Miley Cyrus Sideboob Is Pedorific

Miley Cyrus sideboob

Don’t you dare look at this picture of Miley Cyrus’ sideboob you sick pervert she is only 16 years old!

God how you disgust me. How dare you sexualize this poor girl. Because of freaks like yourself nice girls like Miley can’t walk around with their boobs hanging out.

Young girls shouldn’t have to worrying about pervs like you leering at them just because they expose the majority of their breasts in public. You sicken me!

  • Author

    Fuck you asshole !

    Miley ROCKS + you’re soooooooo over this pic was on Perez about 3 mounths AGO

  • ashley

    Try harder to get your facts straight mkay?
    That’s a paparazzi shot INSIDE A CHANGING ROOM from a store at the mall, when Miley was shopping a few months ago.

    Team Miley.

  • ShitHappens

    Hey Asshole! That photo is like 3 or 4 months old and its a photo taken by TMZ when they zoomed the camera into the store she was trying on clothes and got a side tit shot, she wasn’t walking around town that way. I don’t see what the big deal is, you point and zoom your camera into a dressing room area you are bound to get a tit shot!

    • ELLZ

      or maybe a moob shot??

  • pedo

    hey guy you are the pedophile because you are posting this. You leave her alone. Why can’t the papparazzi leave them alone. There should be an agreement based on privacy and limits when it comes to taking pictures. For example, it should be against the rules to wait outside their house or when they are having private moments. But, the grammies and stuff like that would be okay.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Its way more than 3/4 months old. I published this picture on my blog in January of this year.

  • meow


  • Jon

    Nice… nice breast Miley.

  • Henrik

    Woah. Look at all the Miley Cyrus fangirls (im guessing they are girls, i doubt boys would listen to Hannah Montana) that just got on here.

  • polarbear

    i dont know about the cyrus family… whats worse than this miley sideboob picture is the fact that miley’s 9 year old sister noah and noah’s 8 year old friend are private video chatting with an 18 year old miley obsessed internet guy… dont believe me? look at noah cyrus’s twitter “missnoiecyrus” she posted a twitter post on september 8th. i’m not suggesting that anything bad is happening but why would an 18 year old be video chatting with an 8 and 9 year old? where is billy ray cyrus and why isnt he monitoring their children on the internet?

    • yada

      Billy Ray fails as a parent. His older daughter is out of control and his younger daughter is on the net? WTF? I hope he comes across the stuff people say about him and his kids and does something. It’s like the guy has set no boundaries or rules! These kids are in charge, not him. I can see Miley posing for Playboy or Hustler as soon as she is legal and daddy standing right there…I’m so proud of my baby girl! GAG! Never mind that she has a little sister who of course is going to look up to her and mimic some of her behavior! Playboy and Hustler will no doubt be ready for the younger sister to turn legal too and do a full spread of the both of them with daddy again standing there….

  • Dead Ed

    That’s gross, dude.
    A new low.

  • man

    lmao ,
    fucking funny .

  • DeeeeCeeee n

    I think all those crying about how sweet and innocent Ms Cyrus is, and “can’t the papparazzi leave them alone” should STFU. I’m guessing you retards have never seen some of the photo’s she has taken of herself and posted on twitter.

  • Brit LOVES miley

    mileys AMAZING!!!
    STOP hating on her.

  • Brit LOVES miley

    stop hating on miley!
    shes THE BEST!!!
    i LOVE Miley <333

  • Myke

    I don’t care, she’s not a girl anymore.She got nice tits, and probably bush.She’s hot and totally fuckable.I would fuck her like no tomorrow.

  • wahdehfack

    waz up with all theese fans shittin (perhaps even slittinn) emselves bout stuff on this web

  • coz

    Unbelievable….how can we sexualize this girl!!!!…..I think she does a good and continuous job of that all by herself….dont be a total prick all of the time…you got something to hide by the way!

  • Raquel

    At least she has a little something up top cause down below she is stupid flat…

  • Charlie Chan

    Come on. . . . She has nice tits, I certainly world have a go on the ol Miley Bouncy Castle, teach her a lesson or too.

  • Diana/ starpoet

    IF THIS IS 3-4 MONTHS OLD ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HAS SHE GREW A SIZE YET???????????????????????

  • F*ckir

    I got a foursome with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez the other day. Miley and Selena were eating each other out while I was pounding Taylor’s tight pussy. Selena was the tightest of the three while Miley was the loudest.

  • Dead Ed

    Police are posing as children on internet chat-rooms in aim to catch more paedophiles…Since 90% of the worlds paedophiles are on here I just thought I’d give you a heads up.