Miley Cyrus Shows Her Ass

Miley Cyrus ass

Miley Cyrus continues to express herself and grow as an artist. This time her artistic growth involved showing her ass cheeks on stage at her concert.

What a brave act of artistic expression by Miley! She continues to shed that “slutty Disney girl” persona, and take on her new “full grown woman who is a tremendous whore” image that she is so desperate to cultivate.

I have to say that as far as whore asses go Miley’s ain’t bad. Of course it will lose most of its allure in a couple months when it turns 18, and it begins to sag from the beating it has been taking from Miley’s 52-year-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. However, until then Miley’s ass is still worth admiring from afar.

  • Lilly

    Wow, stupid people just try to make up a new story everyday about her. Shut up you no lifes. Of course this was at one of her performances, why didn’t you post it along time ago.


    DAMN! Gotta love that tight white girl ass!! Just a few more months and she is 18. My heart swells at the idea. Oh, so does my balls and penis. God I Love Southern Girls!!!!!!!!

  • PippoBaudo

    I just wanna say she’s a great BITCH,
    but damn, she’s so hot!!!

  • breanna

    miley is showing to much. please tone down your style,we still love so me of your songs.

  • jayde

    look u ppl need to get a life shes still a teenager growing up tryin to find her place and with you guys saying crap like this isn’t gonna help give her a break look miley i love u keep doing wat u r all i have to say is plz don’t go to far and i will always be a huge fan lol

    • miley is a total whore

      u suck

  • Alisha

    You are super Miley Cyrus but please do something about your clothes!

  • blaize

    Liam Hemsworth is 20, not 52 dumbass.

  • wow

    liam hemsworth is 20?

  • j1985

    she has such a nice ass!

    • Cathy

      miley scrive:mah.sinceramente penso che pprtoe persone hanno da dire, per non lo trovo trasgressivo.almeno, lo sappiamo il significato di trasgressivo ?a papere mio, queste persone no.miley ha fatto canzoni (e in questo caso, video) bellissimi, come the climb, when i look at you; e quelle canzoni hanno un certo significato, ed c3a8 giusto che il video abbia comunque un significato riguardo la canzone.ora, non sto dicendo che la canzone di who owns my heart ha dei significati poco appropriati, ma come lo avrebbero fatto loro il video? in mezzo ad un campo di fiori, insieme a fate e cose del genere?non diciamo cavolate per favore.c3a8 un video normalissimo, lei si prepara per andare in discoteca, balla, canta, non ci vedo niente di male!prima di giudicare i video o le canzoni di miley, farebbero meglio a prendere il considerazione altri video, che non mi va di citare in questo caso, o altre canzoni.non sto dicendo niente, contro altri cantanti ed artisti, ma non continuate ad insultare miley con il suo cambiamento, per il suo modo di fare, per tutto.c3a8 una persona! c3a8 una persona normale come tutti voi!basta!e con questo, io seguirc3b2 sempre miley peaceout.

  • Drizzy

    Damn Miley! Your so hot!! I would tap that!!

  • ohmyguinness

    Mmmmmmm! Fresh strawberries.

  • Jahangir

    That there is my baby momma!!! You go sweet girl!!!! xxx

  • maddiecakes

    okay, this is fckn retarded. it`s an outfit she was wearing, she is a teenager, and all you guys need to back the fck off her and let her live!

  • miley is a total whore

    gross slut

  • Laura

    her ass looks amazing


    I love the pervy comments from the guys!
    lol JK i think they are sick…. :)
    just a few more years guys.. maybe less.. and shell be doing nude sex scenes where she is getting banged in every hole on her body…
    i shudder at the though. :S
    oh and btw, have u noticed, she is DESPERATE to marry liam? well she said sex after marriage remember? she just wants him to bang her.. then theyll divorce and shell marry someone else so they can bang her ;)

    • mikaela

      u think she ain’t already had sex? u crazy

  • michael

    that pussy has been taped

  • miley is so ugly

    shapeless saggy ass bitch

  • Whatsthissite

    This site is offensive to muslims, isn’t it?

  • matt

    miley is so hot i want to fuck her so bad btw i’m 16

  • I wanna fuck miley

    As long as that bitch keeps showing her body i like her GO MILEY WOOT! u fucking HOE!

  • john farrington

    nice ass miley.

  • Punk

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  • peniswad’s_brother

    her ass is lame. first, her hips aren’t wide enough. second, her ass isn’t round enough. the best way to deal with this is to put her legs into a woodchipper. is there anyone who objects?