnmlemeot people? That makes since Go away troll. And come up with some insults that are above 6th grade level please.

  • Nagging Doubt

    is that all u publish,fakes?!?!?this website should be taken down get some real scandal.p.s regardless of what u post the website is somewhat entertaining.pp.s compare this with the real miley slut pics you’ll find this is a fake.of course evryone knows that.

    • death to islam

      Everyone knows its fake dubass sand monkey cause she would never eat monkey shit

  • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

    I must agree with the critics.

    I think converted muslim Miley Cyrus should still attend some classes at the Madrassa.

    Meanwhile I advice her to put a special niqab around her waist to protect her vagina from the lust of Infidels.

  • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

    Such a huge influx of the ignorant lately.
    The anger! I hope all of you who have said your piece are happy and satisfied now, really got your enlightened, righteous opinions out there! The whole point of this website is made possible by you lot, keep it up and we’ll keep laughing.
    Allahu Akbar!

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      the only ignorance is you pieces of shit middle east terrorist talking about everyone because of jealously we know we know you fags got no freedom or future but blowing yourself up

      • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

        You sir are the ignorant faggot.
        Do the human race a favour and blow yourself up so we don’t have to.

  • white dude

    Middle east faggots go blow up your dumbasses and get your 72 male virgins or whatever the fuck you fags are in to. Allah is actually a woman. Sorry. Fuck, you pieces of shit talk like idiots. ALL THE INFIDELS WILL TAKE HER AND PUT SHAME TO HER UNCOVERED HEAD? Do you know how to even speak proper fucking English?? Talk about the terrorist god and how he is having an affair with your ugly fatass mom.

  • unknown

    i’ll tell you guys one thing that is not the real miley and another for all the white fags that think they are better than muslims i beg the differ were not the ones that letting killers go free when they did something bad and second of all fuck all of you guys that are being racist to Muslims and all the racist fuckers on this website can go fuck themselves. I think you guys should just fuck off and go back to your dumpy ass basement you guys live in and fuck yourself i know that you guys cant get anything or anyone because of your ugly ass face and by the way not all muslims are a terrorists you guys should get educated first than come and talk shit here bitches.

    • Dede

      I agree with you since she converted islam they want to ruin her reputetion

  • hey!!??

    this is not miley…her face looks nothing like miley..!!!!

  • Quief

    She is waiting for Billy ray to take his turn

  • Quief

    I wonder how close you can get to that ass&pussy before being over come by the stench?

  • Quief

    After a closer look that can’t be Miley leg are to long and the ass and pussy are to clean

  • Wow shitheads

    This is a pic of pronstar tori black it is photochopped to have ugly miley face. Btw shes not muslim and who the hell would want to be!?!!

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  • chelsea grin

    I am but a shadow of the man i used to be

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    • Dede

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  • some Mexican

    First off the kkk aint about a motherfuckin thing. Out of all the gangs and organizations in the world the kkk is weak and outnumbered. Next, not all western girls are whores. Annnnndd America is going to shit and all of u fuckin faggots in the armed forces that think yall are serving our country are stupid fucks because u just take orders and go fight for our government in senseless wars that kill innocent people and we only go to war for reasons that the elite want like goin over there for oil. I hope yall fuckin die and I laugh when ur friends and comrades get blown up by IEDs . Finally I’m glad 911 happened and all these innocent Americans were crushed by them fuckin towers. If u really think that Muslims were behind that attack then that was a pretty big. Blow by them. I think it was an inside job though so that’s another reason why I say fuck this damn country. Stupid ass government lies and kills its own people fuck America!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      some stupid mexican

      shut up wetback.
      Us Muslims plotted and carried out the 9-11 attack and the victory goes to us.

      Us Muslims would take over mexico but it is too shitty to bother with…it would be like conquering a bunch of lazy rats around a big shit-hole.

      Instead, Iran will send over many atomic missiles and wipe you, pimple-scared fat-ass mofos off the planet.

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      • potatocam

        dont worry everybody he wont be commenting anymore… his vest timer only has 7 mins left on it.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


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          In 7 minutes I could kick your ass, rape your sister, sell your mother to googles, shoot all your relatives with the AK-47….. and then go to pizza hut and order a stromboli.

          All of which will happen once Islam takes over.

          suck on that fag-boy

          • kareem

            dude get a life i’m a muslim and i’m really ashamed of you being one people like you are the reason everyone calls us terrorists and did god tell u to “rape his sister, kick his ass” you’re the real faggot here

          • AllyKat

            In seven minutes I’m only just starting to get her to come. That is because I am not a jackrabbit who thinks its a race to fuck a woman. Grow up you fool.

          • Will

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      • Anon

        Ha. I laugh like a hyena when I read this. See, if us Southerners couldn’t rule America, than Islam couldn’t take over the stupid shithole of a country that we took. Islam will be destroyed with every other damned religion. Including, Christianity, Aethism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the rest. I’m not religous, i’m of a Religion which I want to develop, but never wil happen. Since i’m a Zelda fanatic, however, i guess my religion is Hylianism.

        • Kyle

          KKK who plays zelda? interesting

          • Anon

            Indeed ;D

      • Anon

        I seem to remember that no Islamic country is larger than USA

    • *merica!

      I served over seas for 2 yrs.. All I got to say.. U fuckin sand googles suck at shit and make for great target practice! I often enjoy sittn back and watching the proof from my helment-cam. Ur all pussies.

  • Innocent bystander

    I would just like to say that regardless of what god may or may not have made us we are still all homosapiens and to say that all “towelheads” should be blown off the earth is why people think Americans are ignorant and Muslims not all Americans aren’t as ignorant as some of you would like to think also the homophobia is entirely uneccassary just because your pissed at one man doesn’t mean you have to put down an entire community of individuals so this is directed to both sides be more educated on the topic before having a pointless argument

    • Alex

      For once an actual intelligent person on this site.

    • Inkjet Cyrus is hot and naked!

      I totally agree. Get educated then have a stupid pointless argument. Oh well it’s fun to read though!

  • Big Pete

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  • Dvn

    Shut the fuck up all of you!!! I swear its rediculiouse that all you Muslims and islamic people hate americans and insult their women when they are not all whores, in fact very few are. Americans you too need to stop insulting people from the middle east they have diffrent beliefs so what?! So shut up all of you america is not an illiterate shit hole and middle easterners are not all terorist bomb makers thats all so stero typical. And two that is not the celebrity ok just some girl who looks slightly similar.

  • undefined

    its miley if u look closely and this is stupid i saw this website on my history idk y -.- and i checked this and saw this o O
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  • Dave Davidson

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