Miley Cyrus Spread Eagle Pic

Miley Cyrus spread eagle

Beautiful Muslimina Miley Cyrus spreads eagle in the picture above as she prepares to be entered by a Muslim man.

As you can see Miley Cyrus is wearing a ceremonial sex burka while being supported by several man servants as she spreads her legs wide in preparation for the receiving of an enormous virile Muslim’s manhood into her lady box.

Miley is about to embark upon a journey so intense that many women lose consciousness, some never to awake. When a Muslim’s powerful tunic snake splits her open ecstasy will wash over her body, and Miley will get just a glimpse of the glory of Allah. Truly a powerful religious experience that a limp-dicked infidel male could never replicate.

  • Ali

    So its are never gonna take off that gay men’s underwear ad right??

    Man I thought muslims werent faggots..but I was wrong…

    I have already stopped coming to this website because of that god awful gay ad..way to go!

    • Word of wisdom

      Fake Muslim Ali,
      Us muslims are no homos, and i have absolutely no ads for gay underwear on the right column. My ads are all about holy q’ran rare editions, the best online madrassahs, sharia juridic counsell , ak47 etc…
      These ads are generated according to the cookies/elements/history Celebjihad meets in your browser’s cache. It uses a totally halal e-commerce engine, and all ads are based on your own web consultations. So you only (and the most almighty) can answer to why you have gay ads on the side.

      • Mufti David

        Yes, very wise brother.

        These ads are totally related to your browsing. I never even knew these “gay ads” existed. As you mentioned I always see islam related content like the latest technological advances in jihad weapons, updates to how many infidels have been killed, places where stoning will take place, places where auctions of concubines will take place, changes in salaah times etc.

        Only a homo would get homo related ads. Ask Big kueer Pete, his screen is always filled with cocks, balls & homo asses soaked in semen.

    • jesusis da lOrdan Saver

      fuk dum muzlen fagets hear dis oh say can u c oh say can u c

      usa!!!1!!1 biches

  • Sara

    This Muslim who is uploading this is disgusting and is disgarcing Muslims PEOPLE WE ARE ALL NOT LIKE THAT …….. Watch The Person who uploads This Is Gonna Burn In The Hell Fire that is ready for them

    • Aryan


      By stating that “Burn in the Hell Fire that is ready for them” for posting innocuous photos,don’t you think that you have simple neutralized the “PEOPLE WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT…….” statement.

  • Big Pete

    It looks like Miley has her ‘game’ face on…and the game is kill the negro and wetbacks that are holding her up.

    After the execution Miley will be rewarded with multiple monsterous white cocks, the likes of which a muslim would be emmbarassed for eternity.

    Suck on that you colored mofos


    • Big Pete’s mother

      You better watch your mouth young man..or i’ll have you grounded this instance.

      And what’s with all this profanity????

      Where did you learn all this??

      Let your father come home are gonna get a good lesson alright..

  • Jesus

    Id hit that so hard, I would have her moaning my name.

  • Legacy

    Big Pete is probably tiny Pete. Just saying.

    • Mufti David

      He is a wimp, a dork and a nerd who was bullied and molested at school(even at home by his father). That explains his behavior on this site. We will soon end his misery (only to start a new one much worse).

      • Big Pete

        Dipshit David

        If you think you and your butt bangin buddies can take down even one Klan member then you’re even more ignorant than I originally thought, and I thought you were one of the dumbest muthafuckas of all time.

        Its a proven fact that it takes 10,000 muslims to even have a chance to defeat on member of The Brotherhood, and even then that’s not enough to defeat one of us.

        You muslim homos are too busy cock fighting to wage any kind of challenge to us strong white men. You queers couldn’t even defeat a lone google.

        Yes, you dick sucking, butt bangin homos are the biggest pussies on the planet and will no doubt be squashed like a camel turd when you come face to face with an aryan.


        • Mufti David

          Big ass Pete

          KKKueers are the easiest to kill like pigs, no need to waste bullets. To kill a pig, just give it more shit to eat than its gut can handle, it won’t stop eating and eventually it will fail to walk and then die a painfull death. In the case of KKKueers include semen and cocks, more than half will die from fighting to eat and the rest from eating.

          • Big Pete

            Don’t licker

            Holy shit.

            Just when I think the shit you come up with can’t get any worse, you write that dumb crap.

            You’re the bitch boy of this site and, coincidentally enough, you’re the bitch boy in your village, which means you suck a lot of cock and take much dick to the ass.

            No doubt you’re the boy toy of anal fuck head Abdullah and there is no doubt he makes you eat his pubic hair while jerking him off.

            You are a sick muthafucka


          • Mufti David

            Holy Shit?

            That’s more like the KKK and well done in proving that.

            Don’t you have something to worship, and then eat?

  • Larry

    Miley Cyrus proving that her Vagina smells much much better then any muslim man smells. And you motherfucking muslims need a bath. With soap.

  • Muslims are homos

    This is s homo muslim site it has ads for mens sex wear these homos here buy this fag stuff to wear at the glory hole party in Tikrit

    • Muslims are homos-2

      Well said brother…(applaud)

      • Mufti David

        Why don’t you two glue your asses together…

        • Muslims are homos

          mufti is gay

          There you go again talking about the male ass this proves that you are a homo. The male sex wear proves this site is for homo muslims.

          • Muslims are homos-2

            All Mufti David can think about is a man’s ass…and all celeb(faggot) jihad can think about is men’s underwear..

            No wonder they are together..

          • Mufti David

            You googles are increasing way faster than normal like cock-roaches. Well it isn’t a surprise since the production of shit hasn’t reduced in the west.

          • Muslims are homos

            Moron mufti

            Once again thinking about cock has caused you to be wrong again Iam not black but you are a homo

  • Rodney The King

    can we gets a closeup? an maybe one oh dose scratch an sniff thangs?

  • Aryan


    What’s wrong with this website.I understand it is meant for providing doctored pics of celebrities


    majority of the celebrities here are Disney jail-bait.Rarely a doctored pic of a 20+ actress is posted on this website.

    Seriously guys,it look like the owner and most retarded muslim/fake muslims posters (Can’t say ,they use muslim references but use ghetto language) of this website is a paedophile in real life.

    • Kahlid

      Yet you are here and you probably entered those very search terms to try and find something worse than the satire posted here, you sick pedo fuck wad.

      • Muslims are homos

        Kiddie diddler kahlid

        Shut the fuck up crack head homo.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      aryian fag

      Us Muslims have a motto we live by…”old enough to pee….means she’s old enough for me.”

      Do not question our culture because it is an insult to Islam to do so.

      I look forward to kicking your faggy ass, just as soon as Islam takes over.

      • Muslim Killer

        I killed 29 (confirmed) of you pussy ass terrorists. If you want a quick trip to your Allah to get your 40 virgins just come on by I got a 410 cheytac one way ticket for your worthless asses.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

          homo driller

          You may have given 29 confirmed BJ’s to googles behind the KFC but if you had confronted a Muslim…you’d be dead. So , take your 410 dildo and shove it up your ass.

  • usafolife

    Hello “muslims” it is my great honor to say this…FUCK YOU! I hate muslims.. n the pics u all post bout these american girls dishonoring muslims….n miley bout to have “sex” with sum muslim with a “giant” penis… Come on now. There’s a reason americans don’t like you. Your annoying. Terrorists. Stupid. Annoying.. more annoying.. and annoying… I joined the usa army just to kill u… U all suck dick. N can rot in hell with allah… Thnx bye queers!

    • Muslims are homos

      The black dude has that look as if he just smelled something foul and the dude on the other side looks like he is taking a wiff of mileys pussy next pic he had the same look as the black dude

  • Kahlid

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  • jack meoff

    that’s bullshit–muslim men can’t enter anything unless it has 1 or 2 humps on it