Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Video

Miley Cyrus sex tape

Praise be to Allah! It appears as though Miley Cyrus finally has had a sex tape leaked to the web!

As you can see in the video below, a woman who bares a remarkable resemblance to Miley Cyrus expertly sucks off a man.

It certainly looks as though this is the Miley Cyrus sex tape video we’ve all been waiting for, and though the manhood being serviced is tiny by Islamic standards, there is little doubt that it belongs to a Muslim man.

What a thrill it must have been for Miley Cyrus to make her first sex tape with a virile Muslim. One suspects that this sex tape video will be just one of many to come from Miley Cyrus.

  • Ahmed

    Seriously. You guys have to stop hacking my I-phone. Miley is starting to get real mad at me.

    • horus

      dude if she is sucking your dick right there you have a really tiny penis you should at least be 10 inches you are probably not even close to that

      • mark

        if he was it wouldnt fit. All men lie and say its 10, 11 12 inches. The truth is a womans vagina can only take 8 inches. FACT.

        • Word of wisdom

          8 inches : It is true and confirmed by islamic science, as the medium size for muslim cock is 8 inches wide.
          So it’s natural women take 8 inches, and explain their despair with the microsized forevver-flacid penises of hormone-bombarded western men.

          • Michael

            you muslim wankers think you can talk shit about us WESTERN MEN all the eastern fuckers i tortured in the army had tiny dicks so dont talk crap

          • paul pfeiffer

            yeah well you fucking Muslim terrorist bastards can all go to fucking hell and burn for life

          • TheLogicalDude

            If your cock is 8 inches “wide” your fucked up. Muslim women must have giant pussies.

          • will

            I think its funny to note that when one of these twa kill themselves for all them virgins they get nothing but virgin men.

          • Fuckyamuz

            He’s pissed coz the west has been blowing those sand-nig cities apart for probably as long as he’s been alive, lol. Bombs away fucker

          • john

            shenis such a bitch

          • Hillbilly

            I dont know,what I´m doing here.My girlfriend,who just revealed her sextape,shes wants 5 dollars.Video is up in xhamster,wanna see it,contact me.

          • ‘merica

            ha “islamic sience” thats a fucking oxy-moran got to hell you muslim cunt

          • pup

            haha im a “western man” and my dick is 9 inches. haha

          • Ilpalazzo

            ‘Islamic science’ – now THAT’s an oxymoron! Just because Mohammed stole that weird circular star tablet from the Greeks, no doubt after raiding and pillaging a village, doesn’t mean it knows anything about science.

            Not to mention, science and logic EASILY prove Mohammed was a fraud – ergo, Islam is not very tolerant of REAL science…

          • fuck you

            shut the fck up bitch no one cares you like hard cock in the ass fuck you and your tiny dick

          • Infidel Mujahedeen

            Word of Wisdom you are my hero.

          • dont need it

            last i heard in the middle east men were for pleasure and women for babies…so in conclusion your all gay, thats why yall hate us so much

          • IMAWESTERNER

            I’d be careful about what your saying because some of us westerners me for examples could probably dick slap you in your face from where we are sitting. Yes even if you are in some middle eastern country. We all know the reason you guys think we are a nymphidels is because all the your unsatisfied women go west when looking to really get pleased. PS in my country we laugh at naked photos taken of the war prisoners from yours.

          • dave

            Think about it its not 8 inches in diameter ‘wide’ but 8 inches around use a string then place that next to a ruler, or just use a tailors measure tape and all these people on here are way too uneducated lol wtf has happened to the world and all these Arabs making sissy threats just BC they’re on a computer somewhere lol don’t think we haven’t already learned how to lie and say we know where you are too but for us Americans that’s like elementary school shit so you should just shut the fuck up and don’t talk trash about anyone , period BC the ones who talkthe most shit are in fact the ones they get their inspiration from to make fun of others and wtf is up with all u guys saying ur gonna rape them to other guys after calling them gay , OK ur gay but BC of that I’m gonna rape u lol what a joke half of you will waste the rest of ur life away and ruin the world little by little thanks a ton fucking faggots

          • caddy

            you retards! have you even seen the woman in the clip or do you faggots only care about cock? :)))

          • FuhrmanJ

            It don’t matter how much you dis the Muslims. You praise Allah and you look like one of them. There for your a stupid fucking towel head just like. The dumb fucks youse fun of. Get the fuck out of our country you fucking faggot!!!!!

          • zaria

            dude this was good but you should find a video of MILEY CYRUS a guy getting a dick in her

          • Myth buster

            That’s a lie

          • Truth15

            Muslims are pedophine and if you cut an inch off, they would have a hole in their stomach hahaha, Allah is a lie!

          • USsoldier

            Dude your a fucking dumbass… nobody cares about your third world countries… But what hes not telling you is Men are also for pleasure while women is only for having kids… Ive donr my time in iraq Killing your friends… and all kinds of gay shit happens between yall… islamic science really dude your a fucking idiot

          • bigdaddyword

            thats why the muslims hide there face, there laughing at the small penis there men have. 8 inches i would be embarrased. but there asshole is 12inches deep. because all muslims are full of shit

          • Word of Wise

            Really dude i am Nine inches im a western teenager no known islamic heritage in my family hows that? cause fuck your bullshit science thats why

          • sand nig bomber

            fuck off you low life sand nig if you have an 8 inch wide penis then you are obviousley still a virgin coz tha jsut wouldnt fit if was 8 inches long then it might but i doubt you have an 8 inch long cock as you have pointed said you an 8 inch wide penis so you must have a choud (small nut fat dick) so go back to your every day routine (bombing fucking little girls and most importantly FORCING little girls to marry you) bud bud ding ding 4 99 come to my shop and i’ll bottle you with a glass of wine

          • SAT Ds

            This is Sparta

          • Me

            I’m a Western man with a perfectly good penis :) However, I think this comment is funny and lol at it. It’s good to see Muslims with a sense of humour for once. You Westerners who are starting a bitching session over this probably do have little penises. Have a laugh at this! Funny! Good website too btw

          • MURICA

            bitch even if yall were packin 8 in. who the fucks wants that Nasty ass Mooselim hair pie
            Take those 8 in. and go fuck yo self. And im eating bacon right now, and its fuckin good

          • xclusive

            Bwhahahahahahahh!!!! Stop tryna excuse ur lil dick havin mothafucker….. 8 inches ain’t shit dumb fuck……. I was 8 inches when I was a sophmore in high school….. all my girls can take a good dickin so NO! 8inches is nt not normal for girls

          • haha

            Hahaha when the average middle eastern penis is like 4 to 5 inches haha. It must suck to not be american!! Hahahahahababab

          • american

            if you had an 8 ince wide penis then youd be a genuine frak of nature since 8 inches is the adverage LEINGTH of all human penises, and the world record for gerth is 6.5 so your a liar.

          • anonymous

            Muslim Science? You mean the same ‘science’ that kept Osama Bin Laden from getting caps in his hairy ass? Yeah. I would trust muslim ‘science’ too. So how goes the research on goat fucking you retard.

          • dallas

            fuck islam death to muslims and islams

          • abe

            The only thing that’s 8 ins wide about you is your mouth.(When it’s got my dick in it)

          • bigtonyfbk

            You’re an idiot. 8 inches wide? I think you’re referring to length. If the medium size is 8 inches wide, your Women must have Elephant Vagina’s.

          • Sharla

            You guys are retarded Muslim is not a race it’s a reiligon and a woman can take way more than 8 inches I would say the vagina of a woman can take at most 9 or 10 inches

          • Asari Justicar

            I see right through this distraction propaganda scapegoating shit :)

          • Muslim killer

            Hahaha muslim science haha fags muslims are shit go die you fucking small terroist cocks get a life you dumb islamic belivers nobody likes you guys

          • That Guy

            Nobody cares about the Islamic shit its just science and plus Arabians and Asians always will have small cocks!!!!

          • barely political

            If you have an 8 inch wide penis you must be on some serious dicPills mother fucker
            There are two things muslims blow
            Dicks and themselvs

        • horus

          no 8 inches is just their average for how deep it is

          • abaza1969

            müslümanlar ananımı sikti yoksa kız kardeşinimi yada senimi sikti amını siktiğim orospu çocuğu.

          • zander

            I am a 20 and I have a 10.5 inc dick so you guys wanna think 8inc is big well you are wrong if a fuck a girl se can’t walk strait for 4 days and I’m from south-africa

        • Mufti David

          What? 8 inches??! Is that your women you are talking of or your foals?

          • Word of wisdom

            Brother David,
            could it be that this Whorus-kuffar didn’t mean 8 inches wide, but really “8 inches deep” ? I can’t believe it.
            If it’s the case, I explains why western females can’t spawn more that one or two small and spineless child in their whole lifetime.
            Ours can take immense amounts of forceful dick and gallons of fertile semen without flinching, and bring us armies of vigourous young jihadists.

            It seems we have a decisive edge in the war of the wombs. Soon the armies of our countless sons will submerge those void and childless countries without even using a gun. Tourist visas and green cards will be enough. This victory will be our wives’ too.

          • Mufti David

            Damn “8 inches deep”, that really makes sense Wise brother. Its ofcourse the reason why the westerners can only spawn a limited number diseased, spineless, malnourished children. More than 50% of these spoils get obesed when they grow. 40% of them become whores, homos, drug adicts, coons etc and die from VDs. That only leaves less than 20% percent of their small population fit for military service. Where as in our muslim lands its near 100% of our huge population ready for jihad.

            Allahu Akbar!

          • Big Pete

            Man lover mufti

            You two muslim queers talking about how much cock you can take has sickened everyone who visits this site.

            No doubt your assholes resemble the grand canyon.


          • yavoni williams

            just stfu bro lame sadass religion lol makes me laugh

          • Disturbed & Opinionated

            A lot of these comments are fucking sick. I hate extremists. Of just about all kinds. Especially the dangerous ones. Sure a pot-bellied conservative christian-right white asshole can be just as annoying as a pot-smoking hypocritical progressive pussy, but… frankly… some of you “people” are going to hell, if there is such a place. Your hatred for us “Westerners” is absolutely disturbing, revolting, and horrifying. It’s okay not to agree or like something, but for fuck’s sake, at least educate yourselves before pulling statistics out off your assholes about American children and how “50 percent of us become obese, 40 percent end up addicted to drugs and/or become whores, and only ’20’ percent of us are fit for military service.” By the way, you know that adds up to 110% right? Fucking idiot. I really really wish all people could have at least some sense of rationality, intelligence, and morality. Those who have none of the above (like you) should not deserve to exist on this planet. Also, it is people like you who bring shame to the Muslim religion and give us “Westerners” these stereotypes that Muslims=terrorists. I think, for the most part, that mentality is changing, but you assholes keep bringing it back.

            And as for the dick length/girth and pussy talk… you kids really need to grow the fuck up and actually have sex. With a woman. Not raping her. Because at this point, that’s really all I believe you guys can get. And by your attitudes and COMPLETE lack of knowledge of female physiology, I think half of you have never even seen a really pussy before, except maybe your mom’s as you masturbate to pictures of it because you can’t get any action.

            Go die in a fucking hole and please make this world a better place. Cheers,

            Educated American.
            Future Engineer.
            Horny College Kid Seeing if this bitch was really Miley Cyrus.

          • dave

            So that’s ur guys plan to get enough kids born to over populate our country lol good one farva … and who says we can’t produce tons of children too were just smart and knows its not good because we will run out of non renewable resources and be living in a shit hole country like yours also we have people being told to adopt children instead of giving birth to there own children BC of this issue and also I’m an atheist so I say fuck religion either way the only bad thing I believe is gonna happen at the end of my life will be death and that’s it because that’s what logical why believe all this bull shit people wrote in books years ago BC they only wrote it to control you , open your eyes before you die for the wrong reasons

        • Alissa C DiCarlo

          Hate to tell you bitch, but my pussy’s taken in fake ones that ‘re 12 fuckin’ inches. If a 22″ baby can come out of a girl’s vag, you don’t think she can take in a 12 inch cock? You is one dumb ho.

          • Andy

            Dumbass a womans vagina ends at the cervix which is less than 8 inches. A mans penis can only reach the cervix and not beyond that. Beyond the cervix is the womb. So the size of babies doesn’t explain anything. You talking of taking 12 inch dildo must be a freak.

            Wait a minute, wtf? 22 inch babies??? That’s half a meter!! An average woman is 1.6 – 1.7 meters tall and how can she give birth to a giant baby one-third of her height You fucked up bitch! you surely are a mutant freak!!!

          • Edison Jenkins, Albuquerque NM

            Andy, I’m no physiologist, but surely you’ve seen chicks getting fucked by guys with big dicks before. Not sure how much it hurts or what gets displaced in the process, but I’m afraid you definitely lose this argument lollll. You are really funny though and this Alissa chick is definitely a freak. You should rent blacks on blondes hahahaha

          • Atheist

            Fucking sick horrible cunt of a slut you

          • Americans

            Have any of you Islams stopped to think that maybe the only reason we only have one or two kids is because we know what a condom is? Its the little latex thing you wrap around your dick to prevent the consumation of a child. When that fails we know what birth control is :D Oh btw yall enjoy the AIDS and HIV we sent over there for everyone to wallow in, because apparently if you dont worship your God your wrong and yall are the only people who could possibly be right in this world and the other 26 billion people are wrong. Haha yall are sad. Btw for everybody who thinks this is Miley?? Yea its not. Do your fucking homework or better yet, leave American celebrities to the Americans to identify and stop trying to make us look worse than you. We know what you do in your country and thats why we bomb the fuck out of you. One day when your oil runs dry and we tap ours finally and yall serve no more purpose for us. You will regret talking all that shit >:) One day well just nuke the shit out of your sad little desert and take care of terrorism for good. Maybe then the world can actually be at peace without having to worry about some camel riding knife weilding suicidal maniacs trying to change shit. Come to America and try to take over. well just run you over with a car and be done with you.

          • The Man who fucks your Favorite Celebrity

            hey! if you can fit a 22 inch baby though your vagina you must be able to fit my cock up it. and thats no small feat. but if you can, why not post a video of you fisting yourself? i would like to see that

          • dave

            I agree but I was 22.5 inches tall when I was born and u said my moms a mutant so wtf man cmon now

          • american

            Fuck you muslim cocksuckers,may you all bathe in pigs blood while being force fed bacon…….allah is a piece of pig shit who produces other pieces of pig shit…nothin but ignorant fucking sheep about a thousand years behind the civilized world……… is a big FUCK YOU from the USA

          • Grammer

            are* hoe*

          • Canadian

            I always giggle when an American goes on a rant about people being ignorant. There are just so many closed minded Americans on the internet saying stupid things. As far as the Islamic people saying bad things about the Americans, have at it, Americans talk shit about everybody so they deserve it. By the way, am I the only one that realizes the irony of talking about morality, religion, and ignorance on a sex tape webpage?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            canadian butt-pounder

            you are a dumbass moose fucker.
            shut the fuck up.

          • Gerrman

            no, woman, you “is dumb” you realize that if a two foot baby is coming out of you, your really fucked up? and not only that, you have no reason to have kids, due to the fact that u are extremely uneducated on YOUR OWN body part. if u are going to start commenting, at least Google the motherfucking facts.

          • Warren

            Your cerxix is closed during sex not like pregnancies and most girls can only take up to 8 inches.

            Dr. Warren
            Texas Tech university

          • america

            Islam sucks ass you guys think your all that but your not

        • Marc

          Actually it can only take 6.

          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            Not true Mark. You may be book smart, but you don’t know much about sex. Anyone who thinks women can’t take more than a 6″ dick simply hasn’t gotten any pussy in his life. You need to go back to school Mark, or just get laid.

          • Fuckwr

            Fuck u bitches

          • OBGYN

            The female vagina can accomodate a 4 inch penis, and can stretch to 8 inches slowly during sex.

          • Asari Justicar

            It depends on the girl

        • lol

          lol are you a idiot (8 inches FACT) the vaginal walls are design to expand for the size of the penis you should really go and read up on the sexual organs of woman or better yet go to your local porn site and type in monster dildo or something like that you will clearly see there are plenty of woman who can take way way more then 8 inches

          • yavoni williams

            kk all u female pakistani whores in here listen how much will u charge n im being real

          • Arthur Treacher, MD

            That is correct. A woman’s sex organs expand to take in a penis of 12 inches however it would possibly be painful if taken all the way in. I’m surprised that more people don’t know this fact. Ms. Alissa DiCarlo would appear to have enough experience to know what she is talking about.

        • Muhammed

          Not fact. A woman can take it all the way to their actual eggs. You obviously have an 8 inch penis and want to talk smack like YOU have bigger cock. And the funny thing is an average male penis sizes up to 6 inches when hard so stfu before I nazi rape your fag ass… BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH. DON’T MAKE ME FIND YOUR ASS ON MY CIA COMPUTER AND TORURE YOU TO DEATH YOU GOD DAMNED GOOGLE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY

          • Eddie Sawyer

            OBGYN your girls take 4 inches cause they’re all forest animals. You probably bone porcupines and possums.

          • Americans

            Okay. First? If you have a CIA computer, youd be in jail. Especially since you just announced it. Second? Perhaps youve never heard of fisting. Third? Nobody on here knows wtf they are talking about because everyone has a different opinion and talks shit about everyone elses opinion. Fourth? You cant speak for every woman in the world. Fifth? Your Middle Eastern “Science” consists of you sitting in a bomb shelter with a chemistry set, all the bombs you guys even have come from our plans. Middle Easterns are moochers who really need to shut their mouths when they dont know what they are talking about. If youve never seen a woman take more than 8 inches. Get on a porn site… WAIT A MINUTE! I remember why your science is so flawed! Yall cant access youtube and facebook let alone a porn site where there are people with bigger dicks than yall. Btw yall sitting there talking about who has a bigger dick really makes yall sound kinda gay. Not gonna lie.

          • son

            Ur a douche and to everyone saying all that shit about Americans not having enough people well for less people we sure kicked your ass

          • Young Americono

            CIA computer huh why dont you shut the fuck up and stop talking about raping people how much more of a stereotype can you create for yourself then by saying I’m gonna rape you you you realize how gay that sounds? And I dare
            You try to find somebody and turtles them 9/10s out of 10 were packing and were ready to blow a sand google or any body that wants to harm our familys or as you might want to do rape them
            Young Americono

          • bob

            You are a complete idiot. Have ever been to school in your crappy little sandbox of country. You’re so ridiculous to think you actually touch a females eggs!! That’s hilarious! You retarded rag head faggot. Fuck Allah and your nasty country. You’re country is scared to educate their women to keep them supressed

        • sexgod

          shut up im trying to wank

        • christ

          thats not a fuckilg fact ive seen girls take almost twice that maybe its only a fact with ISLAMIC pussy then again only an ISLAM would want to fuck one and the can barely get up to 4 inches so you ready wouldn’t know would you

          • Desiree

            the racism on both sides is retarded. muslim is a religion arab is the race of people. there are plenty of arab christians and american muslims. why would we hate a whole race of people based on a few extremists from one side. by the way if u notice in porns very rarely does the giant ,penis go all the way in 8 inches is about the limit of the vagina. give or take an inch. many times its ilkusion thst they have taken in a foot but nothing can pass the cervix because without the release progesterone the cervix is very hard not even tbe baby can pass until it is softened

          • pieman

            dude “Desiree” I swear it is because a few hundred people know that. this stuff is still very funny though you gotta admit that

        • Casper

          Thats actually legit true, mine is just under 8 n my gf gets in serios pain if i go in to the tilt, which is really annoying. So if u have a 5 or six inch dick, be happy, im sure you can get the job done, and u can go as deep as you want

        • Allah is a black lesbian

          Prove it. Where are the facts. Big words, for a boy with a big mouth.

        • Allah is a black lesbian

          Yes, all men do lie about it. That includes you princess.

        • Osama Bin Ladin

          Fuck you asshole

          • 61926

            osama bin laid in the deepest ocean trench says nthing asswipe, cause he’s fish food

        • Darius

          this is my first time on this shit but i gotta say thats a damn lie my nigga lol

          • pieman

            i lost count after the fifth time. this shit gets more and more funny if you stick with it and read the show. in other words, some men want to watch the world burn.

        • mike

          realy the vagina is only 5 and 1/2 inches you ned to get your facts sraight. and no one should ave stole that video its not right.

        • Ray mind

          Fact.? Here’s a FACT my cock is bigger then that and Trust me there are woman who have Taken that fucker ALL the way…


          • Nick

            All I got from that was, “MY DICK IS ONE INCH! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!”

            QUOTE: “Thats actually legit true, mine is just under 8 n my gf gets in serios pain if i go in to the tilt, which is really annoying. So if u have a 5 or six inch dick, be happy, im sure you can get the job done, and u can go as deep as you want”

            QUOTE: “if u notice in porns very rarely does the giant ,penis go all the way in 8 inches is about the limit of the vagina. give or take an inch. many times its ilkusion thst they have taken in a foot but nothing can pass the cervix because without the release progesterone the cervix is very hard not even tbe baby can pass until it is softened”

            Lol. You’re a fucking moron. Obviously your dick is only a few inches long, otherwise you wouldn’t come onto a website and start harping on about how your dick is more than eight inches.

        • Khalid

          US Baby Killer:

          You have no idea what you’re talking about, you dumb homo. No doubt you’re feverish and delirious from your HIV infection. US troops are well know for their butt plunging tendencies. That’s why us Muslims whipped your worthless weak child killing asses in Iraq & Afghanistan.

          You killed two of our heroes, yes, but you’ve created 1000 fold jihadists. A wonderful return on the price paid, you foolish homoqueers.

          Islam will rule the West.

          ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • Word of wisdom

            In fact, most of murkins non-combat casualties come from dildo shaped IED. A distant relative mass produces it, and sell it on the Kabul souk, or even drop them in the opium fields the us soldiers have to protect and harvest for the Karzai family and the CIA.

          • dean

            why u r so upset ? did all allah do u in your butt ?

          • Young Americono

            You couldn’t rule the west if it was fucking handed over to you by it’s own govt ! That’s fact. all you dumb jihads that didn’t blow them selfs up would be shot by westerners and anyone with a gun.

          • pieman

            wait so “word of wisdom” what your saying is that your into that shit too?

          • U.S.VETERAN

            The Hillarity of this whole Spew of Non-Educated Comments is making my sides hurt with laughter.
            FACT: Jihaddist Ruled Countries Suppress Not only Women, But the Education of an Individuals Mind through Free Media.
            Fact: Education is Punnishable by death in a Jihaddist ruled country

          • barely political

            You faggot ass fucking muslims will never rule us. There’s about a million of you and damn near a billion of us you dumb ass mother fuckin ass nigga ass bitch

        • truth

          average is about 5inches.. n btw 8 inchs hurts

        • bigdaddyword

          there ass hole is 12 inches deep because there all full of shit

        • your_A_ignoramus

          Your fucking retarded islamic science there is no such thing you stupid pos islam is a religion and I know for a fact a pussy can take more then 8 cause im 9.5 and i bottom out on my girls pussy stupid fucking idiot.

          • Nick

            Clearly your penis is actually only a few inches long, otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone how ‘long’ it is.

          • stupidpeoplesuck

            ive never measured mine i just gauge mine mine by my hoes screams

        • noiel00fd/////taggeddd

          Do you really wonder why other nations hate us?
          People like you, my friend. Our poor country is full of ignorant, war-mongering, backwoods jackasses…
          Muslims have their extremists, so do Christians, and every other religion. People are to be judged by the individual, not as a whole.
          You sir, are a degenerate.

          -From the small percentage of intellectual, reasonable Americans…

          • Nick

            Your nation’s only redeeming quality is their military power. I hope you will realise that remaining in America is futile and could even possibly result in lowering your IQ. Perhaps you would consider moving to Australia?

        • Pedro

          I’m sure that’s what women tell you to make you feel better, let me inform you, that is not the case.

        • jus

          bull shit ive got 10.5 inch cock an my wife can take it all

          • pieman

            dude we aren’t talking about the one that you dream of. we are talking about your dick. and you really need to quit taking LSD and/or acid before you start bragging about your .5 incher. and question can i just call you tiny tim from now on?

        • guy

          yeah cuz babies are that small

        • brian

          im 14 and im 7.5… tht normal?

        • A Woman

          A vagina (a normal one, that is) can actually only take 4 to 6 inches, closer to 5 though…And most penises are really only 5 to 7, but most of the time 5ish, maybe 6ish inches…get your facts right man! x)

        • Natsallah, The One Who Knows

          9, a vagina can take only 9 inches, but an asian vagina can only take 7 inches

        • Jake

          you obviously dont watch much porn.

        • dead1958

          dumb you are. Fact it is not.

        • joe

          Fiction. Your mom’s can take 10. I’ll show you.

        • John

          that is a lie! A women can take 10 to 11 inches and in some cases more FACT so calm yo small dick ass down

        • American

          This guy is an ignorant camel jockey and apparently a penis lover who can only take 8 inches!!!

      • Jihad

        You islamic bastards probably have milimeter peters, you wouldnt kow a penis if it slaped you in the face. oh im sorry did i offend your gay ass religion. well then suck my american balls………………………………… though i do love your obsession with celeberity porn that you had to make this website.

        • uknown

          this prik who just wrote this comment u beta b ready cuz i know who u r and wen i do c u i will break ur legs and make u smd

          • Americans

            You think you scare anybody? You can’t even spell, nobody is worried about you coming to OUR country and doing something because you can’t even do shit in you’re own fucking country. Its people like you who give the Muslim people a bad name. FYI talking shit on here is not a good way to get your 72 virgins or whatever the fuck it is. Oh and not to mention it COMPLETELY goes against your teachings. Maybe you should actually read the Qu’ran before you say that you’re a Muslim. Muslims are supposed to be peacable people. Not racist, and genocidal bastards. (If you can’t write I assume that you can’t read either so allow me to define genocide.. It means trying to wipe out an entire race/civilization/culture. Adolf Hitler tried it. Died alone by commiting “suicide” Seddam Hussein tried it.. We found him in a hole and let his people hang his ass. Bin Laden tried it. We shot him in the face and dumped his body in the ocean.) What makes you think that you will do any better. Btw the last two were from the Middle East.

          • Allah is a black lesbian

            Ha ha do you want to find him for some gay fun. Do you like teabagging? cause I think this guy has bigger balls than you. Pucker up.

        • noiel00fd/////taggeddd

          get a FUCKING GRIP JIHAD
          ur not funny but need to learn some repect before u know it youll be sucking on ur dads chopped all and tiny dickkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh owwwwwwwwmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeedddd

      • Joe

        You’re a fucking idiot

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      • noiel00fd/////taggeddd

        Do you really wonder why other nations hate us?
        People like you, my friend. Our poor country is full of ignorant, war-mongering, backwoods jackasses…
        Muslims have their extremists, so do Christians, and every other religion. People are to be judged by the individual, not as a whole.
        You sir, are a degenerate.

      • Magic Phil

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        • the guy on a quest!

          i hate to break the bubbles of all the sad little terrorists here, but it’s actually been proven (and i’ve done a lotta research on it due to an argument) that people from the eastern region do actually have smaller penises than average….just sayin’.

          • LOLUMADBRO

            this is hilarious, bitches PLEASE! the “westerners” you all are talking about are from, and have,European descent. Which means they ARE westerner’s, I’M a westerner, i’m Native American. When i was 16, i already had a 7′ penis. I’m just clearing up that theres a difference from westerners and native american, they each come from different places.

          • Ex-Navajo Resident

            Sucks about the diabetes and alcoholism though :/

        • TheLogicalDude

          muslims need tons of kids cause 95% die one way or another

          • the guy on a quest!

            yea, most of them die due to blowing themselves up on fucking busses and trains!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            guy on cock-quest

            go to california and you will find all the fags you want.
            also, I hope you die from AIDS.

          • Arcachnar

            I do hope that you know that there is small group who interpreting the Qu’ran as a right to kill or maim non-believers. Not ALL the Muslims.



          • Arcachnar

            @Snack Wow. How mature of you. Your parents must be so proud. Is it hard to respect other religions? It would be better for you to read the Qur’an, learn more about the Islamic faith and the Middle East.

          • Jack Haley

            Somebody needs to confiscate the VHS Chuck Norris tapes from ALLAHUSNACKBAR. Godzziya and Bruce Lee movies make you happy long time!

          • justin anderson

            dude for all these people out here trying to stop raseism your doing a damn good job of keeping it going. so dude no offence but dude with that pub like beard you have you have no room to talk about muslim religion because dude u look like osadam binlodan or one of his aid infested kids

          • 61926

            oh, i misread your post, i thought it said “muslims need tons of dicks, cause 95% etc.

          • me

            95% die one way or another? So 5% live forever? wtf didn’t know that.

    • Sylvia

      Alissa C DiCarlo, there are obviously people out there who would be happy if you were
      dead and forgotten. How does one sow that kind of hatred? We’re not just talking about dislike. They really, really, really hate your fuckin’ guts. What is your secret?

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        • CelinaCyanide

          This is the reason we don’t like you guys. You’re hating on all the rest of us.
          You know what I believe? There is only a handful of us going to a better place one day, the rest of the evil people will burned in hell fire. And you know… I’m thinking you just might be one of those people burned.
          Aren’t we all supposed to be just? Like whatever deity we believe in? If your God is so great why is he putting blood on your hands? It’s sinful to murder.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Celina, don’t be too stupid!

            Christian kaffirs have the hands full of blood. Think well: how many innocent people have Americans slaughtered? If the death comes from a plane or from a drone is “pure”? The blood becomes pink?

          • ginge

            do you know that telling people to burn in hell is a way of sending your self dont there

          • AnAtheistLiberatarian

            Lol Hashim, did you really just say that? I ask because the way I remember it the crazy fucks following your crazy religion were the ones that killed innocent people with planes in our country. I understand that you dislike the ways of Americans and to be honest I couldn’t less of a shit if I tried. And on the subject of your religion, it’s a stupid scam to create a league of followers. This is true of every religion. And your religion has the same stupid story that formed Christianity, Judaism, and just about every other popular religion around(with the exception of Taoism, Buddhism, and religions that focus on being spiritual instead of getting on your knees and suckin gods dick every day of the week). It makes me sick that you people hate us because of our ways. Live free and do well unto others.

          • Roy

            “Hashim the destroyer of Evil says:
            August 12, 2012 at 10:55 am
            Celina, don’t be too stupid!
            Christian kaffirs have the hands full of blood. Think well: how many innocent people have Americans slaughtered? If the death comes from a plane or from a drone is “pure”? The blood becomes pink?”

            U proved that u r a pure asshole …. We,South Asians and East Asians will never forget what MUSLIM RULERS AND MUSLIM PPLS did to us ….. I wish I can piss in ur mom’s mouth for giving birth of MOTHER FUCKERS like u …. >:( ….. and I wish to put my SHIT in Muhammad’s mouth for teaching those SHITTY ideologies to u ,BASTARD MUSLIMS ….. >:(

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      • Gangster in space

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    • aghmed

      fucked up moron – it seems you are too poor to afford a keyboard that allows you to turn off caps lock, too stupid to spell, use proper grammar, or for that matter string together a coherent thought, and too busy sucking off married men in the back seats of cars to know any better.

      When Sharia law is declared you shall be stoned repeatedly and then fed to the vultures.

      • Mufti David

        i doubt it.. actually i’m starting to doubt the Sharia law

      • Lord Semaj

        You’re funny brother aghmed!

      • jasondingowarrior

        I’ve read everything you have written.and you seem to have a real penis fetish you can’t stop talking about size,sucking,sucking married men,its obvious that you love the cock in our country you wouldn’t have to be in the closet like you are now.I have no problems with anyone until they fuck with myself my family or my country its the small percentage of you extremist fuckers that make people want to osama you all and by that I mean send a remote plane to hunt you down one at a time then swarm your house drag you out beat you spit on you then drop you in the ocean like your buddy osama we always get you one at a time its a video game to us we don’t even take you seriously we don’t have to.your god can’t save you from a patriot missile nor can you hide anywhere from us our eyes in the sky can see you on the crapper if need be.we have technology you wouldn’t even understand or believe we could take anything any country any resources any time we want and you know it and it pisses you off but there is nothing you can do about it now or ever we live in nice houses with all kinds of technology we eat drink anything we want we do whatever we want whenever we want.and believe me if you ever did have a army that we found to be a threat we would just push a button and drop some bombs on them problem solved you would be wise to keep in mind that we own your asses you are our bitches you’re dirty little people in nasty little countries that kill eachother over religion.eventually you will all kill eachother we will still be living our posh lifestyles its called evolution we are still evolving your people are not you are dying breed all you have left to keep you going is your extreme religion because you hate your worthless little lives and need attention we get gives you something to believe in a reason to go on knowing you will never have anything.until your people learn to stop killing each other and co exist you don’t have a prayer of ever matching up against one American let alone all of us.your smartest terrorists are only as smart as our dumbest rednecks the only reason any of you still exist is because you mix in around innocent people otherwise we would just blow every one of you straight to gahenna and by the way you are a donkey raping shiteater and an ass ramming unclefucker and you are not as smart as you wish you were.I can smell your low self esteem and guys that talk about cock alot like you either are very very gay which is fine just be honest with yourself all this hate you have could just be from frustration its ok you can be gay or you have a very small millimeter peter and you compensate for this by dwelling on men’s genitals either way think you might want to see someone for that I’m a psychologist but you probably can’t afford me.keep on hating asshole and we will keep blowing up your people and all your little Adobe huts and shacks

      • Roy

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        aghmed ….. I think,u bastard even don’t know how to show ur expression in chat …… he said those in BOLD LETTER means ,he said those with determined voice ….. not he,but u looks like,u r using computer for first time ……

    • Hassan

      I’m guessing you’re a Christian. Live and let live, huh?

    • Hassan

      Christian huh? Turn the other cheek then, you scumbag. Second, why are you on a sight so pro-Muslim?

      • paul pfeiffer

        yeah well you fucking Muslim terrorist bastard i’m a christian and i’ll fucking kick the shit out of you but since your so pussy to that need to say things over the internet like all the other terrorists i cant and i dare you to say that to a christian face to face

        • mind your buisness

          i dare you too say the stuff you guys are saying to a muslims face cuzz believe me if your not beaten so bad were you cant walk or your dead i put my life on that

          • Bruce webb

            Were? U mean where? When your trying to insult the most powerful nations citizens. Learn THE FUCKING LANGUAGE u smelly dirty Muslims.

          • hatatowelie

            yeah ole muslims will blow up some kids if you make em mad right mind your business.ya some mean motherfuckers when it comes to baby killing.if your not a terrorist but you are a muslim then all that anger you have at the world for hating the terrorists in your religion need to be taken up with those in your religion that are terrorists,you are the ones responsible for your terrorist brothers,not the rest of the world,we are supposed to distinguish between you two?why?why don’t you kill the terrorists?don’t get mad cause your called a terrorist when you stand with them,if you were with your fag friends and you were called a fag you wouldn’t get mad so why get mad when you are called a terrorist? your religion spawns the most terrorists in the world and you get mad because you CHOOSE to associate with them and get mad when you are called out on i am going to try this one more time,if you are not a terrorist but you are a muslim it is YOUR responsibility to police your own religion and eliminate the terrorist yourself,until you even begin to make a start at killing your own terrorist brothers in Islam so that the rest of the world can see your not a terrorist,cause this defending them and saying your not a terrorist and praying on that rug right beside him just don’t work.if your not a terrorist,kill the ones that are.don’t act like I am supposed to care if you are gonna get mad because you are hanging with terrorists and get called one, what’s gonna happen is the extremist muslims are gonna get you all killed.and if Allah is all powerful why does he need you people who are nothing to fight his battles?couldn’t he do something instead of leaving it up to you?why would he ask you who have nothing and are nothing to fight this holy war?YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

          • Grammar Nazi

            @Bruce Webb

            Do you really wonder why other nations hate us?
            People like you, my friend. Our poor country is full of ignorant, war-mongering, backwoods jackasses…
            Muslims have their extremists, so do Christians, and every other religion. People are to be judged by the individual, not as a whole.
            You sir, are a degenerate.

            -From the small percentage of intellectual, reasonable Americans…

        • Da realkiller of kufaars

          Already did…now his sucking ur devils ass in hell fGot.get it his dead mother fuckernow shut urpussy mouth or u next…btw u da fucking terrorist ok like dat lable u welcome….

        • noiel00fd/////taggeddd


    • Lord Semaj

      Your Mom says hi, we’re taking a break while she studies this tape in order to improve her fellatio technique.

      • hatatowelie

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    • Michael

      death to all british and american hating muslims

      • LMFAO

        it’s true that muslims will go to hell when they die because they think child molesting is ok. anyone who tortures children will go to hell regardless of what they believe. when you molest someone your choosing to be a demon. muslims want to come in our country and change everything to there ways if they want to live in our country they will live by our laws otherwise there free to leave. americans definitley won’t change for a religion that chooses satan as there god. muslims want everyone to be there religion they want to conquer the world, well your doing a shitty job at trying to conquer the world. hitler did a better job than u muslims ever will, and not to mention hitler wasn’t doing it during modern times he was using low grade weapons for back then. osama bin laden is pretty much hitler recarnated.

        • Arcachnar

          You really should not blame ALL the Muslims for the things that has been done in the name of Allah. Only those who are misguided and interpret the Qu’ran as a right to kill and maim the non-believers and such. I find it ignorant to say that Muslims go to hell or worship Shaitan. It only shows that you don’t know about other religions. Not all torture children.

          In Christianity happens truly bad things as well. Children being molested by clerics who can do what they want, because those in charge keeps a hand above their heads.

          • none need known of my name

            your actually pretty right like my friend in 3rd grade but then he listened to his father and other friend and decided to shun me because i worship my god

          • hatatowelie

            then kill your terrorist brothers and quit crying about us killing them and calling you terrorist for worshiping beside them.fuck christianity and comparing your religion to it cause i don’t believe in either,if you do that’s fine but KEEP IT TO YOURSELF how hard is this to understand?if you do not want to be called queer do not hang with queers.if you hang with terrorist and get mad cause you are called a terrorist then get the fuck over it or stay away from them and stop using your religion to defend them.FUCK YOU ALL AND BOW BEFORE THE ALL POWERFUL EASTER BUNNY.hows that sound?pretty ridiculous right?that’s how you all sound to me.kill yourselves and see if there is a god and come back and tells us about it on t.v

        • mind your buisness

          what are you talking about arabic country cant have a nuclear bomb in ther country without america attacking whyll america hass thousands america selfish to bad they couldnt do the same with russia cowarddd go for the people that ak47 rpg vs omgg no comparison play call of duty and compare weapon and lets see whoo taking advantge

          • bama91685

            He’s not. Her boyfriend is rich and a movie!! this guy is just a poor little man that live in a hut in the middle of nowhere. who told you that us westerns have small dicks? I have seen porn from the middle east and well those guys are reallly small. so go check your own ppl. Also about the women have children, our women can have plenty of children. We just choose to control how many. we dont need a whole army to take yall down. we just have to have smart ones and well, we have bombs and yall dont have nothing like us. So we can always put a boot in your!!!
            on russia, we can take them out as well. Their own ppl dont even like them. I bet we could whoop that ass as well. Just like we have other countries. come fuck with us. ppl wont attack us head on because they know that everyone here in america has a gun and then some.

          • Arcachnar

            @Bama Wow. ‘American education’ at its finest. The US will NEVER and I repeat NEVER will take out Russia. Do you even realize how dumb it sounds? Think of the complete severe consequences. Nuclear War anyone?

            Like have other countries? Not likely.

          • mind your buisness

            agan ameria goes for the ppl they know they could win example they want oil so does the other half of the world so they work with the top counrtys that they know will help them have control over the country how many counrty invaded iraq , a shit load did rght after america did and tell me all thats cuzz of 911 or cuzz the oil ?believe me if america was alone they would have no chance vs the middle east……not to offend anyone im american and i love my country but not the rich selfish ass ppl controling it,,was this country coming too with all this racism smh everyone should just mine their own belief espcally if they know nothing about it

          • random curious person

            I’m really curious why you are so freaking mad and why everyone here are such racists, it makes no fucking sense to argue about religions on the internet, I myself dont believe in any religion because none can be proven to 100% both islam and catholics have the same basic stuff, though the catholic version is a bit modified from the islamic one and the islamic one is contradicting itself… and wtf does russia have to do with the us making wars vs middle east ? and btw if you really wanna argue on the internet, make sure you spell better next time thus making it easier for people to read your shitty comment which makes no fucking sense at all…..

      • Allah is a black lesbian

        Death to all muslims who hate British and Americans. Dull, yawn.

        • mohamed dahir

          your mother is a black lesbian
          go to hell bitchs!!

          i love american and biritsh and I am a muslim

          so fuck of RACIST!!

    • Sarah

      Fuck you stupid ass

    • None of your business

      I’m guessing you are one of the United States pricks who hate everything that doesn’t worship a white God in the sky? I myself don’t believe in any religion ( If you happen to have a problem with it, I don’t really care.) and am also Canadian, but if you hate Muslims then keep it to yourself and stop talking shit while you have no back bone to say it to their face in real life.

      • paul pfeiffer

        yeah i am and i’m proud that my god never tells me to bomb the world trade center so i’m okay with a white god in the sky

        • mind your buisness

          yea cuzz you were in the airplane when it happend you soo them bomb it or did you see airplanes hit the world trade center.. 911 was the biggest BS ever the goverment took 3000 american citizen life to have e reason to go to war so they could make money on there oil….no one witnessed nothing but the building hitting the towers know one knows what happend inside the airplane really disagree or agree thats the truth think about dosent make any sense it just needs an openminded person see it through not no ignoreant racist american

      • Acid_Reign

        dont have the backbone hardly, the diffrence between me and you is I say what i think when i think it reguardless of where i am or who its to. So fuck you. Fuck Jihadist. Fuck anyone who would kill in the name of their god…Get a fucking life if you cant go buy one loser.

    • tahsien

      watch your words islam learn you the human respect … if you say that usama did kill alot of pepole hatler kill alot to and he was not a musliem the us kill alot of japanies … watch you,r mouth man .

      • hatatowelie

        hey you should check some of your fag terrorist comments about Muslims supporting rape incest and child molestation before you say Muslims on this site here rape their children.

    • mind your buisness

      even though muslim that are commenting are werid and creeps and never heard or seen muslims act that wayy….buttt are soo lucky your somewere righting this in a computer because if i herd you say this bullshtt in person call me a terrorist i will killl you…dont go talking about religions you dont know about ….screw your dumm asss go say that to A MUSLIM FACEEEE.. you got me sooo heated by reading your comment …dont get me started with your religon were god had a son and he got tortured and crusified by freaking humans does that sound like a powerfull god hahahahaha jesus is nothing but a prophet and that holy spirit is bullshit god #3 hahah makes no sense i bet you dont even kno shit about your religion other than god jesus and the holy spirit heaven andhellll ……ur pathetic mannn but again i have respect for chritstians i went to a catholic school but i have no respect for you if i knew who you are i woud find you and omggggggg RUDEEEE SHTTT

      • Acid_Reign

        I find it ironic that millions are leaving the Life Style of a Good Muslim, And the followings of Allah. Does your prophet sound like a strong man? Have you really read every word of THE Koran? It is against itself on so many levels. It promotes more violence than any other religion known to man. Albeit Christianity has killed more people than the muslims. But heres a thought the muslims promoted more slavery than christians. Thats fact easily proven. Just a thought to fill your useless day and mine as well.
        Make fun of Jesus go ahead. Atleast he wasnt a mindless, Egotistical, Sexist, murdering, psychofant.

      • hatatowelie

        I am all for faith as long as it isn’t detrimental to the real world,I was raised a Christian.I Have known black Muslims who had no outlook like you Muslims on this site,and they showed and got respect.They didn’t think the world owed them anything.This shit causes me no end of aggravation, compare religions,who’s is right? So sick of that, which one is right.Hell, which one is real? None,hell no religion can be proved as real,NONE,and admit it Muslims.. that not all Muslims are terrorists but pretty much all terrorists are Muslims.And any person that approves the killing of innocent children in the name of an imagined war being carried on by their side in the name of their religion and beliefs,that NO ONE recognizes except for them as a war is guess what, a fucking TERRORIST,(WHAT WAS THAT CHRISTIAN terrorist name? the one that was blowing up buildings in the middle east cuz they aren’t Christian?My bad ,never has been one has there?) I am sorry sir but if you follow the ways of the extremist wing of the Muslim religion and murder innocent children you sir would be a TERRORIST, I think is the word.If it upsets you to hear members of your religion called terrorists and you don’t want to be called a terrorist because of those same terrorists that you know are in your religion,instead of defending them you should kill them.If the comments made by the Muslims on this site are an indication of their intelligence as a group in the Middle-East then they should get on good terms with Allah cause they won’t last long now that they have our attention.We saved you from Israel forever. How many Islamic communist dictators have we taken down in the last 10 to 12 years from their Islamic countries? Should have left America alone cause since 9-11 we have helped with the destruction of one Arabic country after another.Your Islamic governments really are not holding up so well,never have,and its no surprise since the god fearing leaders always kill and repress their own people,for oil,money.Why does the middle east have most of the worlds oil but they are considered third world countries?Because the Islamic governments always bled the countries dry. RIGHT!One thing I will say is that of course we had to come kill you,you been terrorizing America for a long time and now that we are giving you just a little bit of it back you cry and wring your beards and holler what cowards we are and what great warriors you are and how Allah and you will make it right! And like the big men you are you get your sons and daughters to go out and blow themselves up to kill our children because most of you are too PUSSY to risk your own lives at the end of that AK-47 someone was talking about earlier in a comment.Like a coward ass terrorist is gonna fight a war at the end of a gun like a man or soldier is insulting, you,who send your kids to blow them selves up to kill our babies,what a society of warriors, what big bad men you are,heroically murdering our children.What a God and religion to be proud of and kill babies over,how could you be wrong? And you boo hoo cause the whole fucking world hates your guts and thinks your religion is actually worse than satanism,no satanist will blow up a building full of kids for Satan I bet ya that,but will a Muslim? So just quit selling your oil to the western world so you can go back to the stone ages you want everyone to live in with you,may as well be killing each other over the Easter bunny,or if Miller beer is better tasting or less filling,but no,in your extreme wisdom instead of letting the gods you all believe created this planet take care of such a small and trivial matter as who is right or what ever you communist over there are so upset with the West over and let Allah take care of it himself,after all he created the fucking universe you fucking idiot,can’t he take out a few “short dicked” westerners… but no this all powerful being needs the help from a man in a hut that wears a towel on his head yet never bathes, that owns nothing in this world but the Koran,an AK-47,a goat ,a camel and wants to blow the world up because he has nothing ,is nothing,cause it’s not fair that since Mohammed came from his country and obviously they are the center of the Gods world then why are these elite Muslims not at the top of the food chain in the world ruled by the God that needs their help to take out the west one child at a time.And the fact remains that as long as there is the extremist group of the Muslim Religion there will NEVER be peace anywhere where non-Muslims have it better than the people of Islam, or anywhere they treat women like people period.If the rest of the Muslim world doesn’t agree with what the extremist are doing then they need to take responsibility for them and their religion and kill the extremist themselves.Don’t act like the rest of the world should fix it ,make up for it `and overlook you cause of your religion.Muslims around the world need to step up and take care of their religion,they have followers that are rabid dogs,so those that don’t follow the way of the devil should take it upon themselves to police their own religion and put those rabid dogs down.It’s time for the Muslim world to take care of itself instead of the rest of the world having to stop them from blowing the whole planet up cause we in America don’t do what they say for some reason,poor terrorists,oh yeah and one made a comment about it being a victory for their women to defeat us,course you fight like women so you had a female urge from the jump,maybe that’s why you don’t let your women have a life,cause they really have more honor than you,they use their babies to kill ours.A war of the womb is all the terrorist will fight.

        • Kahlid

          TL;DR homoqueer.

          You are now marked for a fatwa calling for your lapidation.

          Prepare for hellfire, mofo.

          • hatatowelie


      • hatatowelie


        • american

          This site (despite being a sex tape site) is brilliant. The wit of the premise makes me fucking cry.

          You “westerners” are all making us Americans look like completely ignorant fucking pricks.

          Dear anyone whom these assholes have offended,

          We are not all fucking retards

    • mind your buisness

      i dont wana arguy with you but your soo luckyy your somewere behing a computer your dumm immature un educated foool i would really if i soo you in person just letting you kno and if you are a tough craker i hope you would try to find me because im just thinking your disrepectfull commentt !!!

    • mind your buisness

      for all the people that like it go pray and ask for forgivness beacase god didnt like that and the person that wrote hahahahahahaha your gona be saitinss beotch in hellll hahaha have fun you coward p.s stop by any mosque and let them know exactly what you said about muslims and our prophet instead of saying it in a computer in some house hidding like mouse you are

      • random curious person

        and why would you need to ask a god for forgiveness when god is supposed to be allmighty, if god is angry with someone shouldnt he just either talk to him directly or just get that person change his mind or get him killed ? If any god existed then why should innocent people die when all they have tried to do was to survive ? why does the world have so many uncurable diseases, why are infants dying when they just started to live, why does some die when their still in their mothers womb? if this so called allah or whatever you want to call him exists, and dont do shit about this then why the fuck should someone worship him/her/it since it clearly dont help at all. though this comment is totally uncessecary i felt the need to express my thoughts and came upon this racism and hate filled chat and just wondered how stupid people can get and how easy people starts to hate or discriminate against each other

        • hatatowelie

          Is that someone with a mind of their own,or do you need a emoch

    • Hahalolrofl

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  • Jake Sams

    Really? I would love to see that but the sad thing is it isn’t her. I agree it looks like her.. It just isn’t her. There are tattoos missing from her body.. her face isn’t right.

    • jgdptsvmpt

      That true

    • truth

      you never know this coulda been shot way b4 she got that tatoo cuz she looks a lil younger

  • Word of wisdom

    My contacts in the pakistani intel confirmed me it’s 100% genuine.
    What a joy to see our princess Miley using for the benefits of the jihad what her zionist former masters taught her during her Disney years.

    • hate muslims

      ^^ retard

    • #1 american

      pakistani Intel? you guys haven’t even figured out bathroom facilities yet, I mean shit running water is brand new to you. you fucking people should be figuring out your countries infrastructure. instead all the bright minds of the Muslim society is trying to figure out whether miley Cyrus is really sucking a cock or not. this is exactly why, you guys still live in the dirt like you did a 1000 years ago. you still and always will have your priorities mixed up. good luck with all that Allah stuff.

    • hatatowelie

      Pakistani Intel what a fucking joke,they couldn’t suck Billy Ray Cyrus’s dick never mind verifying anything other than how to kill a baby with a bomb,you is the professional chickenshit motherfuckers of the world.Get your Pakistani intelligence out of your mouth and put it back in that Americans pants.

  • KungJung

    Who would’ve guessed she had some pretty nice tits. I’m surprised, if only it were some full on action and not just sucking dick. Would’ve been interesting.

  • Anubis

    New Muslimina Miley may be servicing Billy Ray, because I heard they were very close. A true Muslimina honors her father, brother and other male members of her clan. It’s good to see that she is following in this highly respectable tradition of honoring them in this fashion. Obviously she has had a lot of practice doing this in her adolescence and while behind the scenes of filming her Hanna Montana TV show and movie. When she is finally sold into a Muslim man’s harem, she will have had all the experience she needs to serve him well.

    Praise Allah!

    • Jehadi Killer

      Yes u r right! Even ur bastard Mohammads mother sucke of every dick in his army & u r aall the sons of that whore. Islam’s end is near & so is ur fucking Allah’s. Good dying!

      • mind your buisness


      • Muslim

        Shut up dumb face How dare u if it worent for god u wouldn’t even be alive u have no pride of talking about Muslims cuz ur going to hell after all the bad things uv said about I’m wasting my time talking to u and btw ur punishment is with god and just to tell u لا الله إلها الى الله and Allah will never die and if Allah dies u die after him and go to hell for the rest of ur life

    • TheLogicalDude

      did you just say miley blows her dad…….

    • hatatowelie

      why am I not surprised that incest is okay with you people really are ass backwards.did you fuck your daughter or did daddy fuck you really good when you were a kid so you would be a good servant to a real man one day?I guess child molestation and rape are fine too right.Im sure you can find somewhere in the Koran to justify rape and incest.Thats what you do,hide behind your religion.chickenshit

  • Mufti David


    Miley has finally been blessed with a powerful muslim man. Finally all her years of experience will be put to good use. Miley was definitely a gift from Allah to muslims as she converted to islam. Praise Allah. Wow, she is someone very few can take the place of, a great Jihadist herself and also great at servicing other Jihadists.

    Allahu Akbar!

    • comfused

      I thought muslim women were to be stoned to death for performing such acts outside of marrage? Not trying to be a dick, just curious.


    this site is really 500% fake. aghmed and his should go fuck their goats and camels

    • Anubis

      Chink Hong, you’re a 100% homo. And there you go again about fantasizing about having sex with goats and camels. We Muslims will stone you for such sick zoophilia talk. By the way, Toilet John and you should go away together, because you’re both flaming fudge packers.

      • Kahlid

        The slants will be the next to feel the holy fire of jihad if they do not stop suppressing Islam in Ching-Chong land.

        They have been warned!

      • FuckIslamicRetards

        Sick zoophilia? And yet you’re praising incest. That’s cute.

      • yavoni williams

        really niggaz ur just fukn lame

    • hatatowelie

      im sure the goats are wore out but they have sons and daughters to rape.apparently the Muslims on this site support rape and incest and child molestation.fine examples of their ilk.another reason why they should be stoned to death.

  • Rodney The King

    fake ass shit. billy ray dick aint dat big an miley allways swallow.


    I wish that was Miley…but its not cause her tattoos are not there…

    • Word of wisdom

      Youfuckyourhand :

      Don’t you know that actresses and singers wear fake tatoos ? It’s all for scenic bullshits and all… Do you really think rich people want to have retarded stuff written on their skins for years and years when their never wear twice the same clothes nor eat twice the same food thank to the money they get from you ?

      Only the couch potatoes believe it, just like they believe every crap the shit-box vomits in their living room. Then, the couch potatoes get themselves a real life-long tramp-stamp tatoo for them and one for their 7 years old daughters, just like their favourite (fakely tatooed) celeb told them on teevee.


    thats not Miley Cyrus. aghmed and his fuck ass friends should stop using other people’s photos and make it look like Miley Cyrus. and furthermore Miley Cyrus is not and will never be a Muslim. cause Muslims are not friendly and they’re always having war with other countries

    • aghmed

      Celibate fag – you have demonstrated your utter stupidity in the following statement “Muslims are not friendly and they’re always having war with other countries”

      How many Muslim countries are currently occupying other countries or have foreign bases? Zero. Amerikkka has bases in over 100 countries and is occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Africa, intervened in Syria, Egypt, and is attempting to escalate an armed conflict with Iran.

      This is why your stupid country is going bankrupt and in 10 years will collapse under the economic strain. In the vacuum of power our sleeper cells in the United States will activate and our covert agents like Muslima Miley Cyrus shall foster a power transition in which the Imams will decide your fate.

      I can already tell you right now that you have a date with some very large rocks and your head.

      • Get real noobs

        Nice spelling of america dude! You pass your English exam in flying colours!

        • British

          Wow so this muzzie believes in the use of using large rocks to solve problems…., is that really our fate? For some terrorist bunch of idiots to tell us what to do? This is Great Britain, we will never allow that from scumbags like muslims.

          Also to everyone else on here!

          The Sharia law will not be passed in Great Britain, as we are not a Muslim country; we don’t believe in killing for the fucking sake of it; because someone is gay, black, jew or anything else. Equality is what counts in GB, but since you Muslims started trying to take over this country it has turned to a piece of shit! You hate our country, you hate our British soldiers, you hate our women for not covering up in sheets! You hate our flag…why not fuck off back to you own country then instead of trying to screw ours up, and stop blowing people up.

          And guys seriously this is not Miley Cyrus, just someone that sort of looks like her, and as a matter of fact 8″ is actually considered to be a big size, as women vagina’s cannot handle that much; although they do adjust to it within time. You Muslims treat women like shit, with no respect at all, beat them, control them! You idiotic, foolish and terrorist bunch of people!

      • Mufti David

        Very true. America is a stupid country and no doubt its lack of brains will be the cause of its downfall. Their efforts to bring down Iran are all in vain. Iran is a really powerful islamic country which is not scared of anyone. If America wan’t its “end” to come real soon (guaranteed) they should continue messing up with Iran. America is now becoming a filthy bankrupt shit country, there’s lack of employment all round (the reason more & more people are going to the porn industry & rotting from VDs). Thanks to the powerfull “BRICS” nations the dollar is going to be “kicked out” of its throne as global head currency and be replaced by a “super-sovereign” international currency. Once the dollar comes down so will america. Our loyal muslim brother & fellow jihadist Barak Husein Obama has been helping us through out and is ready to strike the final blow as we wage Jihad and take over your wretched land, Allahu akbar.

        Don’t worry America will become the most powerful country after we take over and rename it “The UNITED STATES OF ARABIA”.

        Allahu Akbar! JIHAD!!

        • Tyrone shoelaces

          Muff dives smelly pussy.

          Stupid muslim mofo.

        • casey mother fuckin jones

          I served in the United states Marine Corp and if you don’t like this country then please GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!
          !f you got a problem with that feel free to come up to me and say so! to me or any of my brothers will gladly send you to what ever God you think is waiting on you!!

          Simpe Fi
          always faithful to God, Country and Corp!!
          God Bless America!

          • Mufti David

            Shut the fuck up you piece of dogshit!

            America is my home & I’ll NEVER leave, got that dick sucker?
            I am just waiting for Islam to take over turn it into a beautiful land once again without sluts walking around, homos, googles, KKKueers etc & other infidels like you. What a wonderful place it will be.

          • British

            Muftis David, wow your name sounds like a pussy!

            America is not your home, are you American? No you’re not, so get the fuck out. Your race will not take over any country, you always try to but you will never win. I believe that yes young girls these days are becoming a bit too much like ‘whores’ etc, which is not good. They should respect themselves rather than a piece of trash that guys like you rape and murder. And seriously, homos? Googles? Get a life, especially when it is 2012, we don’t care about GAY people, Black people, you muslims are black are you not? The same skin colour, regardless of being black, Asian, Muslim, African etc, you have the same skin tone and colour…and doesn’t your bible teach you to be kind and love everyone? You don’t act like it, going around trying to convince everyone that your religion is the best and then blow everyone up on the Underground…wow very friendly!

          • Hello

            Mufti David is an American and he converted to Islam. That’s what he said.

          • big dog puts a foot in your muslim faggot ass

            Look at these jihad fags. Go read your supposed scientifically correct cockran and get the fuck out towel head. Can you believe the nonsense that’s in there?? The stupid book says that Allah created mountains to protect them from earthquakes.. uhh nooooo. Everyone fucking knows mountains are results of earthquakes.. they can’t even get one scientific fact correct.

        • Acid_Reign

          Are you really so naive as to believe the muslim world will ever occupy America? Has Allah finally rotted your brain completely? You would have to kill every man woman and child before that would happen and sure you have a few billion muslims but you already know what happens to people who try that kind of eugenic genicidal nonsense. Remember hitler and sadam? They were destroyed…You speak of Jihad as if you’ve actually partook of it. Those who speak do not do and those who do have no need to speak. Save your Rants for those who care to hear about it. If i were standing in front of you i would rape you with my knife. I hate you and anyone would would speak of a Holy war…No just GOD would ever condone murder. Hell is full of those who have made that same mistake. Ill save my hatred for your kind so sufused with hatred and ignorance. Come see me in kimball tennessee…Ill be waiting bitch…There are only so many places that have free wifi. That is if you feel the need to defend your religion and your pathetic god….if you have true belief dont respond here come to me im not hard to find….That goes for any muslim who Has the heart and balls to back up their word Jihad. Ill set your asses on fire in the streets. I dont need a god or prophet to be cruel. Using a good to justify cruelty is just a smoke screen and i dont need one to say i am cruel. For cruelty’s sake

        • hatatowelie


      • google

        you cant even spell America right so stop talking shit about it, and another thing dont think your so great talking about stoning Americans when we all know its not going to happen.
        I don’t even like Miley Cyrus, I will not talk about killing because the bible says do not kill,
        America gives you a right to pick ANY religion, and one more thing if your people are so great how come they are coming to America?

        • TheLogicalDude

          lets all convert to pastafarianism then


        It will be nice when the Americans wipe you off the face of the planet, then i wont have to worry about seeing you monkey mother fuckers getting green cards in my country. you filthy fucken Muslims deserve to have your heads carved off and shoved up your faggot assholes, death to all arabs, your dodgy black market weapons will not save you from the inevitable, you sand googles will get whats coming to you

        • Umar the Brown

          The ass again. It is always about the ass with you kuffarfags. What is your problem? I don’t know, but I do know the answer…ISLAM! That, and a scimitar to your neck.

          • jacob

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          • מישו

            I don’t know about you guys but Jewish people have a bris (get circumcised) because our dicks are so big that a lady could die if we wont have a bris

        • fuck off racists

          fuck you! im not even muslim but i know your an ass you shouldnt fucking hate on people for there race! plus you think that there all terrorists right? i dont even think it was anyone from outside of the U.S terrorizing anywhere!

          • big dog puts a foot in your muslim faggot ass

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    This shit is like 4 years old

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  • Mufti David

    Too bad you’ve failed your sharia court trial and the only “flying” color you’ll see is red!

  • The Guy with the Eye

    THATS NOT MILEY..wish it was BUT its not HOWEVER its enough to Pretend and rub one out to her hilbille Hotness SUCK THAT POLE BITCH!

  • Trololooo

    This is old -_-

    And there is also a better one of an Austrian look-a-like in a threesome with 2 men.

  • Derf

    Close enough, sure sounds like Billy Ray…

  • Open minded white boy

    The thing is every body thinks their country or
    their religion is better than others. What about the bad
    things America does like terrorise other countries for their

    You all have it wrong, no religion has violence written in
    their books and scripts, it’s how people interpret things
    their selves, 90% of the world is full of selfish, ignorant,
    nieve people. I’m talking about people not the religion that
    people follow Americans, Muslims, islams, british it’s
    doesn’t matter where your from or who you follow it’s a
    sad fact but the world is full of assholes.

    Most people these days try and do good things because
    they think they will get somthing in return or that they
    think their religion told them to or they think it’s what
    their country wants, that doesn’t make you a good person
    who should do because you want to not because you have

    And for the guys that get mad at this narrow minded racist
    are just as bad as him, you shouldnt be quick to anger his
    a bad person doesn’t mean you all have to be, cusing and
    getting mad and filling your selfs with hate is just as bad as
    saying the racist things this guy is saying.

    The people who perform these terrorist attacks are doing
    it because they follow a dictator and do these things
    became an awful human being like Peter is dictating this is
    the way to live it has nothing to do with religion.

    And Peter by killing innocent Muslims puts you in the same
    boat as the terrorists who blow up others. You actually
    would probably get on well with bin laden as you are both
    full of hate and like to hurt people.

    • Lord Semaj

      Very sagacious.

    • ThatGuyYouKnow12

      Stop hes got abomb from dear old australia

  • tim

    this girl isn’t even caucasian.

  • Jemima

    Lawsee! Dat Miley be sho nuff suckin down that peckerwood. If’n she be smart tho she put sum Log Cabin syrips on dere first. It sweeten de taste o de batter dat be comin soon. Yes yes.

  • Anubis

    dat bitch ain’t ugly enough to be miley

  • USA Rocks

    the video is fake. and miley will never be muslims she not that stupid.

  • USA Rocks

    snd miley will never be with a guy thats fat

  • miley

    hay everyone im miley cyrus

  • big jim

    Miley cirus sucking dick and the first load of comments guys talking about their docks, hilarious

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    • Mufti David

      How bout you take an iron pipe, shove it up your ass and push the bottle all the way up to your mouth.

  • Spade

    Fuck You That is Not Miley CYrus BullSHitssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Jake

    I can’t tell if the fertility debate on the top of the page is trolls, or just reeeaaally stupid fucking people. Either way, who gives a shit? Let’s all just fuck and be happy that we get to fuck whatever it is we want to fuck.

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    • The logical atheist

      uh, u do know “paki’s” are from Pakistan. not India…

  • vachier

    every member of this fucking site are all bastards

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Oooo Miley; that’s dumber than when you got caught smoking a bong and lost all your sponsors. It’s a family show you dumb whore. Lucky you is sweet and can sing almost as good as your dad; I said almost!

  • john

    This site gets dumber and dumber.

  • Mufti Davids Nightmare

    Mufti david you are a stupid piece of shit. The day my country becomes the united states of arabia is the day hell freezes over. There are hundreds of piece off shit sand googles like you who think I’m the grim fuckig rreaper. You are completely stupid thinking that a shit hole country like iran is going to take down a super power like us. You are all too much of a bunchof pusses to fight us man to man. If you want to call it a jihad well beat your pathetic little ass then shove you curan up your ass.
    Ps hope the virus obama sent over to fuck your nukes over is takin good care of you faggit

    • joshua

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  • Dora who is actually not muslim xd

    Noo man… -.-
    Its not Miley but someone who really doeas look like her…
    Grow up assholes…

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    First off fuck obama he can go suck a dick like the fake miley. And if ur indian and u say shes sucking ur dick howcome the guy in the vid is like white?

    • The logical atheist

      for fucks sake! most of these dumb cunts aren’t even Indian! They’re Arabic or middle eastern. and to all islams: ur region is THE STUPIDEST RELIGION EVER! There is no proof of ur “god” (that goes to all religions btw). religion is so primitive. We now have proof of the dawn of the universe. so if humanity could just come to its senses, a lot of wars could just end! and one more thing, I bet most of u Islam and Muslim retards have tiny 1 inch Cocks!

      • Umar the Brown

        “ur region”? What the fuck are you even talking about, kuffarfag? Our religion and God are more real than some made-up particle that loser scientists invented to justify the amazing amount of money they wasted on that stupid device in Europe. Also, these scientists are trying to justify their own empty lives which they wasted away in pursuit of science, a false god. I guarantee you that all the scientists on this projects do not have any children of their own and think of this sad, mythological speck of camel shit as their contribution to the world. That’s fine with me, because the less intelligent Westerners, the better. Their inability to reproduce will make it that much easier for Islam to finish taking over Europe and then we will smash that “Stupid Collider” to pieces and use the metal for making something worthwhile, like bayonets or AK-47s.

        • Jay

          First : The metal for that won’t do anything for an AK-47, most people in iraq/afghanistan/pakistan have problems with ak-47’s anyways (google ak-47 muslim mishap) there are many on youtube. Second, the metal that you need is copper for ammunition. Second, those scientists are pursuing their dreams. It’s because of science that we have better medical care, which allows for us to live longer. God grants us opportunities, and it doesn’t matter what people think. what does this inability to reproduce thing matter when people in turkey and pakistan have sex with camels. (and yes it is true). now you state that it is more real then your god (which is the same god everyone worships, just the delivery of teachings is different). Last time I checked there is no such thing as “not as real, more real, less real.” It is either A. Real, and B. Not Real. Examples, is the grand canyon real? Yes, I can see it and feel it. Is the “Stupid Collider” real, yes, because it exists. oh, and by the way, the money that is in your country is going to go down hill when we find ways to not use petroleum products, and if not, when that dries up, then you will have to market sand since the United states and Europe used up all your oil. Which is your “Cash Camel.” After that, then you will start making your AK-47’s out of sand/glass. which if I recall used to be what the middle east was good at. Blowing…. glass.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Islamifascist extremists destroy all they touch, which thank God, is not much.

    • Umar the Brown

      It is not our fault that your mother had no arms or legs when we touched her. Just so you know, we did not destroy her, she is now converted to Islam and pregnant with twins. May Allah be praised.

      • Jay

        Technically if you think about it, in the Quran, there is an adam and eve. “Who is considered to be everyone’s mother” so you just insulted yourself Umar, way to go.

  • Kaichu0101




    • Abdullah The Butcher


      ask your mother why she dreams of the massive Muslim man-root and she will tell you why us Muslims are the world’s best lovers.

      also…I hope the first door I knock on when Islam takes over is yours….and the AK-47 will do all the talking.

      • The logical atheist

        Bitch please! Islam will never take over any thing apart from each others arse holes!

        • Umar the Brown

          You do know that you can type the word “ass” here, right, kuffarfag? This should open up new vistas for you where you can brag about having a size 45 rectum that can take a quad-pounding from Obama and his entire cabinet. Everyone knows they are all homoqueers just like you and your filthy family.

          • Jay

            So if Umar thinks of people as queers, then I guess Umar is a bestialist. After all, camels are preferred over women in arab nations. It’s a proven statistic. Second, I have dated women in Morocco, and have married a moroccan woman who is muslim. I showed her this website and she says that the people who talk to much about this stuff isn’t even a follower of the Quran. Not only that, but she says that the dick that is in the video is biger then 99% of the arab population. Second Umar, your IP address is in the United States. :)

          • dave

            so his missus has seen 99 % of the arab communitys cocks haha she a keeper

          • CPO Crago

            Im a British male i have now done 2 tours in iraq and one in afgan i dont give a shit about the size of your cock im more concerned with the size of the gap between your fucking eyes bring it you racist Muslim twat i fight for my country not some proven false god so you keep up the insults to fuel my anger when im visiting your relative again in 2 months from now

      • carol

        Shitface, i bet you have a small, verry small, worm. In fact, i bet it looks like my small left hand finger. So please go brag about your muslim fanatic idiology in other area! Some where people realy give a sh*t about your frustrations, maybe a psychologist? You and your islam, stoning your selves to death. Stupid monkeys don’t know how to leave but they brag about taking over:))). Civilized your selve, get a fuc*ing education. Then come and talk to people. I have friends that are real muslims, not fanatic frustrated monkeys, and never heard them talking like this idiots here in this forum

        And about this bullshit video. THIS IS NOT Miley!!! Maybe would be, when this shitface here would have a brain. And please people stop beeing rasist. We are all humans. And all under one God.

      • man from us

        hey bitch my m-14 will take your ass down in a heart beat why dont you make your own fucking fire-arm instead of using Russian weapons

      • Speaking the truth

        I like the fact that you guys say you have large dicks and that women love you but your on a website looking at porn. So if any of that bullshit you were saying was remotely true I think you wouldn’t be looking at porn. Plus America has the most advanced military force in the world. We would crush you like a bug if you even got near America. And don’t reply saying “oh we will just nuke you” because we have fucking missiles to destroy said “nukes” before they come close to America. So stop hiding behind your meat shield wife and fight like a fucking man instead of a pussy using his own people as cover.

        • Arcachnar

          Excuse me? The US is not the only one who have the most advanced military force. You know that. (At least I hope) The missiles who could intercept the nukes hasn’t been used yet and there is a possibility that not all the nukes are intercepted. I don’t think that nukes is the answer.

          • Speaking the truth

            I do realize that. don’t worrie he’s just mocking America.

        • TrollingSSoH

          Let’s face it, all of you don’t have a big dick, if you had one, you’d be having sex instead of fapping to fake Miley Cyrus sex tapes.

          Let’s go back to 1942, the Japanese were almost done with creating nuclear powered weapons, the Japanese government then decided to blow off the research because it would be inhumane to use nuclear weapons against civilians (Ring any bells?).

          The Japanese were also in front of Manhattan and bits of the west coast, there are photo’s to prove that, so before you go and say that you’d absolutely destroy anyone that would come close to America, think about 9/11 and other terrorist attacks that were done without you Americans realising it.

          And besides that, if Russia, North-Korea, China and the rest of the Middle-East (All of these countries/continents hate the US) would attack America together, they would destroy the Northern part of the American continent in about…let’s say 10 minutes.

          ….According to studies Arab/Middle-Eastern/Muslim men and American men have about the same sized penisses, about 5,2 inches flaccid.

          P.S.:Americans, penis enlargement is advised.

      • scott

        so its true. all googles an arabs own ak47 . thought this was only on black ops =D

      • Noelani

        You are the reason ur countries are being blown to shit. It’s sad. You don’t understand ur own religion. I’ve seen many comments made by you.

        This is your solution: go get laid and you won’t be so tense.

        You sexually frustrated border line homo terrorist idiot.

  • bgirl

    That is mily just look at her.

    • Jay

      That isn’t Miley, 1) this girl is an asian mix. Look at the eyes, girl in the video is a half filipina.

      • Alphonse

        Jay you are very observant. This chick is indeed half fillipino and half Irish. But she can still suck
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        • Reality Check

          The girl in the vid has a resemblance to Miley. However, Miley’s boobs are smaller. Miley is too young to know how to suck a dick like that. That’s a porn star,. make no mistake about it. And the dude in the video is some much older dude as well.

    • Eddie Sawyer

      If it was Miley my dick would be in one of the other holes. ;-)

  • bystander

    we can’t just get over the separate country thing and be peaceful?

    • alexander

      miley had bleu eyes this is fake!!!!!

      • Megan

        That’s Tue

        • bigdaddyword


      • lola

        I want to c the video

        • christain soldier

          Wow another camel jockey who knows nothing and yet for some reason decides to quit sucking his goats dick to ramble on more about their anti Zionist ,anti woman, anti love rhetoric.Wow get a education wipe the sand from your eyes and wash your ears and maybe you could learn something like maybe the Islamic religion is based on a thousand old brothers quarrel and nothing more .The Arabs and their ancestors are just pissed because they are descendants of a bastard child and are still but hurt because the want the gifts (land property) that was promised by the true God, the God of Moses and Abraham.Call Him Yahweh, Abba,Jehovah etc .So listen up The one true God is not named Allah Allah was actually a name of a false god of the Babylonians.The true god does not condone violence, hatred,and in no way promises a after life with 70 virgins for you to abuse.Get with the times women are just as, if not sometimes more intelligent then men and they are a lot more caring and tender and just then most men i know and I am a man. So I pray to my God the one of Moses and Abraham for the souls of all the lost Muslims in the world .May the Lord God guide you in all ways may He provide you with understanding and with the intelligence enough to turn away from your false god and your outdated traditions and your archaic beliefs of male superiority .For if you don’t judgment day will come and you will finally understand how backward unholy and wrong you truly are but by then you’ll be on the express train to hell .God bless you infidels may the lord show mercy on your corrupt souls and and your false beliefs before its too late

          • A person

            I would read your comment but it’s to long.